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34 Cute Blonde Hair Color Ideas – Best Shades for 2024

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Through every color of hair in the world I can assure you that blondes do have more enjoyment! The thing about being blonde that can give you the unexpected look of a head when you stroll down the street or put that extra zing to your step. Check out these blonde hues and give being blonde an extra thought. If you’re wearing a gorgeous blonde hair color, don’t be afraid to alter it to add the hint of caramel or some contrast! When you’re getting ready for your next hair appointment go through these images of blonde hair colors that are popular suggestions.

Bleached Blonde with Lowlights

bleached blonde with lowlights

You can make your blonde color more beautiful by adding lowlights in various locations, creating an elongated effect by adding beige blonde shades.

Gradient Blonde for Brunettes

Gradient blonde for brunettes

The transition from dark bases to lighter ends can add stunning dimension to brunettes. The lighter ends are a fantastic method for brunettes to have the appearance of blonde but without all the pressure. One can apply either more blonde, or the intensity each time to customize the color every time.

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Peach-y Blonde Hue

Peachy blonde hair color

A full highlight that has gorgeous peachy hue gives women a blonde hue that is neither too warm or cool. If you are trying to decide on the right shade of your hair’s natural blonde color, an in-depth analysis is crucial. The skin tone is certainly an important factor to think about when comparing different shades of blonde.

Chestnut Blonde Hair

Chestnut blonde hair

Chestnut is the ideal blonde shade for a woman who loves their blonde locks but is looking to try the darker side. The addition of the chestnut shade or brownish hue of lowlights is an excellent starting point when trying to take the brunette to a darker shade. If the lowlights aren’t creating the depth that women are seeking then a darker toned toner could be a good option for the next step. Injecting darkness slowly is the most effective method to alter the color , but not too drastically in the first place.

Dark Blonde

Dark Blonde Hair Color

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder , but with this gorgeous golden dark blonde shade it’s impossible to be confused with anything less than gorgeous. The shade is a great way to make your naturally brown hair.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde

“This is my most-loved look champagne blonde, with a shadow root” salon stylist and owner Michaela Breci from Windsor, CA. “Most of my customers would like to look blonde but do not want the hassle associated with becoming blonde. The addition of a shadow root to your blondes lets them stay for longer periods of time instead of weeks, without losing the brightness that every blonde desires,” she explains.

Breci reminds us to not be scared of warmth. “I often see women who come in and say they would like “ash” blonde. Be aware of ash since it can cause your hair to appear dark,” she notes. “Ash doesn’t reflect light. Gold is required to reflect light. This is why you will frequently, the ash blondes tend will appear darker since they don’t reflect light. While ash is beautiful on certain skin tones, it’s not a great match for most skin tones.”

These products are essential for blondes. Breci’s most-loved products for blondes include Oribe run-through detangling spray Royal blow-out styling product as well as matte wave texture lotion.

Golden Highlights

golden highlights hair color

This gorgeous golden blonde balayage features hand-painted blonde highlights. This is an extremely low-maintenance color that could be ideal for those who are just beginning to color their hair.

This color is compatible with all hair lengths. It looks gorgeous with curly, beachy waves as well as straight. If you’re looking for a bit of brightening around your face, it is possible to add brighter highlights or babylights on the face.

Gold Blonde

gold blonde hair color

I am in love with this hairstyle. Ash silver, silver as well as cool and cool blondes, are extremely popular , and I’m thrilled whenever I am able to look at a gorgeous, light and buttery blonde.

Don’t be afraid of hot blondes! They look stunning with a variety of skin tones.

Rose Gold Blonde Hair

Rose Gold Blonde Hair

“I believe this hairstyle in rose gold is very fashionable with a edge,” states stylist and Lanza team member Catlin Weston.

“The blonde coloring was achieved using an amalgamation of balayage with a technique for foiling babies,” she explains. “After the lightness was achieved, I applied a glaze in a rose gold pink shade that whispers. This makes it unique and fun, but also maintaining her professional appearance.”

The long lob (long hairstyle) is perfect for just about every shape of face in all ages. Weston is a reminder that the soft colors appear to diminish. “When it happens, she’s left with a gorgeous blonde. Her hair color can also turn out more soft and blended due to the coloring technique employed.”

