Do you want to learn how to rock your wavy hair as a pro? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to the top hairstyles for wavy hair to wear in 2023. The styles listed here offer the perfect blend of texture and volume. From boho beheads to glamorous billows We have an elegant wavy look that is suitable for all. Look through the below list to get some ideas for envy.

1.) Chunky Shoulder-length Waves with Choppy Layers

This medium-length wavy layered bob the perfect hairstyle to highlight the sexy two-toned highlights. In addition, the chunky layers and the outward-facing hairstyle gives this style its untethered rock star appearance. The hair is neatly parted in the middle, and the ends that are textured go across the entire length of the hair. It’s not necessary to tie the hair between your earlobes. This simple and sexy look is all about having fun.

2.) Small Layered Waves that have Asymmetrical Side Sweep

If you’re seeking a low-maintenance Cali style, this short to medium layered style is perfect for you. It has plenty of texture due for the flowing, loose waves that are swept across one side. On the other hand, the opposite side is hidden behind an ear. The secret to this style is to create slightly loosely crimped, flat-lying waves. This definitely is a drool-worthy just got out of bed look that we can imagine our bodies rocking throughout the summer.

3.) Unraveled Curls Over the Eye Side Part

The extra-wide waves don’t have any curl to their curvature. However, they are an easy and volume-rich hairstyle that women who have long hair that is minimally layered are able to rock. The subtle side parting can soften the look. In addition, the long, flowing hair is a charming easy hairstyle for women who are on going. In reality, the entire hairstyle can be done in a couple of minutes using a large barrel and round brush, as well as blow-dryer.

4.) Bohemian Beach Waves messy Fishtail Crown

This contemporary hairstyle is reminiscent of 1960s hairstyles with 2021-style impressions. The super-long bleach blond curves run across hairstyles on the back of models. Each wave is shiny and ultra-textured, giving the appearance a natural feeling. But the crown jewel of this crown must be the fishtail braid teased that wraps around the hair’s back. It could bring to mind thoughts from Vikings, Game of Thrones characters, or beatniks we’re sure that this goddess-like style will be around for a while.

5) Vibrant Pink and Purple Low Curls

The underside of it all is a very simple style. The smooth middle section and locks that are flatly layered bring in an elegant lower section of curls. But, the bold purple roots follow by a dazzling orange and pink middle along with long lengths of lilac at the ends. In addition, the curly chin enhances the super-heroic appearance of this amazing hairstyle.

6.) Wavy Auburn Shag with Highlights of Blonde

The shag haircut is experiencing an incredible comeback and it just so is that it has waves as the secret weapon. When you cut this hair in the middle, and then adding curly, low-lying waves and you can transform dull layers into a smooth, choppy wave hairstyle. In this instance the generous addition of highlights that are sun-kissed adds an extremely sought-after beachy look.

7.) long layers of waves with subtle highlights

This gorgeous hairstyle is simple to create if you have hair that is not layer-less and hip-length. If you’re in search of hairstyles with wavy lines that doesn’t require a lot of layers then this is the best option to choose. Just split your hair across the middle. After that, you can use curling irons to create waves every couple of inches or all the way from the roots all the way to the ends. Applying a light amount of an anti-frizz cream keeps the appearance fresh and stops the annoying flying aways.

8) Super Long Dirty Blonde Beach Waves

Want to capture that California surf style? This style has ultra-long layers of waves that are not layered and sun-kissed highlights. This style is great for people with extremely long locks. You can braid your hair and loose the tendrils fall free. The most distinctive features of this style are the middle section hair, the teased roots that have grown out, as well as platinum-colored tips. This style can be worn in any shade.

9.) Strawberry Pixie with Tousled Roots

This shaggy, super short pixie cut is super thick and wispy. Roots are teased, and bangs split in the middle for a touch of punk rock swagger. In addition, the faded burgundy hue is reminiscent of the vintage Strawberry Shortcake Doll from the 1990s. The look highlights the face beautifully to highlight the cheekbones and neckline. The best part is that it takes just a few strokes using an iron with a flat surface and a touch of pomade to achieve these perfect smooth tresses. The most appealing thing about this short , wavy hairstyle is that you can put it on and put it away.

10) Natural Ombre With Spiral Waves

The bouncy waves drop from your back in an endless waterfall of hair. The natural color adds texture as well as lots in depth appearance. The curly locks are easy to create using a large barrel curling iron as well as strengthening anti-frizz serum. If done correctly it is a chic look to wear for a night out. The best part is that the look can be accomplished using wavy hair, and straight locks.

11) Chic Beachy Platinum Waves

We are in love with the way these striking hairstyles are softened thanks to slightly darker hair. This is the perfect color for these relaxed beachy waves. In this style both the locks on top and crowns have a smooth texture, whereas the sides and bottoms have a slender, angled wave.

