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medium length haircuts are popular with women of all age groups. And there are plenty of reasons to support this. Medium haircuts are versatile, attractive and require little maintenance. They’re also feminine. Of course, every woman has her own set of long hairstyles. Let’s look at which styles best suit you.

  • The face is round. Opt for gentle waves, but be sure that they do not give any volume to the sides. A sweeping blow across your forehead can reduce the roundness.
  • The square shape is a good choice. A lob is one of the most effective options for you. A curved or face-framed bottom can effectively relax your jawline.
  • A heart-shaped face. The ideal mid-length hairstyle would consist of long, angled bangs flowing over your face, smooth sides that don’t have volume, and a sloping bottom.
  • A face that is oval. Hairstyles of any kind will suit your face, but beach waves that frame the face make up the top ten most attractive hairstyles.

Stacked Medium Length Haircuts

A line Medium Length Haircuts picture1

Lob Haircuts picture2

Medium Length Haircuts For A Square Face picture3

Layered Medium Length Haircuts

Layered Medium Length Haircuts picture2

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Brown Layered Medium Length Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

Messy Layered Medium Length Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

Layers are a great way to add some flair to your medium length haircut. Layers instantly add dimension, shape and movement to your hair. Additionally layers can soften the appearance of your facial features.

Medium Length Haircuts With Bangs

Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs picture1

Blonde Medium Length Haircuts With Bangs #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs picture3

As you would add fruits to your favorite frozen treat hair stylists can incorporate bangs into haircuts. Bangs are a way to enhance the look and improve it.

Blunt Medium Haircuts

Blunt Medium Length Hair picture2

Auburn Blunt Medium Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

Blonde Blunt Medium Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

Medium length tresses that are blunt appear rather sexy and are an absolute eye-catcher. For a similar style, apply a heat-protectant and straighten your hair with the flat iron. Apply hairspray.

Short To Medium Haircuts

Short To Medium Haircuts picture1

Short To Medium Haircuts picture3

Inverted Short To Medium Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircut

The short to medium length haircuts have a lot of advantages. The best part about these is that they’re extremely low maintenance. Sometimes, a simple cut is what we require to feel happy!

Shaggy Medium Haircuts


Middle Parted Haircuts

Middle Part Medium Length Haircuts For A Heart Face #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob #blondehair

Wavy Middle Parted Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

Layered Wavy Medium Length Haircuts For A Round Face #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob #blondehighlights

Side Parted Haircuts

Side Parted Medium Length Haircuts For A Heart Face #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob #layeredhair

Wavy Side Parted Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

Straight Side Parted Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

A-line Medium Length Haircuts

Lob Haircuts picture1

A line Medium Length Haircuts picture2

Blonde A-line Medium Length Haircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #mediumhair #haircuts #longbob

If you’re looking for an extremely hot hairstyle then opt for an A-line cut. Make sure it is a bit wavy and then your appearance is sexy!

Asymmetrical Medium Length Haircuts

Asymmetrical Medium Length Haircuts picture1

Asymmetrical Medium Length Haircuts picture2

Asymmetrical Medium Length Haircuts picture3

A professional hair stylist is able to make a stunning and flirty symmetry to any length of hair and the mid-length isn’t an exception. Take a look at these hairstyles, and how cool they look!

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