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35 Irresistible Short & Long Pixie Cuts

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Are you searching for the most appealing, captivating hairstyle for a pixie? A pixie that is long or short could be the one you’ve been searching for! You’ll be enthralled by the 35 styles of casual chic and budget-friendly hairstyles.

It is said that the long pixie cut is the perfect cut for a short haircut because the hair is easy to maintain , without losing the color or texture. Pixies that are shorter can be more fun and showcase the beautiful face. Pixies are a wonderful option to keep your the style to a minimum, while still showing waves, curls, or even lively highlights and color. With no length, they’re the ideal option to showcase your stunning cheekbones.

Short And Long Pixie Cut Styles

Long and short pixie hairstyles effortlessly make the wearer appear fresh and young. When you are choosing the ideal haircut, consider the best way the frame of your face to achieve the most effective lift and slimming effect. Choose the number of hairstyles you’d like to wear and, more importantly what you’d like to show your personality through your hairstyle!

Let’s take a look at all the gorgeous long pixie cuts we have!

#1: Pixie for Straight Hair

Pixie for Straight Hair

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Pixies’ beauty not just in the appearance. This style is a great fit in any texture hairstyle, but especially when your hair is straight and sleek , rather than hair that is textured.

Choose a more distressed cut, and play around with shorter layers. Even without the mousse that is playful this cut is able to manage straight hair.

#2: Gorgeous Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie

It’s much easier than you think to have the pixie cut, while preserving the length. Long layered is ideal to show off your most voluminous highlights.

Long side-swept bangs that liven up the layers of the hairstyle. It’s a good thing that all it takes is a quick flash of two minutes to get it going!

#3: Perfectly Stacked Pixie

Stacked Pixie

Let that Audrey Hepburn with a pixie cut. The high-low layers that start at the rear of the head create an amazing styling effect on the front of the head.

To keep from a bulky appearance The pixie styled in a long, slender style will look best with straight hair. This look is perfect when you’re looking for glamour and class.

#4: Retro Pixie for Textured Hair

Retro Pixie

For those looking to find an elegant method to style your hair look at soft, retro curls for an enjoyable evening or special occasion. With waves on your temples, this vintage pixie can make the face appear more rounded.

For this look that is retro make sure you parted your hair in an inward part. Hairstyle your hair using small sponges or hot rollers. Pin it while doing your makeup. Before you go out, take off the hairpinsand comb them out quickly, and then fix the hairpins with hairspray.

#5: Icy Purple Undercut

Icy Purple Undercut This is an undercut, which can be the best long pixie cut. The hair that runs along side of head are cut off to make it easier for maintenance. The hair on the crown is any gorgeous colour or style you choose to can work with.

This type of hairstyle is typically ideal for women who are fun and adventurous and daring, so don’t be afraid to play around with a gorgeous color such as smokey lavender. For your hair to remain smooth and healthy, apply an intense conditioner at least every other week.

#6: Feathered and Fabulous

Feathered and Fabulous Whoever thought that thin hair isn’t able to hold volume has obviously never worn the feathered Pixie! A high volume and a high shining are exactly what the style really is about.

For this style you can ask your stylist to cut off the side you like and add soft layers. This can add the volume of hair which does not have highlights. This hairstyle can be used with other types of hair however it will add appealing volume to thin or thin hair.

#7: The Classic Bob

The Classic Bob Bob is possibly the most flexible hairstyle that can be worn that ranges from shoulder-length to a pixie cut. Similar to the long pixie, hairstyles like the traditional bob are easy to keep as it refreshes your eyes.

Any hair texture can result in an edgy pixie cut however this is a good alternative if you have thin or fine hair. You can keep it casual with an elegant side piece and an easy blow-dry.

#8: Long and Textured Fringe

Long and Textured Fringe This raspberry cut is a dream for pixies! Long hairstyles add elegance to the look. It is possible to keep the hair natural however, these layers offer the perfect backdrop to highlight your hair with vibrant highlights.

If this cut is right for you, hair that is textured can soften the facial features and give your face a more balanced shape. A long pixie cut is just heavenly.

#9: Shaved Asymmetrical Pixie

Shaved Asymmetrical Pixie Let your creativity with the longer length of your pixie with cute shaved details. This style is very bold with beautiful dark hair.

It is possible to add shaved hair details anywhere you want such as along the sides of the face to add a more youthful look, or all over to give an “high and slim” cut. Whatever you choose you’ll be noticed with this elegant and attractive hairstyle.

#10: Spunky Pixie for Fine Hair

Spunky Pixie for Fine Hair The hair with the most volume does not deserve all the enjoyment! There are many ways to increase the volume of thin hair. This gorgeous long pixie style is the perfect chance.

