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39 Chic Medium-Length Wavy Hairstyles in 2024

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Medium wavy hairstyles are the perfect option to spice up your appearance. A variety of wavy hairstyles can be adapted to medium-length hair, such as the textured twist as well as beachy curls. A few of these relaxed hairstyles are easily achievable without using hot tools. All you need is hair braids or rubber bands. Gorgeous vintage waves look classy and instantly raise your hair to star-quality. Many techniques are used to create hairstyles that are wavy, such as curly buns or braids to pin curls or using a curling or flat iron. Whatever you prefer you’re sure to impress by sporting one of the moderate wavy hairstyles!

#1: Blonde Layered Wavy Bob

Blonde Layered Wavy Bob

This is a long layered hairstyle with texture and movement. If you have thick hair, this style is best suited to layers that are blended starting in the middle and continuing to your ends. The layers make the shape of the hair attractive. To style this wavy hairstyle, I recommend using a 1″ curling iron, and a quality texture spray to style. I always advise my clients not to be too hard! This type of hairstyle should appear relaxed So don’t worry about the perfect curl of each hair. Don’t be compelled to curl every hair!

#2: Splendid Layered Medium Wavy Hair

splendid layered medium wavy hair

These stunning waves and layers complement the warm and tanned skin perfectly. A truly high fashion and cool style for those who want an exciting new style.

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#3: Slightly Wavy Medium-Length Hair

Slightly Wavy Medium-Length Hair

Create a thicker appearance for your hair with medium-length wavy hair. The blunt ends make your hair appear fuller. Making a wave using an iron for curling or your natural curls creates a beachy appearance that appears easy-breezy. If your curls appear too tight, try using the fingers of your hands or use a large tooth combing tool to loosen them.

#4: Lovable Medium Wavy Hair

lovable medium wavy hair

There is no better method to display the gorgeous blonde hair than to create beautiful waves that look like beachy waves. The texture begins at the level of your eyes and progresses effortlessly to the end in a medium-length look which would fit oval-shaped faces beautifully.

#5: Fun Beach Waves that have Choppy Bangs

fun beach waves with choppy bangs

The most appealing aspect of medium shags is the texture that is present in the fringe that is cut to the desired form, allowing the user to create an interesting appearance with minimal effort. Imagine how quickly fringes grow. It is essential to maintain a regular schedule for every two weeks appointment to keep the fringe. If you also have an active lifestyle, your fringe could be a challenge. Style it with an ocean salt spray like Fashion Waves by Redken to give the look of a lived-in. If you want to add a fringe I’d suggest applying Wax Blast with Redken to increase the texture. A medium-length, shaggy hairstyle is ideal for a heart-shaped or a round-shaped face since it draws attention to the eyes, away from your cheeks and chin. If you have a round-face shape your fringe’s angle lengthens the face. This cut is ideal for hair with a medium to fine texture because it’s easier to alter the hair to the desired form.

#6: Spectacular Mid-Length Wavy Hair with Bangs

Mid-length wavy hair with bangs

A stunning mid-length wavy with bangs is in fashion! The fringe adds a youthful look, making this hairstyle appropriate ladies of all different ages. If you’re of more of a warm complexion and want to add some sun-kissed bits for a more elegant look.

#7: Blunt Shoulder-Length Layers

blunt shoulder-length layers for wavy hair

It’s a blunt shoulder-length haircut that has lengthy layers. You can feel the an increase in density towards the end of the blunt line . The layers keep the cut from appearing like the shape of a “Christmas Christmas tree” (i.e. too broad on the top of the cut). I like how this cut looks fantastic with natural waves, or even straight hair. It’s incredibly versatile. Medium loose, wavy hair gives many options to choose from and many different combinations. As this cut develops it will begin to reach the shoulders faster than a cut shorter. This could cause the hair to fall out to the sides. If you are irritated by this it is important to ensure you’re going regularly for haircuts every seven or eight weeks. Balayage looks so beautiful however, in between lightening you might need to pop to the salon for a toner in order to keep your hair looking fresh and avoid feeling like you’re feeling brassy.

#8: Silver Grey Waves

A neat silver and grey waves hair color

What do you think of this style? The look is reminiscent of the shimmering reflection on the moon. It’s a silvery, platinum that has a soft blue tone. I am awed by how mysterious she appears! Do you have any advice for those considering the look? This type of look is ideal for those with healthy new hair that is free of frizz, patience and a commitment at the beginning. Maintenance is not difficult since you can find color conditioning products that are able to refresh the colors. The color can be adapted to any person with any skin tone or face shape. I’m not one to limit yourself to one particular shade because of the rules. You can break them and rock them. If you truly want the shade that you can’t resist then go for it.

#9: Effortless Textured Lob

effortless textured lob hairstyle

Opt for a smooth, texture hairstyle. It’s simple for a natural or waves. This style and appearance complements virtually every face form due to the long lines which frames the face. The layered cut is suitable for almost every hair type, no matter how fine or thick. The texture of the ends of the hair will provide it with lots of movement. Small amounts of products are used to give the appearance. If you have hair that is finer apply textures creams or mousses prior blow drying, and then use a texture hairspray such as L’Oreal Next Day Hair to create a perfect finish. For thicker, medium-wavy hair, apply Shuemura Essence Oil to aid in blow drying to create a sleek appearance when you’re ready you want to curl it with a brush for that beachy wavy appearance. Then, finish by styling with L’Oreal Professional Next Day Hair.

#10: Relaxed S-Wave

relaxed s wave for medium-length hair

Opt for a single-length length lob that’s styled to a relaxing S-wave. It’s got that desirable “lived-in” look while being distinct. The different waves draw your attention giving a fresh look to the look. For those with thicker hair request your stylist to trim some of the internal bulk to soften the appearance. If you have thin or fine hair, leave layers away since it allows your hair to appear attractive and full throughout the lower part of the hair. This is a fantastic fashion for busy women who want to appear trendy and trendy but require minimal maintenance. You can add flat iron or curling iron waves in the top to add some movement, and then finish it off by spraying a texture to create the separation.

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