Get your biker babe on the road choose an uncut bob. The trend that is most prevalent among hairstyles that do not have layers , is the blunt hairstyle called a bob. But, if you’re the kind of woman who likes her hair to be long but still wants those blunt ends , no problem! It’s true that blunt cuts look stunning on all hair types and lengths. It’s just a matter of finding the best style for your needs. You can think about an all-length style as well as one of the adorable angles that are more in front, and shorter on the back. To check out these and other amazing styles take a look at our collection of sharp cuts below!

1. Blunt Pixie Bob

It’s a pleasure to feel the texture of this bob, as it gives the perfect imperfection that is inherent to the hottest cuts of the moment. Blunt cuts are more popular than chops with layers. You can decide which is the one that appeals to you more.

2. Neck-Length Blunt Bob

Stylists refer these trendy , no-layer hairstyles as’soft blunt cuts’ and they’re fashionable. It’s no wonder women love this style so often. It’s feminine as well as professional and attractive all at once.

3. Side Parted Short Blunt Bob

This style looks stunning on every woman, but particularly women with hair that is thinner. Check out how much volume you can get with the basic cut.

4. Chin-Length Blunt Bob

We love this bob as it is a great way to define the jawline. It gives a sleek bottom and a cool overall style. It can be styled in a straight or wavy style for second-day hair.

5. Blunt Bob featuring Side-Swept Bangs

Display the world your romantic side by sporting an unassuming haircut and side-swept bangs! Elegant and lively This hairstyle is an ideal combination for any hair color and texture.

6. Blunt Bob With Bangs

A blunt-cut bob that has curtain bangs is an excellent choice for women with straight hair. This look is elegant and classy and is the perfect choice to any occasion, whether formal or casual.

7. Short Blunt Bob and Waves

Don’t be afraid to flaunt your beautiful long neck and gorgeous waves from the beach! Highlight your hair with stunning blonde highlights and tie the back of your neck to enhance your hair’s appearance. full.

8. Side-Parted Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyle

Blondes attract a lot of attention throughout the year: regardless of the time of year, whether it’s the summer monthsor the autumn when the vibrant colors of summer are starting to fade. Split your hair to one side to get a more stylish appearance and then refresh it by adding a few more waves.

9. One-Length Blunt Haircut

Bob hairstyles are classy trendy, stylish, and trendy in Hollywood. The hairstyle works nearly on everyone, with the exception for ladies who have round faces. Highlights can be added in a partial way for an amazing appearance.

10. Short Blunt Wavy Bob

The shorter your bob is will give you more volume get, and this hairstyle shows it! We appreciate how lush and luxurious her hair appears due to the perfect cut color, styling, and coloring.

11. Neck-Length Blunt Cut

This bob-like piece with none of the layers are the newest fashion! It’s very elegant, romantic and sophisticated and classy all at once. The waves add volume to hair, making the look healthier and shiner.

12. Short Blunt Bob

This hairstyle is utter beauty from any direction you view it from The hair ends are precise and create a tidy appearance all the time!

13. Shaggy Blunt Lob

This stunning hairstyle incorporates many elements that create stunning and memorable hairstyles. Include a smoky bang and babylights for a jolly look!

14. Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

No matter if you’re brunette, blonde or red-haired, this hairstyle will suit your style! It’s quite universal and is known to suit all facial forms and hair types!

15. Wavy Blunt Blonde Cut

Look stylish and unique in the same moment with this elegant, simple hairstyle. It can be paired with loose bangs or the fade of your roots to add an extra glam look.

16. Blunt Bob Shag and Money Pieces

Sometimes a small side part and money pieces can make a difference to the overall style. Here’s an illustration of how a traditional haircut can transform into a new hairstyle in just a few minutes.

17. Blunt Cut Bob with Full Highlights

A slanting shape with precise ends, paired with a shaggy style creates this hairstyle. Ideal for oval, heart and square-face shapes This hairstyle can be completed by full highlights to create an impressive and timeless appearance.

18. Blunt, sombre hairstyle with Sombre

A simple collarbone cut with sombre can be a good choice for ladies who have faces that are square. Make your face appear longer and draw attention to your gorgeous eyes by using this gorgeous look!

