The hairstyle known as Pixie is a very popular hairstyle, mostly worn by women who appreciate practical and short hairstyles. Women who are looking to manage their hair in just only a few minutes each day will love the elegance of this style. It’s universal and is often worn by all ages! Are you a lover of sweet, short and practical designs? Do you want to appear like the real fairy tale? Do not delay and seriously consider the pixie cut! The pixie cut was made popular due to a famous cartoon called Peter Pan a couple of years ago. If you’re fascinated by it’s “roots” and want to learn more about its story plus you’re trying to find a style that you like and matches your face features, be aware that you’re exactly where should be! Hereare the top 40 original beautiful and chic Pixie cuts you can choose from. Choose your preferred look below and decide to try something new and exciting. Pixie cuts are short hairstyle that sits beyond your shoulders and then ends in the chin area or at the ear. It’s usually shorter on the back, but it has some extra volume along the sides or on the top. The origins of the hairstyle have been linked to the mythological Pixie. The term “pixie” is believed to come from fairy tales who were frequently depicted with simple, cute hairstyles in many books. Oval or round faces usually make a pixie cut with the most style. We’ve collected the latest Pixie haircut ideas!

How To Style A Pixie Cut?

If you are looking to improve your hairstyling, consider taking a few minutes each day or in the morning to get the perfect haircut! Here’s how you can follow the steps 1. Work using clean, untreated hair. The shorter hair is more prone to soak up a lot of hair products easily and that’s why you should wash it each day. Step 2: Run a small amount from hair cream or cream through your palms as well as your fingers. The product should be warm and distribute it evenly for a uniform consistency. Step 3 Dress the sides and front with this product. It will create your edges, and add volume. Keep the back of your hair easy and “clean” free of product. Step 4: Have an in-between bang or look into a buzzcut, or fade. Dry your hair with a blow-dryer for it to become firm and stay tight all day. Optional: Apply a lot of hairspray or sparkles in case you’re headed for an important or formal celebration.

Short Pixie

The most well-known and most popular looks is a pixie cut that is short. It is usually used by women with naturally thin hair and are looking for simple and effortless everyday style. It could differ from above the ear up to just below the neck. The typical short pixie measures around 3 inches long.

1. Brown Short Pixie

The pixie cut is easy to maintain and requires minimal maintenance. Women who are happy with their natural hair’s texture and color will appreciate this style. It’s great for everyday style.

2. Light Silver Pixie Cut

The silver pixie look like this one is ideal for women who are looking for a chic contemporary, modern and fashionable cut. This is a striking shade that is typically worn by young women who are looking for a chic and glam style.

3. Pixie Hair With Highlights

You can add some spice to your hair with the perfect highlighter. Consider these options If you’re looking for cutting-edge and fashionable cuts. Be sure to color your hair once every 6-7 weeks to maintain the highlights.

4. Natural Brown Short Pixie

Simple natural, short, and the natural brunette hair that anyone can pull off! This pixie is easy and easy to wear, and is often favored by women who want something easy and quick.

5. Soft Brown Pixie Haircut

Cute pixie cut which will flatter square faces. If you are looking for something trendy and chic, and are in your twenties , you should consider this style.

6. Dark Brown Pixie Cut

The dark brown hair color can be a standout appearance. Apply some hair gel in the back to give the appearance more appealing. You’ll look cute and fun an essential accessory for every age category.

7. Pastel Blonde Short Pixie Haircut

This pixie with a pastel blonde color is a chic piece. women who like shorter styles will love this cut. Highlights should be added each 6-8 weeks in order to keep the appearance. Girls who attend parties will naturally love this style.

8. Short Pixie With Fringe

The pixie that is short with cute fringe bangs and a short length will draw attention and will look gorgeous on young women. If you are able to wear this style and possess that natural beauty, you can get the vibe easily.