This style is all about texture and body. Create an off-center portion and curl the hairs that move across your forehead. They will also accentuate your cheekbones’ bottom. Don’t stress about being perfect with this style; it’s all about the bedhead!

#11: Icy Pompadour

Icy Pompadour Pompadours can be an enjoyable and fun method of increasing the shine of you long pixie cut. If you want to keep your ends wavy and lively or smoothed to create a the more polished look The pompadour can be equally versatile and special as the Pixie!

Any color of hair can be suited to the pompadour look, but something about this icy blonde is amazing!

#12: Ultimate Volume

Ultimate Volume There’s plenty of room for play around with your short pixie cuts! Long layers on top offer plenty of opportunity to create volume and texture, regardless of the hair type you have.

To create this striking look Apply a texturizing cream or pomade before blowing your hair for a the most edgy lift.

#13: Wispy Pixie for Fine Hair

Wispy Pixie Whatever hair you may be lacking in body, it can compensate with an incredible long pixie cut. If your hair is fine think about this style.

Piece-y and swoopy bangs on your forehead can add some the interest to your otherwise straight hair. Frame the opposite side of your stunning face by cropping a few of your pieces ending at the top of your cheekbones. This will polish the chic style.

#14: Edgy Bowl Cut

Edgy Bowl Cut The cut you see here isn’t just your standard bowl cut! This style was popular during the 1990’s, and is popular today, making a massive return.

For a sexy bowl cut, don’t be concerned about the hair appearing to be too thick. This loose cut takes the cut into the contemporary age. The contrast of the darker-toned shaving detail and the blonde make this pixie style pop.

#15: Styled And Smoothed

Styled And Smoothed Are you looking for a more polished approach to wear your pixie cut? This cut is blown up and smoothed to give an ultra elegant look that is ideal for daily wear and special occasions.

If you have long hair it is possible to try the longer length of this pixie. Make a gorgeous swoop by using an extended side part.

#16: Pin Curls

Pin Curls Pixie curls possess the amazing double quality of appearing retro and modern at the same time. This is a great alternative to a pixie cut for curly and coarse hair.

If you’re trying for a way to make a statement, go for an unusual shade such as this dark rusty auburn. When styling, remember to nourish your baby curls.

#17: Long To Short Fade

Long To Short Fade What is so beautiful about this Pixie? This haircut offers the most stylish look without taking any excessive risks.

Request your stylist to ensure that your hair is long on the top of your hair and then fade it towards the nape of your neck. It’s great for any hair color.

#18: Classic Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

Classic Pixie With Side Swept Bangs This haircut is usually regarded as the classic pixie, and it’s not without reason! This sweet hairstyle is simple to keep and makes those cheekbones sparkle.

To elevate this look an echelon, have your stylist trim this Pixie into a side piece. You can sweep the longer bangs over the sides for instant beautiful fashion.

#19: Half Long Half Shaved

Half Long Half Shaved Are you having a difficult choice between a long or a shorter pixie cut? Find your best from both by shaving one area of your hair, leaving the other beautiful and long.

Let the longer portion of the hairstyle touch the cheekbone’s hollow. The style is very feminine, yet still exciting and fresh.

#20: Soft Layers For Fine Hair

Soft Layers For Fine Hair To get a more modern look, try this pixie style. Soft layers help give volume to hair that is thinner kinds.

Then, sweep the bangs over the forehead and make sure that the hair is close to the cheekbone on the side of the ear. We like this blonde light shade but any color will work with this pixie cut that is ideal for long hair.

#21: Chocolate Pompadour

Chocolate Pompadour Make your brunette hue by adding a pompadour Pixie. Pompadours can be a great style for pixies with longer lengths. They can add sophistication and a touch of glamour to the most casual of events.

Pompadours look fantastic in every color however they are ideal to show off lighter highlights such as these. A beautiful shave detail will bring out the best in this pixie-like style.

#22: Long Rounded Pixie

Long Rounded Pixie Hair is a long hair pixie, but it does not have to be curly or even edgy. The pixie here is long and soft, and is cut in an angled gradient, giving the perfect shape.

For this style make sure you brush all your hair back, then secure using a styling cream and hairspray. Have your stylist cut off your pixie’s longer length this method to show off your gorgeous face.

#23: Spiky Pixie With Pink Highlights

Spiky Pixie With Pink Highlights It’s simple to be creative with hair cut with a pixie. Although hair isn’t long and slender, there’s plenty of space to express yourself!

Apart from creating a stunning form like this think about adding some bright highlights to add some luster. Shaved edges really pull the style together.

