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30 Trendiest Shaggy Bob Haircuts

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A shaggy bob haircut is one that is cut by using the razor cut technique to create choppy edges and textures that can be either symmetrical or blunt. Since its creation during the 1970s the natural cut has stood the test of the test of time and evolved to modern and more chic variations. The well-known hairdresser from Texas and Salon Bugatti’s proprietor Chris Jones has mastered the art of everything messy and shaggy – from curly and wavy hair to straight A-line cuts and bobs. Chris Jones has proven that the short hair style can be achieved by a flawless shaggy bob cut. It’s the epitome of easy maintenance This is also one of the main reasons for why the shaggy bob style is loved by many. With just a few styling products and less wash days, the shaggy Bob is alive and bouncy with all the motion that is a result of layers and texture without any effort! Textured Bob for the win! Bob has stood the test of time in time and style. With a slight update every season It is popular every year, with its shaggy version especially. Shaggy hairstyles typically feature hair, waves that are soft, or layers, and that live-in look that people are most fond of it for. What do they look like and what are the top shaggy bobs of 2023? Find out more here to find out! Today messy hairstyles are in fashion and causes a variety of changes to hairstyles that are ever-classy. They get more edgy, shaggier and more rough. Curly, straight, or wavy shag bobs add their own unique elegance on the red carpet as well as the city’s streets. Check out the most beautiful examples below, and have fun!

1. Blonde Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers

Platinum Bob with Shaggy Texture

Choppy layers highlight the size of blonde hair better than any other If you want to add volume and movement to your locks , opt for shaggy bob hairstyles, like this one! Include curtain bangs for an accent for your face that can aid in making your face appear slimmer.

#2 The Layered Shag cut with Blunt Bangs

Although shaggy hairstyles are usually about layers of razors the shaggy hairstyle is very feminine and sexually sexy. A great tip Micro bangs are a great way to instantly change your look and visually make your hair appear fuller.

Shaggy Medium Bob with Short Blunt Bangs

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#3: Cute Edgy Styled with Shaggy Texture

The shaggy hairstyle is a striking modern interpretation of the elegant shaggy bob haircut. It is loved by women of all different ages. Razored layers and bangs with a chiffon look give the appearance of sassiness and airiness that thick hair might have, yet it gives more volume and texture.

Messy Bob with Wispy Bangs

#4: Pretty Shaggy Bob for Curly Hair

Nothing lifts the overall shape of hair more than curly curls that are layered. The shoulder-length layers lengthen facial features and create a beautiful frame together with adorable curly bangs. A gorgeous hairstyle!

Shoulder Length Curly Bob with Bangs

#5: Long Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Textured shaggy hairstyles look sexually attractive with brunette hair. Another advantage of shaggy hairstyles is its versatility and ease of maintenance. We suggest that you tidy your crown when styling your hair to create the appearance of more volume.

Long Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

#6: Chic Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Enhance your appearance by embracing this trendy shaggy bob pixie It is thought to be one of the top hairstyles for 2023. Accentuate the appearance of your layers by adding stunning blonde highlights that add the brightness of your shaggy hairstyle.

Ear Length Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

#7: Sassy Shaggy Bob for Brunettes

Layering is likely to be the most effective and fastest method for making your hair appear more thick and more full. It also adds some movement and texture to the crown. Use sea salt to create the beachy appearance on dark brown hair.

Medium Shaggy Shaircut with Wispy Bangs

#8: Shaggy Platinum Blonde Pixie Bob

Think about getting this chic shaggy pixie to radical change in your appearance It is designed to draw attention. Small feathered layers and shaggy fringe will enhance and soften your face and make this cut romantic and feminine.

White Blonde Shaggy French Bob

#9: Shaggy Brunette Hairdo

Are you looking to give some depth to your hair so that your hair isn’t perfect? Try a textured look that is complemented by a lighter shade. Keep your new hairstyle tidied or add some loose waves when you have a few extra minutes to style.

Choppy Chin-Length Bob

#10: Cute Mini Shaggy Bob

This stunning shaggy French hairstyle is ideal for women who have hair that is thick and has the square-shaped face. However, with the right volume of texturizing spray this hairstyle can also be used for ladies with thin hair.

Short Wavy Bob with Choppy Bangs

11. Brunette Bob, Disconnected Ends

The way you cut your locks is as important as cutting them. This is because it could transform the whole style. Her side portion adds a choppy layer and adds symmetry to the look. Additionally, it helps frame her face due to the longer sides.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

#12: Caramel Blonde Shaggy Bob

A bob that is shaggy with wispy bangs is a very flexible hairstyle that is suitable for women of all ages, regardless of face shape or hair kind. Layers of choppy hair add more body and texture to the locks. This is a great benefit for women with thin hair.

Shaggy Dark Blonde Bob for Thick Hair

#13: Blonde Shaggy Bob

A quick look at photos of hair salons will show you that highlights that have been blended and layers that are well-placed are the indicators of a well-groomed haircut. If you have fine hair it is possible to enhance your locks even more by spraying them with texturizing.

