23 Short Spiky Haircuts For Women

Short spiky hairstyles can be bold and enjoyable while being stylish. If you’re looking to be shorter and display your individuality, this style is the one for you! But, it’s not always required to be extravagant. There are classic, sweet and contemporary styles, and unusual ones that are short spiky hairstyles. There’s every shorter, spiky hairstyle that you can think of Let us be your inspiration!

Hairstyles For Short Spiky Hair

Hairstyles with super short lengths are popular because of their easy maintenance and their versatility. Whatever style you pick, bear in mind how many daily hairstyles you’re willing to adopt and which areas of your face you would like to emphasize. If not, be creative and enjoy yourself! Check out how the shorter spiky haircut is calling you!

Fade With Golden Tips

Fade With Golden Tips

Beautiful color accents this short , spiky hairstyle. The force of this cut is reflected upwards by a tight transition in the temples and into the roots in the mahogany.

The hair’s golden ends are designed for movement. The result of this hairstyle is earthy and vibrant.

Full Spiky Mohawk

Full Spiky Mohawk Mohawks can be an excellent option to stand out regarding your hairstyle. It’s definitely punk, however you can still make an appealing look with the hairstyle by keeping it to side of your hair.

You’ll need the contour mousse or gel to replicate the mohawk. You can create this dramatic hairstyle by smoothing the sideburns.

Faux hawk

Faux hawk

A faux hawk can be an exciting and enjoyable option to sport a dramatic hairstyle that isn’t completely true in the style of mohawk. This style is great to wear for more formal occasions.

This hairstyle that looks like a faux hawk can be used to show off highlights or large hair.

Chunky Spikes

Chunky Spikes Shorter sections of this hairstyle are not shy. This hairstyle is ideal for straight or relaxed hair.

Don’t be afraid of playing with the length and the placement of every spike. In the end, huge spikes are fun and fashionable!

Spiky Hair With Dark Roots

Spiky Hair With Dark Roots Hairstyles with roots are in fashion nowadays, so show them with a shorter spiky haircut. To create a natural appearance allow your dark roots to grow into spikes that are combed.

A tight, bouncy buzz around the ears can help enhance the appearance. We love the contrast in this striking spiky hairstyle.

Side Swept Faux Hawk

Side Swept Faux Hawk Do not be afraid to give some movement to this fake hairstyle! The side-swept hairstyle is feminine and shows off your vivacious side.

To achieve this look, it’s crucial to dress your faux hawk in accordance with what you feel. Maintain the texture for the most natural appearance.

Short Spiky Shag

Short Spiky Shag

This unique haircut shows that hairstyles aren’t only for people with long hair. The short, tattered bangs as well as the bouffant hair that is positioned in forward of your ears add an individual look to this short shaggy hairstyle.

We are in love with the fact the fact that hair at the one of the ends of the bangs is a bit longer. If you’re looking to “do it with a little more spicier the more!”

Multi Textured Chop

Multi Textured Chop Layers are responsible for the spiky appearance of this cut. If you love the short spiky style request your stylist to recreate it and then cut off the layers using a razor.

This multi-textured cut features face-framing layers as well as a the side parted, we love its face-shaped rounder shape.

Spiky Side Bangs

Spiky Side Bangs The sharp and spiky bangs work well for anyone of anyone of any age. For those with an oval-shaped face, you could experiment with combing and splitting your bangs both ways. This is a way to break the balance of a well-balanced face.

To get the spiky haircut, ask your stylist to cut your hair smooth and soft. Layering can look cool when the long hairstyles are positioned over the eyebrows.

Spiky Cut for Fine Hair

Spiky Cut for Fine Hair If fine hair has been cut shorter and trimmed, it is often straight up. This creates a natural look for studding! The secret to this hairstyle is to highlight the ends.

Make sure you curl the edges of the short layers using gel for a spikey appearance for hair with finer texture.

