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36 Hottest Medium Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles

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Medium-length layered haircuts are shoulder-length haircuts with upper layers shorter than lower ones to create the illusion of length and volume. If you’re looking for photos of stylish medium-length layered hairstyles an excellent method to add some spice to your shoulder-length hair is to add layers. Layers will add shape, volume and texture to your appearance. The hair that is thick is created light and lively with fun and wavy pieces that are cut across all the hair’s frame. Layering your face is a fantastic option to soften your face designs and add some interest. If you’re looking for ideas to do with your medium-length hair, look through these images that showcase medium layered haircuts to find the perfect haircut idea from these styles that are popular.

#1: Stunning Natural Grey Hair

Stunning Mid-Length Natural Grey Hair with Layers

Gorgeous natural grey hair is nowadays something to celebrate and not be ashamed of. If you find a stylist who specializes in color corrections for hair and is confident about matching color to your hair’s grey pattern This is definitely an amazing transformation that will leave you off. Be patient with the process, because even when you locate a stylist who you trust, you will likely find that this transformation is going to last for a long time and will cost a lot of money.

#2: Dark Maroon Mid-Length Hair

Dark Maroon Mid-Length Layered Hair

Consider a darker maroon hairstyle with a mid-length If you’re looking for a deep-looking hair color. The combination of the brown and red shades really stand out. Applying a shine serum will help your new color shine!

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#3: A messy Medium-Length Layered Shag Ombre

Messy Medium-Length Layered Shag with Ombre

If you have fine hair, try an layered shag of medium length with the ombre coloring. Shaggy layers can provide fine hair with a boost to give them maximum volume. Ombre colors give the perfect cool girl look without the need for the need for maintenance. You can mess up curls by using texture spray and your hands to create the perfect, unfinished look.

#4: Blonde Mid-Length Layered Cut

blonde mid-length layered cut

Try a blonde, mid-length layered cut if you are a fan of the volume of a bombshell blowout. Layered hairstyles give thin hair the appearance of thickness and volume when it is dried using a big round brush as well as products that thicken hair like Rodeo from R+Co. Additional weight reduction inside will allow for more motion and a more slender look.

#5: Perfect Layers for Thin Hair

perfect layers for thin hair

The mid-length bob hairstyles such as these are the perfect style for hair with thin layers. This is a huge benefit is when the style you choose will make thin or fine hair appear thicker. Make your medium-length, hairstyle by adding soft curls to highlight your blonde. You can also keep it straight as the model in the photo above for a clean appearance.

#6: Medium Shaggy Layers

medium shaggy layers

Shaggy hair is back ladies! Long-length shaggy haircuts that are layered with medium-length layers can be easy to style and look incredibly flattering.

#7: Medium Choppy Layers

medium choppy layers

Medium-choppy, layered hair on a long bob can be flirty, sensual and easy to cut and style. The more lived-in, more attractive! The hair color of this medium-to-short cut will be stunning all through the year.

#8 Asymmetrical Bob and Side Bangs

An asymmetrical bob with side bangs

Side-swept bangs that are symmetrical on medium wavy Bob hairstyles provide all the depth and interest you’re looking for in a medium-layered cut. It’s a beautiful hairstyle that is suitable for round faces.

#9 Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

Medium layered haircut for thick hair

A thick, blunt-textured hairstyle makes any sharp features you’ve got stand out without effort. You’ll be proud of the stunning bone structure and gorgeous collar bones, then medium-length, layered hair styles such as this are perfect for you.

#10: Blonde Layers

blonde layered medium-length hairstyle

Go for a fashionable look when you’re considering long-length layered hairstyles. It’s even more appealing when you add natural-looking dark hair to the blonde ombre.

#11: Perfect Mid-Length Haircut for Women Over 40

A medium layered haircut for women over 40

The shoulder-length hair layers are extremely trendy and well-known. They can be worn by anyone with a person. From busy moms to business women. A lob can be great for all face shapes, with a round shape. It’s got the ideal amount of length of hair around your face, creating an elongated silhouette. The medium hairstyle can be styled in a shorter manner, however it is long enough to be styled into the form of a ponytail that is low. What I love most about an LOB (long hairdo) is that it is edgy and playful , yet it can be stylish and elegant. LOBs can be personalized to fit any hair type. It could be subtle or striking. It’s not required to apply heat tools when styling. It’s beautiful straight, with natural curls that are kinky or natural layers of waves. I love the idea of applying a texturizing sea-salt spray to make a more messy and more sexier style! This cut can be blunt or the whispy.

