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48 Best Two Tone Hair Ideas

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Get rid of the boring and to the thrilling! Two-tone hair is quickly growing in popularity among fashions this year, and we completely comprehend the reason. It allows us to be creative with our hairstyles in an extremely entertaining manner. If you’re looking for natural tones or intense shades take a look at all our hairstyles with two tones below for some great ideas!

1. Two Tone Hair Color Dark on Top Light on Bottom

Two Tone Hair Color Dark on Top Light on Bottom

There are a lot of two-tone hairstyles that have dark bottoms and lighter top. However, you could take a different approach and create a completely different look to create a unique hairstyle. You can mix a dark top and blonde bottoms as an example.

2. Blonde in Front, Brown in Back

Blonde in Front, Brown in Back

However it is possible to mix your colors vertically rather than horizontally. In this case we suggest picking lighter colors to the area in to the face’s front. It is possible to test brown hair on the back and blonde locks at the front.

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3. Half and Half Two Tone Hair

Half and Half Two Tone Hair

You can also enjoy a lot of fun choosing half and half shades to create your two-tone hair style. An example of this is this striking copper and burgundy combination. We love the way the shades are evenly separated by the side portion here.

4. Shadow Roots Hairstyles

Shadow Roots Hairstyles

It was not possible to discuss hairstyles with two shades without bringing to mind one of the latest trends of the year : shadow roots. If you choose to either develop natural roots or darken them using the use of hair dyes, we suggest using shadow roots for your primary choices.

5. Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

If you’re a long-haired person it is possible to have lots of fun playing around with various shades. You could paint the lower portion of your hair dark brown or black and use your hair with a honey blonde top coat. You’ll appear chic and edgy while still looking chic.

6. Girly Two Tone Hair

Girly Two Tone Hair

If you’re looking for an elegant approach to your hair in two shades take it! Pick two pretty shades, like purple and pink or go for an irresistible half-and-half style. The idea is great for women with bangs that are looking to be noticed.

7. Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre Hairstyles

We’re not strangers to hair ombre and the huge impact it has had on the hair industry over the last few years. If you’re looking for sharp, but fashionable gradients, we strongly suggest ombre hair for your hairstyle with two shades.

8. Color Melt Hairstyles

Color Melt Hairstyles

If you want to, you could choose to combine the two colors to create some visual appeal. If you decide to go with plum and platinum as in the image above, or another shades, you’ll look stunning. Utilize an experienced colorist to achieve the look you want.

9. Black and White Two Tone Hair

Black and White Two Tone Hair

Since the earliest time we can remember it has been the most popular combination of contrast. If it’s being used in fashion or beauty, or in any other aspect of beauty you’ll never do wrong with it. Make your hair look more lively by incorporating the black and white two tone hair style.

10. Bright Hairstyles

Bright Hairstyles

If you are feeling that black and white seems too boring for you, consider the many options available. In terms of two-tone hair goes, you’ll be able to play around with the shade that suits your style. Magenta and turquoise are certain to pop your locks.

11. Fiery Two Tone Hair

Fiery Two Tone Hair

There’s something very unique about hairstyles that are that are inspired by flames. To create your own two-tone concept you can incorporate the rich red and fiery orange tones found in the flames. We recommend this particular version for ladies who have long hair.

12. Funky Tips

Funky Tips

There are many different styles of two tone hair that do not must be symmetrical. Actually, a lot of women look gorgeous when they color only a small portion in their hair. Consider coloring the tips or even the hair’s undercoat for a chic appearance.

13. Afro Curls in Two Tones

Afro Curls in Two Tones

African American women can always look to two-tone hairstyles to enhance their beautiful rings. If you’re naturally curlyand dark and smooth hair, it is recommended to look into an earth tone for your secondary shade.

14. Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Medium Length Hair

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Medium Length Hair

Hair with medium lengths can choose to go with natural styling for their two-tone locks. Instead of making an imposing transition from one color to another you could opt to soften the second tone. Colors from this palette are most well for this design.

15. Hairstyles for Messy Buns With Two Tone Hair

Messy Bun with Two Tone Hair

When you’ve got your hair in two tones put in place, you can begin to think about hairstyles that compliment your unique hair color. One hairstyle you’ll never be bored of , is the messy bun. Apart from clearly displaying the two colors The messy bun also offers a relaxing hairstyle for the person who wears it.

16. Two Tone Ghana Braids

Two Tone Ghana Braids

Braids make a great “canvas” in a way, as they say for two-tone hairstyles. There are a lot of African braids that you could explore for hairstyles including Ghana braids. You can leave the top as hair’s natural shade and blend it out to your preferred hue to add extensions.