Blonde Layered Bob With Highlights

#14: Short Bob with Temple Undercut

A tiny undercut piece gives a unique variation to the standard short hairstyle. When you first view your hairstyle, it is likely that you won’t be able to notice the buzzed temple all instantly, since it’s been blend in with other parts of her fun hairstyle.

Short Messy Bob Hairstyle

#15 Shaggy “Do” with Ombre ends

Increase the volume of your hair by adding lightened ends. This method will also help those who have locks thin because it can create the appearance of a larger style. Utilize a curling iron create movement within your hair layers.

Black Shaggy Bob With Brown Balayage

#16: Mid-Length Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob hairstyles are suitable for all hair kinds. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, curly or wavy. If you’re in the last category, get inspiration from this beautiful lob of warm purple. The layers let naturally curly curls stand out.

Pastel Purple Wavy Bob

#17: Disconnected Shag for Fine Hair

Hair with a finer texture require more volume and the best method to add volume to your hair is with a layered cut. Try this shaggy hairstyle with unconnected layers and short arched bangs that create a look that is more substantial and more full.

Wavy Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

#18 Dark Copper Hair with Wispy Layers and Bangs

A shaggy-style that’s shoulder-length can be the perfect option females with curly hair that wish to look trendy and trendy. This cut can be made chicer by pairing long curtain bangs and stylish copper hair balayage.

Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

#19: Shaggy Mullet for Diamond Face Shape

Make sure you show off your individuality with this chic brown shaggy hairstyle with hair that is slicked back and soft blonde highlights. Improve the texture of your hair by curling it or applying your preferred texture spray.

Shoulder Length Wolf Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

#20: Shaggy Bob for Curly Locks

The shaggy, short bob would best suit curly haired ladies. But that does not mean that you cannot try it out if you are naturally straight and you are able to curl your hair just a slightly to create that motion and texture.

Short Shaggy French Bob

21: Layered Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Simple, yet stylish simple and trendy, this short blonde shag featuring black roots is sure to make to impress everyone! Shaggy layers of various lengths give a look of soft waves that add more feminine style to shoulder-length hair.

Blonde Shaggy Bob with Dark Roots

22: Short Black Bob with Copper Balayage

A Layered bob is an excellent option to make thick hair lighter, and it provides a wonderful texture to the hair. If you’re looking to improve your shaggy hairstyle, opt for glowing copper highlights that stand out against the darker brown hair base.

Short Bob with Bangs for Round Face

#23: Chic Voluminous Look for Short Hair

There are classic hairstyles for bobs that will remain in style for a long time and this gorgeous shaggy bob is just one of them. It is suitable for women of all ages and ages, so explore this trendy haircut.

Messy Short Blonde Bob with Bangs

#24: Brown Shaggy Cut with Jagged Fringe

The shaggy shoulder-length haircuts are designed to make life easier for women! They are simple to maintain and style and are suitable for any style and outfit, which means you can alter your shaggy haircut to suit any occasion. Be aware that with messy bangs your new hairstyle will make you look more attractive.

Tousled Bob with Arched Bangs and Framing Layers

#25 Messy Bob with Shaggy Layers. Bob featuring Shaggy Layers

Are you eager to impress everyone with your new hairstyle? We suggest this long shaggy chin length. Add some spice to the hair with subtle blonde highlights that give texture to your layers and giving you a fuller look.

Ash Blonde Shaggy Cut for Thick Hair

#26: Dark Brown Dream Bob

This look for the shoulder is an alternative to the shaggy hairstyle. It’s just a bit longer and the bangs make an even more striking facial frame. A bit of tugging on top provides amazing volume and the ends are removed to make it appear as if they were snipped.

long shaggy brunette bob with bangs

#27: Shaggy Layered Cut With Bangs

A shaggy style that is layered like this could also be an idea for an extended style and the bangs can make it look more interesting. This look is two-toned, ideal for a night out with your friends, shopping or traveling and always looking elegant without any cliched style.

Medium Shaggy Haircut with Bangs and Ombre

#28: Side-Parted Copper Shag Hairstyle

Side-swept bangs always give an air of mystery to your look If you are aiming for this look, then take note of this shaggy haircut. Highlight your bright ginger color by adding highlights and lowlights to create a the most striking result.

Copper Shaggy Side Part Bob

#29: Angel Wings Shaggy Style

Remember Farrah Fawcett? Who doesn’t? Her gorgeous hair is returning. There are many different hairstyles that we’ve walked through, but the celebrities have always had the ability to show us how to do it. The wings are feathered and highlighted by a few accents of ashy tones, creating an amazing look that is that is based on subtleties.

Medium Length Shaggy Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

#30: Not Your Grandma’s Silver Top

The wavy, layered bob can be so soft and comfortable that it’s pure pleasure! It’s finally happening that the fashion industry has recognized the beautiful silver hair, and today it’s the most sought-after style of young people across the world!

Short Ash Blonde Wavy Bob

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