23 Short Spiky Haircuts For Women

Short spiky hairstyles are bold and fun at the same time. If you want to be short and want to show your personality, then this haircut is definitely for you! However, it is not always necessary to be bold. There are sweet, classic and modern styles, as well as quirky ones when it comes to short spiky haircuts. We’ve got every short spiky hairstyle you can imagine, so let us inspire you!

Hairstyles For Short Spiky Hair

Super short hairstyles are popular for their ease of maintenance and versatility. Regardless of which style you choose, keep in mind how many everyday hairstyles you are willing to go with and which parts of your face shape you want to highlight. Otherwise, get creative and have fun! See how the short spiky haircut is calling you!

Fade With Golden Tips

Fade With Golden Tips Beautiful color accentuates this short spiky hairstyle. The energy of this cut moves upward from the tight transitions at the temples to the roots of the mahogany.

Finally, the golden ends of the hair are made for movement. The effect of this spiky hairstyle is earthy yet vibrant.

Full Spiky Mohawk

Full Spiky Mohawk Mohawks are a great way to make a statement about your hairstyle. The look is undeniably punk, but you can still create an accessible vibe by keeping the length on the sides of your head.

You will need a gel or contour mousse to mimic this mohawk. Gather this spiky hairstyle by smoothing out the sideburns.

Faux hawk

Faux hawk

A faux hawk is a fun and playful way to wear a spiky hairstyle without being completely faithful to the mohawk. We love this look for a more elegant occasion.

This faux hawk hairstyle is also great for showing off any highlights or voluminous roots.

Chunky Spikes

Chunky Spikes The shorter parts of this spiky hairstyle are anything but shy. This style is perfect for relaxed or straight body hair.

Don’t be afraid to play with the width and placement of each spike. After all, massive spikes are playful and stylish!

Spiky Hair With Dark Roots

Spiky Hair With Dark Roots Roots are all the rage these days, so flaunt them with your short spiky haircut. For a natural look, let your dark roots expand into combed spikes.

A tight buzz around the ears helps to polish the look. We love the contrast of this bold spiky hairstyle.

Side Swept Faux Hawk

Side Swept Faux Hawk Don’t be afraid to add movement to this faux hawk! This side swept hairstyle looks sexy and shows off your energetic side.

For this look, it’s important to style your faux hawk based on how you feel. Keep texture intact for the most natural appeal.

Short Spiky Shag

Short Spiky Shag

This creative haircut proves that hairstyles aren’t just for long hair. Short tattered bangs and bouffant hair in front of the ears give character to this short shaggy hairstyle.

We love that the hair at each end of the bangs is a little longer. When it comes to this “do it, the spicier the better!”

Multi Textured Chop

Multi Textured Chop Layers contribute to the spiky texture of this haircut. If you like this short spiky hairstyle, ask your stylist to make it real and cut away the layers with a razor.

Because this multi-textured haircut has face-framing layers and side parting, we like its rounder face shape.

Spiky Side Bangs

Spiky Side Bangs These sharp spiky bangs are great for any age. If you have an oval face, you can try parting and combing your bangs in both directions. This style eschews the symmetry of a balanced face.

To achieve this spiky haircut, ask your stylist to make your bangs curly and light. Layering looks cool when long haircuts protrude above the eyebrows.

Spiky Cut for Fine Hair

Spiky Cut for Fine Hair When fine hair is cut short, it often stands straight up. This provides a great natural texture for studding! The key to this short spiky hairstyle is to accentuate those ends.

Curl the ends of short layers with gel to create a spiky effect for finer hair.

Spiky Buzz For Short Hair

 Spiky Buzz For Short Hair Spiked hairstyle is a sexy and trendy way to wear very short hair. We love the organic design of this mod! If you are ready for this and trust your stylist, ask

Layers can make hair look too busy. A very subtle balayage on the tips of hair at the front of the head adds just enough detail.


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