17. Contrasting Two Tone Hair

Contrasting Two Tone Hair

Melanie Martinez proves that contrast can make a huge impact on the overall appearance. How better to introduce contrast than by incorporating it into your hair? You are free to play around with minty soft hair against hair that is black and jet black.

18. Dark Bangs and Light Hair

Dark Bangs and Light Hair

We love the creative thinking which was incorporated into this hairstyle that has two shades. While you’ll require an experienced hair stylist to achieve an identical result We highly recommend this strategy. Pay attention to your bangs as well as the layer underneath your hair’s top layer.

19. Two Tone Hair Highlights

Two Tone Hair Highlights

Furthermore, you can test highlights with your hairstyle that is two-tone. One of the best combinations is brown and blonde however, don’t be afraid to experiment with any shade you prefer. The greater the contrast is, the better the appearance will look.

20. Copper and Ash Blonde Hair

Copper and Ash Blonde Hair

Are you looking for a unique hair color combo that makes you look amazing? Copper and ash blonde hair is the perfect choice for you! You can keep most of your locks ash blonde and layer copper all over your hair.

21. Two Tone Box Braids

Two Tone Box Braids

Similar to Ghana braids Box braids look stunning when they’re colored with two tones. Like the braids we first talked about, we suggest keeping the black braids for the top. Then, you can go wild using your favorite colors to complete the braids.

22. Rockabilly Two Tone Hair

Rockabilly Two Tone Hair

The effectiveness of your two-tone hairstyle is also dependent on the kind of haircut that you choose to pair the two colors. If you’re a rockabilly woman you can have fun with the black and blonde hairstyle with blunt, short bangs. The result will be hard to resist.

23. Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Contrary to what some women might think, two-tone hair is achievable with shorter hairstyles. For instance, if you’re wearing an elongated pixie with long hair then the hair can be brought back to life by adding a layer of color over. To achieve the desired look make use of black for the lower section and a lighter shade to cover the upper.

24. Balayage Hairstyles

Balayage Hairstyles

Hairstyles with ombres are popular however, we’re aware that this abrupt change isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a smoother gradient, opt for two-tone hair with the balayage. The primary tone will effortlessly transition into the secondary.

25. Blonde and Red Hair

Blonde and Red Hair

Sunny blonde and cherry red? Yes, please! There are only a handful of two tone combos that attract the attention of people as well as red and blonde. After applying your candy red undercoat, you can brighten the top by adding bits of blonde throughout.

26. Light Two Tone Hair

Light Two Tone Hair

In a lot of cases there are two-tone hairstyles that have different shades. However certain women are total stunning with lighter shades. If you’re blessed with dark or olive skin tone the blonde and platinum two-tone hairstyle is perfect for you.

27. Partial Two Tone Hair

Partial Two Tone Hair

You can also use the same colorway , but with an alternative method. Instead of segregating the copper and platinum into two coats, you can apply one of the tones to create smaller portions that is your hair. It’s a great alternative for women who have bangs.

28. Platinum and Silver Hair

Platinum and Silver Hair

It is also possible to use platinum as a complement to colors of the same palette, for example brown/ash blonde silver, gray or. If you use the darker tone towards front, you’ll highlight the platinum at the top and toward the front.

29. Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair

Are you fascinated by the concept of the mermaids? You can now appear like one by showcasing your hairstyle! Mermaid hair has always been being talked about for the last year and is a sea-inspired color. Select turquoise and indigo to create the two-tone mermaid hairstyle.

30. Platinum and Red Two Tone Hair

Platinum and Red Two Tone Hair

If you want to return to the platinum look for a second You can choose the wine red color of your hair to complement it. Both vibrant tones be a perfect match and create a stunning hairstyle you’ll be able to appreciate.

31. Pink and Black Hair

Pink and Black Hair

Are you just as bad as you’re nice? Let your bittersweet side shine through your hairstyle. You can choose half and half looks that features black and pink cotton candy to the opposite. This will make the contrast stunning!

32. Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Brown Hair

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Brown Hair

Some women prefer to keep your natural hair colour in their two-tone hairstyle. If you’re brown in your hair for instance you could opt for a lighter shade to create a second shade. Turquoise appears stunning, however, you can also experiment with green, blue, pink or orange.

