Medium length hairstyles for thin hair are praised for their versatility in styling, since you are not limited to wearing your hair loose. Even a collarbone length can be packed into a pretty updo or a half up/half down. Sure, many women also find the length more feminine and safe, since it doesn’t open much of the neck and shoulders. Now we only have to find out which of mid-length hairstyles work fine for thin locks and how hot they are.

What to Focus on When Choosing Haircuts for a Certain Face Shape

Have you noticed that stylists’ recommendations for thin-haired girls are often strikingly contradictory? “Ask for blunt cut”, “You’d better have layered hairstyle”, “Oh, no, don’t ask for layering around your cheeks!” What the hell does this mean? Actually, when choosing shoulder length haircuts for thin hair, you should factor in your face shape, as the length can affect your look, and it needs to be balanced somehow. “Elongate round face shapes by creating soft layering just below the jawline, keeping the shape square throughout,” Sam Burnett, UK-based salon owner who styled Dua Lipa among many other stars, says to Marie Claire, also suggesting softer lines for square faces. Let’s sort it all out through the examples taken from Instagram.

Textured Lob With No Fringe For Oval Faces

Oval faces look stunning when framed with a no-fringe textured lob, since the volume on the sides saves them from an elongating effect of the length. Part it a bit off center for the same reason.

Side-Parted Hair With Layers For Round Faces

Keeping the cut on the longer side is great for round faces, but a side parting and angles created by face-framing layers do even a better job.

Collarbone Cut For Long Faces

A collarbone length helps avoid dragging a long face down, while textured waves around the cheeks add the desired width.

Layered Balayage Hairstyle For Square Faces

Square faces require soft lines, and they get both across-the-face face framing and loose waves around the jaw with this subtly layered balayage hairstyle.

Flat Ironed Lob For Chubby Cheeks

Take your flat iron and recreate this lovely blunt lob with a side part that gives plenty of straight lines to make the chubby cheeks look slimmer.

How to Find Flattering Hairstyles When You Are Over 50

We know that older women need something more than just voluminous medium haircuts for fine hair – they want a rejuvenating effect integrated into a stylish cut. And they can achieve it in many ways! Both bangs and layering along the face can soften an aging face, while adding density, movement and dimension (if they are cut correctly, of course). Or think of effects that can be obtained through coloring. “Using a mix of shades from dark to light blonde gives depth to the overall style,” Mark Hill, celeb hairstylist and two-time winner of The International Hairdresser of the Year, says to Redbook. The color blend can also refresh the look! So, explore other tips on both slaying your age and making your hair seem fuller.

Over Permed Mid-Length Hairstyle

Go for a permed mid-length hairstyle with no hesitation in order to get vibrant ringlets that bring in volume and bounce.

Gray Inverted Bob With Layering

But gray hair can look gorgeous when styled straight, too. Steal this voluminous inverted bob hairstyle with subtle layering through the bottom.

Blonde Wavy Lob For Older Women

Wavy lobs work fine for older women who have thin to medium hair, since they deliver texture and movement, also helping add some lift at the roots.

50+ Curly Updo With A Side Fringe

Don’t even think that a curly updo isn’t age appropriate! It softens the face and oozes a youthful feel, enhanced with a cute side-swept fringe.

Shoulder Length Feathered Fine Thin Hair

If you have fine thin hair, add a balayage color to your shoulder-length hairstyle, as darker roots make the hair look fuller. And don’t forget about a feathered finish for an airy touch!

What Bob Chimes With Thin Hair

When it comes to a mid-length bob for thin hair, the blunt lob seems to be a hands-down winner. “All the hair that is at the bottom gets cut off so it will have the most density and look super chic,” Jennifer Yepez, hairstylist to Emily Ratajkowski, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba, tells Allure and recommends avoiding thinning shears and a razor for a real blunt cut. But this doesn’t mean you’re bound to have one and only lob. For one thing, you can wear it sleek, messy, wavy or textured, not to mention the choice between straight-across and angled cuts. Besides, layered hairstyles are not prohibited, if they’re customized to your personal features. This is how it works.

Inverted Bob With Highlights

This inverted bob sparks with shiny highlights and feels edgy due to its strong lines, though softened by an awesome wave.

Ash Blonde Bob With A Piece-Y Fringe

Think of complementing your regular bob with fringe for added density in the front, but keep the bangs light and piece-y to hide the scarcity and to blend into the overall texture.