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

“This strawberry blonde hairstyle was designed to draw attention to the natural undertones, and create an ethereal glow” says the level 2-stylist Krystal Press from Doylestown, PA. “Our objective was to have a low-maintenance sun-kissed balayage that would complement naturally strawberry blonde hues of her hair.”

Press The most loved part of this style is the depth of the crown, which contrasts with the more vibrant V-shaped balayage points. “I am awestruck by how curls enhance the length and allows you to view all the various shades in her locks,” she notes.

Be grateful for your beauty and strive to improve the canvas you’ve got, instead of changing it. Hair that is healthy is the most beautiful hair!

Silver Blonde Hair

Silver Blonde Hair

This silver blonde style is a dream hairstyle! It was designed by colorist Danielle Hess of Clearfield, PA. “Unicorn blonde hair, beautiful falling waves of white fluffy hair. The look is her own hair yet appears like she’s wearing a hair wig. The technical description of the look is delicately shadowed white blonde hair that has long textured layers and beachy waves” She explains Hess.

Hess claims that this creamy blonde hair color is suitable for high-maintenance women or low-maintenance ladies because of two reasons “the women who are low maintenance would be the winners since they can keep the hair color as healthy as is possible. It needs minimum heat The more air dried the more natural. The less styling using flatirons or curling irons the more effective.”

“On the contrary,” she continues, “this shade is quite high-maintenance to maintain the tone. Constant shampooing in purple, continuous toner and trims to maintain the health of the hair because white blondes are fragile!”

Ash blonde hairstyles look great on those who have cool to pink or neutral undertones.

Creamy Butter Blonde Hair Color

creamy butter blonde hair color

A blonde bombshell with no waves can look very similar to an Barbie blonde shade. Even though it’s a vibrant blonde color, it appears natural with such dark shades due to the sheer variety in it.

If you’re naturally level 5 and you are request highlights that are full of blonde every 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of the day you’ll have the option to take longer between appointments and will only need parts of highlights every six to eight weeks.

If you’re looking to get blonde hair but are naturally dark, be sure you’ve got the time in your day to make a commitment to go in to have regular maintenance. Also, it won’t be suitable for dry curly hair as you’d like that your hair is healthy before you start this process.

A blonde is the best choice for olive undertones. However, blonde hair and pale skin is a gorgeous combination. Make sure that you don’t have too excessive pink in your undertone.

Long and Straight Blonde Hair

Long and Straight Blonde Hair

“This straight and long hair is a balayage heavy employed to help her get used to foils! I am awestruck by the way she’s icy blonde and the consistency of the color from root to end,” explains hairstylist and salon manager Megan Hemingson.

“I suggest a purple shampoo for women looking for keeping their blonde locks looking ashy and lively,” notes Hemingson.

“A Balyage is a great choice for women who are trying to keep away from the six-week maintenance plan,” she adds. “The skin types I’d recommend for this kind of hair is lighter in color. People with lots of color may think that their hair appears artificial.”

Warm Blonde Tone

warm blonde toned hair

This is the kind of hair with warm blonde tones, which works well for people with fair skin. The warm blonde shade is not a major problem which is why it’s a great color brunettes to experiment with.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Hair

Sun-kissed Blonde Hair

“I think of this hair’s blonde shade in terms of natural, sun kissed. The thing I love about this style is its soft mix with the vanilla blonde tones” Senior hairdresser Brittni Rafter from Canada.

To keep your blonde hair looking great, Rafter says purple shampoo is essential! “Milkshake brand is my most preferred purple shampoo because of its strength. Massage the shampoo onto your hair first, then massage it into your scalp. Keep it on for 3 to 5 hours,” she explains.

Rafter suggests balayage for women who prefer a natural and low-maintenance appearance. “When women have highlights, the growth is more solid and a balayage style has soft blends that don’t get down to the base, which allows an easier and natural growth. The white/olive tone of the skin is a great match with icy/vanilla tones as seen in the picture.”

Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde

Stylist Lizele has a unique touch with this blonde look! The dark tips and lowlights create a more dramatic look with a rich caramel blonde hue.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

For a unique look, opt for a platinum blonde long hair color and create soft curls that reflect the shine. If you’re looking for motivation, remember this: Emma Stone transformed her red hair into this gorgeous shade of white platinum, and it’s a fashion statement!