#12: Shoulder-Length V-Cut

Layered shoulder-length v-cut hair

A gorgeous shoulder-length V-cut that will look great with shiny, black tresses! You can achieve a fuller look with a mid-length layered cut. V-cuts and beach waves is a great hairstyle for medium-layered hair such as this to add movement and liveliness.

#13: Razor Cut LOB

A perfect example for medium layered razor cut hairstyles

You can opt for a shaved and slightly angled LOB. It’s beautifully texturized thanks to layers inside to highlight the natural waves of your hair. I like medium-length layered hairstyles such as this, because you can enjoy the styling! Use a thermal frizz protectorant to damp hair. I utilized Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Duo-Serum. It is not just a shield against natural aggressors and heat however it also makes your hair silky and soft. Make sections of your hair, twist them in different directions to reveal your natural curl, and then air dry or diffuse. Make sure you smooth your hair with a an oversized curling iron or wand with all the hair’s ends free. Concentrate on the front and crown areas. Make sure to finish by misting your locks with spray of beach to create definition and separation to create a more natural style. I have used Tecni Hair Spray for Beach Waves. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It provides the ideal amount of texture and doesn’t feel too sticky or grippy and it also smells amazing. This style is perfect for women who already has a curly or curl to her hair. Its length is adjusted to suit any facial form, which makes it a perfect fit for every woman. The styling process is easy!

#14: Classic Shoulder-Length Layered Shag

classic shoulder-length layered shag cut

Modern and stylish version of the 70s shag is among the top styles for medium hair that is layered. The classic shoulder-length shag can add some movement and the volume of your locks. Are you looking to make it appear younger? Make your shoulder-length hair more youthful and shag-styled layers with big, thick bangs that extend both to the side and up.

#15: Straight Hair with Bangs

Medium Layered Straight Hair with Bangs

One of the most beautiful medium-layered hairstyles, that are elegant and chic indeed! It is suitable for all ages Straight shoulder length hairstyle with bangs could be the best option for you. If you’re naturally dark locks, try adding a touch of brown hues to highlight the subtle shine.

#16: Lovely Long Layers for Medium Hair

Haircut with long layers for medium hair

What kind of medium-layered cut this way, and then blow-dry? It’s an amazing result! These gorgeous layers of medium hair do not only provide the appearance of volume, but they also eliminate the bulk and weight. Make sure to pair it with a the dark golden blonde shade to match you fair-toned skin.

#17: Perfect Wedding Updo

A perfect wedding up for medium layered hair

Hairstyles with layered lengths of medium length can transform into a straightforward hairstyle for formal occasions. All you require is a few twists and plenty of hairpins to create the perfect hairstyle for prom or wedding! Easy and quick to to experiment with!

#18: Blow Out Medium-Length Layers

blow out medium-length layers

A full blowout showcases those gorgeous layers in a perfect way. It’s a favorite choice for women who are considering medium-length layered hairstyles.

#19: Curly Bob

Medium Layered Curly Bob

This will take curly layered medium-length cuts to the top of the line by letting loose with deep brown curly curls! Add layered back and stunningly painted side bangs on the front to create your ideal style.

#20: Face-Framing Layers for Medium-Length Hair

face-framing layers for medium-length hair

Lovely face-framing layers suitable for medium length hair are trending! This style is a chic approach to transform your locks into a light-looking look. This is a hairstyle with a medium layer that gives the appearance of more texture and volume. For a more dramatic look, enhance your medium hair by adding long layers, try the dark-rooted blonde Balyage.

#21: Inverted Bob

Medium layered inverted bob

It’s one of the most common hairstyles that are layered to mid-length This bob inverted is beautiful. The soft boho-style hairstyle will create a dramatic effect on that platinum-colored hair. If you intend to wear this style, a routine cut every 6 to 10 weeks is necessary to keep your hair in good shape without split ends.

