Short hairstyles with bangs seem never to fade away or lose their authenticity. Bangs are a trend that evolves with new trends cut, techniques, and face shapes. And you’ll find bangs on the faces of celebrities and street women. Style or color your bangs that highlight your most attractive facial highlights. Want to know the best way to do it? Let us give you wonderful concepts! Combining a shorter hairstyle with bangs could be the perfect way to style your hair. It lets you experiment with a variety of styles and offers you the possibility of changing your appearance at a moments need. Look through the images below for some fantastic ideas!

Best Short Hairstyles that Work with Bangs Ideas

1: Layered Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Long bangs on the side with the cut being short will frame your face beautifully. This hair features a deep side part that looks stunning when it is blow-dried. It’s perfect when you have to dress up for a special occasion! If styled properly it looks delicate, feminine, and chic.

Chin Length Bob with Swooping Bangs

#2: Chin length Bob with Bangs

A sharp bob with wispy bangs is the key to nailing an alternative style. While most people are familiar with this cut in black or dark brown and dark brown, having it in light ginger hair gives a fresh energy to it. Instead of looking dark and obscure the ginger and light blonde shades lift the look.

Blunt Bob with Eye Glazing Bangs

3. Curly Bob with Bangs. Bob with Bangs

Bangs with short hair aren’t only for straight hair types! Curly bangs are among the most popular trends of the moment. Curly curls that are tight with side bangs create an attractive look that is hard to ignore. This is an excellent short bangs hairstyle to test at least once when you have natural curls.

Highlighted Afro Pixie with Bangs

#4: Swooping Side Swept Bangs

Side bangs work ideal when they’re bold. If you’re looking to wear short hair and side bangs make sure you’re big enough or go home. The hair is swept side-by-side over the face of the wearer The layered hair frame the face beautifully. This style is great with icy platinum blonde and can enhance any person who wears it. A side-swept bang that is deep works on any face shape!

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob with Straight Across Bangs

#5: Medium Length Bob and Bangs

A short, feathered hairstyle that has small bangs is a wonderful option to soften your appearance. If you’d like to appear stylish, yet still keep feminine aspects it is a wonderful short hairstyle with bangs that you can pick from. Because the hair hasn’t been removed, you can straighten or curl it, giving the flexibility to style. Incorporate layers into this hairstyle if you’ve got thin hair. This will give the appearance of hair that is thick.

Medium Bob with Arched Bangs

#6 Platinum Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Being blonde is a bold fashion statement, but bleaching bangs that are short can make you look cooler. Blond hair that is bright and shiny with a cropped haircut is proof that you don’t need length to look gorgeous. With curly bangs on the front and back, shaved pixie cuts are a fantastic way to contrast length. Consider short bangs for an elegant look.

Short Blonde Haircut with Bangs

7: Curly Bob and Bangs

Curly hair isn’t easy to control, but correct styling can transform it into a stunning. Bob cuts that have a more length are ideal natural curly locks. If hair is brushed and left to fall loose the short hair with bangs always look very trendy. Hair with wavy bangs is a great choice for anyone who wants to skip long and tedious styling.

Curly Bob with Short Bangs

#8 A LONG Pixie, Bold side Bangs

Side-swept bangs that extend higher than your hair are a fantastic style to rock If you’re confident enough. Long hair with a side-swept, highlighted and side-swept look will frame your face beautifully however some stylists prefer keeping bangs on top of your face for a more mysterious appearance too. This style of side-bangs is great with an asymmetrical hair cut.

Long Pixie with Blonde Ombre and Bangs

9: Bob with Short Full Bangs

The contrast between full, straight bangs, and a curly hairstyle can give an eye-catching style. Use a straightener to curl hair to create a smooth, hairstyle that is textured. The short bangs create an alternative, feminine style.

Short Brown Bob with Blunt Bangs

#10 Blunt Bob, with Wispy Bangs

If you’re not scared of the flat-iron, this could be the perfect short cut for you. A blunt-cut blonde hairstyle with wispy bangs as well as face-framing layers creates an angular appearance. It is made more striking with the striking bleached shade. This is a must try for those who love using the styling tools or who has straight hair.

Precision Cut Bob with Arched Wispy Bangs

#11 Chin length Bob along with Curtain Bangs

You can achieve a soft appearance by letting your hair fall gently into waves. This creates a slightly more textured look and looks fantastic with a vibrant red hue. Let your hair’s bangs fly easily for a soft and smooth shape! This is an excellent way to add thicker hair.

Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs

#12: Cute Short Bob Style

The short hair and bangs look is characterized by hair that moves off from your face. Well-placed caramel highlights give the appearance of thick hair. Try choppy layers in this cut-off hairstyle.

