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The Full Stack: 41 Hottest Stacked Haircuts

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31. Short Pearl Blonde Razored Bob

Stacked Razored Bob With Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs that are stacked are sensual and sultry. Straighten your hair to perfection and let the natural curls add an extra lift and volume. The sparkling pearl-blonde tresses that sparkle with razored ends and a chunky texture give a youthful look in the cutting.

32. Angled Bob with Swoopy Feathered Layers

Medium Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut

A lot of feathery hair strands give movement to the medium-sized stacked bob cut. Long front pieces slide over the jawline, smoothing down the face, while the side-swept bangs touch cheekbones. The highlights of blonde that are scattered over hair that is ash brown appear sun-kissed.

33. Strawberry Blonde Stack with Highlights in Red Highlights

chin-length stacked red bob

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A stacked haircut is available in a myriad of shades. This blonde version that has red highlights certain to attract a lot of attention. This particular style of stack is suitable for those with fine hair, because of its short length, and layers that creates the illusion of having a more thicker hair.

34. Wavy Brown and Burgundy 2-in-1 Bob

wavy tousled burgundy bob

Perfect for curly hair and for thick hair The medium, wavy cut is sexiness in a way. There’s a slimmer straight layer underneath and an unruly and messy top layer, which is cut uneven and choppy to highlight your fullness design. Its brown, burgundy and shades add some an extra dimension in the style.

35. Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

Inverted Stacked Collarbone Bob

A bob with an angled cut is a fashionable alternative to your typical short cut. Spraying a texturizing spray, and twirling straight hair using a creamy wax can transform your standard cut into a trendy hairstyle that is relaxed and casual. look.

36. Cute Blonde Bob with Layers of Piece-y.

Short Choppy Chin-Length Bob

A bob that is stacked and layered with layered hair creates the appearance of a broken rounded look. This style is suitable for face shapes that are square or rectangular particularly when your frontal hair extends to the cheeks. Highlights of blonde with dimension highlight the texture, adding movement.

37. Highlighted Bob with Bangs and Stacked Layers

Inverted Bronde Balayage Bob

A swoopy cut that’s shorter in the back, but longer in front is a great choice for those looking for a chicer look. A style that is rounded with bangs provides a contemporary look to an already trendy dirty blonde shade.

38. Platinum Blonde Bob

Ash Blonde Inverted Bob

The appeal of stacked haircuts is their ability to increase the volume even of the tiniest hair hair strands. The layers of your back give your hair an extra power. For a boost you should get an effective texturizer and fine-tooth combing. Also, massage your hair’s roots to give it more body.

39. Voluminous Medium-Length Bob

Layered Blonde Lob

For a more dramatic effect the hairstyle is based on the addition of volume on both sides and up the top instead of the standard hairstyle of stacked in the back that is seen in these images. For a sky-high look Try teasing the hair, putting in dry shampoo or put a hair piece in the form of the word “bump the hair”. Do you remember those? They’re silly, but they’re effective.

40. Inverted Bob Undercut

Short Stacked Bob With Nape Undercut

A rocker undercut is a cool slash punk take on this hairstyle that is already striking. Since there’s a lot happening with the haircut itself, you should consider at reducing the hue and keep it to a minimal style like smooth and straight or lightly curving. This is achieved applying the technique of the circular brush during blow drying.

41. Slanted Bob with Choppy Back

Steeply Angled Layered Bob

The sharp angle and the contrast in width between back and front are certainly noticeable. The sharp cut at the back that cascades into a sharp point in the front adds the illusion of depth that doesn’t need any other styling tips. A quick gentle teasing to reveal the texture is all you require to get this stunning stacking bob haircut.

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