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40 Best Medium Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Medium-length hair can be a great alternative to a short cut and long hair. According to men that shoulder-length or long hair is more attractive and attractive than short locks. If you have the medium length, your hairstyle will not take up much of your time and you’ll still be able be able to play around with fashionable updos and downdos.

Chic and Effortless Medium Straight Hairstyles

For medium-length hair to appear attractive, think about sprucing it up by adding bangs, face-framed layers or a bold hair color. Check out the suggestions below and choose which one you prefer!

#1 Shoulder Length Bob using Soft Layers

These layers make your locks appear luxurious, soft and shiny. And that’s exactly what you require to have gorgeous long shoulder hair. Style and cut side-swept bangs with a round-shaped brushes to provide your hair an extra glam and feminine look.

Medium Layered Blonde Haircut for Thick Hair

#2: Shiny Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Find the perfect medium-sized shag that is perfect for hair with fine texture. The hair is thick over the head, and shorter at the sides, it creates an illusion of more hair. Also, take a look at this stunning white blonde shade It’s a stunning stunner!

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Medium Ash Blonde Hairstyle for Straight Hair

#3: Dark Shag Haircut With Bangs

If you’re naturally curly hair and requires more volume, this contemporary sharp shag is suitable for you. You can make the messy layers shorter or longer, based on your preference for a cut that gives you more feminine appearance.

Medium Shaggy Haircut with Bangs for Straight Hair

#4: Sassy Black Shaggy Cut

Women and girls who have thick hair styles often are faced with the challenge of finding the ideal hairstyles. But, there’s always an great option – a fashionable shag that is feathered with layers. A little sloppy texture can provide a chic and rock’n’roll-inspired look to stand out.

Dark Brown Medium Length Hair with Framing Bangs

#5: Wavy Hairstyle that has Textured Ends

Layered hair can give the appearance with more texture and wave particularly if you emphasize the cut by adding caramel balayage and hair with textured ends. Apply a texturizing spray to create a sleek look for your strands that are thinner in the blink of the eye.

Shoulder Length Straight Hair with Subtle Highlights

#6: Soft Waves in Rich Black Hair Color

This easy hairstyle can look stunning regardless of hair color, but just look at how stunning it looks in black! These shoulder length hairstyles work particularly well with women who have thick or thin hair, so if would like to boost the volume of your hair, do it!

Relaxed Shoulder Length Black Hair

7: Golden Blonde Hair with layers of swooping lace

Wow, just take a take a look at this gorgeous hairstyle that is layered with the middle section and a gold blonde highlights! This haircut is sure to impress anyone, and it’s extremely easy to style using an oval brush, which means you can get an elegant look without having to go to an salon.

Medium Length Straight Hairstyle with Long Face Framing Layers

#8 The Hot Wavy Lob with Front Highlights

Blonde highlights remain one of the most popular hairstyles ever. Blend it with waves from the beach to add glamour to your look and add even more admiring looks.

Medium Straight Hair with Beach Waves and Money Pieces

#9: Chestnut Shag for Thick Hair

A big, thick length of fringe will be the primary thing to catch your eye in this soft shag cut. It’s difficult to keep in place, but when you have plenty of time to dry your hair in a proper manner and properly, you shouldn’t face any issues with styling your bangs.

Brown Medium Length Straight Hair Soft Curtain Bangs

#10: Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

The trend for hair with wavy curls is the most popular of all times! This shoulder length hairstyle with a middle section is perfect for all facial styles and shapes. Pay close attention to these stunning shadow roots. They are a fantastic method for people who aren’t keen on dyeing their hair completely.

Pretty Lob Root Melt

#11: Bleached Shoulder Length With Side Bangs

People with straight hair would appreciate this trendy blunt cut that has bleached locks and a fringes on the sides. Straight cuts with sharp , blunt ends are simple to style using an iron that is flat. Apply some hair oil to get an attractive, shiny finish!

Silver Medium Length Hairstyle for Pin Straight Hair

#12: Middle Parting and Front Highlights

The front highlights transform this from the first look, plain shoulder length black hairstyle to the most fashionable and attractive hairstyle. This is especially suitable for women who have fine hair, however you can do it with any hair type. Just make sure that your hairstylist is aware of how to style it.

