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39 Chic Medium-Length Wavy Hairstyles in 2023

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Medium wavy hairstyles are the perfect option to spice up your appearance. A variety of wavy hairstyles can be adapted to medium-length hair, such as the textured twist as well as beachy curls. A few of these relaxed hairstyles are easily achievable without using hot tools. All you need is hair braids or rubber bands. Gorgeous vintage waves look classy and instantly raise your hair to star-quality. Many techniques are used to create hairstyles that are wavy, such as curly buns or braids to pin curls or using a curling or flat iron. Whatever you prefer you’re sure to impress by sporting one of the moderate wavy hairstyles!

#1: Blonde Layered Wavy Bob

Blonde Layered Wavy Bob

This is a long layered hairstyle with texture and movement. If you have thick hair, this style is best suited to layers that are blended starting in the middle and continuing to your ends. The layers make the shape of the hair attractive. To style this wavy hairstyle, I recommend using a 1″ curling iron, and a quality texture spray to style. I always advise my clients not to be too hard! This type of hairstyle should appear relaxed So don’t worry about the perfect curl of each hair. Don’t be compelled to curl every hair!

#2: Splendid Layered Medium Wavy Hair

splendid layered medium wavy hair

These stunning waves and layers complement the warm and tanned skin perfectly. A truly high fashion and cool style for those who want an exciting new style.

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#3: Slightly Wavy Medium-Length Hair

Slightly Wavy Medium-Length Hair

Create a thicker appearance for your hair with medium-length wavy hair. The blunt ends make your hair appear fuller. Making a wave using an iron for curling or your natural curls creates a beachy appearance that appears easy-breezy. If your curls appear too tight, try using the fingers of your hands or use a large tooth combing tool to loosen them.

#4: Lovable Medium Wavy Hair

lovable medium wavy hair

There is no better method to display the gorgeous blonde hair than to create beautiful waves that look like beachy waves. The texture begins at the level of your eyes and progresses effortlessly to the end in a medium-length look which would fit oval-shaped faces beautifully.

#5: Fun Beach Waves that have Choppy Bangs

fun beach waves with choppy bangs

The most appealing aspect of medium shags is the texture that is present in the fringe that is cut to the desired form, allowing the user to create an interesting appearance with minimal effort. Imagine how quickly fringes grow. It is essential to maintain a regular schedule for every two weeks appointment to keep the fringe. If you also have an active lifestyle, your fringe could be a challenge. Style it with an ocean salt spray like Fashion Waves by Redken to give the look of a lived-in. If you want to add a fringe I’d suggest applying Wax Blast with Redken to increase the texture. A medium-length, shaggy hairstyle is ideal for a heart-shaped or a round-shaped face since it draws attention to the eyes, away from your cheeks and chin. If you have a round-face shape your fringe’s angle lengthens the face. This cut is ideal for hair with a medium to fine texture because it’s easier to alter the hair to the desired form.

#6: Spectacular Mid-Length Wavy Hair with Bangs

Mid-length wavy hair with bangs

A stunning mid-length wavy with bangs is in fashion! The fringe adds a youthful look, making this hairstyle appropriate ladies of all different ages. If you’re of more of a warm complexion and want to add some sun-kissed bits for a more elegant look.

#7: Blunt Shoulder-Length Layers

blunt shoulder-length layers for wavy hair

It’s a blunt shoulder-length haircut that has lengthy layers. You can feel the an increase in density towards the end of the blunt line . The layers keep the cut from appearing like the shape of a “Christmas Christmas tree” (i.e. too broad on the top of the cut). I like how this cut looks fantastic with natural waves, or even straight hair. It’s incredibly versatile. Medium loose, wavy hair gives many options to choose from and many different combinations. As this cut develops it will begin to reach the shoulders faster than a cut shorter. This could cause the hair to fall out to the sides. If you are irritated by this it is important to ensure you’re going regularly for haircuts every seven or eight weeks. Balayage looks so beautiful however, in between lightening you might need to pop to the salon for a toner in order to keep your hair looking fresh and avoid feeling like you’re feeling brassy.

