Forget about long locks. short layered haircuts are among the top styles this year! If you’re looking for a flirty hairstyle, a romantic pixie cut or something between, short hairstyles are back and more popular than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mature or teen woman, there’s a wide range of attractive hairstyles that have layers to choose from. If you’re unsure what to do with your hair take a look at the wide range of hairstyles we’ve selected for you in the following article!

1. Short Layered Bob Haircuts

Short Layered Bob Haircuts

We can’t think of a better way to begin your list other than a stunning hairstyle. The bob is not only stunning and stunning, but also the coloring choice. This is the perfect hairstyle for the woman who cannot wait to show off her real colors.

2. Flirty Short Layers

Flirty Short Layers

A simple hairstyle that every woman can wear is this big cut. It’s especially recommended for women between the ages between 30 and 40, however it can be a hit with younger women as well. You can flirt in the most elegant way you can!

3. Mature Layered Short Haircuts

Mature Layered Short Haircuts

When it comes to older women go it is among the short layered haircuts that should not be overlooked. Raquel Welch, who is a style symbol for this group of women, proves it is possible to create a fresh and youthful appearance no matter what age.

4. Layered Haircut for Straight Hair

Layered Haircut for Straight Hair

If you have hair that is straight by nature, you ought to definitely try hairstyles like this. It’s not necessary to spend long hours getting ready for a night out, since the straight hairstyles will slide to the right place on their own.

5. Short to Medium Layered Haircuts

Short to Medium Layered Haircuts

What happens if you’re looking to have a haircut but aren’t willing to go to that length? Then an angled cut that is short to medium with layers is the way to go. The layers change from short to long on the back and end in a stylish shoulder-length hairstyle.

6. Short Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair

Short Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair

Are you struggling with the long-term issue of having hair that is thin? We get it and have your back. This kind of hairstyle is what you need to bring your hair’s thin locks back to life. We also suggest highlights to create an illusion of the thickness.

7. Playful Short Haircuts

Playful Short Haircuts

An actor and a singer who’s very dear to us, Mandy Moore never ceases to make us smile by showcasing a cute style. Some time ago she wore this short hairstyle effortlessly. Be inspired by this look to keep summer vibes throughout the year.

8. Fiery Layered Haircuts

Fiery Layered Haircuts

Are you afraid to go all out and glamorous in short layered haircuts? Let the color shine! Once you have the cool hairstyle of your dreams You can play around with red highlights to add a little fun. For more hairstyles that are fiery go through our full listing of hair red color suggestions.

9. Short Layered Haircuts for Round Faces

Short Layered Haircuts for Round Faces

The most important thing to consider when selecting your cut is how your face is shaped. If you have a face that is round it is recommended to go for an inverted long hairstyle. It frames your face and compliment your face shape.

10. Professional Short Haircuts

Professional Short Haircuts

If you are employed at a corporate or other workplace that has strict dress codes and dress code, you are already aware that hairstyles must be neatly cut and in good order. One of the most effective short layered haircuts in these situations is the slicked-down Pixie.

11. Bangs and Short Layered Haircuts

Short Layered Haircuts with Bangs

We are so in love with all the elements of this style that it’s difficult to choose one to begin with. The messy bangs and hairstyles that aren’t as smooth are amazing. Following that, the blonde balayage adds the frosting on the cake. It’s the cake is just the cherry on top.

12. Cute Short Haircuts for Teens

Cute Short Haircuts for Teens

The high school experience definitely isn’t without its challenges and ups however, one of the best benefits is showing off your fresh look to your friends. You can impress your friends by showcasing a cute short haircut with layers, and a beautiful side part.

13. Feathered Short Haircuts

Feathered Short Haircuts

Do you want to feel as if the wind is always raging over your locks? What you require dearly is a hairstyle that has a feather. It’s like the name suggests it’s a technique of layering that produces a feathery appearance. It’s precisely what a gal with fine hair requires.

14. Simple Short Haircuts that are Effortless with layers

Effortless Short Haircuts with Layers

In case your hair grows thick and you have to be ready for school or work in a an incredibly short amount of time This is the style you should have on your radar. The layers are precisely cut to allow them to fall into the right place each day.

15. Oval Face Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

Oval Face Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

If your face is shapes of ovals, it is important to think of these short layered haircuts in mind. In essence, it’s the classic bob, cut backwards to frame the contours that your face has. The back bangs that are swept outwards are an excellent addition.