Medium Layered Cut for Straight Asian Hair

#13: Mid Shag with Loose Waves

The modern, blonde, shaggy hairstyle looks great for any face shape and is suitable for all hair types. With loose waves and rough bangs, this cut is a great choice for women with shoulder length hair.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Bangs

#14: Beach Waves for Medium Length Hair

The medium length haircut has so gorgeous style and charm! The waves add dimension and the texture of your hair. They also enhance the eyes and lips as well as other facial features. It makes it ideal for a round-faced.

Long to Medium Layered Straight Hair Before and After

#15: Gorgeous Soft Shag

This soft shag, highlighted by wavy waves that are tousled as well as long layers appears charming and adorable on brunettes and blondes. Ideal for ladies with a thick hair , regardless of regardless of whether straight or curly.

Dark Straight Hair with Bangs and Messy Waves

#16: Warm Brown Medium Length Hair

Straight, dark hairdos don’t need to be boring hair! Add warmer brown highlights curtains bangs, as well as many layers and a nice blow-dry for an enviable look that’ll attract attention.

Straight Medium Length Thick Hair with Flipped Curtain Bangs

#17: Caramel Brown Balayage

There’s nothing more attractive that shoulder curls that are styled with gorgeous caramel Balayage. No matter what your face shape or not, this cut will improve your look and make your style more romantic and feminine.

Straight Layered Hairstyle with Ombre Highlights

#18: Trendy Shoulder Length Straight Hair

Some people are not a fan of curly hair, as it’s not an easy style to manage especially if you want to wear it daily. The good thing is that you don’t need to! This medium length hairstyle with blonde highlights is good example. Fashionable, chic, sexy and extremely chic!

Mid Length Straight Haircut with Highlights on a Dark Blonde Base

#19: Voluminous Wavy Wolf Cut

While the wolf cut is suitable for any hair type however, it is best suited to natural wavy hair as well as thick hair. The short and choppy layers around the crown increase volume and add texture your hair, adding personality to your relaxed shoulder length haircut.

Mid Length Mullet Cut with Bangs

#20 The Wave Locks With Caramel Highlights

Freshen up your black hair by adding gorgeous caramel highlights to make a more delicate appearance Make use of the hot brush or curly iron to create body waves. This hairstyle will surely look great with any outfit and any occasion.

Medium Length Straight Natural Hair with Caramel Highlights

#21: Strawberry Blonde Choppy Hairstyle

If shoulder length hairstyles appear too straightforward for you, consider this classic choppy layered cut cut in strawberry blonde. Long bangs are an even more romantic and feminine look, and style it using a hot hairbrush or a product that creates texture.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

#22: Chic Blonde Layers

This is most likely an extremely beautiful and elegant shoulder length haircuts that is trendy right today. This cut looks great to women across all genders and is easy to style using an iron curler or hot brush.

Medium Feathered Cut with Face Framing Bangs

#23: Chocolate Highlights for Thick Hair

The warm brown hairstyles will give hair with a warm brown color to give your medium length straight hair an additional warm feeling, smoothing your look and balance your facial features. In addition, with this cute fringe you’ll have a fresh appear at least a few years ago.

Straight Highlighted Natural Hair with Bangs and Body Waves

#24 The Mid Length Curls have Balayage

A balayage can be an ideal method to enhance shoulder length hairstyles. This is especially true when you’re sporting a trendy shade of brown, ash. This style will make your hair’s thin appearance will appear more thicker and abundant. This is how true magic appears!

Medium Length Highlighted and Tousled Straight Hair

#25 Shoulder Lengths cut with Curtain Bangs

Are you searching for the perfect cut for those naturally straight locks? This is enough length to satisfy people who are unable to make up their mind between short or long hairstyles. Layer these layers with face-framing and bangs that are curtain-like to create an adorable accent for your face.

Shoulder Length Straight Lob with Subtle Balayage

#26: Stylish Choppy Locks

Revivify limp lifeless hair by adding a few long and short layers. Hair that has been chopped up is an ideal method to give your medium-length hair a body and more dimensions. Add a touch of texture spray and you’re ready to go!

Layered Tousled Blonde Hairstyle for Straight Hair

#27: Ashy Bronde Layers

Nothing accentuates mid-length hair better than a splash of colour. The platinum look just gave it a whole new meaning. Instead of shining and buttery blonde highlights think about a more ashy look. This will add a touch of sophistication and class to your outfit.

Ash Brown Straight Hairstyle

#28: Bangin’ Bangs

Hair that is fine can look great when it has some fringe! Include a few wispy hairstyles in the mix and your mid-length hairstyle will look stunning! Yes it’s possible to frame the face using bangs to make the cut look more interesting.

