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30 Short Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Everyone is aware that girls who have straight hair want to wear curls , and those who have curly hair want to straighten their hair. The best option in this tense situation is choosing the appropriate style for you hair. This review will cover the most effective experiments of famous people with hairstyles that are short and short that work for straight hair.

Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

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1. Short Bob With a Curly Signature

Short straight hairstyles can vary in style, appearing in a variety of forms, as varied like the face they highlight. For this particular style particularly hair is straightened using an upward lift at the root along with an emphasis curl that put on the front.

Black Angled Bob


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#2: Pretty in Pink

Hair that is short can be fun with natural shades but it’s even more enjoyable when you add a splash of color that’s not commonly seen in the natural world. Consider a pink-colored bubblegum to create a style that is completely distinctive and unique to you.

Pastel Pink Messy Bob


#3: Angled Cut

The short, choppy hairstyle can be enhanced by an unidirectional cut. It doesn’t matter if you want to portray the look of a more stylish persona, or just want to add more volume and depth to your hair that is otherwise dull it’s a fantastic cut to experiment with.

Short Blonde Asymmetrical Hairstyle


#4: Perfect Pixie

Hairstyles that are suitable for hair with short straight hair are also popular among women with hair that isn’t as thick. Short hairstyles tend to be more slender than longer styles, creating the illusion of fullness.

Long Pixie Haircut For Thin Hair


#5: Color Boost

A shorter length can highlight your brand new color. Highlights, lowlights, and tips look amazing when layered with a slicker, more streamlined cut with a short length.

Short Angled Blonde Bob

#6: Shaded and Shaggy

A shagged, choppy hair cut can be fun when you strategically apply colors. You can try a caramel or blonde dyes in the front to frame and enhance the face. Keep the back darker to create dramatic and fullness.

Short Choppy Haircut With Long Bangs


#7: Feeling Blue

Hairstyles that are short and straight don’t need to adhere to any guidelines. This one is an aqua-colored hue is paired with a short shaggy cut that has an ingenuous cut.

Short Shaggy Pastel Blue Undercut Hairstyle


#8: Deep and Dramatic Bangs

Bangs can be the defining factor in any hairstyle, regardless of length. However, short hairstyles tend to be heavily dependent on the appearance of a front fringe. stunning. Cut your hair into a long, sweeping part at the front and sweep long, straight bangs that are angled across your face. Inflict a twirl on in the hair’s back, or add an interesting color to the entire hair to give a modern, edgy style.

Short Textured Cut With Peekaboo Highlights In Bangs


#9: Sleek A-Line Cut

A-line cuts have been around for a long time and aren’t new to salons. They have been adding the body to dull hair and presenting a more professional woman image for women for years. But the more straight your hairline will be, the more contemporary and pertinent it will appear. Eliminate flyaways using an iron with flat sides that has the power to manage the hair’s particular texture.

Side-Parted Angled Bob Straight Hairstyle


#10: Simple Beauty

The haircuts short to be worn to wear for straight hair are so diverse that it is difficult to decide on one. Start by choosing something easy The style has lightweight layers with a slight angle, and lots of fullness.

Two-Tone Bob Hairstyle


#11: Platinum and Pink

Akin to the delicate porcelain doll the hairstyle is suitable for those with fine hair. The sharp bangs and chin-line cut work well with light blonde hair with the slight pinkish tint throughout.

Short Straight Cut Bob


#12: Serious and to the Point

There’s nothing to be worried about in this angled A-line, which is ideal for a businesswoman or hip mom. The hair is lightly layer and then lightened to create a frame for the face. The most appealing aspect of this type of hairstyle is that it requires almost no maintenance required – simply wash, straighten and leave.

Inverted Bob Straight Hairstyle


#13: Short Beach Waves

We’ve all seen images of flowing, long beach waves everywhere on the web. What do you do when your hair isn’t growing to a satisfactory length? It’s good to know that waves from the beach are feasible with shorter lengths, so get rid of your short straight hairstyles that you’re familiar with. Try different hair styling tools or curling tools until discover the ideal size of curls as well as the length of curl that’s ideal for you.

Wavy Blonde Bob Hairstyle


#14: Glamour and Grey

Gray hair also referred to also as “granny hair” is extremely popular among young women at the moment. To get this look it is necessary bleach your hair first, then tone it with a purple-colored toner for the removal of yellowness before dyeing it in a gray, white or a light blonde. To create a natural appearance, you can combing wet hair, and let it to dry in the air.

Ash Blonde Wavy Bob


#15: Shine to the Max

Hair that is shorter tends to be healthier and therefore emits more shine. Spend some time enjoying the beauty and health of hair with short lengths by using a good shampoo and conditioner that increase shine, and make you feel beautiful and radiant.

Short Layered Brunette Hairstyle


#16: Short Cut for Ethnic Hair

You can think about cutting your locks into a shorter straight style and having it relaxed , or straightened. Layers can be put in a variety of places, but a good start is with shorter sides with layers that are longer on the top. You can always remove more when you decide to reduce the length.