16. Bold Super Short Haircuts

Bold Super Short Haircuts

It’s a huge feat of determination to rock this cut however we strongly encourage you to give it a go for those who are brave. The overall style incredibly attractive and captivating, but also the black and white contrast in color.

17. Short Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

Short Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

We love the slick cut of this sleek cut! This is actually a Pixie cut with longer bangs on the front. The layers are cut strategically to give more volume from the back to front, and around.

18. Boho Layered Haircuts

Boho Layered Haircuts

If you’re the boho or indie style This is a gorgeous pixie cut that you can keep in mind. It’s got a charming look that is perfect for women with petite faces. The sharp bangs are a lovely element that makes the look extra memorable.

19. Medium Short Layered Haircuts

Medium Short Layered Haircuts

This is another great option for women looking for hairstyles that are medium or short. It’s shoulder length, with layers that are long and, could be called a great coloring job. The layers are delicate and helps shape the hairstyle.

20. Layered Ombre Bobs

Layered Ombre Bobs

In this regard, let’s explore some color concepts for short layered haircuts. This angled long bob looks beautiful and accentuated with a dark brown blonde ombre. It has a gorgeous caramel transition, with the summery feel all over.

21. Pixie Balayage Hairstyles

Pixie Balayage Hairstyles

To create a subtle color change, explore the options for balayage. The pixie cut that is outgoing appears stunning due to the color. The roots are charcoal-colored and blend to silvery tips.

22. Short Layered Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Short Layered Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Hair with waves is far more generous when it pertains to short layered haircuts. Due to the layered cutting technique and the ability to cut lengths in a variety of lengths your maintaining time is reduced to a minimum. If the design is clear from the start it will not be a problem for you to have issues with styling.

23. Layered Haircuts Short and Stacked

Layered Haircuts Short and Stacked

Another option to decrease maintenance is to use a stacked cutting technique. This technique is popular for bob haircuts and involves layers that begin with long hair and then end short at the nape. Get that natural volume increase!

24. Spiky Color Blends

Spiky Color Blends

If you want to create a bolder look for short layered haircuts, consider mixing more than two hues. In this example of a pixie cut you will see how the different shades of the red and blonde palettes can be stunningly combined to create an exciting look.

25. Layers and Undercuts

Layers and Undercuts

You were born in the wild? Let it shine through with your hair! We’ve covered a lot of cuts that are undercut previously, but this one nails it just right. The top portion filled with lively layering, the elegant undercut is a stunning follow-up.

26. Short Choppy Layered Haircuts

Short Choppy Layered Haircuts

This is a different possibility for ladies looking for the shoulder length approach for short layered haircuts. What really makes this look shine is the sharp layers and the styling. You’ll be able to enjoy the sharpness and still keep it elegant.

27. Short hairstyles with Bangs, and layers

Short Haircuts with Bangs and Layers

Whatever your facial shape Whatever your facial shape short layered haircuts will look great on any. The bangs make an enormous impact, and so does the messy style with hair that is layered. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on in case you have curly hair.

28. Layered Afro Ringlets

Layered Afro Ringlets

Hair with afro texture are able to slay in short layered haircuts any time and at any time. The nature of their hair texture is filled with volume makes maintenance easy. We recommend a gradual length, starting from shorter at the bottom, to taller in the middle.

29. Braided Hairstyles for Short Layered Hair

Braided Hairstyles for Short Layered Hair

When you’ve got your hair cut and readyto go, you’re able to start thinking about the best way to cut it. While shorter hairstyles are somewhat more restricted in hair styling, you can explore adorable ideas. For instance, this tiny side braid is cute.

30. Short Layered Haircuts for Curly Hair

Short Layered Haircuts for Curly Hair

Let your curls shine with enthusiasm! Layers are essential when you’re looking to add the most volume curls. One of the most effective short layered haircuts for emphasizing your curls is to use a stacking bob with layers throughout.

31. Easygoing Layered Haircuts

Easygoing Layered Haircuts

Let’s look at our ladies who have straight hair for this hairstyle. Similar to the style from our #4 list This is an easy hairstyle that women can do with naturally straight hair. Be sure to get the layers in the correct order and run you fingers over your locks to create more volume.

32. Haircuts that have short layers on top

Haircuts with Short Layers on Top

If a stunning form is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. This is a stunning hairstyle with flawless layering. Although the bangs look long but the layers are at a minimum and flow beautifully over one another to create this gorgeous hairstyle.

