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40 Spectacular Blunt Bob Hairstyles

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Blunt bob haircut claimed its name a few years ago, as it was first created by the skillful cutting blades that were the stylist of legend Vidal Sassoon. The fashionistas of the world and those who wear it regularly have not looked back since. This striking, angular look is suitable for many different hair types and shapes However, this isn’t all that makes sense of its attractiveness and ability. To see more evidence take a look at the 40 stunning hairstyles below.

Blunt Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

Blunt cuts make hair look healthier, more durable and more thick. The majority of blunt cuts are incorporated in straight hairstyles to show the precision of lines and the sleekness of the texture. However, that doesn’t mean you should not style your hair for blunt cuts when you’re feeling the mood.

#1: Chic Gray Blunt Haircut

Chin-length blunt bob

In case your hair’s longer and straight, it might be a good idea to test this cut. The length of the chin allows it to be ideal for round and square shape faces. It can help cover up some of the aspects you’d prefer not to be noticed for.

# 2: Straight Bob with Ombre Highlights

Ombre lob

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This is a style that can work equally well with highlights as it does with hair that is ombre. This is because the classic cut acts as an open canvas that frames your face beautifully and can be creatively redesigned.

#3: Chocolate Brown A-Line Lob

Cute long bob haircut

This final style goes to prove that blunt bobs do not require a lot of care. They are a great base for different hairstyles they’re also very easy to make.

4: Cut Blunt Bangs to thick hair

Blunt lob for thick hair

The style is actually a modernized version of hairstyles that were fashionable in the 70s. The hair’s bulky mass can be arranged in natural lines and sweeps, creating the perfect geometry and smoothness of the cut.

#5: Asymmetrical Side-Parted Bob

asymmetrical angled brunette bob

You have an elegant bob cut in asymmetrical fashion perfect angled and finished with a side cut that lets the hair be slid over the eye in a mysterious way. The most appealing part about this cut is how sleek and polished it looks and doesn’t have any hair that is out of place.

#6: Sleek Pointed Bob

Stacked bob haircut

Do you remember the French film sensation Amelie? This cut is like the cut portrayed on screen by Audrey Tautou as Amelie. The sharp tips make the facial features appear more attractive, particularly when its shape is either a square or an inverted triangle.

#7 Textured Bob with Chunky Bangs

wavy blunt bob with bangs

The bangs are hefty and hard to miss, and subtle waves all along the length the chin-length bob is an unintentionally messy look however, it is still stylish. The overall texture that is applied to the hair, which gives it dimension, volume and emphasizes the stunning shape in the style.

#8: Wavy Gray Ombre

black wavy bob with gray ombre highlights

Yes blunt bobs can be worn with a wavy look as well. This may not display the exactness of the cut as well as if it were worn straight, but you will still see the thick ends that are naturally separated. With medium length and an off-center section, this wavy dark gray hair is a great fit for all the trendy girls that are in the market.

#9: Shaggy Blonde Bob

blonde tousled bob hairstyle

There’s something special about the blonde hair that allows it to look great with almost any haircut, including bobs. Hereis an attractive blonde medium length bob , which is paired with the side parting and the wavy texture. The sharp cut on the ends gives the hairstyle an exact and polished look.

#10 Black and Burgundy Style with Side Part

black blunt chin-length bob with dark burgundy highlights

The hair is slightly angled, perfectly cut and hairstyle with a side-part the cute short hairstyle looks sleek, while conveying a sense of mystery when it falls lightly over the eye. The dark black color and dark burgundy highlights gives the dimension and depth to this incredibly chic hairstyle.

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