#22: Permed Layers for Mid-Length Hair

A medium layered permed hair

The bouncy, medium-length hair was styled and permed in a ringlet that was effortless. Her layers of long to short and coarse texture gave the perfect curly background. Welcome to this bouncey fun where layers and curls work hand-in-hand. Perms are making a comeback It’s crucial to realize that you’ll not awake in a perfect curl or perfect curl. Curly hair needs to be styled and products, no matter if the curl is naturally curly or permed. Layers can take the burden off of your curl, allowing it to become more bouncy and create rings. You’ll require products! To achieve a soft and dry look A light curl cream can help smooth curls and lessen frizz. For a wet appearance mousse can be used all over your hair. To add some shine, apply a tiny volume of shine mist, or spray it through your mid-section and until your ends. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! The most important thing to do to do when styling curly layers is to curl your hair and scrunch it while it is drying. Water weighs your hair down. If you allow gravity to take over it can result in your hair drying flat. Continue to squirt it as it drys to allow the curl to develop. Curly hair that is short and curly is ideal for ladies who want to enhance their round face. Curls also give an elongated look for women who have an oval or oblong face. In general, ask your stylist which kinds or layers create the most flattering look to suit your style and personality.

#23: Feathered Layers for Over 50

Medium feathered layers for women over 50

Who doesn’t love layered haircuts for medium-length hair? The secret to this gorgeous shoulder-grazing cut is in its layered layers. It creates a natural motion, which gives your hair more bouncy and smooth. These are the layers with feathers for women who are over 50 that will leave you in awe with your gray locks.

#24 The Layered Cut With Side Bangs

Mid-length layered cut with side bangs

You will look smart and confident when you wear a an layered cut with side bangs! The length that stops just a few inches below your shoulders will preserve all the length of straight hair. A rich, deep rose gold shade in this long, layered cut can give your hair the youthful look you’ve always wanted.

#25: Side Fringe

A medium length layered haircut with side fringe

It’s an extended hairstyle or “LOB” according to some refer to it. It’s flexible in that it could “feel” long, however it can also be managed easily. It’s perfect for hair with medium or fine texture. I cut it into a triangular form so that I could leave length on the front. I utilized Donald Scott Carving Comb to make the layers more soft as well as Donald Scott Chop Stick to draw the layers on the face. I sketched the perfect face-framing style I styled it with Paul Michell’s invisible wear mousse creating a soft texture hair when applied to hair that is wet. I then blew dry using an enormous round brush, and finished it with beach curls using the Paul Mitch smoothing iron. Spray with Worked-Up to provide an even hold. It’s easy to style and is best done with the use of a lightweight styling product suitable for fine to medium hair. Also, it’s great for ladies who love their ponytails but prefer a more elegant appearance. It’s suggested for a round, oval or square face shape because it will make your face look more attractive!

#26: Shag With Bangs

shag with bangs for medium-length hair

Layered haircuts for medium-length hair appear better with bangs. Don’t you think? This is a more traditional shag, cut with an plier-style feather. It’s got movement and texture and is a perfect disheveled look! This style was created from Amanda Wall, the creative director of R+Co. This look is ideal for the average to haired woman who has many hairs and is in search of the movement and texture. It looks great with fringes and is best when the product is used to draw the ends. This style isn’t appropriate for hair with rough cuticle layers or that expands when humidity is present! The hairstyle that is air dried on loose hair can give a live-in, beachy look. Every face shape can be styled with this cut! The stylist just needs to determine the best place to start the shortest layer of face framing based on your facial shape and if bangs are a possibility in relation to appearance and willingness to maintain!

#27: Layered Bob

Collarbone length layered bob

This is a medium-length, layered bob hairstyle that allows you to wear a more textured look. If you prefer to keep your ginger hair at the middle, you can’t get it wrong by adding some face-frame pieces to create a more softer appearance. Another reason to be a fan of the mid-length hairstyle is that it can be worn either half-down or all up.

#28: Feminine Mid-Length Layered Hair

feminine mid-length layered hair

The most versatile and perfect mid-length , layered hairstyle that women are wearing in their 40s, 30s and 50s is now available! Take in a stunning image as you style your feminine medium-length layered hair. Combining an upper and lower part, as well as gentle waves, the final result appears fuller and more voluminous. Enhance the beauty of your locks by painting them with a an intense dark shade.

