Having been through every hair color under the sun, I can definitely assure you that blondes DO have more fun! There’s something about being a blonde that gives you that unexpected head turn when you walk down the street, or that extra pep in your step.

Browse these blonde shades and give being a blonde a second thought. Or, if you’re already rocking a luscious blonde, don’t be afraid to change it up a bit and add a hint of caramel or a touch of contrast!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of popular blonde hair color ideas.

Bleached Blonde with Lowlights

bleached blonde with lowlights

Instagram @craftcollective_

Make your blonde shade even more radiant by adding lowlights in several places, resulting in a dimensional effect with additional beige blonde hues.

Gradient Blonde for Brunettes

Gradient blonde for brunettes

Instagram @ jazebell__

Transitioning from a dark base to lighter ends adds beautiful dimension for brunettes. Lighter ends are a great way for brunettes to get the feel of being blonde without all the commitment. A woman can add more or less blonde or darkness each appointment to personalize the color each and every time.

Peach-y Blonde Hue

Peachy blonde hair color

Instagram @salonbellapelo

A full highlight with a beautiful peachy tint gives a woman a blonde shade that is not too warm nor too cool. When deciding on the correct tone for your blonde hair, a thorough consultation is key. Skin tone is definitely something to consider when looking at different blonde tones.

Chestnut Blonde Hair

Chestnut blonde hair

Instagram @daniellabenita

Chestnut is the perfect blonde shade for the woman who likes their blonde locks but wants to venture out to a little darker side. Adding in chestnut or a brownish shade of lowights is a great first step when taking a blonde slightly darker. If lowlights don’t create the depth a woman is looking for, a darker toner would be an excellent next step. Adding in darkness slowly is the ideal way to change color without going too drastic right away.

Dark Blonde

Dark Blonde Hair Color

Instagram @mariepier.localb

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder but for this golden dark blonde color, you won’t get mistaken for anything less than ravishing. Going for this color is ideal to lighten up your natural brown hair.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde

“This is one of my favorite looks, champagne blonde with a shadow root,” says salon owner and stylist Michaela Breci of Windsor, CA. “Most of my clients want to be blonde, but they don’t want the maintenance of being blonde. Adding a shadow root to your blondes allows them to go months instead of weeks between visits without losing the brightness every blonde wants,” she explains.

Breci reminds us not to be afraid of warmth. “I often have women come in saying they want “ash” blonde. Be careful with ash because it can actually make your blonde appear darker,” she notes. “Ash does not reflect light. You need gold to reflect light, so often times the ash blonde to appear darker because they do not reflect light. Also while ash looks pretty on some skin tones, it’s not flattering on most.”

Products are a must for blondes. Breci’s favorite products for blondes are Oribe run-through detangling primer, royal blowout heat styling spray, and matte waves texture lotion.

Golden Highlights

golden highlights hair color

Instagram @hollypbeauty

This beautiful golden blonde balayage has hand-painted blonde highlights making it a very low-maintenance color and can also be perfect for someone new to coloring their hair.

This color will work with most hair lengths. It will look beautiful with beachy waves, curls, and straight. If you like a little brightness around the face you can always add some babylights or a bolder highlight in the front.

Gold Blonde

gold blonde hair color

Instagram @nadasalon_

I love everything about this blonde hairstyle. Ash, silver, and cool blondes are very popular so I love when I get the chance to see a gorgeous buttery bright blonde.

Don’t be scared of warm blondes! They are so beautiful on so many skin tones.

Rose Gold Blonde Hair

Rose Gold Blonde Hair

“I think this rose gold blonde hair is a very wearable look with an edge,” states stylist and Lanza team member Catlin Weston.

“The blonding was done with a mix of balayage and a baby foiling technique,” she explains. “After the lightness was achieved I glazed her in a pinky rose gold blonde color that whispers. This makes it uniquely customized and fun, yet keeping her looking professional.”

