Bangs and long hair have been popular for years currently, and we’re confident that this style will not be out of style any time soon. In the near future, we’ll be in that “timeless” category due to the many advantages it offers. It is an extremely versatile choice for hair and comes with a myriad of hairstyle options once you’ve had your hair cut. Don’t delay! Take a look at the ideas below!

1. Long hair with Bangs and a ponytail

Long Hair with Bangs Ponytail

For those who already have long hair and long bangs, this styling technique can be useful. It’s your typical ponytail that is suitable for every occasion. You can wear it to the office, in the city or on an evening out with your partner.

2. Long Bangs on Long Hair

Long Bangs on Long Hair

The first example of bangs that we will concentrate on is the hairstyle that has long bangs. This is a great option to take into consideration if that you’ll keep your hair in a ponytail all the time. Additionally, it is a good option when you don’t want your bangs to be a source of irritation for your eyes.

3. Wispy Bangs and Long Hair

Wispy Bangs with Long Hair

A way to categorize bangs is by their thickness. Although we’ll discuss bangs with full length later on the example above illuminates the wispy look of bangs. They aren’t completely covering your forehead and leave room to style the bangs in various ways.

4. Bangs and thick hair

Thick Hair with Bangs

Hair that is naturally thick will effortlessly wear bangs. Due to their large locks that fall gracefully and effortlessly without worry. We recommend, however, bangs that are longer, or even above your eyebrows.

5. LONG Hair With Side Bangs

Long Hair with Side Bangs

JLo has been killing it since she joined the world of entertainment, from her hourglass shape to her perpetual hair-goals status. The most popular thing she is known for is her long locks that have hair that is sometimes shaved. The side bangs look is absolutely flawless.

6. Long Layered Bangs and Hair

Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Like many other hairstyles, layers could make a huge difference to the final appearance. This cutting technique can provide the most natural volume, while also creating a hairstyle that is. If you have long hair that has bangs, it’s that detail that really makes the difference.

7. Middle Part Bangs

Middle Part Bangs

If you are a regular side part, side-burns are an natural outcome. But, women who parted their hair on the middle may enjoy bangs that are styled in similar fashion. One method to wear bangs that look great is to ensure the middle part that’s a little longer, around ear length.

8. Arched Bangs

Arched Bangs

While this style of bangs are usually associated with fashions of the past but the style is appealing to women of all age groups. The arched bangs are a striking style for your hair particularly if you have an elongated face.

9. Long Hair with Bangs , Round Face

Long Hair with Bangs Round Face

Here is another long hair that has bangs suggestion for a particular face shape. For a face that is round then you might want to consider wearing parted bangs with a middle portion. Layers are a major factor in creating a frame for the face.

10. Textured Bangs

Textured Bangs

Who said you need to blend in with the crowd? If you’re looking to be unique in a different approach, think about the idea of bangs with textured edges. That is you can cut your bangs in a random manner, with rough edges and a little bit of asymmetry.

11. Long Blonde Bangs and hair

Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

When it comes to colors related, blonde is an extremely sought-after options for long hair that has bangs. Hilary Duff confirms this claim by sporting the style she’s been sporting from her Lizzie McGuire days: sunny locks that have bangs.

12. Short Layers on Long Hair

Short Layers on Long Hair

To illustrate our point by using layers, here’s an image that clearly illustrates the power of layers. While the hair may be long however, the thin and choppy layers add to an attractive shape everywhere.

13. A messy ponytail with Bangs and Long Hair

Messy Ponytail with Bangs and Long Hair

This is yet another method you can braid your locks into ponytails and making sure your bangs aren’t visible. If you’re sporting side-swept bangs, all you need to do is tie the rest of your locks into an unruly, messy, and casual ponytail that can show off your laid-back side.

14. Long Bob and Bangs Black Long Bob with Bangs Black

Long Bob with Bangs Black Hair

We’ve been in love of Krysten Ritter’s gothy chick look for years, but we’re begging her to be in the attention she deserves in her haircut. In this photo you can take a look at her black and jet black inverted hairstyle that is perfect with her choppy bangs.