#8: Silver Grey Waves

A neat silver and grey waves hair color

What do you think of this style? The look is reminiscent of the shimmering reflection on the moon. It’s a silvery, platinum that has a soft blue tone. I am awed by how mysterious she appears! Do you have any advice for those considering the look? This type of look is ideal for those with healthy new hair that is free of frizz, patience and a commitment at the beginning. Maintenance is not difficult since you can find color conditioning products that are able to refresh the colors. The color can be adapted to any person with any skin tone or face shape. I’m not one to limit yourself to one particular shade because of the rules. You can break them and rock them. If you truly want the shade that you can’t resist then go for it.

#9: Effortless Textured Lob

effortless textured lob hairstyle

Opt for a smooth, texture hairstyle. It’s simple for a natural or waves. This style and appearance complements virtually every face form due to the long lines which frames the face. The layered cut is suitable for almost every hair type, no matter how fine or thick. The texture of the ends of the hair will provide it with lots of movement. Small amounts of products are used to give the appearance. If you have hair that is finer apply textures creams or mousses prior blow drying, and then use a texture hairspray such as L’Oreal Next Day Hair to create a perfect finish. For thicker, medium-wavy hair, apply Shuemura Essence Oil to aid in blow drying to create a sleek appearance when you’re ready you want to curl it with a brush for that beachy wavy appearance. Then, finish by styling with L’Oreal Professional Next Day Hair.

#10: Relaxed S-Wave

relaxed s wave for medium-length hair

Opt for a single-length length lob that’s styled to a relaxing S-wave. It’s got that desirable “lived-in” look while being distinct. The different waves draw your attention giving a fresh look to the look. For those with thicker hair request your stylist to trim some of the internal bulk to soften the appearance. If you have thin or fine hair, leave layers away since it allows your hair to appear attractive and full throughout the lower part of the hair. This is a fantastic fashion for busy women who want to appear trendy and trendy but require minimal maintenance. You can add flat iron or curling iron waves in the top to add some movement, and then finish it off by spraying a texture to create the separation.

#11: Golden Sandy Blonde Waves

golden sandy blonde waves for medium-length hair

Opt for an elegant golden blonde wavy hairstyle. The greatest thing is the warm tones of this blonde and its natural soft finish. If you like warm hues this blonde must be on your list of favorites. If you’re thinking of a hairstyle like this, make sure you take your budget into consideration when it comes to maintenance. The blonde hair color is very highly maintenance-intensive, which is why it is essential to make sure you have the funds to get your hair regrowth done every 8-10 weeks, based on how often your stylist is foiling your hair. Utilize the products your stylist suggests to keep quality, condition and look that your hair has.

#12: Steel Grey Waves

The cutest steel grey hair color with waves

What do you think of the look? It’s a charcoal gray created using Aveda Colour. It was bleached until the point of being completely white, to prevent an undertone of beige, that’s why it’s an unmistakable, clear grey. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about it? This style is extremely demanding and can have the greatest effect if the person is willing to invest the time and money to achieve the perfect blonde tone without compromising the quality that the hair. Colors that are trendy (like lavender or grey) fade fast. Therefore, if you want to prevent their hair from becoming blonde, they need to use a custom color conditioner (I utilize Evo Fabuloso as a brand on behalf of my customers) or come in for a toning session every couple of weeks. Color safe containers and protein treatments are also suggested for use at home.

#13: Soft Wavy Curls

Trendy soft wavy curls

What would you say about this style? The look is soft and Wavy curls that are perfect for all hair types. It is especially suitable for fine hair since it provides some volume and motion. I love the fact that this type of hair is actually effortless. Hair that is curly and dimensional are awe-inspiring look that people appreciate. They feel beautiful. It can be made on every length. Curls will be around for a while particularly for those who do not have time to clean and style regularly. Are there any tips for those who are thinking about it? If the look is created using the correct salon-recommended tools and the curling iron that is heated by 350 to 400° (depending on the hair type) the hair is likely to last longer than a day. I prefer the “regular iron” or a spring iron (3/4 to 1-inch in size) for these types of curls. My preferred iron of choice is that of the Bioionic long barrel. I love teaching my students how to replicate this style at home. Separate the hair into big sections, leaving only some of its ends. Curl the sections away from your face, as they’ll blend into one with each. Let the curls get cool, so they can last longer. Then shake the curls or style them using brushes. I am a fan of The Wet Brush. When I style, I make use of products with heat protection. I like Sexy Hair’s Iron Spray because it protects hair from heat up to 450 °. Then, finish with a light medium spray, such as Unite 365 which is one of my favorite because it allows you to alter the amount of hold directly on the sprayer. This design is perfect for long to oval forms because it increases volume in every right place.

