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31 Chic and Edgy Choppy Bangs Styles for Women

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#21: Curved Full Fringe

Q&A session with style creator, Richelle Brigola, Stylist and Salon Owner at Solo Capelli located in Eugene, OR

What do you think of the look? This style as a full, curly fringe. It is a timeless look which adds glamour and polish to every length of hair, while framing the eyes and face. The thing I love about this kind of hair is the fact that it can be used with all types of hair and facial shapes, but is particularly appealing to women who have hairlines that are long or receding towards the temples, or are more fine-textured. It’s also extremely versatile. It is possible to wear it longer, so that it only skims the bridge of your nose, or add texture, alter the shape of your part line or even up the ponytail game!

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about this? I would recommend a customer to make sure they’re committed to wearing bangs for some time. A longer fringe can be more difficult to develop than loose bangs. Also, there is an additional amount of maintenance required as this look must be cut off every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the fringes away from your eyes. This look is best for women with straight hair, or using the combination of a round brush and blow dryer and a flat iron, and do not mind styling their hair every day. For straight hair, would suggest an volumizer to keep your hair from becoming flat. I utilized Creative Volumizing Foam by Solo Capelli Studio Line to achieve the style shown here. For hairs that are rough or has a bit of a waves, I recommend an item that smooths your hair such as Straight & Smooth Balm by Solo Capelli Studio Line. In general, this style is suitable for all facial shapes. The style can be personalized to a person’s facial shape by changing the length as well as texturing. It’s a great fashion that is a big hit at the moment and gives the fresh and youthful look to everyone!

Earthy Pixie hairstyle

#22: Earthy Pixie

A style creator Corey Lambert, Hairstylist @ Tease Salon in Knoxville, TN

What would you say about the look? What is the most appealing thing about it? This style can be described as Lydia Deetz meets earthy pixie. It’s fun and edgy. What are the best products to keep and recreate this style? I would recommend Kevin Murphy Night.Rider because it can be separated and held. It is a great product to use in conjunction with some days without washing your hair, to keep your hair from getting too fluff! What kind of client do you recommend this style for? I’ve found that baby bangs can work well with a variety of faces! They’re feminine and striking. I’d say they’re designed for women who do not want to stand out in their hair. They also don’t like the way it looks.

Textured Lob with Choppy Bangs hairstyle

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#23 Textured Lob with Choppy Bangs

Q&A session with stylist Cara Robertson, Holistic Hair Designer at Spatacular Escapes located in Mechanicsburg, PA

What would you say about the look? What is the most appealing thing about it? This style as a textured lob that has long, choppy bangs. The thing I love about this style is the choppy bangs as they enhance the cut creating a soft but an edgy look. What are the best products to keep and recreate the look? To recreate this look I suggest applying a pomade as well as the spray of texture. I used a 1 inch Marcel curling iron in order to add some movement to my hair. I then created a defined bangs and waves using Oway Boho Pomade to create a more sculpted appearance. I finished the look with Oway Salt Spray for texture and hold. What kind of client do you suggest this style for? This style is perfect to make someone more round or square face shape. It can it can also give someone who has a more fine hair texture with more fullness and volume. It’s a an extremely universal style that can be completed with a fun or smooth texture.

brow-skimming choppy bangs

#24: Brow-Skimming Bangs

A loose and brow skimming, bangs give this haircut an additional dimension of elegance. My favorite part about this style is that the cut does all the work! Additionally, the bangs have been cut in a manner that lets her natural movements effortlessly while framing her gorgeous face. For a similar style, start by applying the Leave-In Conditioner from UNITE Seven Seconds to shield your hair and give it shine. The most important thing to remember is to dry your hair quickly after shampooing with a cushion brush to manage cowlicks. Then, tame them back into a shape. Let the remainder of the hair to dry out or air dry with low speed and the highest heat and blowing through the hair. I suggest this hairstyle for all faces. A professional stylist can adjust the hairstyle to fit the face so that they focus attention on the most attractive highlights. Wavy and straight hair will be the best benefit from this design. For anyone who is looking to sport a an imposing style that requires little effort it is an excellent option. It is possible to put your hair in messy ponytail and let the loose curls become the focus!