12.) Cool blue tinted lobster and Side Party

The fierce style of this superhero seems like it’s ripped straight from the ground at Comicon. Its dark-blue highlights highlight the hair’s black underlying adding shine and dimension. The wide, loopy waves with sharp ends add more awe-inspiring flair to this enthralling style. This style is great for natural straight hair.

13) Textured Pastel Rainbow Ringlets

These soft , multicolored hairstyles bring thoughts of unicorns, cotton candy, and even unicorns. The soft loopy waves make gentle pastel hints of yellow, blue, and pink accents on the sides. The Asymmetrical lob is the ideal complement to this vibrant color work. Although this vibrant dye work isn’t for everyone it’s an amazing look for those with curly hair who wish to stand out.

14) Unraveled Balylage Beach Waves

This hairstyle is easy to style and has locks that gradually change from dark brunette to blonde. But what makes this transition so effortless is the exquisite bottom of the twisted tendrils. Over that, the crown is flat , with just small angling of the cheeks and the chin. This design is appropriate for formal and casual outfits. Furthermore, it’s an the perfect alternative to natural straight hair. We’d recommend this style to create a natural downdo for weddings.

15.) Extra-loose and Wavy Lob with Highlights of Chunky

This shoulder-length lob comes with just two layers of broad-angled waves. Although not the most curly of styles The smooth curves go perfectly with heart-shaped and round faces. The subtle but chunky highlights are a refreshing accent that will brighten up this appearance and make it look more youthful. Furthermore dark teased roots are a flirty and sexy complement to this contemporary hairstyle.

16) Textured Layers With Pointed Waves

If you’re looking to add some extra edge to the wavy look this smooth layer that is cut with sharp layers of waves is an excellent option. Curls that are laterally placed are the most striking on the rear of the hair. However, a wispy fringe on the side frame the face, and stops hair from flowing down to the side of your face. The most appealing feature of this style is the bright, high-contrast highlights that give the structure and depth of this stunning hairstyle for 2021. We suggest points for thin layers of hair.

17) Layered Medium Layered Lob

As you can see, this slender shoulder length haircut can be greatly improved with a few wavy twists. This is a remarkably versatile style that works with straight as well as naturally hair styles with texture. The thick layers show the neck but fall over the collarbone on the front. This is a great method to style hair grows out beyond your shoulders.

18) Dramatic Over-the shoulder Lob with Waves

We love this gorgeous high-chin hairstyle. The striking highlight and frontal balayage complement the loose curls. This style is great for all facial shapes as well as all hair types. We suggest a product that can texturize to complete the look such as mousse or oil. Overall, it’s an easy to maintain look that is elegant and chic.

19) Strawberry Blonde Balayage Beach Waves

The gorgeous balayage hairstyle has smooth transitions between strawberry roots and crimson blonde tips. The loose ringlets look great when paired with fine hair as they give a lot of volume at the base. This reduces the crown’s flatness. This style looks great on oval or square-shaped faces. If you’re looking for an wavy, long hairstyle that’s unique and trendy the crimson hairstyle is definitely worth looking into. Remember that long ringlets go well with any color, but we’re particularly in love with this faded crimson dye job.

20) Chic Long Bob with Textured End

This long, wavy bob is a style that can be pulled off effortlessly and is stunning when paired with subtle highlights. The main ingredient in this style is the lengths above the shoulder made with textured ends that creates a relaxed summer vibe. It’s a fun and exciting hairstyle change up your current look by experimenting!

21) Below-the-shoulders Voluminous Waves

This style is enhanced by the choppy and uncut waves. This is a fantastic style for ladies with fine hair who want to add some weight and dynamism to their long, set hair. The hair is cut in a uniform fashion around your neck’s nape. It is then split in half and then left to fall loosely on the cheekbones. It’s easy to keep and is an excellent method to conceal hair in the otherwise awkward phase of growth.

22) Textured Dirty Blonde Waves Flattened Crown

This flirty style is a fantastic choice for ladies with long hair. The tousled curls are parted across the middle, creating an ideal face-framing style suitable for ladies of different age groups. Golden accents lend this look’s warm and summery impressions. It is a great match for women with medium or dark skin tones. It is recommended to apply a tiny product to reduce the appearance of flaws. Apart from that this style requires little preparation.

23) Wispy Auburn Curves

The ever-so-slightly curled auburn tendrils offer a relaxed option to straight hair. In addition the shaved out waves can be an excellent option for rocking an after-work look or take a break from washing. Add a bit of frizz reducer and you’re in the right direction. The dark auburn and chestnut brown highlights make this style elegant and classy.

24) Unraveled Half-up Braid in Half-up with loose waves

This half-braid appears to defy gravity, as it sits on top of loose and flowing waves. We believe that some sort of bobby pin or a bit of material is used to hold the hairstyle in the right place, but it’s difficult to determine. It’s not a lot of work in this look, not even the wavy flyaways add texture to this sloppy style.