#14: Middle Part Waves

Middle Part Waves

You can create waves by putting them in the middle of your hair! The look can be smoothed out using a little hairspray for a sleeker appearance and you can also turn hair upside-down, and then add some texture spray for the look of a more tangled style. If you are thinking about this style opt for smaller tongs with sections of about 1 inch in width. The curl should be held for a few seconds before you let it go. Making it a bit smaller with the hair on the tong and using an extended barrel will allow the hair to last longer. No matter if you’re styling for daytime or for going out on a night it is important to not allow your hair falling out after just three hours! This style is perfect when you’re low-maintenance with your hair since it’s extremely versatile. Make use of products from Davines. Davines. They use all-natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals, and they smell fantastic. You can try dry Texturizing spray to make the waves last longer, and then the Shine Spray to give them an attractive, shiny finish.

#15: Chocolate Brown and Caramel Lob

An amazing chocolate brown and caramel lob hair color and cut

What do you think of this style? I’m a big fan of the bob cut regardless of length. This particular style is cool, youthful sophisticated, elegant and extremely feminine. I believe that every woman should try the bob haircut at once in their lives! It doesn’t matter if it’s medium, short or long it will always be an elegant and timeless cut that helps us look younger. One of my favorite things about this style is that it’s the ideal length for a daytime style even when you don’t have time to go for a wavy look while the bangs frame your face well. If you’re planning to attend some special event it is possible to look unique and elegant while changing your hairstyle. There are a lot of possibilities! Do you have any advice for those who is considering this? I advise my clients thinking about having a lob that this haircut is particularly flattering well with any face shape. The only thing you need to think about is the style of the hair. If you have an oval face, I suggest an angled bang. For other shapes of faces make sure your bangs are slightly below your eyebrows. The most important thing you can do is prepare the hair to be heated. I use Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide. In your hair when it’s just barely damp, and when hair is dry, create soft waves using an iron flat similar to the Babyliss. Spray your hair by using TRESemme’s medium hold spray to ensure that your hair is wavy throughout the day long. You can see that this hairstyle is gorgeous, versatile and adapts to each person and for every occasion. Even if you don’t have the time to do it, you’ll always look stunning.

#16: Versatile Lob

Magnificent versatile Lob hairstyle

What would you say about the look? I am in love with this style more and more, and it really boils down to the versatility of the length and design. It’s not a secret that I love long hair as well as short pixie cut and all things between, but that’s coming from someone who has hair all day , every day! In reality, people need hairstyles that they can manage and also style themselves regularly. It’s all about the lifestyle of their employees, their profession and their facial shape and their ability to cut their hair. This will determine the best style for them. Do you have any advice for those thinking about it? Medium-length hair, also known as “lob” (long long bob) can be a great fit for all facial forms and kinds of careers for the clients have come into our salon. It’s not short enough that you need to maintain it daily and it’s not so long that it gets in a knot 99% of the time. I’ve always had hair that was long, however, I’m now sporting medium-length hair that I enjoy it. It’s versatile because you can style it in middle-parted, side-parted and straight, or wavy to wash-and-wear and it still looks great. Hair types of all kinds are able to pull off this style. It’s a style that can be worn by any hair type. I personally like the wavy style because I like the texture and fluid and light feeling of it however that’s not to say straight hair can’t work either. Nothing says classy more than chic, sassy, and straight hair of one length. In terms of product, it’s up to the type of hair the client prefers as opposed to cutting itself. A thin, flat, or heavy hair might require the use of a volumeizer (Pli by L’Oreal Professional) to add some height. Any style that involves heat, such as a straightener , or the wand should be protected with an heat protector (Mega Sleek by Matrix) to ensure that hair doesn’t get damaged. The best advice I can give for anyone looking to achieve this style is to try it! It will grow beautifully and you can have fun with it more than you do with your long hair.

