Silvery Blonde

Silvery Blonde

This ashy shade of blonde is best on those with light skin and eye colors and is another shade that works great for hair that is starting to gray. For those with a dark complexion, you can avoid looking pale and washed out by adding some warm honey tones, as well.

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Just as silver-gray is becoming quite trendy, so is bronde, or brownish-blonde. Bronde is extremely natural looking and goes well with medium and fair complexion and medium or light eyes.

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Short Textured Blonde Pixie

Short Textured Blonde Pixie #blondehair #pixie @shorthair

Pixes will always be women’s best friends, as their beauty is just eternal. The haircut you see in this pic is the shortest variant of the classic pixie. Of course, not every woman has the courage to sport it, as it keeps your face as open as possible. And brave girls know that wheat blonde pixie is the most attractive pixie ever.

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Wavy Ashy Blonde

Wavy Ashy Blonde #blondehair #layeredhair #bob

Women who don’t feel like sporting bright colors and can’t decide between cool and warm blonde tones, ash blonde hair color will be there for you. It’s a cool shade of blonde with a warmish tint that looks awesome on girls with lighter skin tones and light eye colors.

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Blunt Lob With Highlights

Blunt Lob With Highlights #blondehair #highlights #bob

When we need to go for something versatile, we opt for a blunt lob. It’s probably the easiest cut to maintain, but we all want to diversify out haircuts from time to time. Dark blonde highlights will come in handy for those who are about to freshen up their daily hairstyle.

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Light Sandy Blonde With Waves

Light Sandy Blonde With Waves #wavyhair #bob #blondehair

Sandy blonde hair color will bring some summer vibes to your life. If you want to create a dimensional blonde look, combine some honey hues with sandy shade. For a livelier look, wave your hair, as waves know how to reveal the beauty of your hair color.

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Eye-Catching Cool Toned Blonde

Eye-Catching Cool Toned Blonde #messyhair #bob #platinumblonde

Cool tones were created for cool girls, that’s for sure! Women with paler skin tones can’t take their eyes off their own reflection in the mirror; this color is truly magnificent. Those who prefer to stay away from saturated colors will love the cool pale effect that this color gives to their hair.

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Soft Creamy Blonde

Soft Creamy Blonde #wavyhair #bob #blondehair

Some soft girly hues won’t hurt! Such a hair color will look good at any time of year, just make sure that it looks authentically with your skin tone. It works best for fair complexions, but there is an option for medium complexions, too. Women with warm skin tones can add some dark blonde highlights to the creamy blonde.

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Platinum Wavy Blonde

Platinum Wavy Blonde #bob #wavyhair #balayage

How about noble hair color? Platinum blonde is the richest shade of blonde with pale, yet very shiny tint. This color is absolutely versatile, so nothing can stop you from wearing it. To add some movement to this fantastic shade, wave your hair so that each lock is waved in a different direction: it creates a very lively look.

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Creamy Blonde With Dark Roots

Creamy Blonde With Dark Roots #messyhair #bob #blondehair #platinumblonde

Some people call it a flaw, we call it a stylish element. Dark roots are not necessarily about to spoil your look; they can actually accentuate your blonde hair. If you opt for creamy blonde, ask your hairstylist for balayage to make your roots less obvious when they grow.

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