33. Brown and Blonde Short Hair

Brown and Blonde Short Hair

This is another style that truly surprised us with its many reasons. Let’s start with the colorthat the blonde and brown hairstyle looks stunning! The layers of the haircut are extended to the long, choppy bangs. another element that caught our attention.

34. Short Layered Haircuts African American Women

Short Layered Haircuts African American Women

The feathered bob is back with this adorable version. While it’s showcased on gorgeous raven locks it is a great option for any hair texture or color. Do not be afraid to apply some hairspray to keep that fluttery look throughout the daytime.

35. Long hair with short layers

Long Hair with Short Layers

We’d like to discuss the idea of having long hair that has shorter layers, too. Hair can be as long as length at waist, but still bring it to life with a dazzling look thanks to thin layers. This style is great for women who wish to try out new and exciting hairstyles as well.

36. Voluminous Pixie Haircuts

Voluminous Pixie Haircuts

Although they’re among the most tiniest haircuts in fashions the pixie cut is more versatile than you’d think. This example shows that you can have lots of volume as long as your pixie’s style is done in a manner that is appropriate.

37. Short Layered Haircuts for Kids

Short Layered Haircuts for Kids

Are you looking to make your child feel and look adorable with her hairstyle? You can depend on short layered haircuts. They’re much easier to maintain from all angles and look stunning on your child’s.

38. Short Layered Inverted Bob Haircuts

Short Layered Inverted Bob Haircuts

When you’re trying to create layers of bobs, cutting in the opposite direction is an important option to remember. Both methods can result in a full stylish, chic and flirty hairstyle that requires little effort. Ask your stylist about this when you make your appointment.

39. Classy Shaved Hairstyles

Classy Shaved Hairstyles

Who thought that shaved hairstyles were too extreme? In reality, many of these short layered haircuts can be stylish and more attractive than many other hairstyles with long lengths. Here, you will find sleek, side-swept hairstyles with a shaved chin.

40. Very Short Layered Haircuts

Very Short Layered Haircuts

If you’re ready to go over and above by slicing off your hairstyle, opt for the blunt or choppy style. Females with oval or small faces will look stunning with this hairstyle that is outgoing, with the layers of hair strands slicked back without any effort.

41. Pastel Blend Hairstyles

Pastel Blend Hairstyles

Let’s slow down for our heartbeats to return to normal after watching this stunning coloring job. No matter what this pastel melt is truly out of the ordinary in this haircut, exactly the thing you’ll need to be motivated for creating a fresh new hairstyle.

42. Short Layered Spiky Haircuts

Short Layered Spiky Haircuts

Let your inner rebel shine through by showcasing this cute haircut. While it does require a high-quality hair products for styling it, the cut is sexy and delicate, yet delicate. We love the hair color when paired by blue eyes.

43. Asymmetrical Short Haircuts

Asymmetrical Short Haircuts

What better way to break out of your comfort zone by sporting an asymmetrical cut? We love the way this cut is just a bit symmetrical to allow it to be worn every day but still stand out. The full length of the side bangs need to be notedas well.

44. Short Blunt Layered Haircuts

Short Blunt Layered Haircuts

The stunning look of a blunt bang is best coupled with layers of hair and are especially appealing when they’re cut shorter. This is a gorgeous hairstyle for the woman who doesn’t hesitate to try new things with her hairstyle. Tousle away, darling!

45. Flippy Layered Hairstyles

Flippy Layered Hairstyles

Are you looking to have your hair look amazing from any angle, no matter how you flip or cut it? This is the cut you want absolutely. It’s a bit longer than other options that we have on the list, however the right layers offer every versatility you could want that you can imagine.

46. Super Curly Short Hair

Super Curly Short Hair

Curly hair is by the far, the largest hair texture when it comes to short layered haircuts. Curls that are corkscrew-styled easily slide into place, regardless of how short the overall length. Be sure that you have the right layers in place to get the result you want.

47. Short Blonde Layered Haircuts

Short Blonde Layered Haircuts

We have featured a variety of hairstyles for blondes in this article however we wanted to give this shade the spotlight. The short layered haircuts are often associated with summer. We all know that blonde is among of the most beautiful and timeless summer shades you can find.

48. V Shaped Layered Short Haircuts

V Shaped Layered Short Haircuts

You can be even more imaginative in your haircut by imagining specific styles. For instance, a V-shape is perfect if you’re thinking to cut your hair short. The top portion will be able to benefit from lots of volume due to the carefully thought-out shape.


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