Modern Short Crop with Bangs and Highlights

#13: Layered Bob with Feathered Blunt Bangs

Chin length bobs with layers and bangs in the front is a great combination. Make sure to tuck your hair, leaving a little in the front for the perfect dimension in your style. Cutting the front bangs and leaving the remainder of your hair is also a great strategy to grow the Pixie cut.

Pixie Bob with Feathered Fringe

#14: Extreme Baby Bangs

Short bangs, also known as baby bangs are a fantastic method to play in your own hair. The style may appear old-fashioned, but pairing short bangs and an undercut bob can modernize the look. You must choose the appropriate length of hair cut that will put the right focus on your most attractive highlights.

Bob with Side Undercut and Baby Bangs

#15: Short Blonde Bob and Curtain Bangs

If you are looking for an elegant hairstyle that brings vintage drama to your daily look, you can try combing a short bob with a brunette hair colour. The short cut with bangs hairstyle is a bit shorter than the cheekbones, and the choppy bangs are pulled towards the sides of the face. This style goes well with any style of vintage and can be paired with blow-dry!

Vintage Short Hairstyle with Bangs

#16: Bob with Bangs that Frame the Face

Short bob hairstyles look great with loose waves and faces-framed bangs is more attractive. Longer , more pronounced curtain bangs that are parted between the eyebrows are easy to style, but can create the greatest impact. The choice of darker hues for your hair will add more dimension to your hair and create a thicker look and more attractive, particularly when styled using loose curls or soft waves.

Short Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

#17: Bardot Bangs and Bob

Improve your straight chin-length bob by adding trendy curtain bangs that have a certain bows towards it in the Bardot style. Hairstyles that are suitable for short hair are great when straightened, so be sure to have your flat iron on hand. Make sure to split your hair in the middle to create the look of vintage.

Short Bangs Hairstyle for Straight Hair

18: Long Bob Style with Soft Bangs

If you’re looking for more relaxed style and a long bob that has hair that is feathered is the option. This cut looks very beachy with brunette color and a dark shadow. Make this cut look great with bangs using a flat iron and hairspray for a neat look! It is also possible to style it with bangs that frame your face to create a feminine style.

Platinum Blonde Bob with Face Framing Bangs

19: Choppy short hair with Bangs

If you are looking for shorter cuts, a Pixie hairstyle with an edgy look is an ideal choice. You can mix this style with highlights of blonde for a more defined look. Bangs complement this length as well, just move them slightly to one side for the best look.

Short Hair with Bangs Balayage

#20: Icy White Curly Bob

Platinum blonde is an extremely popular option for haircuts with short lengths, since the it brings out the facial features beautifully. The short chin-length hairstyles, with their fluffy bangs and soft waves complement the delicate white shade and give the appearance of a woman. The perfect choice for anyone who is who is looking to change their hairstyle!

Trending Short Shag Hairstyle

#21: Choppy Lavender Bob with undercut

The pastel lavender shade and soft side-swept bangs might be to be too precious for people who are looking for a more masculine style. This is the reason the undercut is included to bring some spunk to the bob with a candy coating. It’s not a problem the best way to style and wear it since with this cut, you can make the option of wearing it traditionally as a bob. It can be tucked behind one ear to showcase an undercut or pulled up into a ponytail to show the entire cut.

Short Bob with Asymmetrical Undercut

#22 Dark Purple Pixie with Bangs

Long hair, teasing by their color, are an old-fashioned pixie cut that ranges from demure to threatening, and are an ideal way to disguise the large forehead when you want to conceal it. If you like dark shades, but you’ve become bored of black hair, you can try an intense purple shade instead. It’s flirty and playful with a mature touch.

Layered Pixie with Highlights in Bangs

#23: Red Wavy Bob with Highlights

In 2021, lots of women will be refashioning their short hair with bangs particularly with regard to curly bobs. The trick is to make sure that the bangs are the correct length and blend along with your hairstyle to create a seamless appearance. Instead of contrasting with the natural texture of your hair Ask your stylist for an layered cut that will increase the texture and make your hair appear lighter.

Short Messy Wavy Bob with Bangs

#24: Rihanna-Inspired Short Style

This short haircut with bangs is an exact version of the hairstyle worn by Rihanna. If you’re blessed with a beautiful bone structure, it is important to showcase it with an edgy fringe that is right on the cheekbones. Also, no one will deny the attraction of red and dark hair. lips.