#24: Curly Buzz Cut

Curly Buzz Cut Buzz cut aren’t only gorgeous for women, but they’re enjoyable and easy to keep! It’s not for all, but if you think it’s the style for you, you’re bound to look stunning.

If you’re looking to increase the Buzz Cut Pixies to the highest level, you may consider experimenting with a color that is fun, such as pastels or this orange color.

#25: French Braided Pixie

French Braided Pixie Who thought that braids are only meant for long hair? There is really only the length of a few inches to make the perfect French braid, and the platinum blonde hairstyle shows that!

To achieve this look hair needs some grip. Find a high-quality hold hair sprays and styling gel or creme.

#26: Spiky Bangs With Shaved Detail

Spiky Bangs With Shaved Detail It’s simple to create a beautiful cut that resembles a pixie. If you’re trying to be inventive, it’s a good idea to add longer hair sections with shaved-off details, as this image shows.

To achieve this style the longer section of hair should slide upwards to form bangs. Then, you can separate the layers to create this dramatic style. For the shaved edge it is possible to recreate the style or create as unique as you’d like.

#27: Long Pixie With Shaved Undercut

Long Pixie With Shaved Undercut The style of HTML0 is timeless with some hints of surprise. The long layers that are on top create

This pixie appears to be like an elongated the pixie looks like a short.

The undercut shaved detail however this pixie is trendy and stylish. We particularly love this design when it is cut with longer bangs that are side-swept.

#28: Silver Pompadour

Silver Pompadour Pixies can be ideal for all ages This cut is proof of that. The hair of aging is much more manageable by cutting it short since gray and white hair gets rougher as it loses moisture.

If you’re looking to wear your dark hair in a stylish manner, or simply desire to test the silver shade that’s trendy, consider making your hair look pompadour-style like this. It’s a look that instantly looks youthful and perfect for any special occasion.

#29: Colorful Contrast

Colorful Contrast Are you looking for a way to help your style be noticed? You can’t go wrong with the fun and colorful contrast. By just highlighting a little bit of your hair with an exciting color and keeping your hairstyle in place while being playful.

We love this vibrant purple on dark hair, but pastels for blonde hair are just as effective.

#30: Blonde Buzz

Long Blonde Buzz Display an amazing appearance with an a little sexier buzz cut appearance. This pixie is easy to keep and perfect for children who have naturally straight hair.

Give some depth to your long-lasting buzz by showing some of the darker growth. Do your hair a good twirl using some mousse, and you’re set to go.

#31: Classic Pixie For Thick Hair

Classic Pixie For Thick Hair Hair that is thick can be a beautiful pixie as well! It’s sometimes difficult to imagine when you have long hair. However, this adorable crop shows that the style is absolutely stunning.

The secret to getting this pixie is to have plenty of length to your bangs. This is done by placing the part back from the head. To keep that body in check, trim the bangs using plenty of layers.

#32: Root Contrast

Root Contrast The Root Contrast was first popularized in the beginning of 2000. In the present, the style is more stylish than ever! If you’re thinking you need a bold cropped cut, you can try this pixie cut.

Cut your stylist shorter, more edgy bangs in order to complete the look. They look great when they’re you cut them by a razor to create a longer lengths at the temples.

#33: Tonal Fade

Tonal Fade What an amazing look is this pixie cut? Combinations of tones such as this one are an amazing method to style your short pixie cut.

What makes this look work is the fact that it uses different shades of the identical shade. The result is cool, not atypical. The fade is a great way to highlight the cut without being too loud. Hair should be longer towards the top of your head , and keep the roots darker that the hair’s length.

#34: Feathered Layers

Feathered Layers In the event that your hair’s particularly delicate or fine then you’ll be looking to add volume and texture to your cut. It may be a bit short but there’s plenty of space to add layers that will take your normal cut up a level.

To tie it all up make layers in the bangs until they are clumpy over the forehead.

#35: Artful Auburn Pixie

Artful Auburn Pixie There’s no shame in this gorgeous pixie! If your skin is warm undertones, then you might think about this gorgeous auburn hue.

For a more grounded look keep the natural hue of your hair. This funky look is much simpler than you imagine and you can create a tight faded shave that wraps around your ears. Hair will grow longer as you progress up towards the head.

Finding The Perfect Pixie Cut

There you are! These gorgeous long and short Pixie cuts are awe-inspiring in their variety and elegance. There’s a cut that will fit every mood and style Which one should you pick?

There’s no any such thing as a simple pixie cut. Every style has distinct look and feel. It’s just to find the cut that is suitable for your lifestyle and natural appearance. Whatever cut you like the most, you’ll be able to show the beautiful side of you!

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