The lob (long bob) is great for pretty much every face shape and age range. Weston reminds us that soft hues do tend to fade. “When it does she is left with a beautiful blonde. Her color will also grow out soft and blended because of the technique used while coloring.”

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

“This strawberry blonde hair was meant to draw on the natural undertones and give an ethereal glow,” explains level 2 stylist Krystal Press of Doylestown, PA. “Our goal was a low-maintenance, sun-kissed balayage to complement the natural strawberry blonde tones in her dirty blonde hair.”

Press’ favorite part of this look is the depth in the crown against the brighter V points of the balayage. “I love how the curls accentuate the dimension and allow you to see all the different tones of her hair,” she notes.

Appreciate your natural beauty and seek to enhance the canvas you have, rather than change it. Healthy hair is the best hair!

Silver Blonde Hair

Silver Blonde Hair

This silver blonde look is dream hair! It was created by colorist Danielle Hess of Clearfield, PA. “Unicorn blonde hair, dreamy cascading waves of creamy white blonde. A look that is all her own hair but looks as though she’s wearing a wig. The technical description is softly shadowed white blonde hair with long textured layers and beachy waves,” explains Hess.

Hess says this creamy blonde hair color could be for low-maintenance gals or high-maintenance for two reasons – “the low-maintenance girls would win because to keep this color as healthy as possible. It requires as little heat as possible – the more it’s air dried, the better. The less styling with flatirons/curling irons, the better.”

“On the other hand,” she continues, “this color is pretty high-maintenance to retain the tone- constant purple shampooing, constant toner, and trim appointments to keep the hair healthy because white blonde is fragile!”

Ash blonde hairstyles looks best on people with cool or pink undertones.

Creamy Butter Blonde Hair Color

creamy butter blonde hair color

Instagram @prestige_salon_spa

A butter blonde bombshell without waves looks very similar to a Barbie blonde hue. Although it’s a bright blonde hue, it still looks natural with such a dark base because it has so much dimension in it.

If you’re a natural level 5, ask for full blonde highlights every four to six weeks. In the end, you’ll be able to go longer between appointments and only do partial highlights every six to eight weeks.

If you want to have blonde hair and you’re naturally dark, make sure you have time in your life to commit to coming in for frequent maintenance. It also would not work well with dry curly hair because you want your hair to be healthy to begin this process.

Being a blonde works best for olive undertones, however pale skin and blonde hair is a beautiful combo. Just make sure you don’t have too much pink in your undertone.

Long and Straight Blonde Hair

Long and Straight Blonde Hair

“This long and straight blonde hair is a heavy balayage used to ease her out of doing foils! I love how icy blonde she is and how consistent the color is from roots to ends,” explains hairstylist and salon manager Megan Hemingson.

“I recommend a purple shampoo for women trying to keep their blonde hair ashy and vibrant,” notes Hemingson.

“A balayage looks great on women trying to stay away from a six week maintenance schedule,” she adds. “The skin types I would recommend for this tone of hair would be more on the pale side. Women with a lot of color in their skin might feel that their hair looks very artificial.”

Warm Blonde Tone

warm blonde toned hair

Instagram @tyler_the_hairstylist

This is the type of hair, with a warm blonde tone, that suits people with fair skin. The warm blonde color is not that damaging – so it’s friendly for brunettes to try.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Hair

Sun-kissed Blonde Hair

“I would describe this blonde hair color as natural and sun-kissed. My favorite thing about this look is the soft blend along with the vanilla blonde tones,” says senior hairstylist Brittni Rafter of Canada.

To maintain your blonde hair, Rafter says purple shampoo is a must! “Milkshake brand is by far my favorite purple shampoo due to its potency. Lather the shampoo on your ends first, then work it up into your scalp. Leave on for three to five minutes,” she explains.

Rafter recommends balayage to women who like a more natural and low-maintenance look. “When ladies get highlights, the re-growth is a more solid line, whereas a balayage has a softer blend that doesn’t go right to the root, enabling a more natural grow out. A white/olive skin tone can really be complimented nicely with vanilla/icy tones like in the photo.”


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