Layered Pixie

Layered pixie cuts can be created as an unison blend of different layers that are both short and long. This method of cutting hair will make your hair appear a much more full and texturized. All hair styles are blended together and most often worn by ladies who wish to increase the volume of their hair and elegant.

1. Blonde Layered Pixie Hair

This beautiful layered pixie looks elegant and is perfect for women who are able to handle the upkeep. Pixies with layers must get cut once every 3 or 4 weeks to get an ideal result.

2. Black Voluminous Pixie

A naturally dark brown or black-colored hairstyles are great for women who are low maintenance. Think about your hair’s natural shade, but change it with the proper hair-cutting technique.

3. Orange Layered Pixie Haircut

A pixie with layers of orange that is a great fit for young women most. Do you dare to opt for an accent of color? If you’re young, party-goers and naturally drawn to colors, give this look an attempt!

4. Brown Layered Pixie Haircut

Brown layered pixies provide you with volume and layers to use. When your hair tends to be thin naturally, this could be a good option to spice it up and add fullness.

5. Natural Brown Layered Pixie

Natural brown hair can be straightforward and requires little maintenance by itself. If you are looking for something simple and simple to wear daily hair day, this is the one for you!

6. Blonde Layered Pixie With Highlights

Create layers in your pixie, not just with the cut, but also by adding highlights. women in their 40s might love this style the most.

7. Long Layered Pixie

Try this layered pixie. However, you should also think about fashionable bangs. If you’re a fan of longer cuts and are naturally drawn in striking cuts, this will look great and looks gorgeous on you.

Long Pixie

Long pixies can be a larger than normal pixies with a length of 4-6 inches length along the sides. They are usually shorter on the sides and back, but they are longer on top with super-wispy or long bangs. Pixie cuts that are long resemble the look of the bob cut, and are often used by females who aren’t quite ready to make the commitment to cutting shorter.

1. Side Swept Long Pixie

Long pixie that is side-swept with chic bangs that will make you look gorgeous for casual or formal wear. It is important to grow your hair to maintain the length as it can be a challenge.

2. Long Brown Pixie Haircut

Long brown pixie that has voluminous bangs that are perfect for everyday dress. You can add some cream or creme to the hair and style them to the side for lasting wear.

3. Defined Brown Pixie

A beautiful, defined brown pixie usually worn by women in their 30s. It’s a beautiful cut for work and is usually worn by women who appreciate elegant and simple cuts.

4. Long Blonde Pixie With Highlights

Pixie with highlights, this long pixie will draw attention to your looks. Women who love big and long-lasting styles will naturally gravitate towards this style. Make it more fashionable with your favourite fashion products and wear it confidently.

5. Pixie With Highlights

The chocolate brown pixie that has highlights is a great choice for any woman. Usually, this Pixie that has caramel highlights can be a well-known option for the fall season. Are you willing to give it a test?

6. Icy Blonde Pixie Hair

Get this blonde hairstyle and cool highlights. If you are a fan of short-length hairstyles and can manage the upkeep and color touch-ups it will look gorgeous on you.

7. Auburn Red Pixie

A vibrant red and vibrant pixie that women in their 40s are likely to love. The color is typically worn by powerful and serious women. Do you think this is you?

8. Long Brown Pixie Cut

A cute and stylish pixie for all age category. There is no set of rules with regard to this pixie. This is why everybody should give it the chance.

Pixie With Bangs

Pixie hairstyles with bangs could be long or short with distinctive fringes, blunt or wispy bangs on the front. This is thought of as an unusual and trendy style that is often used by women with more rounded or larger foreheads in an attempt to play with contouring and shaping. If cut very short, this style can also look the look of the elf hairstyle.

1. Pixie Hair With Bangs

Bangs can be a lot of work. If you’re comfortable with them, take a look. This pixie cut with long bangs looks gorgeous on women aged 30 or older.

2. Brown Pixie With Fringe

Black Pixies with bangs are an everyday choice of teenagers or college students. It is simple to create, and frequently worn by younger women who are able to create their own bangs and cuts.

