Highlights of short hair on cut hair look like creamy frosting on the top of a cake. Just the tiniest of flattering highlights can make your bob or pixie stunning. Highlights can make short hairstyles appear radiant and shiny and have lots of tones and depth. We present to you a cool collection of stylish highlights for short hair that will brighten up dull hair. Take a look!

1. Short brown hair with highlights. This is a great way to jazz up boring brunette hair! The blonde highlights of her shorter hair, with a texture and smoothed for greater volume, present an amazing display of honey-brown and ashy-blonde hues.

2. Contrasting Blonde Highlights for Short Hair. The hefty champagne blonde highlights on a brown-ish base add a subtle touch and Barbie doll-like appeal. The sprinkle of golden blonde highlights adds shine and glamour to this short, choppy hair.

3. Short Hair Highlights and Lowlights. You can experiment with lowlights and highlights to create every effect you can imagine in your hair. You can tweak them to create the illusion of depth or fullness similar to the picture below. Her dark brown lowlights as well as highlight highlights in silver make the hair look more full.

4. A Short, Wavy Bob With Highlights. Are you looking for a glamorous new hair highlights ideas for short hair? Select this wavy-stacked Bob. Focusing the golden blonde highlights onto the longer tresses that frame her face is a fashionable concept.

5. Short dark hair with highlights. You can try some glowing highlights to brighten your hair and enhance your face. The chic pixie styled with highlights of frosted streaks and blonde wisps at the front is a stunning look.

6. Short black hair with bright highlights. Are you aware that highlighting the hair’s strands framing your face can help make your cheekbones look more prominent? Take a look at how those gorgeous blue ribbons in the midnight hours highlight her gorgeous face.

7. Gothic Short Hair with Plum Highlights. In reality, beauty comes all about shades. Hers is a blend of plum and black. These iridescent plum highlights add an interesting new twist to her gothic hairstyle and makeup.

8. The Pixie Cut has highlights. If you’re not keen on dramatic changes, you can play around with subtle highlights. The hair color of shorter hair will benefit from brighter or lighter pieces that can enhance the volume and texture the hair.

9. Hot ‘n’ Spicy Red Highlights. Create a striking and irresistible fashion statement by sporting bright and flashy red highlights on your front. This can be achieved using the foil technique known as cutting, which involves the process of highlighting the entire length part of hair.

10. Short Brown Hair that has Caramel Highlights. The vibrancy and depth these caramel highlights add to the base of chocolate are amazing. The most fashionable highlights for short hair blend cool and warm shades effortlessly.

11. Short Hair Gray Highlights. You can easily go gray and choose a fashionable short haircut with highlights. Gray is a great match for blonde and brown shades, and can be customized to suit redheads.

12. Radiant Ombre Highlights on Short Hair. The hair of the model, her skin tone and makeup are flawless. Super thanks to the black copper roots as well as strawberry ombre highlights melting so gently.

13. Very Dark, short straight hair with red Highlights. Her vibrant red, chunky highlights add a sexy look the classic hair. This is a fantastic alternative for hair highlights that are rebellious and sassy for shorter hair, especially for those who want to create an edgy and bold look.

14. Hairstyles for Short Brunette Long Brunette Hair that has a hint of Gold. What could be more fashionable than gold highlights with golden brown hues for hair with a short length! The highlights are a beautiful sun-kissed tinge to the simple brunette hairstyle.

15. Caramel Highlights on Short Hair. The shine, tones and the texture of her brunette short hair with highlights is stunning. This is a fantastic illustration of how stunning dark chocolate-colored hair and multi-dimensional caramel highlights could look when applied to hair that is healthy by a professional hair colorist.

16. Sandy Blonde Highlights on Bob-Length Hair. The hair that is short and brown that has blonde highlights are incredible! It is one of the striking features about this amazing haircut is the multi-tonal look of dark highlights that are ashy against the blonde base.

17. Rainbow Highlights on Short Hair. Why limit yourself to one color of hair when you could have multiple shades and appear chic? This is among the most beautiful examples of fashionable highlights for shorter hair that made us think of the many shades you can mix. A platinum pixie with streaks of color in light green, pink and violet is an enthralling choice.

18. High-Contrast Pixie with highlights. A fascinating mix of silver, blonde, and black gives her hair a stunning resemblance to salt and pepper hair. This is a wonderful short hair highlights concept to cover grays.

19. A Short, Dark brown Hairstyle with highlights. A key element to attractive highlights for your short hair is choosing the shades that give brightness and depth to the hair’s natural shade. Like this blend of blue-black highlights and bronze highlights. lowlights on a darker chestnut-colored base.

20. Purple Highlights on Short Blue Hair. An amazing combination of violet and indigo highlights that blend into the black base. The union of three shades creates a rich and mysterious midnight blue masterpiece. Highlights in purple are stunning any time, anywhere and even twice during weekends.

21. Extremely Short Hair, with highlights. Her gold blonde highlights in a sweeping short pixie hairstyle are simply amazing. The style of this short brown hair, with blonde highlights is also stunning.

22. Short Beach waves with soft highlights. If your balayage color is vibrant or subtle short brown hair with highlights always looks gorgeous. Take a look at how these gold highlights highlight the delicate brown shade of this delicious beach hair.

23. All-Short Hair with Highlights. Highlights and short hair is a fantastic way to enhance your beauty. You can’t do wrong with both. This amazing messy, short hairstyle with blonde highlights easily proves that.

24. Short red hair with highlights. Add some sparkle to your red hair by adding a touch of highlights to create a stunning appearance. The stunning luster and brightness of this red cherry short hair, with highlights and lowlights makes this hair worth it.

25. Cute Straight Crop with Highlights. Gorgeous, beautiful! Imagine what she’d look like without her dull hair. Then take a good glance at those beautiful blonde highlights. Can you see all the talk about the short straight hair that has highlights isn’t just a flimsy rumor?

26. A short Brunette Hair with highlights. A fun hairstyle for the fashion-forward woman who is always at in the forefront of fashion! She opted for delicately glowing highlights, and attracted attention to her gorgeous skin. It was the right choice!

27. messy neck-length hair that has blonde highlights. A charming messy mess of blonde hair laced with highlights of platinum blonde. Highlights are a great way to effortlessly blend your favorite hues, while minimizing the chance of damage to your hair.

28. Super-Trendy Highlighted Bangs. Highlights in 3D are focusing on the side-swept bangs create a stunning, chic appearance. What’s more attractive? The brunette base blends beautifully with the blonde highlights creating a gorgeous multi-tonal appearance.

29. Short Hair and Purple Highlights. This trendy short bob style with highlights is an iconic illustration of how you can control highlights using short hair , to balance your weaker sides. The deep, plum highlights that are rooted make her face appear of length. Hair highlights are a great idea for hair with short lengths and an excellent style for females of every age and with any shape!

30. Short Hair Highlights and Lowlights Mix. Mix highlights and lowlights throughout the length of your hair to create the most stylish and elegant style. The result is amazing hair that is dimensional and has shine and body.


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