#17: Vibrant & Elegant Red Waves

Vibrant and elegant waves with a red hair color

What do you think of this style? The way I see it is to describe the style as elegant and vibrant. One of my favorite things about this style is that it looks natural even with the radiance that is the copper. What advice would you give someone who is who is considering this look? Copper is the perfect shade suitable for medium to fair skin tone. For deeper skin tones, opt for a darker and more rich copper hue. I suggest Olaplex No.3 to keep the hue vibrant, healthy and shiny. Medium-length hair suits most face shapes. I employed a straightening iron as well as Lanza Beach Spray to make this trendy wavy hair that I think is an amazing look to wear evening or daytime.

#18 Chestnut Brown, Textured Layers

A superb chestnut brown colored bob with textured layers

What do you think of this style? This the most sought-after style at the moment. It’s an elongated bob that has long , textured layers. My favorite part about this style is that it’s both slim and feminine, yet still has length, so it is able to be slashed up , if you want to. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about it? If you’re a woman contemplating this look, go for it! The look can be tailored to any face shape. For instance, if you have a face that is narrow and long then just include the face framing. If you have an oval face, do not frame your face. This style is ideal for the girl who is looking to be fashionable but wants to keep her hair shaved to sport. It’s also great for moms who are running around with her children every day and still wants to look pretty when she is getting an evening out. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who is tired of long hair and wants to cut it down however is scared! To achieve this look I applied my Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum blow dry my hair smooth. Then, I utilized the Paul Mitchell flat iron to make the perfect curl. To complete the look I applied a tiny amount of Matte Waves from Oribe to make the curls more brittle, and after which I sprayed dry texturizing Spray.

#19: Textured Lob for Thick Hair

A lovely textured lob for thick hair

What would you say about this style and what’s the most appealing thing about it? It’s an edgy lob, so it’s what people call it nowadays! I love this cut since it offers two of the most beautiful styles. It’s blunt enough to appear full and thick The long layers smooth the appearance and add volume to the waves. What are the best products to keep and recreate this style? To achieve this look I would recommend Loma Organics Curvy Créme and the Nourishing Oil Treatment applied lightly to hair once it’s you are wet. Blot dry using a round brush, bending hair away from the face. Take pea-sized quantities of each product in your palms, rub them together and then apply it to your hair that is dry to create more definition in your waves. Utilize a curling tool if you need to. What kind of client do you recommend this style to? This cut is great for any face shape as the layers that surround the face can be altered to suit the individual characteristics. It’s a good option for those who prefer an easy to maintain look that is easily adjusted up or down.

#20: Beachy Angled Lob

A dashing beachy angled lob haircut

What would you say about this style and what’s your most favorite part about it? I would describe this style as a medium-length style. It features smaller layers in the back, with more smooth layers as it is able to reach the front line. What products would you recommend to keep this style? I would suggest starting by using a medium-hold heat protector and then spraying sea salt all over the hair. After that you can let your hair air dry , and make your natural waves appear more bouncy or apply an iron to style your hair for the most dramatic curly or wavy style. The final step is to secure the style with your preferred hairspray. What kind of client do you suggest this look for? This hairstyle is ideal for those who has dull, long hair looking for changes that don’t cut everything down however, it still rids of some length. The ideal facial form for this style is a person who has strong jaws or cheekbones that are clear and clear, as well as the normal to medium face shape. This style is ideal for those who don’t need to plan their daily look. This hairstyle is one that you can achieve more and less, and still appear fashionable.

#21: Modern Medium Wavy Hair

Modern Medium Wavy Hair

Long hair bobs are a lot of fun to style. The majority of innovations begin with this basic ombre fringe suitable to any hair type.