33. Black and Purple Hair

Black and Purple Hair

Certain hair colors do not go quite as well as purple and black. Natural brunettes ought to seriously think about applying a vibrant mauve to their hair with two tones in the form of highlights or balayage. The combination looks gorgeous on women of any eye color as well as skin tone.

34. Two Tone Hair with an Undercut

Two Tone Hair with Undercut

We’re happy to see that short cuts are becoming increasingly well-liked by women. If you’re a fan of wearing shorter and trendy hairstyles, you could consider mixing in two shades for your hair. Choose a darker shade for the cut part undercut and a lighter shade to cover the remainder of your hair.

35. Subtle Two Tone Hairstyles

Subtle Two Tone Hairstyles

If you’re not looking for an extravagant hairstyle You can opt for a subtle elegance with the two-tone hairstyle. In this case it is recommended to keep your natural hair color , and using a tone that can blend seamlessly.

36. Two Tone Dreadlocks

Two Tone Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are already a trendy hairstyle. But what if you could take it to the next degree by wearing them in two shades? We recommend this option for women who plan to get dreadlock extensions as part of their hairstyle. In this way, you’ll be adding color, but not harming your hair’s natural texture.

37. Peekaboo Two Tone Hair

Peekaboo Two Tone Hair

We’ve covered the advantages of peekaboo highlights before. In essence they’re a fun engaging, fun, and imaginative method to add some spice to your hairstyle. If you have hair that is two-tone you can apply the peekaboo method to create an undercoat you can hide or show off at any time.

38. Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Brunettes don’t have to undergo that long effort to achieve a beautiful hairstyle that is two-tone. Given that black hair is a rich shade by its very nature, you can opt to create an intense, warm color of brown chocolate.

39. Dark Accents in Blonde Hair

Dark Accents in Blonde Hair

Sometimes all you require is a pop of contrast to create a stunning hairstyle. A straight blonde hairstyle is easily restyled by adding some darker accents every now and then. The results are more attractive for women who have long, side-swept hairstyles.

40. Pastel Two Tone Hair

Pastel Two Tone Hair

It’s not a secret that pastels attract attention and more importantly, admiration. Finish them off with the two-tone coloring technique and you’ll get a stunning hairstyle that you’ll be proud of. Select your preferred shades and get going!

41. Ginger and Purple Hair

Ginger and Purple Hair

If you’re looking for a unique two-tone hairstyle you don’t see in every other woman Take the time to consider different shades. It is also possible to utilize the color of your hair especially for those who are redheads. Add some vibrant purple for a gorgeous appearance.

42. Braided Two Tone Hair

Braided Two Tone Hair

Are you looking for a chic style for your morning at school or work? It’s not difficult all you need be doing is weave your two-tone hair! We recommend exploring braiding techniques that allow your two distinct shades to shine. French braids, fishtail as well as Dutch braids are fantastic examples.

43. Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and Lowlights

A harmonious mix of highlights and lowlights could be the perfect choice for your hairstyle with two shades. Blonde and reddish brown for instance, work amazing together. We suggest the combination as a feminine style which you can wear all year long.

44. Emo Two Tone Hair

Emo Two Tone Hair

A variety of emo and scene hairstyles for girls combine two colors of hair in a unique manner. If you are a fan of long hair with a side-swept sweep and shorter layers on your long hair, change your emo style with two different shades.

45. Two Tone Faux Hawk

Two Tone Faux Hawk

Certain hairstyles provide the ideal basis for playing around with different colors. The fake hawk, for example is made more attractive by using two different shades. This is one look you should not pass up if are sporting long hair.

46. Black and Blue Hair

Black and Blue Hair

Like purple and black like black and purple, blue and black work fantastically together for hairstyles that are dark and mysterious. For results that are similar to those in the image above, consult your hairstyle stylist about applying the contourage coloring method.

47. Artsy Two Tone Hair

Artsy Two Tone Hair

If you’re an artist, or possess an artistic mind that doesn’t have to be confined by the traditional work environment It’s time to look into this hairstyle. It’s not just unusual colors, but it’s accented by a similarly artistic haircut.

48. Two Tone Hair Pigtails

Two Tone Hair Pigtails

Half-colored hairstyles look stunning with the pigtails. Due to the nature of braids for pigtails the colors you choose will shine beautifully. Try boxer braids for an attractive and trendy way to style two-tone braids.


In conclusion, the options are endless when it comes to two tone hair. While similar or complementary shades are the most popular however, you can allow your imagination to run wild by choosing your own colors. Choose your most loved colours or the one you think best flatters your face the most. After you’re done, make sure to let us know which color you picked by leaving a comment!

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