3. Short Brown Pixie Cut

Short Brown Pixie Cut

Hairstyles that are a bit choppy with one side, and opt for this style if you’re interested in low-key styles. Women who love stylish ideas and have natural beauty will effortlessly achieve this cut.

4. Bright Orange Pixie With Bangs

You should color your hair at least every four weeks for this vibrant orange hairstyle. It’s a vivid and loud shade that is often worn by women who want to be noticed.

5. Icy Blonde Pixie With Long Bangs

The lightest blonde and icy hairstyle that has sharply defined bangs! Check out this pixie with long , wispy hair for those who love glamorous and dramatic look.

6. Brown Cut Pixie With Bangs

Fringe bangs may not be everyone’s favorite. Are you a fan? Check out this pixie and bang duo if interested in stylish and fashionable cuts. Regular cuts lasting 4-5 weeks are required.

7. Messy Pixie With Bangs

Bright orange pixie is vibrant as well as dominant and vibrant. This trendy cut is for teenagers the most. Who says Pixie cuts in orange are only meant for older women? You can see that younger women can wear these cuts too.

8. Light Blonde Voluminous Pixie

A defined blonde pixie will appear sleek and elegant. This style is suitable for ladies who are able to handle the upkeep. Blondes are difficult to color or add a touch of color Try them only if you are truly brave.

9. Blonde Pixie With Straight Bangs

Straight bangs aren’t easy to style or wear for everyday wear. If you’re able to manage the maintenance and touch-ups, consider this style.

Undercut Pixie

A pixie that is cut in an undercut is a style of hair which is cut shorter on one side. It is usually worn in a buzzcut, fade, or even with only one detail of the undercut line. It’s sleek and edgy that is usually favored by rock-loving ladies. It’s simple to style and blow-dry , if it isn’t one of the most easy styles to pull off from our list.

1. Pixie With An Undercut

A pixie cut in the undercut is a great cut for. College students or teenagers typically opt for this style. It’s not too difficult to maintainand ideal for summer!

2. Blonde Pixie Undercut Detail

Blonde Pixie Undercut Detail

A blonde pixie that has an undercut, fade or buzzcut style is a stylish cut. If you are a fan of striking and cute looks and you’re looking for the most fiery look then this is the hairstyle for you!

3. Brown Pixie Undercut Detail

Dark brown pixie that has the cut and bangs has been a striking option to choose. Women looking for something imaginative can choose this contemporary Pixie.

4. Red Pixie Cut Undercut Detail

This red pixie is beautiful for the fall season. Try it out when you’re looking for a vibrant, bright and vibrant pixie that few women own.

5. Platinum Blonde Pixie With An Undercut

If you’re considering the platinum-colored pixie, be aware that it’s very high maintenance cut. It is recommended to dye it or cut it each four weeks to ensure a perfect final result.

6. Sexy Pixie Cut With Bangs

Modern, sexy and chic Pixies that not many of women would dare to wear. Do you? If you’re looking to appear like a real diva, this cut will fit you the most.

7. Light Blonde With Undercut

Do not hurry the procedure when it comes to this haircut. Women who enjoy vibrant colors, funky cuts, and shorter styles are likely to like this style. It’s a high-maintenance look and requires a lot of attention.

8. Pixie Hair With An Undercut

The bright blonde pixie style with an undercut will give the youthful look to your appearance. If you’re in the market to try something new, exciting and original, this is the one for you!

Want To Try This Pixie Haircut?

Which of these looks do you’re excited to put on and test out for yourself? Are you eager to alter your look by giving the short and sweet pixie look to try? If yes, you should take a look at these gorgeous 40 styles. Do you prefer basic or vibrant cuts? If you’re willing to commit , tell us which style and cut you liked best among the options. We’re excited for you to tell us what it is that you love and what you end up wearing!


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