Rocking short hair with bangs is one of the best ways to wear any above the shoulder length. Your choice can be a side bang, cropped fringe, or trendy curtain bangs – there is something for everyone. Here are the 47 best short hair cuts with bangs to look through before your next visit to your stylist.

1. Short Wavy Hair with Bangs. Thick beachy waves look so lovely on slightly messy short hair. A side-swept voluminous fringe blends seamlessly with the style.

2. Short Layered Hair with Bangs. A fun style that’s created with plenty of texture thanks to the full head of layers and a fun cropped fringe.

3. Short Bob with a Layered Side Fringe. Bring some lightness to your stacked bob with a textured thick fringe. If you part your wispy bangs on one side, it can visually give more volume and even out the locks around.

4. Soft Bob with a Feathery Fringe. A classic that suits thin hair of any hair color. It instantly gives off a dreamy vibe because of its tousled texture, and the fringe will have you feeling like one of those French girls, no doubt.

5. Choppy Pixie with Feathered Bangs. The queen of all short hairstyles with bangs, this pixie is completed with a long side fringe. It works best on thicker hair but medium hair texture can pull it off too.

6. Asymmetrical Short Hair with Bangs. A layered asymmetrical cut with see-through bangs will hands down get everyone’s attention in the room. Besides, it doesn’t require much styling, as it’s pretty out there on its own.

7. Short Hair with Side Swept Bangs. One of the most popular hairstyles for short hair with bangs thanks to Ruby Rose who has actually made it so popular. Nothing beats those edgy choppy bangs!

8. Sliced Pixie for Black Hair. Arguably one of the most effortless short haircuts with bangs that you will fall in love with. To style it, you will simply need some texturizing product to give your hair more grip.

9. Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs. One of the easiest ways to style short hair with bangs is with a curling iron or wand. Slightly straighten your bangs to leave them framing your face on the sides and create soft beachy waves throughout the length for a soft everyday feel.

10. Bangs with Short Layered Hair. This messy cut has longer sides, shorter back and added volume at the top, with most of it, swept to the front in a thick fringe. Looks best on thick-haired girls!


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