Bob For Fine Black Hair

These fine black tresses are feathered and flipped out in the front to open the face, while highlighted strips serve to spice up the bob.

Straight Blunt Lob With Layers

Blunt ends are good for thin hair, as they create fullness on the bottom, yet some thin layers on top add texture and movement to straight locks.

Angled Icy Blonde Lob With Layers

This angled lob gains depth and dimension through the dark-to-icy color transition and multiple seamless layers built into the cut.

Choosing Hairstyles for Medium Length Thin Black Hair

While many thin-haired African American girls opt for weave hairstyles to add thickness to their locks without going shorter, mid-length cuts provide another worthy option. Medium haircuts for fine hair allow keeping some length, while avoiding a flat look, also saving the hair from getting even thinner because of the damage done by traction. Besides, having a medium cut you can wear your hair loose or styled into a dimensional updo, as well as half up, half down. The latter can give you the best of both worlds due to the perfect juxtaposition of narrowness and fullness. “It gives the hair a full-bodied appearance as opposed to sitting flat,” says Bryce Scarlett, hairstylist behind Margot Robbie and Gigi Hadid, to Allure. Meanwhile, look at loose natural hair cut and styled in flattering ways.

African American Straightened Curled Hairstyle

This African American gal rocks her below-the-shoulder locks straightened and then glamorously curled on the bottom for a chic bouncy look.

Wavy Bronde Bob With Curly Bangs

While naturally wavy hair often comes with frizz, it can be tamed with a nicely shaped bob cut, boasting well-defined ringlets and fun curly bangs.

Polished Straight Hairstyle With Flat Iron

If you prefer polished looks, go for a cascade of textured strands in the front and use your flat iron to achieve this glossy finish.

Voluminous Medium Hairstyle With Curls

This awesome ‘do is unmissable for its bold color combination and airy, voluminous feel delivered through waves and curls holding their shape amazingly!

Cute Easy Medium Natural Hairstyle

The cute easy hairstyle involves both layering and blonde highlights to give volume and vibe to otherwise dull locks.

10 Best Mid Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2022

Let’s briefly summarize the tips on shoulder length haircuts for thin hair we’ve learned. Blunt cuts are your go-to options, though the modern “blunt” doesn’t mean one-length or no layering at all. Subtly layered ‘dos are also great for adding vibe while keeping some fullness above the shoulders. Choppy layers are permissible since they create movement and texture, but you need to be sure they preserve body. “Stay away from shaggy layers which can make hair look finer than it is,” says Adir Abergel, who works with Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart, to Allure and recommends enhancing texture and adding movement to longer thin locks by putting a soft wave with a curling iron. Look through our pick to find more options.

Shaggy Bob Cut For Thin Hair

Moderately shaggy cuts can do a good job for thin hair, as they allow for low-maintenance along with volumizing and trendy bedhead styling.

Medium Layered Feathered Blonde Hairstyle

This layered and beautifully feathered hairstyle retains density of the roots and enhances movement on the bottom.

Straight Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

Think of giving your hairstyle a stunning twist with bangs that draw attention to the face and make the hair look fuller in the front.

Tousled Choppy Bob With Waves

Nothing works better for bringing in texture than a choppy cut with a bit of waves and tousled styling that creates great lift at the roots.

Cool Inverted Bob For Thin Hair

While inverted bob cuts have a cool shape, there is always a chance to add some depth to thin tresses through an exciting color.

Messy Loosely Braided Updo

Messy updos are also known for their dimensional effect, illustrated by this dreamy loosely braided look.

Messy Wedding Chignon

It is easy to get a queenly air for the wedding with a laidback chignon and a statement hair piece complementing your hair color.

Prom Messy Bun With A Bouffant

A mid-length allows for exquisite prom ‘dos like this one, featuring a big bouffant and a lush wavy bun at the nape.

Half Up Half Down Wavy Ponytail

And this blonde lady nails a half up/half down hairstyle with loosely twisted side locks pulled into a wavy ponytail.

Low Side Ponytail

And here’s a more casual take on the ponytail, featuring low side twists and a wavy, textured pony at the very nape. Hopefully, our selection of cool mid-length hairstyles for thin tresses will help you find something to your liking. With one of this ‘dos, you will be able to enjoy a trendy basic look and multiple styling options. Go for it and don’t forget to share your new style, since we are always in search of real-life inspo.


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