25) Dip-dyed Pink Waves with Top Knot

This hip style is perfect for 2021. The dip-dyed balayage ends provide a punk rock slant to this otherwise smooth fashion. The tiny topknot can be perfect for thinning out the top poof to create a layer division. We are a sucker for a half-up, half-down look that is suitable for any hair type and for all occasions.

26) Cool Blue Ombre with Rolled Middle Knot

The mermaid-unique style is breathtaking. The deep blue ocean roots fade away into robins egg Blue middles with baby blue tips. While the long wavy curls are drawn and stylish. The hair’s top layers are crossed in the rear of the head, creating an additional feature and more volume.

27) Dramatic Bleached Ombre Ends with subdued waves

We’re loving the dramatic shift of this ombre dip dye. Nothing can tie this beautiful look better than a couple of twists in the mid-back. The style is perfect to women with thinly-layered medium to thick hair. It’s delicate, elegant and flatters a wide range of facial types.

28) Giner Chest Height Waves with the Center Part

These hot ginger twists are separated in the middle to create the perfect look for work or play. The angular curves of the curls show the amazing strawberries blonde tips. This style is simple to achieve using a medium curling iron, or straightener.

29) Big Hollywood Waves with Overgrown Roots

There’s nothing more elegant than long, tampered and wide-angled curls. These bohemian bends require long voluminous hair. To get this beautiful hairstyle, tie your locks in French braids for a few days. The result is not like a sleep-in style.

30) Short Wavy Hair, with Voluminous Waves

The short, wavy hair that has it’s dark brown coloring offers a hint of Parisian look. The crown is super teasing with a lot of wispy under-the eyes shag. A lot of tousled curls and waves add a playful touch. Overall it’s a fantastic hairstyle idea for women looking to be different from the rest. It proves the world that short, wavy hair doesn’t have to be only for grandmas.

31) Layered Shag with Beachy Waves

The shag is layered and is a soft and dirty blonde strand which extend to down to the shoulder area. This simple hairstyle combines natural texture and volume to enhance the face’s features. This style works best with thick hair. But, a volumizing product can make thin strands appear more lifted. Shags are making a huge revival, and are the ideal haircut for hair with wavy.

32) Two-toned Sandy Side Party with Elegant Waves

Like you see in the image, this beautiful golden-hued hairstyle is an enormous improvement over the blunt yellow-hued hairstyle. The toned-down hue and soft shoulder length waves are warm and appealing. This is a great haircut for women. It is easy to pull in a low ponytail.

33) Shoulder-length Barely-there Waves

The barely-there waves are in fashion. They’re beautiful easy, simple and simple to master, and suitable for everyday wear. In this instance the classic shoulder length lob with highlight highlights that are sun-kissed are perfect combination for this simple relaxed style.

34) Two-toned Windswept Locks

Two-toned hair can be a fantastic option to show off your original hair color as well as for a dye job. In this instance the hair’s texture helps to tie everything together. This is a fantastic style for women seeking to improve the condition of their damaged or dry hair. In addition, it’s an easy hairstyle for curly hair and naturally textured hair.

35) High-contrast Two-toned Lob

This vibrant color scheme is joined by thin highlights. This is yet another excellent example of a barely-there wave which can be created using a straightening iron within only two minutes.

36) Deconstructed Fishtail With Loose Waves

This fishtail deconstructed is a fresh hairstyle for women wanting to stand out. The crisscrossed strands create an attractive feature to the rear of the head while pulling the front strands upwards towards the front. The final flourish is a soft curl. It’s a striking and gorgeous hairstyle for women of any hair type.

37) Long Healthy Waves

This cute look is simple and easy to create provided you have healthy tresses of a good length to use. The delicate curves and soft lines of these slender waves are simple to master. You too can get them on loose braids.

38) Electric Fuchsia Mermaid Waves with Lilac Roots

Are you looking for a striking and beautiful hairstyle? The fuchsia-colored waves of this brazen style are anything but boring. The subtle lilac roots provide the dimension and brightness to this gorgeous hairstyle.

39) Blunt Beach Waves with Fringe

We’ve seen plenty of hairstyles that are highlighted and two-toned but nothing can beat the slender shoulder-length cuts with the same color. The cute, bouncy curls are beautifully accentuated by long , feathery fringes and subtle layers on the sides. This adorable simple hairstyle that works for both women of all ages as well as young girls.

40) Long Red Ombre Hairdo with Bouncy Ends

We are in love with this ombre copper/auburn look. Combed-out curls provide an all-day look, but aren’t excessively heavy-maintenance. After looking at this style We’re pretty sure that redheads are the most fun!


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