Nail art is a fantastic way to express yourself and show the world what you love. Whether it’s bright French manicures or fruity nails that add color to your look, or Y2K and retro aesthetics like pink and green swirls or plaid prints, there are so many different looks to try when it comes to your manicure. You can experiment with different colors and techniques to find something that reflects your style. For those who want art that is symbolic, you can celebrate the female form with drawings of women, or use the evil eye to bring you good luck and ward off negativity. Go to the salon, or make them yourself at home; nothing is stopping you from getting the manicure of your dreams. These cute nail designs are just what you need, so keep reading and get inspired.

1. Mismatched Designs

If you love bright colors and interesting patterns, why choose one when you can have them all? This is really the case when it comes to inappropriate nail designs. This is a way to have fun and show your individuality. Combine your favorite color combinations, choose swirls or emojis, and get creative with placement. Although this piece of art is not suitable for a more formal setting, it should make a statement.

Mismatched Designs Nail Ideas Mmaxinewylde

Instagram @__mmaxinewylde

2. Bright French Manicure

Instead of a traditional jacket, add color to your nails by recreating the look with bright shades. A vibrant French manicure is a modern take on a timeless classic, and you can use interesting spacing and a few lines to create something very pretty and inspiring.

Bright French Manicure Art Nail Ideas Julieknailsnyc

Instagram @julieknailsnyc

3. Polka Dot Art

Polka dots are a timeless classic, but if you’re looking for an updated look, bold and vibrant colors are the way to go. There’s something so chic about this pattern when done in dreamy pinks and soft creams that make them look very feminine. You can also experiment with different base layers and select dots of different sizes. There are no rules about what you can or cannot do, have fun!

Polka Dot Art Nail Ideas Kyliejenner

Instagram @Kyliejenner

4. Evil Eye Art

The evil eye is a popular symbol for jewelry, tattoos, and now nail art. The eye not only looks cool but is also a symbol of good luck. Wear it on your nails to protect yourself from trouble and prevent negativity from entering your life. As a bonus, the design is easy to replicate and can look good at the base of your nails or in the center, so feel free to experiment with placement.

Evil Eye Art Nail Ideas Aliciatnails

Instagram @aliciatnails

5. Black Swirls

Black needs attention, no matter what design you choose. It is associated with sophistication and strength, and one of the easiest ways to create simple yet cool nails is with the black swirl effect. To make the drawing the center of the nails, use a nude or clear base coat.

Black Swirls Nail Ideas Ladyfancynails

Instagram @Ladyfancynails

6. Rainbow Tips

If you are looking for a way to add color to your look and have some fun, then rainbow nail tips are the way to go. This is one of the top nail art trends, and for good reason; they look great, they are a way to experiment with different colors and they are so cheerful. There are various interpretations of this piece of art, some more subtle and understated, others girly and bold. You can choose pastel colors for a cute look or a more eye-catching option, a fluorescent or watercolor effect will be stunning.

Rainbow Tips Nail Ideas Laurenladnier

Instagram @Laurenladnier

7. Fruity Art

Fruity nail art is a great option for summer because it’s so bright and fun. You can choose a neutral base, add fruity accents, or apply strawberry or orange all over the nail. You can also mix and match different fruits for a bold and super cute look that is sure to draw attention to your hands.

Fruity Art Nail Ideas Samrosenails

Instagram @Samrosenails

8. 3D Design

3D nail art is perfect for those who want to make a statement. This is a fantastic way to get creative, allowing you to combine all of your favorite elements. Use bright polish and add details like jewels, flowers, pearls, and squiggles to create an interesting texture. This design is best for long nails and should be used for special occasions.

3d Design Nail Ideas Nail Unistella

Instagram @nail_unistella

9. Angel Nails

Angel’s nails are a great way to get a dreamy, whimsical design that is also symbolic. Angels represent love, goodness, and hope, and wearing them on your nails can bring you joy or be seen as a sign of protection from bad energy. Experiment with different designs, from cherubs to wings, play with soft colors, or make a statement with jewels and 3D accessories.

Angel Nails Nail Ideas Taramilktea

Instagram @Taramilktea

10. Cute Strawberry Art

Whether strawberry is your favorite berry or not, we can agree that this is one of the best nail designs. Cute strawberry art is the perfect combination of colors and such a summer mood. Stick to the color scheme of all red base coats, or mix it up by adding some hot pink base coats. The result is appetizing.

Cute Strawberry Art Nail Ideas Stephstonenails

Instagram @Stephstonenails


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