Straight Medium-Length Brunette Hairstyle with Bangs

#29: Angular Bob

A long bob is an excellent method to change the look of your shoulder-length straight hair, and make it look trendy and stylish. To add body consider the angular layers which are smaller in back, and longer at the front. You’ll be amazed at the quick, sassy results!

Angled Layered Bob for Thick Hair

#30: Mid-Length Asymmetric Hairstyle With A Deep Side Part

Taylor Swift often rocks classic and retro hairstyles as they enhance her appearance tremendously. However she restyles her hair with modern twists and bobs. A low-side parting appears very complicated. Taylor offers a great idea of a wavy style for hair with fine texture. The soft waves add bulk to your locks and the hair-length bangs that are pinned to the forehead give your appearance a mysterious style.

Taylor Swift Medium Hairstyle for Straight Hair

#31: Spontaneous Updo With Long Layered Bangs

The long-graded bangs are flattering for Dianna Agron, making her look more elongated in her face while also serving as a stylish accent to her simple updo, with messy ends. By altering the length and shape of your hair, you can enhance your facial shape and add the necessary emphasis on your face. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try new bangs.

Updo with Bangs for Straight Hair

#32: Bold Two-Tone Waves For Straight Hair

The loose waves that Ciara has is an extremely popular technique, utilized to increase your hair’s volume. They can be styled using an drier for hair and an oval ceramic brush. Make use of a shine product or spray to achieve the healthy appearance of hair that is well-groomed. A fashionable bronding treatment will give a fresh look to hairstyles with medium length hairstyles and bring them to the next step.

Bronde Hair Medium Hairstyle

#33: Cool Edgy Hairstyle For A Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut

Due to the layered cut Martina McBride’s wavy locks appear light and vibrant. Her style is simple haircut that requires little time for styling and looks stunning. Utilize a root boost volumizer and wax to give more definition of the hairstyle tips.

Medium-Length Layered Haircut

#34: Medium Straight Haircut With Choppy Ends

Mandy Moore’s lob has been smooth at the ends and styled a bit messy. Both the cut and style are easy options for wear every day that will look great on medium length hair. The cut definitely adds dimension the hairstyle, therefore it’s recommended for thin or moderately thick hair.

textured lob hairstyle

#35: A-Line Layered Haircut With Elongated Bangs

The hairstyle that is layered by Katie Holmes features a lovely A-line cut, long, elongated bangs and textured ends. With this haircut you’ll always appear young, fresh and contemporary regardless of age. Apply your favorite polishing product and be all set to shine!

Medium Layered Haircut

#36: Black Layered Lob

Zoe Saldana’s hairstyle is distinctive due to the layers of long hair that begin at her the chin. This means that the shape and size of Zoe’s locks are visible from mid-shaft to the ends. This haircut are able to wear many gorgeous hairstyles for evening and daytime However, remember to use high-quality care products for your relaxed black hair.

Long Bob Haircut for Black Hair

#37: Long Angled Layers And Versatile Medium Length

Mariska Hargitay’s medium hairstyle amazes with its chic and cool style that is enhanced by the sharply-angled, long layers. When you are working on your hair using a hair dryer make use of a round brush to lift the locks from the roots , and provide an appropriate direction towards the ends. Apply mousse to increase volume, and medium hold spray for fixing.

Medium Layered Haircut

#38: Long Layers For A Medium Length

Jennifer Aniston is steadfast to her signature hairstyle that is truly her. Aniston can cut her hair just a few inches shorter or change the color of her hair however the shape and the basic concept of her haircut remain the same. The layers that are long activate her locks’ movement.

Jennifer Aniston Layered Haircut

#39: One-Level Shoulder Length Haircut

Ashley Greene opts for the most basic one-level haircut in order to maintain the length of her locks while enhancing its healthy shine. With this simple haircut, you are able to create any hairstyle you like or style your hair in a loose manner as Ashley.

Simple Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

#40: Optimal Layered Haircut for Fine Hair

The issue with long fine hair of medium length is the appearance with thin, slender ends. Long layers will give your hair’s ends with a silky smooth finish and a lovely texture. Dry your hair with the help of a diffuser. Add the product that adds shine to make your hair look amazing on a daily routine.

Medium Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

After looking through the photos, you’ve taken note that the hairstyles with a mid-length length aren’t boring and boring. If you’re looking to change your appearance, select one of the haircuts available options and experiment with at least a few different hairstyles.

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