#22: Cappuccino Waves

Cappuccino Waves

The alternating waves, or offsets, increase both length and volume with straighter ends. How to style Dry hair by using an oval brush and your blow-dryer. Utilizing a medium-barrel curling iron and then wrap hair away from your face. Make sure the ends are out to give a more straight look at the ends. Move your fingers through hair to create gentle separation. End with a hairspray that is light and holds. The best hair products to try: DermOrganic Windswept Defining WHIP to get separation and definition , with bounce and motion. The best face shape and hair Style: This style can be used for oval, square or round-face shapes. This look is best for medium-length hair. Tip: Pin ends under for a faux bob hairstyle.

#23 Natural Wavy Hair with Side Parts that are Deep Side Part

Naturally Wavy Hair with Deep Side Part

There’s no better way to showcase those stunning dark locks, particularly when they’re natural. The soft waves that are split to one side can create an attractive effect and compliment the length of your shoulder beautifully.

#24: Beige Deep Side Part

An exquisite deep side part with subtle waves

The soft waves provide a nice accent to this hairstyle that is mid-length. How to style Dry hair with an oval brush and a blow-dryer. With a large barrel curling iron, you can wrap huge pieces of hair in a vertical fashion away from your face. Let hair cool and set before spraying hair with a hairspray that is light and holds. After cooling, you can brush hair with a paddle brush to complete the style. Hair products to try Use Kevin Murphy UNDRESSED to create loose, unfinished natural appearance. The best face shape and hair Type: This style is perfect for square, oval , and heart-shaped faces. This look is best for medium-to-fine hair. Tip: Gather ends and twist into an easy hairstyle.

#25: Wavy Golden Locs for Thick Hair

Medium-length golden blonde wavy hair for thick hair

Lean and long hair with alternating waves is a wonderful appearance for hair with thick. This style is ideal for round, square or oval faces. This look is best suited to hair that is thick. You can add a few braids to complete this style. How to style Hair: Dry it using a round brush as well as your blow-dryer. With a small or medium-sized barrel curling iron make small pieces of hair curl vertically and in different directions. Let the hair cool and setbefore spraying hair with the light-hold hairspray. For hair products, try DevaCurl Set It Free to reduce frizz, increase shine, and increase curls.

#26: A-Line Magenta Side-Swept Bangs

A pretty a-line bob with side-swept bangs

The deconstructed, rough waves add the rock ‘n’ roll feel to the cut of an A-line. How to style Dry hair with the round brush as well as your blow-dryer. Utilizing a small to moderate-sized curling iron for barrels curl small pieces of hair vertically and in different directions. Use fingers to run through hair for some separation. Backcomb hair for more volume. Then spray hair with an edgy hairspray. The best hair products to try: Kevin Murphy FRESH.HAIR for perfect hair that will last the day. The most flattering face shape and hair Type: This style can be used for all facial shapes. This style is best suited to thin to fine hair. TIP: Twist that fringe back and up to create some pompadour.

#27: Messy Golden Ombre

Our gavorite golden ombre with messy wavy hair

Sexy and messy bedhead curls are stunning when paired by having an long bob that has been layered. How to Style Dry hair with the round brush as well as your blow-dryer. Utilizing a large-barrel curling iron, you can curl hair in alternate directions. Use your fingers to run through hair for some separation. Follow with a light-hold hairspray. The best hair products to try: Kevin Murphy TEXTURE.MASTER to boost hair with fine texture. The best face shape and hair Type: This style can be used for all faces. This look is best suited for thin to fine hair. TIP: You can experiment with this style using straightening irons.

#28: Vintage Bob

A perfect vintage wavy bob

Classic blends with modern with this retro-inspired bob, with waves. How to Hairstyle: dry hair with the round brush as well as your blow-dryer. With a big-barrel curling iron, gently curl hair horizontally starting at the ends and working upwards. Let hair cool, then make the deep side section. Use the paddle brush to complete the appearance. Backcomb base to add volume. Then finish with a light hairspray. The best hair products to try: Kevin Murphy BODY.BUILDER Volumizing Mousse to create a hold and fullness that is flexible. The most flattering face shape and hair Type: This style is ideal for all faces. This look is ideal for medium-to-thick hair. Tips: Highlight this style by adding a sparkling barrette.

#29: Espresso Coils

Espresso Coils

The perfect springy coils look trendy in any way you dress them.