19. The Short Messy Bob, with Highlights and Highlights

Blunt cut hairstyles come in various styles. For instance, this one is adorned with stunning silver and ash hair strands that contrast with natural hair colors.

20. Blunt Cut Long Hair

Anyone who says that a sharp cut is boring on long hair hasn’t been done with skill. Look at this gorgeous chic hairdo, with an amazing balance of hair!

21. Blunt Lob for Wavy Hair

Hair with waves and highlights on the face frame work perfectly! In addition, a lob of the collarbone can enhance your face unlike any other style.

22. Classy Blonde Blunt Bob

The vibrant light blonde look amazing when paired with a classic bob cut. This style will guarantee you a tidy appearance as well as quick hairstyles early in the morning.

23. Accurate Rounded Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs can be very simple to wear and flatter virtually everyone. Make sure to tuck your hair back for a little more volume, and you’re good to go!

24. Voluminous Short Blunt Bob

Bobs are a great choice for those seeking a stylish appearance. The bob stands out due to its size and impeccable form and the gorgeous combination of highlights.

25. Blunt Bob With Bangs

Two words: elegant! This style is an edgy French style to it, and when you’ve tried it, you’ll be unable to want to leave the mirror. The sharp bangs definitely make a statement!

26. Medium Length Blunt Cut

This stunning cut on straight hair can be a beautiful canvas that is ready to be your own ideas! Light-colored highlights that are sun-kissed, subtle balayage or even bright neon highlights – pick and experiment with a color to meet your preferences.

27. The Lob comes with Korean Bangs

The messy hairstyles of today are popular as never. This is no surprise. Korean bangs are an omnipresent feature of modern-day fashion!

28. Blunt Lob with Highlights of Face Frame

The rough cut with the highlights on the front strands create an elegant modern princess style. It’s cute, romantic but also practical, and will save you a lot of time that you’d have to spend on the styling!

29. No-Bangs Blunt Bob

A bob cut short with cool and warm highlights is a great alternative to haircuts that are blunt. Explore different hair colors like this unique blend of gray and bronze shades.

30. Shoulder-Grazing Blunt Cut

Bangs are suitable for every hair type and can actually create the illusion of thin hair being bigger If cut properly. Give your hair a more volume by curling your hair to the side for a flirty appearance.

31. Combed Over Blonde Blunt Cut

Make a switch to give your part the additional volume you didn’t even know you could have. An excellent trick for those with thinner hair kinds.

32. Stacked Blunt Bob

Stacked layers provide the greatest volume and body you can have. A blunt cut and a razor cut can give you the clean appearance you want.

33. Subtly Graduated Blunt Cut Bob

For women with hair that is thin A slightly graduated cut is the ideal choice as it will add additional volume and body particularly in the back.

34. A Blunt Cut with side Bangs

The curtain curls have an off-center portion and gentle waves look stunning. To create looser, more softer curls, make use of the medium-sized curling iron.

35. A Blunt-Cut Lob that has Shadow Roots

You’ll fall in love with a lob since you can wear your hair loosely or half-up half-down without a problem with length! You can enjoy the most desirable of both with an edgy long lob.

36. Blunt Textured Bob

Pick a playful bright, fun balayage color, and experiment with mixing because you have such an enticing cut.

37. All-over Blunt Bob and Balayage

Beachy highlights can be used on shorter lengths as well! If you’re looking to give some depth for your blunt cuts choose a balayage style and make a mess in your hair.

38. One-Length Blunt Bob

Make sure to keep your hair to the shorter end when you have hair that is thinner. Select the same length throughout as shown in the image below highlight, then request some jagged edges while leaving your hair’s roots dark.

39. Middle Part Blunt Bob

The secret to having an ideal mid-section is to shade your roots, and then utilize an a tail hair comb make your part more distinct. Once you’ve achieved your ideal middle section, style your bob using the curling iron or an oil containing sea salt and comb your hair with dampness.

40. Blunt, wavy hairstyle with a Middle Part

Make your appearance more versatile and stylish with a blunt cut that has the parting at the center. This kind of parted hairstyle can make your face appear larger and frames your face in a way which emphasizes your jaw and cheekbones.


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