Layered Bowl Haircut

25: Pixie with Straight Across Bangs

Long side bangs with a slant that falls straight across are an easy method create a frame for your face. It can also show off your facial features when wearing an elongated cut for hair that is thick. They can also be used to create a variety of looks you can slick them, split they, spike them. The possibilities of reimagining the look of your mood are limitless.

Pixie with Long Bangs

#26: Cropped Cut with Bangs for fine hair

The dual-toned style is extremely sought-after by women who wear shorter-length hairstyles. By putting a lighter shade in the front, and then accenting your crown to a more vibrant shade, you can to make your face appear more radiant and get a beautiful accentuation effect in your short hairstyle.

Short Two-Tone Hairstyle

#27: Platinum Hipster Mullet

In the world of fashion, anything that was once trendy will eventually become trendy again. That being said it’s an unsurprising fact that this classic hairstyles of old are being worn all over again. The modern version incorporates baby bangs with a choppy texture with dark roots and an undercut to create an amazing bad girl style.

Black and Blonde Mullet with Cropped Bangs

#28: Cut Pixie with short side-swept Bangs

The pixie cut is becoming loved by both women and men. If you’re blessed with big eyes and an oval or triangular face it is possible to opt for a bold cut with an element of razoring and style bangs cut short to make your forehead appear more open.

Short Women's Undercut Hairstyle

#29: Asymmetrical Pixie with Extra Long Bangs

The look in this photo impresses with its texture contrast and style’s sexiness. By keeping your hair longer at the front due to straight side-swept bangs to soften the look of the crop, and also frame it in a gorgeous manner. Make sure to emphasize the length of your layering with a chic short undercuts and you’ll be ready to impress everyone around you.

Pixie with Long Bangs and Side Undercuts

#30: Undercut Bob and Bangs

Sometimes, work doesn’t allow us to be as creative as we’d like with our appearances. Instead of sticking with an uninteresting haircut, seek out a hairstyle that you can wear differently between day and night. This shaved-back bob that is hidden in the back is a great option to hide behind your desk, only to be displayed in the evening.

Wavy Bob with Nape Undercut

#31: Black Angled Bob

A angled bob is an excellent option for black women with hair that is relaxed. A line cut can create fullness in hair that has been damaged or processed too much through chemical treatments or heat. Additionally, if you’re attracted in length, having a shorter moderate cut could be the best option since it maintains some hair around your face to give more subtle appearance.

Side-Parted Angled Bob for Black Women

#32″From Choppy into Smooth Cut With Bangs

In the premiere of “Good Kill, January Jones gave a polished, smooth and shiny style to her short cut that was choppy to pair with her stunning dress. A reverse blow-drying technique using an enormous round brush will allow you to create this effortless but classy style that is high-shine for evening. A spray of hair can make your bangs look great throughout the day.

Short Pixie with Bangs

#33: Short hair with An angled Bangs

Do you know a lot of women who have the ability to pick the color of their hair that is solid and get a lot of dimension and style with their haircuts? Kris Jenner is the one and she is pretty striking with her hairstyles that are angled and dark brown with hair that is choppy. Apply some pomade to your hair, defining the ends. This hairstyle that is sweet, short and straight to the point.

Short Dark Hair with Bangs

#34: A-Line Bob and Side Waterfall Bangs

Julie Bowen is rocking a cut-off bob with a short texture that she easily transformed into a romantic look to complement the dress she chose for the occasion. Cuts like this work great with any hair texture and can be styled with fun, unique ways. The majority of the layering happens at the ends, while this is because the “look” is what is accentuated through the bangs. Bangs used as an accent is a trend in fashion that allows you to design hairstyles that work with short hair that can be worn for any type of event.

Short A-Line Bob with Bangs

#35: Building Depth using Color

Keri Hilson has the majority part of her locks highlighted using tiny dark lowlights to give depth to her bangs. The effect is an excellent method to highlight your hair’s choppy style with small amounts of product. If you’ve got hair that can lie flat and appear clumpy Do not skip this look.

Short Black Hair with Bangs

#36: Long Layered hair with Bangs

Charlize Theron prefers pulling her hair from her head forward, creating the appearance of big bangs, which are dotted with wispy, light layers. This is an excellent look for anyone with a big foreheads. You can easily achieve the appearance through blow-drying hair in the direction of. To add volume, Try blow drying your head turned upside down.

Short Feathered Haircut with Bangs

37: Edgy Pixie with Straight Bangs. Bangs

Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut is easily styled in an elegant manner with loose curls. But it is also great when with a messy, finger-styled look. To achieve this look it is recommended to air dry the hair using your fingers and then apply some styling products to maintain the look you want. Hairstyle short bangs with the style you want and smudge your hair at the top. This style is great for any shape!

Short Edgy Pixie with Bangs


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