#29: Medium to Short Bob with Layers

Short to Medium Bob with Layers

A stunning medium to short hairstyle with layers that showcase that blonde hair ombre! What makes this layered cut appear perfect is the sharp and strong edge that runs around your neck. The medium to short length creates a more substantial finish and appears to be a bit larger.

30: Beachy Waves and Layers

Beachy waves with layers on medium-length hair

Think about a cut that is medium-length with lengthy layers and lots of texture on the bottom. The texture gives to the volume of the cut and helps keep it from becoming too heavy around the edges. I love the ability to create that perfect beachy look when you wear it! I always use Aveda products. The best products to achieve this style consist of Volumizing Tonic at the roots and a the Thickening Tonic for your ends and mids and a smoothing and lightweight product such as Aveda’s Smooth Infusion styling cream. I prefer to finish it off with a hairspray that is lightweight like Aveda’s Air Control to add weightless texture and hold. The best part about this cut of medium hair layered is that it can be used on all hair types! It looks stunning on nearly every facial shape because it’s extremely flexible.

#31: Soft Shoulder-Length Cut for Straight Hair

soft shoulder-length haircut for straight hair

Imagine wearing a shoulder-length cut that has layers. You’ll love it certainly! It’s a perfect smooth shoulder-length cut that is perfect for straight hair such as yours. Looks amazing in a brown hair shade, this medium-length hair is perfect for pale or fair skin. A Bardot (also known as curtain fringe) not only adds elegance, but it frames your most attractive facial features.

#32: Middle Parted Textured Lob

middle parted textured lob haircut

Take a look at a shoulder-length haircut. It’s the newest, “grown-up” version of the long-textured bob style that has been in fashion for the last few years. It’s soft, with minimalist layers, and a shaggy appearance throughout, yet with a stunning and sharp form. For hair that is fine to medium you can apply an opacity mist on the roots , and then a small amount of a blow-drying cream starting from mid-shaft until the very end. This will add that sparkle we like and helps control frizz. My favorite products are Volumist from Davines and the Hair Cream from TO112. For thick, medium-length hair, mix a mixture of TO112 Hair Cream and the TO112 Serum, beginning at the end and gradually moving your way towards the top. When you have textured, medium-layered hairstyles make sure to finish the look by spraying it with Davines Texture in order to add a little more definition, and hold.

#33: Textured Mid-Length Layers

textured mid-length layers

No matter if you’re a teen or a woman these layers with a textured middle length are sure to look stunning on you. You can make it look more striking by adding waves that add the appearance of volume and motion. Don’t let the collarbone-length hair fall out, causing discomfort.

#34: Gorgeous Mid-Length Curled Layers

gorgeous mid-length curled layers

Consider adding layers of mid-length and curl them using an iron to give vitality to your long locks. The addition of layers lifts the burden off of your hair’s length and makes it a more full and more sexy hairstyle. Get your stylist to begin with your face-framing layer that is centered around the face. Use a round brush and then curl the parts in front off from the face to create a the most modern and elegant look.

#35 Medium Shag No Bangs

medium shag with no bangs

A medium-length shag with no bangs is an ideal choice for round faces and can add glam to your long locks. If you’re tired of your long hair lying flat, why don’t you add layers and then make it shaggy? Fuller hairstyles are definitely in fashion and this fashion will take you to where you want to be. Plus hair that is mid-length can be pulled back to get in shape. Request your stylist to put on the length of your chin and you’ll be happy with what you got.

#36 Medium Straight Hair with Long Side Bangs and Layers

medium straight hair with long side bangs and layers

If you have an oval face, consider hairstyles that feature medium straight hair that has long bangs at the side and layers. The long bangs that are side-swept make your eyes stand out and can help to lengthen your face. Layers are a great option if have lots of hair as they take away the bulk and add movement to the haircut. Talk with your stylist prior to when they begin cutting how long you’d like your layers to be. Blonde-dry layered haircuts for medium hair , using an extra-large round brush to create modern, more straight take on the classic 90’s hairstyle.

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