Soft Blonde Waves

Soft Blonde Waves

It’s a bright soft, soft blonde that has the technique of balayage. It was developed by a master stylist Anna Chait of Fairfax, VA. “My favourite feature about it’s that it’s a delicate look since the roots are left more natural, resulting in a natural sun-kissed look. The beachy blonde looks great for women with dark hair who want an alternative,” she notes.

This light blonde is ideal for women who want low maintenance colors, and also for women who wish to give their hair more depth and enhance their hair!

Icy Blonde

Icy Blonde

“This color is my top blonde hair shades due to it’s cool and cold, and cool tone,” says stylist and salon owner Paul Madahan of Fullerton, CA.

After reaching an opacity of 10 light yellow color, Madahan utilized the Redken Shade Eq gloss, which neutralizes any remaining pigments. “I always suggest that my blonde clients to use the purple toned shampoo to maintain their look. My go-to is Pravana’s!”

Gorgeous Ash Blonde Curls

Gorgeous Ash Blonde Curls

The soft caramel to ash highlight ombre that is blonde was made by stylist and salon owner Andy Smith of Australia. “It was made by using the micro foiling technique from the root until the mid-length region, and then lightened by freehand from the mid-lengths until the end,” explains Smith.

Because it’s an natural flowing look, Smith tends to use as little products as she can. “After getting back from the bath she applies Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Session label Volumizing Root Spray Then I apply Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Shine-enhancing Spray Conditioner for hair with blonde. It gives a light and pleasant smooth, hydrated feel that doesn’t weigh much and increases luminosity by using silver shimmering pigments,” Smith says.

This particular tone of blonde (ash) is well-suited to a warm toned skin (yellow/golden/peach undertone) However, it can be used for cooler skin tones by an adjustment in tone of the blonde. If you are choosing tones for blonde Smith states that the best general guideline of thumb to follow is “choose the opposite tone of the skin’s undertone.”

Bright Blonde

bright blonde hair color

This is a deep but soft, bright blonde that looks great on a short hairstyle. Even with a pixie cut that has been colored with this color it will be stunning! Be to love the soft and buttery hues, paired with an amazing design.

This style is perfect for blondes who want to shine with a natural, less maintenance-intensive feel. It’s ideal for all the natural “dirty blonde” clients who don’t wish to be slaves to foils.

Buttery Blonde

Buttery Blonde

This is a gorgeous natural, buttery blonde hair shade. “I am in love with the fact that it has many shades of blonde,” says hair stylist Jess Martanis of Milford, CT.

“I utilize J Beverly Hills high lift blonde as well as J Beverly Hills max lightener,” she explains. “To exaggerate her I went with J Beverly Hills platinum line.” J Beverly Hills platinum line.”

Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage

This natural-looking blonde balayage style with a touch of dimension was designed by fashion stylist Kim Reeder of Auburn, AL. “My favourite aspect of this look is that it’s an easy-care hairstyle and it’s always fresh and new,” notes Reeder.

Reeder is a fan of this style for women who prefer minimal maintenance, as opposed to having to visit each six-to-8 weeks to have a highlights to touch-up. “I would recommend it for women who prefer a natural and sun-kissed look! Women with a tan-colored complexion are more likely to wear a warm Balayage the best, while those with fair skin tend to have the cool blonde balayage look amazing,” she adds.

Balayage Blonde

Balayage Blonde

The dark hair gets some sunshine from blonde balayage that is golden, making the hair appear sparkling and radiant.

Light Blonde with heavy Foils

Light Blonde with Heavy Foils

“This style is designed for women who aren’t letting go of the light blonde hair that is created by the heavy foils but are also looking for a simple maintenance shade,” says salon owner and hairstylist Jamie Park of Elkhart, IL.

This technique of babylights as well as babylows gives sparkling pops of blonde that add some depth, and the smudge on the root line permits an uniform and smooth growth out!

Products Park which were used to create this style include:

Formula 1: Babylights Wella Blondor Powder Lightener, 30 Vol and Olaplex

Formula 2: Babylows Wella ColorTouch 7/71 (matching her natural base)

Formula 3: Root Base(Smudge) Wella ColorTouch = 7/71 5/71

Formula 4. Glaze the Redken ShadesEQ formula = 03 drops 09t

“I frame my face using Formula 1 to create the money piece on the front of the front hairline and around the bang area by using tiny babylights woven into the hairline. After the front framing was completed, I applied an elongated-foil technique that fades from the one ear to the other, using Formula 1 and 2 in an 2:1 ratio (Blonde:Dark) and then repeated it on the other side , and through the crown region,” she explains.

