30 Layered Hairstyles: Several Reasons To Have This Fun, Trendy Style


Long Layered Haircut

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Stacked and Sexy Long Layered Hair

Stacked and Sexy Long Layered Hair picture

Layered Haircuts for Any Length and Hair Type picture3

If you love your long hair and don’t want to get rid of the length, but are looking for a new style, long layered haircuts are the way to go! Layers can add life to your longer hair and also help remove some of the weight for those with thicker hair. As well, if you have thin or fine hair, layers can add a ton of volume. Layered hair can make you look and feel years younger!

Check out our favorite looks for long layered haircuts if you are still unsure! We are convinced you will fall in love with one of these sexy new looks!

Long Disconnected Wavy Layers

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Disconnected Long Curly Layers

Long Disconnected Wavy Layers picture2

Long Disconnected Wavy Layers picture3

These funky, disconnected layers will add fullness and length to those with medium to long hair. You probably think that a layered haircut looks great only when you straighten it. Well, it is quite far from being true. In reality, a long layered haircut will appear super-glamorous when waved or curled. Those with rounder faces can totally rock this sassy look!

For styling, you will need a comb, a brush, a blow dryer, large hot rollers, and moulding cream to set the hairstyle. That’s all you’ll need to get an elegant ‘do and resemble Kate Middleton as a result. To style, add volumizing mousse to damp hair, and blow dry with a round brush to boost volume. Then make vertical curls wrapping your hair away from your face with a large-barreled curling iron. When curls are cooled, disconnect them by gently running your fingers through them to loosen and separate. Finally, spray a light holding finishing spray for extra movement. Large waves can add much movement and bounce to your hairstyle and thus make you look very sophisticated. Also, the good news is that this hairstyle will flatter practically any face shape.

Racy Razored Layers

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Funky Layered Haircuts

Mod Mid-Length Layers for Short Hair

Shoulder Length Elegant Layered Haircuts

This funky layered cut with its sharply razored edges adds a great deal of texture to medium thick hair. With a longer side fringe cut in proportion with the shoulder length razored edges, this look is both natural and fun. Start off with a dramatic color such as mahogany or blue-black and add some colorful streaks to take this look to a bold new level. To style, towel dry your hair and apply a smoothing cream starting at the ends and then detangle your hair. Part to the one side and blow dry using your fingers or a paddle brush. As you are going for a funkier look, you don’t have to focus on smoothing out your hair till it’s sleek. When it’s dry, add some pomade and a shine serum and then use a flat iron for added twists and turns if so desired.

Cutting your hair close to your chin can add extra volume. Medium-long layers will also boost your volume. This fun and flirty cut works great with a bold color such as a platinum blonde or fiery red, or with highlighted hair. Add a volumizer and thermal protectant to your hair. Then roll your hair with 2-inch hot rollers under and then back atop your head for maximum volume and texture. Remove and allow your curls to cool before using your fingers to gently break them up and spray with a strong hold finishing spray.

With shorter and mid-length layers, this soft and chic cut adds volume and dimension to natural waves and curls. Longer side swept bangs blend beautifully with this classic shoulder length layered haircut. Apply your favorite volumizer to damp hair and then blow dry using a paddle brush to get rid of any excess moisture. When almost dry, switch to a round brush to create flips in the layers and swoop the bangs to one side. Spritz with a light spray and then scrunch your curls for beachy waves and a tousled, carefree look.

Textured And Shaggy Layers

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Textured Long Bob

Long, Luscious Shag Layered Haircut

Piecey Layers

Loose waves can add bounce and some movement to a long textured bob. Consider picking this hairstyle if your face shape is triangular, oval, diamond, round, or heart. And it works great for medium hair texture. The styling process will take you about 20 minutes. Blow dry your hair and wait for several minutes till it cools completely. Next, create soft curls with the help of a large-barrel curling wand. Then tease the hair and apply wax to get the desired texture. Finish with hairspray.

Nowadays not so many ladies decide to get a one-length haircut. Shag layered haircuts appear more shapely, sharp, and modern. Plus, they are not so difficult to style comparing with one-length haircuts. Getting a long shag haircut will make your hair look gorgeous. It works great for ladies who have oblong faces as it adds the desired volume to the sides of the oblong face. Moreover, this pretty shag can offer you texture and make the everyday styling process easier. To enhance the texture even more, apply your favorite texturizing product before blow drying.

What to do if your hair is too thick and you wish to reduce its volume and prevent it from getting tangled? When feathery flicks are added to graduated, sliced layers, you get a very sophisticated hairstyle. Now let us discuss how to style this haircut that, by the way, works best for square, diamond, heart, oblong, and oval face shapes. When your hair is wet, apply some styling mousse to it and blow dry. Let it cool down and clip the ends of layers with a straightener, holding for 4-5 seconds. Finish with hairspray, and you are ready to go.


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