How To Style:

  1. If you have dry naturally curly or naturally wavy hair, form defined coils using hair wrapped around a smaller curling iron. The curl will be slid away, leaving the curl in place. Continue through the remainder of the hair in the manner you prefer.
  2. Fingers are dragged through the interior to allow for some gentle separation and deconstruction.
  3. Apply a shine spray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try DevaCurl MIRROR CURLS to get the best curl reflection.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style works well for all facial forms. This style is best suited to medium-to-thick hair.


Make your sparkle shine with Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Bug.

#30: Twisty A-Line

The best twisty a-line bob cut

Improve your A-line Bob cut by adding some spiral waves to create more volume and fullness. Use soft volume.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a mousse that is light and volumizing on hair that is damp.
  2. Dry hair with the round brush to create smooth and shiny hair.
  3. Concentrate on the top layer only, take an iron flat and wrap hair in a circular motion and then release to create the spiral effect.
  4. Spray hairspray that is light-hold.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Sebastian Whipped Creme. This style of whip is light and conditioning. creates gorgeously nourished locks and curls to perfection.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This hairstyle is ideal for oval and diamond-shaped faces. This is a great style for those with fine hair.


Increase the volume of the root of the issue with your fingers moving them in a circular manner.

#31: Asymmetrical Cranberry

Wavy red asymmetrical hair with highlights

Give French-inspired pizzazz to your life by letting your hair sway in luscious waves.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a gel with a light hold into your damp hair.
  2. Beginning with the top layers and working your way down, twist small sections of hair into curly sections and put them in place. Continue to work down the hair till all the hair has been pinched to the head.
  3. Dry hair with air and use a diffuser with an low setting.
  4. When hair is dry, take out pin curl clips and gently shake hair.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Redken Soft Spin 05 Curl Enhancing Gel. This is an excellent product that can help boost curly or wave hair, to control flyaways, and give shine to your hair.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is ideal for face shapes with diamonds or oval forms. This look is best suited for medium-length hair.


The brush curls out with the paddle brush to create soft French wave-like style.

#32: Boho Chic

Chic bohemian wavy style

Give your hair a bohemian look by adding loose curly hairstyles that work magic on light-colored layers.

How To Style:

  1. Dry hair with an oval brush while keeping the area of the crown smooth.
  2. With the small barrel curling iron make small sections and put hair in a spiral around iron, leaving the ends unfinished and free.
  3. Spray with a firm hold hair spray to hold your hair style in place throughout the day long.

Recommended Hair Products:

Make use of Aquage Working Spray for a solid hold. This hairspray that is flexible lets you shape and texturize using brushes or your fingers while building hold. Locks that are styled give radiant shine and are great to style your hair with thermal heat.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is ideal for long or oval facial shapes. This style is ideal for thin to fine hair.


Apply a little Aquage Illuminating Gelade through the ends for a bit of sparkle and definition.

#33: Brunette Glam

A glam brunette color

Simple loose waves provide a full body to locks with finely textured.

How To Style:

  1. Dry your hair using the help of a blow-dryer.
  2. Make use of the medium barrel curling iron and twist horizontal sections of hair from the bottom up to the top.
  3. Let hair cool down and gently brush it with the wide-tooth comb for loose waves.
  4. Spray your hair with a light-hold hairspray to ensure that hair remains soft and comfortable.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Redken Body Full Instant Bodifier Volumizing Foam. This foam is fantastic for babies with fine hair, providing volume and conditioning and shine.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This hairstyle is best for faces with a heart shape. This style is ideal for fine hair.


Make use of a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give you instant body.

#34: Blonde Relaxed Textured Waves

blonde relaxed textured waves

This casually textured look is ideal for the girl who is always on the move.

For styling, you can try Pureology Anti-Fade Complex Gel. The alcohol-free gel offers an elastic hold for hair that has been colored. The formula’s versatility gives you a lightweight body control and shine by incorporating UVA and UVB sunblocks to improve the retention of color as well as thermal shielding. This style is ideal for faces with diamond or oval shapes. This style is ideal for smooth hair. Make it more modern by adding some twists or braids that frame your face and then pin it away from your face.

