Shoulder length haircuts are both stylish and practical. If you have really long hair and you’re ready for a change but not yet ready to commit to chopping off all of your hair, a shoulder length cut is a great place to start. Medium length haircuts are really versatile as they are still long enough to wear your hair in an updo or ponytail, but they aren’t so long to weigh down your hair. A mid-length hairdo can add a lot of body and movement to your longer tresses. You can add longer layers for even more body and movement. Or, how about a funky ombre or sexy balayage effect to add depth and dimension to your hair? With shoulder length cuts, the possibilities are endless for sexy new styles! Whether you are looking for bob haircuts or a fun choppy haircut, you can easily find a great way to rock a shoulder length cut. We have put together a list of our favorite trendy shoulder length haircuts for Summer 2022.

Voluminous Long Silver Bob With Bangs

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Voluminous Long Silver Bob With Bangs #mediumhair #wavyhair #layeredhair

Shoulder length hair is considered a happy medium between short and long hair, not for nothing. The truth is, with the right cut, your hair can embrace the edginess and volume of short locks and the lushness and richness of longer locks. And layered haircuts are the first thing to consider when you want your look to involve all these features. Such cuts fascinate with their super-dimensional looks, giving a lot of natural movement, texture, and lift to any hair type. For thick hair, they will texture up the ends, thus making your hair more airy and manageable, while creating very full silhouettes for thin locks. Want to rock this summer in a modern way? Go for a long layered bob with bangs that will captivate everyone with your silver hair!

Long Bob Haircut With Textured, Choppy Ends

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Long Bob Haircut With Textured, Choppy Ends #mediumhair #bob

How often do you ask your hairstylist to improve your haircut? Some ladies can flaunt with the same cuts all year around. Yet, when something bothers them, they simply ask for something new, instead of working at the details. We’re trying to tell you that you don’t need to sacrifice your comfy medium hair length and go for experiments when there’s a lack of volume or dynamics: ends chopping or texturizing will be enough to sort things out. That will provide your long bob, or lob haircut, with very lightweight body, giving a fresh take on your daily cut and style. Also, a side part can give even more volume and movement that we can never have too much.

Side Bang For A Trendy Shaggy Bob

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Side Bang For A Trendy Shaggy Bob #mediumhair #bob

Believe it or not, if you opt for a shaggy bob haircut, you’ll never be mistaken in choice, especially if your shag is a bit asymmetrical or angled. Nowadays, the more tousled your look is, the more fashionable and flexible it is. By flexibility, we mean the countless styling options that edgy layers of shags can give you: you can shape up the cut by waving your dimensional locks and create many new silhouettes by simply changing the parting. The best thing about the cuts is that they also work well for any hair type, taming fine hair and lifting up thin locks. Want to add some more character and color dimension? Let balayage hair do the talking.

Soft Wavy Bob Haircut With Accentuating Highlights

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Soft Wavy Bob Haircut With Accentuating Highlights #mediumhair #bob #wavyhair

Ladies who wear bob shoulder length haircuts know that nothing works better than wavy hairstyles. Most bobs have different lengths on the front and back, which looks ravishing once it’s waved. So, even slight waves can show your cut in a new light. Now, let’s talk about your hair color. Even though it’s very important to appreciate your natural shade, we all want to add something new and fresh from time to time. Sometimes the point is not to change the color totally; it’s about highlighting or accentuating your base. The modern trendsetters advise ladies with brown hair to try out softly highlighted hair, where their primary shade is emphasized with a matching, yet a bit lighter shade.

Messy Blonde Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle

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Messy Blonde Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle #mediumhair #bob #messyhair

As we’ve mentioned before, messy hairstyles are a thing these days. Yes, sometimes adding a bit of messiness is the best finishing touch for reaching perfection. Mainly because it’s an effortless way to give weak or very unruly locks more voluminous and soft appearance. Besides lots of wonderful styling choices, shoulder length haircuts are also a huge canvas for color creativity. Have you ever seen how nicely a blonde bob with tousled waves enlivens the look? Well, you should see it in the mirror, then.

Face-Framing Long Bob With Subtle Balayage

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Face-framing Long Bob With Subtle Balayage #bob #mediumhair

When asking your stylist for a long bob haircut, make sure that he or she will customize the cut based on your facial features. Our haircuts should not only be stylish but also flatter our faces. Find a hairdresser who knows how to cut the front so that it frames your face shape perfectly. Do you know what else can make your face look more attractive? A new balayage hair color combination is the answer. For example, soft balayage that softly covers your ends, lighting up the base, is a nice way to frame your face.

Straight & Blonde Long Bob Haircut

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Straight & Blonde Long Bob Haircut #mediumhair #bob

We all know that dealing with straight hair means that you should do your best to keep the look sleek yet voluminous. One of the main problems of straight locks is that they tend to fall flat, regardless of one’s hair type and length. And you know what? The right cut is the solution, as always. Once you give a long bob a try, you’ll see the difference: the top will be easier to lift up during styling, and the front will become rounder. And that is awesome for those who’d like to frame their faces. And if it’s a blonde bob, achieved with balayage over the brunette roots, you’ll forget about flat looks once and for all.

Inverted Shoulder Length Bob With Disheveled Waves

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Inverted Shoulder Length Bob With Disheveled Waves #mediumhair #wavyhair #bob

You already know about the magical power of the inverted bob haircut. Due to the shorter hair at the back, it adds more volume to the crown, giving you a possibility to conceal some face shape flaws with the longer front locks. Such cuts usually come as layered haircuts, which means that you can easily create an attention-grabbing disheveled look that will take your hair texture to the next level.


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