Spiky Buzz For Short Hair

 Spiky Buzz For Short Hair Spiked hairstyles are an attractive and stylish option to wear hair that is very short. We love the organic style of this hairstyle! If you’re up for this , and you trust your stylist, inquire.

Hair can appear too full of hair. A delicate balayage of the hair’s tips at in front gives just enough depth.

Spiky Color Melt

Spiky Color Melt Cuts will surely showcase your individuality and style however, so can the color of your hair! Make the most of a trendy cut and color technique such as color melt. We are in love with this strawberry shade however color melts are attainable by using any color hair you like.

To really display the stunning size of color melting make sure to keep your short, spiky cut slightly longer on high-top of your hair. Your bangs should be swept forward to impress.

Edgy Pixie For Coarse Hair

Edgy Pixie For Coarse Hair Coarse hair textures is a great way to help with hold on your styling. We like this style for women who are older also, due to the natural blend in gray hair.

To get this incredible spikey style, keep the hair in a piece, not solid. This style is perfect for the chic, undoubtedly stylish babe who has an edge.

Spiky With Accessories

Spiky With Accessories It’s hard to not get smitten by this gorgeous hairstyle that is spiky. The hairstyle is soaring high, with a gorgeous cut underside. And, how gorgeous do you like this blonde shade! What sets this style apart is the sparkle accents. This is a great option to make short hair look more glamorous to a special occasion such as a party, festival, or event.

If this spiffy, adventurous look is your style, then ask your stylist to think outside the box in the use of sparkles, gems or tiny beads.

Gorgeous Gray For Longer Hair

Gorgeous Gray For Longer Hair Gray an excellent color for hair with a short spiky cut since it’s not just suitable for women of mature age however, it is a popular color that is suitable for anyone of any age. This style works best with a bit more length.

The front hair is swept upwards in a sweeping direction to the side, while the back of this hairstyle is straight and spiked. This hairstyle that is gray and spiky is fun, yet ideal for more formal events.

Spiky Bedhead

Spiky Bedhead When you’re looking to go for the easy approach when it comes to cutting a shorter spiky haircut, then the bedhead style is the one perfect for you. The aim is to create a beautiful fashion with a roll out of bed style.

Fine hair works great here to give a fresh look. Keep the hair on the temples and forehead smoothed out while giving the top and back of the head a volume and a spiky look.

Short Spiky Brunette Pixie

Short Spiky Brunette Pixie The charm of this cut is the versatility it offers. If cut with thickness and layers, the beautiful brunette pixie is able to be worn natural, air dried or cut for maximum appearance and texture.

In this photo, bangs are placed in into the middle of forehead. The hair is kept a little longer behind the ears. We love how they are brushed slightly in the direction of movement, while a few hairs rise up at the side on the back of your head.

Spiky With Shaved Temples

Spiky With Shaved Temples A hairstyle that is spiky appears perfectly groomed and cut with temple details that are shaved. To replicate this look put your hair in a smooth line to the nape of your neck so that it blends seamlessly with the temples shaved. In terms of the coif to the top, you can create the volume you like.

We are in love with this pastel pink shade, but this hairstyle is a great match with any hair shade.

Shaved Mohawk

Shaved Mohawk A cut Mohawk creates a dramatic impression and this Mohawk shows elegance and style. The length that runs across on the top head as well as the sweeping front pieces add the versatility of a previously buzzed cut.

Razors are the most efficient method of achieving these messy more messy layers.

Totally Funky Spiky Hair

Totally Funky Spiky Hair This stylish cut is perfect for the bold girl. If style and color are your style, you should think about this cut that is two-toned with shaved highlights.

An elongated, spiky haircut like this lets you be as inventive as you’d like. Enjoy the benefits and have enjoyment!

Finding Your Perfect Short Spiky Haircut

Who would have thought that short, spiky haircuts can be so versatile with just a little length? It is important to think about the color of your hair, its the texture, and facial shape when selecting a spiky haircut. Beyond that allow your imagination to run free! Cuts with short spikes are perfect for creating statements in a stunning and imaginative manner. What do you would like the short cut convey?


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