#35: Auburn Elegance

An elegant auburn hair color

The deep auburn color is enhanced by light waves and fringe that is swept away.

How To Style:

  1. Smooth dry hair using an electric paddle.
  2. Make use of an iron with a large barrel and twist large sections horizontally of hair. Brush loosely with the paddle brush to give it the fullness of your hair and to add body.
  3. Backcomb fringe and crown and move hair away from the face.
  4. Spray your hair throughout with a hairspray with strong-hold.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Sebastian Shaper Plus Hair Spray. Make your hair look fashionable by using this hairspray that is strong and holds. Great for medium and heavy hair texture.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is ideal for oblong or square-shaped faces. This style is ideal for medium-to-thick hair.


Explore different styles of fringe from full-length to side-swept for a new look.

#36 Vintage Allure with Wispy Bangs

Alluring vintage waves with wispy bangs

Give a classy touch to this stunning brunette shade, with stunning Old Hollywood waves.

How To Style:

  1. Dry hair by using the blow-dryer and an oval brush.
  2. Utilize an iron with a large barrel and wrap horizontal sections of the mid-shaft up to the ends leaving the fringe and crown region completely smooth.
  3. Spray your hair with an oil spray for shine.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try the TIGI Head to Bed Head headrush for extreme gloss.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is ideal for faces with a round shape. This look works best with medium-length hair.


Flip sides of the pins into victory rolls to get an even more retro-inspired look.

#37: Golden Side Part

Golden Side Part

from the Boardroom all the way to the club, this flirty look will get you in contact with everyone you want to meet in the most appropriate places. Try Davines Define Invisible Hairspray to instantly increase volume, hydration and a weightless shine. Put hair into a low ponytail to create stylish daytime styling and then let it loose to get a fresh, vibrant appearance. This style is appropriate for diamond-shaped and oval faces. This look is best suited for medium-length hair.

How To Style:

  1. Dry hair with an air-dryer or round brush.
  2. With a large barrel curling iron, cut horizontal sections and wrap hair from the end up to the midshaft.
  3. Cover the fringe with the curling iron to the back towards the front to create a an edge-swept look.
  4. Spray hairspray with a light-hold.

#38: Sweeping Bangs

Inspiring sweeping bangs

Relax your hair as the week is over with fun curls which will make you feel looking ready for the weekend.

How To Style:

  1. Dry hair with the round brush as well as blow-dryer.
  2. Use the medium barrel curling iron and wind the sections of hair vertically from mid-shaft to ends, leaving the crown with a smooth.
  3. Alternate the direction of your curl for an informal look while to keep the lengths that frame your face off from the face.
  4. Spray hair with sea salt spray to give it a more textured definition and texture.

Recommended Hair Products:

You can try Redken Radiant Sea Spray for soft texture that has an oceanic scent.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is ideal for square or oblong-shaped faces. This look is ideal for medium-to-thick hair.


Hair is twisted into a chignon to create an elegantly textured nighttime style.

#39: Retro Waves

Classic retro waves

Make your screen siren to life with this classic “S” wave style.

How To Style:

  1. Dry hair with the round brush as well as your blow-dryer.
  2. With a double-barrel curling tool and a double-barrel curling iron, you can wind large segments of hair in a figure-8 shape starting from the mid-shaft until the ends.
  3. For a smooth, controlled look, use a barrel-sized curling iron and wrap the ends of the curling iron under.
  4. Let hair cool, and set before spraying the hair with a hairspray that is hard-hold.
  5. After cooling, you can apply the paddle brush to finish the style. Spray hair again.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Davines Defining Glam Power Hair Spray. This distinctive and versatile finish spray shape creates and defines any look. It also gives a firm and long-lasting hold, without the uncomfortable or sticky sensation.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style works well for all face forms. This style is best suited to medium-to-thick hair.


You could also experiment with this look using one large curling iron barrel. You’ll have a blast with medium length hair because it’s perfect to a wide range of hairstyles. A stunningly feminine look is created with these soft and wavy hairstyles when they are worn loose. Additionally, they are easy since you do not have to worries about your hair’s shape falling apart because of the weight of your long hair. There are a variety of options from casual daytime to a night out at the opera, the options are infinite.

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