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30 Flattering Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

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After a dramatic revival, the classic curtain bangs are now the most popular kind of fringe. They are cute, hot and feminine all while attracting attention with their eyes, and blending perfectly with almost any style. But are curtain bangs suitable for a round face? They are indeed! But, more importantly they can also be a great choice for shaping and balancing round faces. Take a look at our stunning collection of bangs that are suitable to round faces for the most convincing proof. There are a few key rules to consider when selecting between various types of bangs that are suitable for faces with a round shape. The first is that the bang must visually lengthen your face and make it appear more oval. The long side-swept bangs can accomplish this challenge better than other. Another trick is to create some volume to the top of the head when styling your bang. Textured bangs, particularly those placed above the eyes are a great trick to use: they soften the roundness and reveal your face. Another way for you to “cut” the extra width is to leave a few pieces between the ears. Straight full bangs are one of the most undesirable options as they highlight your face’s round shape. But the shorter length, and longer pieces along the sides can make the appearance of a blunt bang more flattering to round faces. It’s the same for the central parting. While this is usually not recommended for round faces. Curtain bangs could be able to shift the emphasis away from the face’s roundness. Bangs are constantly in fashion. Whatever age you are, you’ll always be able to attempt a hairstyle using bangs to add a touch of elegance. Since childhood the most popular hairstyle that we’ve often seen is bangs. It’s true that bangs are a part of the cycle throughout our lives as well!

1. Brown Shag with Curtain Bangs

It’s no wonder why curtain bangs work so well along with the 70s shag. Additionally they are a fantastic combination for creating the roundness of a face. thick layers and a sharp emphasis on the front makes the face appear thinner.

Medium Shag Cut for Round Face Shapes

#2: Curtain Bangs for Long Straight Hair

These long curtain bangs effortlessly transform into long, feathered layers that slim the face while giving texture to lengthy straight hair. But, keep in mind that parted bangs require regular maintenance, especially when you have short straight hair. Avoid drying them with heat and apply a thick hair cream to keep them in their place.

Long Layered Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

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#3: Super Thick Curtain Bangs

One of the most tried and tested ways to make a round face shape is by adding the volume of your hair. The shorter, more pronounced bangs on your curtain and the longer length hair can easily accomplish this job. Layers of hair make this style messy and add volume and stealing the spotlight from cheeks with chubby cheeks.

Round Face Before and After Cutting Curtain Bangs

4. Long Curtain Bangs with Wavy hair

If you’re not blessed with hair that is thick, then longer-length curtain bangs might be the ideal choice. They’ll remain in place and you’ll be able to put the bangs behind the ears. Side bangs are a great way to frame your face and help in achieving the desired slimming effect.

Hairstyle with Bangs for Round Face Shape

#5: Layered Cut Thin Curtain Bangs

Round faces are notoriously known for having big foreheads. However this problem is easy to fix by using curtains bangs. However, ensure that your fringes are parted in a way that is crucial to ensure an extended effect.

Middle Length Shag with Curtain Bangs for Chubby Cheeks

6. Feathered Layers and Curtain Bangs

In addition to cutting the correct curtain bangs and accepting a medium layer cut, there’s one additional trick to balance the round shape of your face -an”ombre. The medium brown to dark brown ombre shatters the cheekbones of the face and creates the illusion of a more slim face.

Layers and Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

#7: Messy Curtain Bangs for Round Face Shapes

The volume of your hair and the texture of your messy waves can go a long ways in making your round and facial shape appear slimmer. Maintain your loose texture alive by using a high-quality texture product, and wear this stunningly sexy style like rock stars.

Messy Haircut with CurtainFringe for Round Faces

#8: Wispy Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

A swishy fringe on a curtain can be a wonderful accessory to long hair. It helps shift the attention towards your eyes, making it an ideal choice if you have a round face. For a more harmonious appearance you can consider layering your hair throughout the length of your hair.

Long Haircut with Wispy Bangs for Round Faces

#9: Curtain Bangs for Thin Hair

A longer length of bangs is the option if you have hair that is thin — so that they can be more manageable to keep. Pick a circular brush and talk to your stylist about products that will help keep your bangs looking gorgeous and natural.

Octopus Cut with Longer Curtain Bangs

#10 Straight Lob with Curtain Bangs

The curtain fringe is a perfect length to the cheekbones and perfectly balances on the small face. Hairy bangs on the curtain look gorgeous with a long bob giving the softness that creates a feminine look and adorable.

Straight Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

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