Ash Brown Pixie For Black Women


#17: Angled Waves

If your hair is medium texture, it might be difficult to devote the time to straightening or curling it every day. Try a long curly cut that is angled to make maintenance simpler, and add some curls to your hair using a gel for styling while your you are soaking your hair. Dry your hair and move on with your day.

Wavy Blonde Balayage Bob


#18: Rebellious Side

Who says that hair with a short length must be straight-laced and serious? You can enjoy short hair in ways that aren’t easy to achieve with longer hair. Try a side cut with the remainder of your hair cut to in a medium length. You can add permanent or color chalk for some bold streaks.

Bob With Asymmetrical Side Undercut


#19: Fiery Glamour

Stay sexy and flirty by wearing a short, straight hairstyle that’s infused with curling irons and colors. Hair can be simple and straight whenever you like however, you can you can add some accent curls using a barrel-sized curling iron if you’re looking fancy. The combination of auburn and burgundy is vibrant, yet natural and not cluttered.

Burgundy Bob With Auburn Balayage


#20: Tousled and Adorable

Angled cuts provide ease of access to hairstyle and body – however, they don’t have to be perfectly smooth and haired. Instead, consider sporting well-maintained hair that’s kept in place by the slight spray of hair styling products.

Short Tousled Auburn Hairstyle


#21: A-Line Bob

Evan Rachel Wood has opted for a stacked hairstyle that is stunningly beautiful. When she had long locks and needed to keep them curled constantly. However, now she can take a break and focus less in the salon. Simple steps like making an angled side-parting, backcombing the roots , and then finalizing using hair spray result in an extremely stylish and chic short hairstyle that is easy to do at home.

a-line bob hairstyle for straight hair

#22: Short Hairstyle With An Extra Edge

Fine hair of medium lengths suggests that you always use backcombing in order to avoid flabby, flat appearances. Short haircuts can help alleviate this issue, since short hair always appears larger. Jennifer Lawrence’s layered hairstyle allows to achieve the desired volume for the crown easily. Simply apply a styling products and then comb through your locks, creating the texture.

Jennifer Lawrence pixie hairstyle for straight thin hair

#23: A-Line Hairstyle For Thick Hair

If you’re blessed with hair that is thick, the choice of hairstyles and haircuts is virtually unlimited, however the maintenance can be difficult. A shorter haircut can cut it to a minimum. Julianne’s pixie cut is easy, yet the effect of the gorgeous texture is enhanced by her gorgeous highlights and darkened hair.

Julianne Hough short hairstyle for straight thick hair

#24: Light Horizontal Bangs

Edie Campbell’s bob that has long, layered ends and a thin, horizontal bangs is cute and innocent. The casual hairstyle can be done fast with just a touch of mousse and a blowdryer. The bangs will are a draw to the eyes and flatter face shapes with large foreheads.

 Edie Campbell bob hairstyle for straight hair

#25: Dramatic Bob

All geometric haircuts are simple to create for straight hair. Jessie J opts for a shoulder-grazing bob, with precise dense bangs. Brunettes who have bobs that are geometric and like dramatic hairstyles are advised to consider Jessie J bob haircut idea.

Jessie J graphic bob with bangs

#26: Platinum Blonde Stacked Bob

Lady Gaga’s bob with a short stacked style offers great volume in the nape, and looks particularly stylish on straight, thick hair. It’s easy in styling your hair and will always look stunning, particularly when you pick a fashionable color for your short stacked bob.

Lady Gaga stacked bob hairstyle

#27: Blunt A-Line Bob

An iconic chin-length style worn by Jessica Stroup is among the 2019 hairstyle trends. Bobs are great for straight hair are very easy to style and are the perfect solution for women and girls who aren’t able to afford to spend their precious time with fancy hairstyles.

Jessica Stroup bob haircut for straight hair

#28: Short Layered Haircut For Straight Hair

Layered haircuts are the best way to increase volume even for hair that is thin. Kristin Chenoweth is sporting the most flattering, short haircut with light layers and long bangs on the sides. If you have a square or square face, this cut flatters you with shorter length.

Kristin Chenoweth bob haircut for straight hair

#29: Short Edgy Bob

The thick dark black locks from Sessilee Lopez has been sharply cut towards the ends to give her bob’s crop an sharp, edgy look. We love the symmetry with the fringy, snazzy ends and stylish peek-a-boo look of this hairstyle and the way it blends with the pattern of her dress.

Sessilee Lopez short edgy bob haircut for straight hair

#30: Sharply Angled Bob

Chelsea Kane presents a universally-flattering short layered haircut suitable for young girls, their moms, and even grandmothers! To make your hair appear more attractive, go with Chelsea’s concept of striking contrast highlights, and create a layered look by putting a lift on the root.

Chelsea Kane short layered haircut for straight hair

It’s usually not easy to choose the ideal haircut from the plethora of options. It is possible to choose classic designs and blend them with contemporary solutions to create a modern style. Be open to new concepts and try to get your hair cut slightly different each time you go to an salon to freshen up your hairstyle. Explore new finishes, textures, in the styling of your hair and you’ll always look stunning!

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