Medium length layered haircuts are not exactly the cuts that need no maintenance. On the other hand, there is so much ease and flexibility they offer! That is probably why so many women enjoy wearing them. What is more – such a haircut will flatter any complexion or shape.

Contrasting Medium Layered Cuts

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Contrasting Medium Layered Cuts picture2

Contrasting Medium Layered Cuts picture3

If you are a fan of easy-maintenance haircuts, then you should go for short layered haircuts. Which are by the way not less trendy and, of course, not less fresh-looking.

Layered Haircuts

Layered Haircuts picture1

Layered Haircuts picture2

Layered Haircuts picture3

Medium layered haircuts are exactly the spice you need for your hair to look fabulous! By adding some layers, you will add volume and shape to your hair. And what can be better, right?

Silky Layers

Silky Layers picture1

Silky Layers picture2

Silky Layers picture3

While creating your new mid-length look, you should keep few factors in mind. Do not leave out the style and color as they may be crucial. For example, a combination of undone waves goes well with face framing layers and light brown colors.

Choppy Layered Hair

Choppy Layered Hair picture1

Choppy Layered Hair picture2

Choppy Layered Hair picture3

If you have a long hair and do not want to chop it, you can make it a little bit shorter with a middle length haircut. Tell your stylist to start layering from the middle and slowly go down to the ends of your hair. For your everyday look, add a few curls with the help of a blow dryer to flip those ends!

Long Layers for Medium Length Hair

Long Layers for Medium Length Hair picture1

Long Layers for Medium Length Hair picture2

Long Layers for Medium Length Hair picture3

For those who are not afraid of experiments we would like to suggest some vibrating colors for their mid cuts. It’s because there is no better way to highlight the haircut as to highlight the layers of your hair with a little bit darker shade than the main color.

Blonde Layered Haircuts

Blonde Layered Haircuts picture1

Blonde Layered Haircuts picture2

Blonde Layered Haircuts picture3

Layered haircuts are an excellent choice because every girl can wear one. Women with thick hair get a sense of lightness with multilayered haircuts. Ladies with thin hair reach the desired volume, and curly hair can be easily structured.

Fresh Layered Haircuts Ideas

Fresh Laered Haircuts Ideas picture1

Fresh Laered Haircuts Ideas picture2

Fresh Laered Haircuts Ideas picture3

Layered haircuts look best when you style the tips of your hair properly. You can twist the ends of your hair with a curling iron for an airy effect, and the volume at the roots is achieved with the help of a round сomb and a hair dryer.

Medium Layered Haircut to Try

Medium Layered Haircut to Try picture1

Medium Layered Haircut to Try picture2

Medium Layered Haircut to Try picture3

Every girl should try a layered haircut: it gives the volume to thin hair, makes thick hair more lightweight and just looks stylish and beautiful.

Wavy Layers

Wavy Layers picture1

Wavy Layers picture2

Wavy Layers picture3

Wavy layers are totally in this season. What they bring into your everyday look is not only some messy and carefree vibe, but also that necessary volume, which is usually something ladies look for when they opt for layers.

Layered Hair with Bang

Layered Hair with Bang picture1

Layered Hair with Bang picture2

Layered Hair with Bang picture3

In case you are looking for an easy and the least time-consuming type of a hairdo, then this is exactly what you need! Choppy layers and same choppy bangs in a combination with those honey hues are the perfect solution.

Layered Haircut for Brunettes

Layered Haircut for Brunettes picture1

Layered Haircut for Brunettes picture2

Layered Haircut for Brunettes picture3

Haircuts for brunettes couldn’t escape our attention. That effortless look altogether with amazing volume involved will make you the queen of a party in no time.

Trendy Layered Haircuts

Trendy Layered Haircuts picture1

Trendy Layered Haircuts picture2

Trendy Layered Haircuts picture3

A little bit of messiness is what you need these days to look extremely trendy. Sweep your shiny brown hair with warm honey highlights to the side and enjoy that admirable easiness of your style!

Make Your Layered Haircut Modern with Ombre

Make Your Layered Haircut Modern with Ombre picture1

Make Your Layered Haircut Modern with Ombre picture2

Make Your Layered Haircut Modern with Ombre picture3

What is more trendy than ombre? Well, we think that the combination of ombre and layers beats anything. This light transition from brown to caramel, mixed with slight waves looks extraordinary.


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