If you want to get a hairstyle that will never become dated, that is certainly a wavy bob. And if you choose to combine it with a balayage or ombre, your hair will look like a dream. There’s a perfect bob for every face shape and hair type.

Read on to find out 50 freshest bobs worth trying asap!

1. Grain Blonde Bob. For a low-maintenance haircut, you’ll love in an instant, choose a medium piece-y bob. Make some highlights to enhance your beautiful waves.

2. Wavy Bob Hair. Lighten up a dark base with some warm brown highlights.

3. Brown Short Bob Wavy Hair. Having jagged locks just below your chin can be a godsend for us lazy girls. A short bob absolutely works for most of us. It opens up your gorgeous neck and can help you immediately get your best angle when you are choosing the parting.

4. Pink-Peach Wavy Lob with Bangs. Natural or not, the unruly waves look absolutely stunning on the side-parted lob. The shorter crown layers add extra volume and height to the top, and the hair color idea is worth our close attention.

5. Auburn Wavy Bob. Waves give your hair more texture and volume. Add your short hair more dimension! This is a hairstyle you should certainly try.

6. Silver Bob Haircut. If you want something different, eye-popping and gorgeous, you’ll get the whole package with this shiny wavy bob.

7. Short Wavy Bob. Even if you choose to wear your hair short, some waves will add a pretty, feminine touch to your hairstyle. Part your hair to the side for a more impressive appearance.

8. Beach Wave Bob with Highlights. Beachy wavy bob hairstyles are always hot and trendy. Using this styling technique allows you to truly highlight your hair color while keeping your mane airy and voluminous for at least a couple of days.

9. Wavy Stacked Bob with Cropped Bangs. Punk’s not dead and messy, rugged styles as this one can surely remind you of it. Make the rebellious nature glam again with a wild mane of waves and wispy short bangs.

10. Wavy Inverted Bob. Inverted, choppy, and highlighted, this bob offers an effortless, lived-in look for a low-maintenance girl.


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