If you’re looking to update your mid-length haircut and test the most well-liked option within the mid-length category We’ve got a selection of bob haircuts that are dreamy that are suitable for round faces that fit any hair style and type. Explore the following list and discover the perfect bob style for your next visit at the beauty salon.

1. Sleek Platinum Bob. The perfect Bob with bangs that are perfect that are perfect for round faces because it frames the shape of your face so perfectly.

2. Sharp A-Line Bob. A stylish A-line cut for a face with a round shape is very easy to remove even when your hair isn’t thick.

3. Choppy Bob. We love cuts with layers of choppy material so you achieve the greatest the texture and height you can get from your shorter cuts.

4. Sleek Blonde Lob. A straight long hairstyle is always a good choice for round faces, particularly when styled with long, peek-a-boo bangs.

5. Sexy Black Bob. Make a dramatic change by straightening your hair from the root to the tip. For volume to your hair, simply apply a dry hairspray or volumizing shampoo.

6. Shoulder Length Bob. Longer bobs are an ideal option for those who love length. You can add waves to give you more shape and volume.

7. Blonde Shoulder Length Bob. Here’s a great length for bobs for those who don’t have to have a short cut for your face shape.

8. Wavy Mid-Length Bob. Take a look at these waves and try them If you like them, they look effortlessly elegant!

9. Sexy Blunt Bob. Don’t be scared of a blunt style It will immediately make your jawline the focus of attention and look flawlessly cut.

10. Edgy Bob With Cropped Blont Bangs. Take this cut with a bold style and sharp, slick bangs that shout “biker chic”.

11. Asymmetrical Wavy Lob. There are a lot of romantic vibes from this color and style. The length of the face, symmetry and the peek-a-boo style complement this round-faced face.

12. Bob for Thin Hair and Round Face. A bob that is short to round face is perfect for women with hair that is thin and want to explore something new and trendy.

13. Bob for Fine Hair and Round Face. Split your hair to the side, so that you can draw an elongated diagonal lines across the forehead. This line reduces the size of your face and makes your face appear more rounded. face.

14. Blonde Curls. See how the curlier curls can make her eyes sparkle – it’s all about the dimension!

15. Shaggy Lob that has Loose Waves. If you’re in search of a long layers Bob to wear on round faces – this is the right one. It can be styled straight or wavy to give it more dimension and texture.

16. Peek-A-Boo Layers. A fringe or even side bangs can truly elevate your style because it can add dimension and body to the cut.

17. Centre-Parted Pearl Blonde Bob. If you’re looking for Bobs that are suitable to suit round faces and fine hair experiment with the way you parted your hair since it can increase the volume of your hair if you decide to choose an alternative method of parting.

18. Blonde Beach Waves. The lob is awash with large waves as well as a central part elegantly frames the face, keeping its large length in shadow.

19. Sassy Asymmetrical Bob. Select the face side you would like to showcase and then split your hair, and you will get shorter length.

20. Chic Pink Bob. The side section is fun We’re in love with the density and texture gives!

21. Platinum Straight Lob. A sharp, sharp cut and a striking pure color make an incredible combination! The style is symmetrical with one side hidden in behind your ear.

22. Wavy Ash Blonde Lob. With a round face , you can create the middle and beach waves, so long as certain angles have been added on the edges.

23. Curly Combover Bob. Naturally curly hair has a lot of volume to the sides. However, when you split the hair, and then style it symmetrically with a thick curly hair bob will not be able to widen your face.

24. Bob with baby bangs. If you’re thin with straight locks, this haircut you’ll look gorgeous on photos as well as in reality!

25. Sweet Low Curls. Curls in the lower part that are lively towards the base of your hair emit a the impression of a young, sweet look.

26. Messy Asymmetrical Combover Bob. A round face can be matronly if you choose the wrong haircut However, add an edge by wearing messy asymmetrical cuts with a biker jacket and forget about your worries This style is closest to matronly!

27. Shoulder Length Waves. Begin the wave by curling just a bit over your cheekbone to achieve that beachy look.

28. White waves that have Front Bangs. Bangs that are frontal give off a an elegant, polished look which you can pair with straight or wavy hair.

29. Beachy Brunette Bob. The more messy your waves are, the better. Spray the beach texture spray into your hair before styling it to achieve a smooth look.

30. Fine Straight Bob. To get fine hair straight, you can try opting for medium length hair with hair with textured ends.

31. Flirty Layers and Straight Across Bangs. The subtle highlights of your hair can create a dramatic change in your appearance and mood.

32. Volumizing Layers. For a big volume boost for your shaggy bob, consider applying a volumizing spray or dry shampoo.

33. Textured Wavy Lob for Round Faces. See how the angles of the waves make this a slimmer round face. We can’t get enough!

34. Asymmetrical Peek-A-Boo Bob. Asymmetrical hairstyles that are deeply parted are chic and fashionable. Include some highlights and you’ll get ready to make heads turn!

35. Beige Bob that has Bent Ends. This wispy hairstyle is suitable with straight hair as well as an oval face. If you’re looking for a different look to a smooth, sleek hairstyle, you can try “just an incline hair”. It’s cute!

36. Razored Shag. The razored layers add appearance and the height isn’t possible using scissors.

37. Messy Blonde Waves. You can’t decide between straight and curly hair? Try both using the curly, wavy messy hairstyle. Only curl the ends, and form those stunning bangs that swoop.

38. Sassy Curly Bob for Round Face. Simple with a few loose curls as well as a flattering brunette hue accented by the shadow roots.

39. Ash Blonde Waves. The bob that makes round faces can be soft and pliable!

40. Hipster Curls that have Front Bangs. We love this trending look that evokes our youth, but with a the sexy and hippie look.

41. Straight Straight Shoulder that has Curtain Bangs. A cute and innocent look that is suitable for any face shape, however it is highly suggested for a round face!

42. Sleek Black Lob. What a elegant and chic this look is! We’d love to have it as soon as possible.

43. Short Beachy Bob. Your stylist should ask you to keep your hair natural to allow you to add depth.

44. Messy Bedhead Bob. For that ‘rolled-out of bed’ appearance do a scrunch or twist it using an iron and then twirl it some after styling.

45. Edgy Waves. Make a scrunched style to create a messy bob and enjoy some lovely waves that are edgy.

46. Shaggy Elongating Waves. For a hairstyle that gives your hair a new look consider an elongated look that you can style without excessive heat.

47. The Long-A-Line Bob that has Full Bangs. The thing we like about A-line cuts is that it has the longest length in the vicinity of the face.


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