“Do do not push the light completely through the foil.” Park advises. Park. “Only pull it halfway and keep the ends in a blonde state to create the finely woven balayage that has the dimension. Be sure to create small weaves within the foils. The process should take 45 minutes. After rinse then put Formula 3 1/2”-1” on the roots ( advice: don’t apply too much product) and let it sit up to 15 minutes. Rinse and then glaze. Watch the glaze and work to the desired blonde tone.”

In the event of a slight stroke of the roots Park claims this will smooth the lines of foil and allow hair to grow effortlessly. “This will last for a long time between appointments with color and requires minimal maintenance. Within eight to ten weeks time, just a new tone and smudge would suffice to revive the look. It will also allow another 6-8 weeks prior to having to start all over again,” she adds.

Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

The balayage was designed by master stylist and colorist Linet Keshishian, of Studio City, CA. “Dimension and texture were achieved by drawing the hair by hand” she explains.

“This is a fantastic style for women looking for that sun-kissed appearance but not being out always in the sun,” says Keshishian. “Since it’s the result of a sexy, rooted look it’s simple to keep for more than 4 to 6 weeks. It’s a fantastic style for thick, full hair because color is utilized to make the hair appear thinner by adding dimensions and depth.”

Blonde Bangs

blonde bangs

The blonde style is modern and a bit edgy. The style was developed by senior stylist Nicole Crews of Vero Beach, FL.

The products you use are essential to keep your hair looking good after leaving the salon. For keeping your blonde hair in your home Crews advises Davines Alchemic Silver shampoo to help remove any brassy tone that you might get due to washing.

“When getting blonde, it is best to discuss with your stylist the correct shade of blonde that best matches your skin tone,” she explains. “To determine which shade works best for the tone of your face, suggest searching for pictures of famous people who have the same eye color and tone as you.”



This is a sultry blonde with foilayage and babylights throughout the hair. The colorist and hairstylist Joanne Hong of Torrance, CA.

“My favourite feature of this look is the fact that it’s low-maintenance. If it gets longer it will blend nicely into the natural hair and can last for months if properly maintained,” states Hong.

Hong suggests Moroccan oil applied to the ends of your hair to ensure your hair stays hydrated as well as a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to make your hair’s color lasting.

Anyone can wear this look , as you can make an attractive transition from the natural color to the blonde.

Butterscotch Blonde

Butterscotch Blonde

I am awestruck by how deep the butterscotch blonde shade turned to be,” claims salon owner and stylist Stephanie Marroquin of Bethlehem, PA. “We employed Original minerals 8/0 and8/1 along with 30 vol as the base. Then we added babylights to the entire hair. I toned the hair using 10/03” she says.

Marroquin suggests that you talk about the details with your hair stylist. “Everything requires time If you want it done correctly! If you are lightening the mood of a customer it is important to ensure that you and the clients are all on the same level!”

Hair care is crucial not just in the salon, but also at your home! Making use of the right products can make a big difference in maintaining your hair! “We made use of the mineral products that were originally developed to combat blonde shampoo and conquer blonde masks” she says.

Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde

A thick, curly coat of hair is only the most exquisite of blondes.

Ashy Blonde

Ashy Blonde Hair Color

If you are a fan of blonde but would like to experiment about different shades of this shade, this ashy blonde could be the perfect shade for you. Tan tones can be a great option to create a pliable look. This is a great option for women with moderate skin tones.

Ice White Blonde Hair

Ice White blonde hair

The ice white/platinum blonde hue that people are clamoring for today! It was developed by hairstylist Destinee Zwiey of Norwell, MA. “My favourite thing about it is the extremely light pieces that appear to be almost glowing. Most people prefer summer for getting lighter but with this look being so cold it’s perfect for winter,” she notes.

Zewiey suggests a shampoo in a deep purple to stop the tone from becoming yellow. “I also suggest oil and a heat protector since lifting hair above that point can cause severe damage. The oil and the heat protector create a barrier over hair that helps keep it from breaking due to extreme temperature,” She explains.

Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde Hair Color

There are a variety of blonde today. This is a sandy blonde is more grainy has more gray and tan shades but with the same beauty.

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