Modern bob with choppy bangs

#25: Modern Bob

The classic bob is not going to be out of fashion However, the best method to keep the timeless look is to change the hairstyle and add accessories (bangs). The bangs can be a new aspect to keep the hair looking neat. It’s perfect for the days you’re running out and don’t have the time to cut your hair. No matter if you wear it with the beachy look in a straight line or up, the texture it gives it the modern look that is needed to refresh an old-fashioned look. Bangs can warm up your face so well. They make you look more attractive and accessible! If you’re someone who prefers to let their hair dry out the best choice is the Wella Ocean Spritz. I recommend everyone to tousle their hair following a shower Make sure that your hairstyle is right and then let your hair dry to around 40% – 50 percent dry. After that, get to the bathroom and spritz it off! In this way, there’s more than water that takes up the majority of every hair strand. This will not cause as much frizz as well as the hair product can function to its maximum potential. If you’re looking to style their hair properly, even if the use of a blow dryer is involved, I’ll provide two tips. If you’re going to do rough dry or blowout, I’d suggest starting using an Ocean Spritz. It is possible to create this look by using the Mason Pearson brush or a round brush, along with the blow dryer and twisting the brush while it runs through your hair. After the hair has dried as it is, you can finish the look using Evo’s she-bang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax. This product is amazing! It’s a spray-based wax that helps to keep a hairstyle in place and define waves but it’s not as if hairspray has been absorbed into the hair. If one is squeezing their hair, after it’s dry, they can split it up and apply either the curling iron or an wand with a moderate temperature. In small portions at each time, you can alternate how each curly is positioned. In this way, the waves collide and give a more messy appearance, resembling an ocean wave. Then, you can comb the fingers add Spray Wax! Spray Wax!

I would like every person regardless of they do to be able to get the look you want. For those who let their hair air dry, or is looking to use little effort, they may not get the exact appearance unless they spend the extra time with a hair dryer or hot tool. The extra time spent styling could be worth it since it’ll last for a couple of days! I would recommend this style to the widest range of clients. If you’re the most suitable person to do the job, this cut could work with all hair types particularly if you have extremely thin, fine hair. The shorter blunt paired with the weight line is a way to give more of a fuller appearance for the hair. Actually, I’ve cut all different hair textures into this style and it’s worked! There is only one difference in each type of hair are the technique you’re using to cutit, this is the reason I emphasize that it is crucial to choose the appropriate person to do the task. Each cut might look the same however it wasn’t the same route to arrive at. For faces the cut could be utilized to highlight certain angles or remove the appearance of certain angles. If you have an oval shape, this cut is great to highlight the jawline, which is highlighted by the line of the hair and the lines that come from the bob. If you have round faces this can help cut into the shape . And when you put a bit longer width in your bob it will “elongate” your face.

Patients often discuss their foreheads in consultations. My suggestion? Make whatever you want! Bangs are a great option for any forehead! The only thing that’s changed is the look, no matter if you choose to go with curtain bangs baby bangs, blunt bangs or bangs that are textured. One of the most well-known inspirations for this cut that comes in different lengths, in all styles, and for all types of types of bangs, is Alexa Chung. I often refer to her to illustrate how adaptable “a bangs bob” could be.

Choppy Baby Bangs

#26: Choppy Baby Bangs

This cut has textured layers and choppy baby hair. The cut is movable thanks to the razor, and the layers add “piece-y-ness” within the hair. For styling, apply the Volume Whip or Undone Texture Spray. Both Paul Mitchell products from the Invisible wear line. This cut is ideal for hair with fine texture as it creates a textured and natural look, without weighing your hair. Bangs can be a big commitment, take a look at your hairstyles before you decide to go for it. Some effort is needed even for the most effortless styles! Bobs with short bangs can be ideal for those who want an edgier look and doesn’t wish to be a slave to styling.

Squared medium length hairstyle with choppy bangs

#27: Square Layered Haircut

How to Style How to Style: Use the square vent brush, then blow dry to create volume. Recommended Hair Products: Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity Gel. The best face shape and hair Type: Oval faces and extremely smooth or straight medium or fine hair. TIP use flat irons for the best shine.

textured haircut with choppy bangs

#28: Textured Haircuts with Choppy Bangs

The multi-textured haircut is huge and vibrant. It’s brimming with colour at the bottom and hairy bangs that are choppy for added impact. For styling, apply an emollient at the root. Blot this hair out using an oval-shaped brush. then finish it off with a working or finishing spray. Make it look big! Apply Kevin Murphy’s AntiGravity. Finish with Rob’s work spray.

Choppy bangs on a jaw-length blunt bob cut

#29: On a Jaw-Length Blunt Bob

A blunt bob and the slack bangs provides a great visual interest and adds a lot of dimensions to cut. For styling, apply a thin gel, then blow-drying with a medium-sized round brush. Separately blow-dry the hair using the smaller round brush. Try Redkin’s Layer Lift Elevate Spray Gel. Then, finish by spraying a shine spray similar to Aveda’s Brilliance Spray Shine to get the most shine. Round and oval face shapes. Hair of medium to thick density.

Layered Short Shag with Fringe

#30: Layered Short Shag with Fringe

Ideal for hair with a natural wave, this style includes a short, layered shag with fringe. Choose this neck-grazing hairstyle to create an extremely relaxed look, suitable for dark hair. Are you looking for more chop? Look at these choppy haircut ideas for short hair, choppy hair is also an option.

long shag with choppy bangs

31: A Long Shag Choppy Bangs

A long shag that has choppy bangs adds body and the volume throughout the silhouette. The shaggy style with bangs and layers that are feathered to the highest at the top, will help lift the overall look. Add some flair by using a 1 1/2 inch hair powder and iron to add added texture and grit.

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