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60 Wavy Bob Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Anybody

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If you’re looking to have hairstyle that is not going to be outdated, it is surely a wavy hairstyle. If you decide to go with a balayage or an ombre hair, it will appear like an ideal dream. There’s a perfect bob to suit any face shape and hair kind. Check out the following article to discover 60 of the newest bobs you should try right now!

1. Messy Bob Hairstyles

Messy Bob Hairstyles

Messy bob is a gorgeous hairstyle that depicts effortlessness as well as style in a tasteful manner. It is great for people who portray casual chic look while going on with the trend of life. The nonchalant elegance of it makes it suitable for outdoor activities as well as during times when there are formal affairs to attend. There are different styling possibilities for the messy bob, and it really well suits all face shapes and hair types well.

Styling Ideas:

  • Go for a layered cut that will provide your hair with more body and vitality.
  • Texturize your hair using either sprays or mousses, which help to underpin the natural mobility of your hair by the stylist.
  • Don’t strive for perfection when styling. The charm of this hairstyle is in its seemingly “undone” look.

This hairstyle puts all else on hold to come out with a modern chic appearance that doesn’t take any extra time, but high impact is delivered.

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2. Classy Short Bob with Bangs

Classy Short Bob with Bangs

Stylistically fashionable short bob coupled with bangs will sophistication the classic touch to your look, an attractive hairstyle that stormed the fashion industry with the steadfast appeal. Celebrities and catwalk queens are always found wearing this timeless chic look enhancing great glamour to your style perfection.

Styling Tips:

  • Choose bangs to suit your face, that is, blunt, side-swept or wispy.
  • Sometimes, trim around the eyebrows and give them volume with a round brush.
  • Highlighting your bangs or bang tips can really add some extra depth and dimension while making this bob look sleek and chic.

For the women that like to make a statement without anyone possibly saying it was unprofessional, this is definitely the hair for you.

3. Trendy Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Trendy Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Inverted bob is the funky modern version of the classic bob which makes it hard not to turn your head for another glance. This hairstyle features shorter hair at the back and gradually lengthens towards the front, creating a striking angle that’s both bold and beautiful. It’s a statement of sophistication and style, perfect for those who are not afraid to experiment with their look.

Styling Tips:

  • Opt for stacked layers in the back to add more of an inverted shape and a little volume.
  • Part your hair on the side to emphasize this asymmetrical style with some modern flair.
  • Keep the edges smooth and sleek for a polished finish or slightly tousle them to enhance added texture, thereby providing a casual touch to its lived-in appeal.

The inverted bob is a perfect choice if one seeks low-maintenance yet high-fashion hair design that can well adapt to each and every occasion and any personal aesthetic.

4. Gorgeous Side Bangs Bobs

Bob with side bangs

Side bangs on a bob bring forth an air that is both classic and refreshing. The gorgeous look brings about soft but striking change making your appearance edgy and demure at the same time. The side bangs do wonders for framing your face, bringing out your features, and adding a mysterious touch to the whole look.

Style Tips:

  • Decide the length of side bangs as well as the style according to your face cut or the desired look.
  • Style your bangs by using a flat iron or curling wand to create loose and soft waves, otherwise just smooth straightening.
  • Give the bob some light layers in order that the side bangs fit together better and provide the hair with more feeling.

Gorgeous bobs with side bangs can be the ideal option for those who just want to hint style and sophistication into their look, while in addition enjoying the bonus of a do that is incredibly low-maintenance.

5. Wavy Bob with an Extra Touch of Femininity

wavy bob hairstyle

Wavy bob that is synonymous with femininity and romance. This hair came to charm and glitz up both the everydayness and the important events. Natural movement and texture add thickness and dimension, creating an extremely stylish and tasteful look.

Style Tips:

  • If your hair is straight, curl your bob with a curling iron or wave wand.
  • Apply some sea salt spray or texturing spray for a messier, more beachy look that will bring about the natural waves and give a more fresh feel.
  • Think of adding some subtle highlights or some balayage to bring out the wavy texture and add more dimension.

A girly wavy bob is one of the best options for a lady who likes adding an extra feminine tone yet wanting to make a stylish statement.

6. Trendiest Shaggy Bob Haircuts

Shaggy Bob Haircuts

The shaggy bob is all about attitude and texture. It involves the edgy, modern appearance with choppy layers and a tousled finish. It is a great option for those who like to sport a low-maintenance hairstyle but want style and personality as well.

Styling Tips:

  • Work with your natural hair texture, which can be straight, wavy, or curly.
  • Define the layers by adding texturizing paste or clay in order to enhance the shaggy look.
  • Keep it versatile in length – a shaggy bob can look great at chin-length, shoulder-length, and anything in between.

The shaggy bob is a testimony to the power of the carefree, effortlessly chic hairstyle that’s fit for many occasions and lifestyles.

7. Side Part Classy Bob Hairstyle

Side Part Classy Bob Hairstyle

The side part bob is a classic design which has been embraced due to its flattering and versatile nature. The hair brings out a touch of elegance yet can be modified to fit any type of face shape and type of hair. The side part will enhance volume and make a very delicate difference to your overall look.

Styling Tips:

  • Use a fine toothed comb and do a clean and sharp side part.
  • Use a smoothing serum or a heat protectant and style your hair with a flat iron or a blow dryer for it to be sleek.
  • Experiment with the depths of the side part to find the angle that best suits your features and style.

The elegant bob will work equally well if combined with a side part, which will go great for any situations as well – at the office or during dressier events.

8. Feathered Bob Haircuts

Feathered Bob Haircuts

Feathered bob cut is a very bouncy and soft hairstyle framed with contemporary flair in it which introduce moving, texture, and dynamism in the look of the hair. The focus of this style falls on soft, feather layers that beautifully frame the face helping the look to be more life giving and airy for you.

Styling Tips:

  • Ask your stylist to lightly cut feathered layers adding according to the texture and length of your hair.
  • When styling your locks, always use a round brush and blow dry to ensure that some volume and softness is blown down into those ends.
  • Consider a feathered effect with some face framing high- or low-lights to add depth and dynamics.

A feathered bob is an elegant charmer style for every lady.

9. Wavy Blunt Bob

Wavy Blunt Bob

Wavy blunt bobs epitomize playful chic, minimalistic modern lines combined with soft and natural waves make it a statement for women who want minimum effort but maximum beautiful impression. The blunt cut provides a sharp edge, while the waves give the whole appeal in return a softened feel, making it an all-modern yet classic balance.

Styling tips:

  • Sport a sharp, blunted cut on or just below the jaw line.
  • Using a curling iron or wave wand, create some soft waves ensuring the texture created is very natural and lived in.
  • Finish the hairstyle up using a lightweight hairspray or texturizing spray that will give the waves hold but still keep the hair shiny.

The wavy blunt bob is a statement hairstyle for the ultra-modern who like simple and sophisticated.

10. Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

Blunt bobs with curtain bangs will make a youthful and modern version of a traditional bob hairstyle. Together, they provide just the right amount of framing for your face allowing soft lines and a little flirt. Blunt line offers firmness while the curtain effect works as breaking up the haircut – this brings enough movement and style to have an air of relaxed elegance about you.

Styling Tips:

  • The length of the curtain bangs is totally on you, choose as per your face cut and considering your preference too.
  • Using a blow dryer and a round brush can make the cut stand out giving them more volume and bounce.
  • Apply a light hold hairspray or a finishing spray to keep your bangs in place and maintain the shape of your bob.

Blunt bobs with curtain bangs are for those who wish to add in a touch of playfulness and charm while looking for style and sophistication.


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