15. Casual hairstyles for long hair with Bangs

Casual Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs

If you’re running and need to get out, you can count on this hairstyle to compliment every casual OOTD. Since you already have hair that is long it’s not necessary to have a donut in order to achieve this style. Just wrap your hair around to create a stunning top knot, and let those hairs frame your face beautifully.

16. Blunt Bangs and Vintage Waves

Blunt Bangs and Vintage Waves

Our faithful readers on HairMotive.com know that we feature trendy hairstyles every now and then to time. We got a major source of design inspirations from Vogue for our short, blunt bangs and long , vintage waves.

17. Long Bangs with Short Hair

Short Hair with Long Bangs

What happens if you decide to go about things the other the other way around? Alter your hairstyle completely by opting for a shorter hairstyle with long bangs to create an unorthodox style. You can wear layers of pixie hair with long bangs that are chin-length to the side.

18. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs

Like their name suggests the bangs are noticeable by a curtain-like look. Cheryl Cole stands out through her vintage retro look and this haircut matches her taste perfect. Try these bangs to relive the past.

19. Thick Bangs and Long Hair

Thick Bangs with Long Hair

Hair that is straight must seriously think about having thicker bangs. This approach is suggested for the hair type with this texture since maintaining the bangs won’t be as hard like curly or wavy locks.

20. Parted Bangs

Parted Bangs

To take the curtain bangs look a step further, we are pleased to offer parted bangs. Although the fundamental principle remains the same, split bangs are positioned in a middle and are able to naturally smudge every side on your face. Look like Chloe Moretz this hairstyle.

21. Emo Hairstyle

Emo Hairstyle

We’re not the type of people to believe in stereotypical images, however we do think of full, thick and incredibly side-swept bangs with the emo hairstyles. If you don’t agree with the style of life discussed you can have an attractive, cute and edgy look by using the bangs of these kinds as well as long locks.

22. Long Curly Bangs and Long Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Who said bangs couldn’t be curly? Naturally curly women are at ease knowing that they can sport long bangs at any time. Indeed, bangs that have curly textures are guaranteed to stand out above other styles, and in an impressive manner.

23. Long, wavy hair with Bangs

Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

It’s the same for bangs and wavy hair alike. One advantage hair that is wavy can offer over other hair types is the ability to maintain your hair straight, or even a little arched. In either case you’ll get a delightful boho style with minimal effort.

24. Two Tone Hairstyle

Two Tone Hairstyle

If you truly would like to showcase your unique fashion, choose unique coloring ideas to go with the length of your hair and bangs. A method that is sure to make you stand out from others is to dye your hair in two colorsand then cutting it straight through the middle.

25. Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

Invigorating your entire style is a piece cake. If you’re willing to use a razor make sure you contemplate having an undercut. It’s important to note that this does not require cutting off how long your hair is, but cutting it in a unique manner.

26. Long Straight Hair, Bangs and Straight

Long Straight Hair with Bangs

This image focuses upon the feel of locks of a long hair with bangs. While we are in love with the unique style that curly or wavy bangs can give but we do have to acknowledge it is straight hair that’s the most simple to style when you’re sporting fringe.

27. Long hair with short bangs

Long Hair with Short Bangs

Find your the artist in you or the mystery woman sporting short hair to match the length of your hair. This may perhaps not be the usual option to wear bangs, however it’s sure to bring out your personality. Make them choppy or blunt depending on your personal style.

28. Pin Up Bangs

Pin Up Bangs

In the case of short bangs, you can relive fashion with this hairstyle pin-up. The bangs are blunt, short and just a little arched to give that vintage appearance. We also recommend soft waves to finish the look perfectly.

29. Messy Hairstyle

Messy Hairstyle

As you shouldn’t be scared to do your hands dirty at times and you should not be afraid from making your hair messy. Although you might be nervous initially, be aware that messy hairstyles are becoming more popular than ever because of obvious reasons.

30. Long black hair with bangs and black color

Long Black Hair with Bangs

Another color of hair we often find on long hair which has bangs, is black. Because of the intense hue and bohemian style the hairstyle you choose will result in a romantic, mysterious and female fatale. Don’t be afraid of getting this haircut if naturally brunette.

31. Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy Bangs

If you’re looking to enhance the natural look of your look a little it is recommended to look into shaggy hairstyles as an alternative. The style is relaxed and has a fun look that doesn’t really compare to other types of bangs. This is especially true when you’re wearing your natural hair shade.

32. Long brown hair with bangs

Long Brown Hair with Bangs

If we’re on this subject, here’s an amazing hair color that screams natural in a way that is unlike any other. It is also possible to take a look at chocolate brown hair ideas for those who are considering coloring your hair in this manner to enhance your haircut.

33. Braided Headband

Braided Headband

We recommend that you let your imagination run wild with your style. So, you can think about incorporating some flair in your hairstyle by adding an individual design. You could braid your long hair bangs by braiding it with a hairband.

34. Choppy Bangs and Long Hair

Choppy Bangs with Long Hair

It is true it. Dakota Johnson had a noticeable influence in the development of hairstyles that had long dark hairstyle with loose bangs. If you’re looking to adopt the same hairstyle consider getting your bangs cut with a choppy way.

35. Teen Hairstyle

Teen Hairstyle

If you’re a teenager and you’re a little scared, you might get a bit scared by this super cute half-up half-down hairstyle. It’s perfect for any school function no matter if you’re looking to show your support for the school team during a rallies, or even shine on prom night.

36. Side Braid and Bangs

Side Braid and Bangs

The most well-known Kardashian of all ever stops establishing trends with each new fashion she showcases. Some time ago she was sporting this braided fishtail swept up off to the side, paired with long bangs on the sides and some loose strands that are sure to impress you.

37. Long dark hair with bangs

Long Dark Hair with Bangs

If “tall dark and handsome” were a woman’s version and this was the case, then it would appear like. Whatever your hairstyle is dark or raven or dark chocolate, a full set of and thick bangs will contribute to the romantic feel of your appearance.

38. Half-Up Hairstyles with Bangs for long hair

Half Up Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Hair

We’re back fashioning retro-styled ladies for this style. The hairstyle is noticeable not just with the bangs on the curtain and loose, long curls but also with the half-up hairstyling. This style will become an Dancing Queen in no time.

39. Braided Bangs

Braided Bangs

If you’re bored of your bangs being in your eyes, or you need a change of style look into this. Hair braids can be twisted in a side-ways position for aesthetic and practical reasons, and also to glam up your appearance while doing it.

40. Side Bangs and Long Curly Hair

Side Bangs with Long Curly Hair

In many instances long curly hair that has bangs looks the best (and is the most comfortable) when it is styled on the side. This particular way of styling will help curls remain off your face and your fingers from your hair.

41. Updo for Straight Hair and Bangs

Updo for Straight Hair and Bangs

Ladies with straight , long hair that has bangs are going to love this hairstyle. The primary part is the low bun that is set with a braided hairband. You can try this hairstyle for any formal occasion.

42. Long hair with black bangs women

Long Hair with Bangs Black Women

For real bangs look great for any woman regardless of hair’s texture, thickness, or tone. For this style we love not just the straight hair and wavy contrast as well as the adorable half-up hairstyles that are reminiscent of palm trees.

43. Formal Updos and Bangs

Formal Updo with Bangs

This is another great hairstyle you can experiment with for the next formal event on your schedule. The knotted chignon is a shining feature in this particular look as are the loose curly hair strands that curl at the sides of the face.

44. Ombre Long hair with Bangs

Ombre Long Hair with Bangs

It’s simple to see why the trend of ombre hair has been around for a long time and hasn’t gone out of fashion. In your situation your hair is long, it allows you to emphasize the gradient as well as the two distinct shades that are mixed. Side bangs look stunning when paired with the other hairstyle.

45. Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs

Another cool way to style your hair is to have the hair cut in asymmetrical fashion. In a nutshell it gives the same enticing effect for any other asymmetrical hairstyle. You can decide how noticeable the asymmetry you’d like it to be.

46. Rolled Up Pin Up Bangs

Rolled Up Pin Up Bangs

If you’re looking to have fun at the theme of your photo shoot, or you’re not certain if you’re ready to grow your hair at this point you can try this. Make use of a pin-up technique to achieve a beautiful hairstyle that is vintage even if it’s just temporary.

47. Chin Length Bangs and Long Hair

Chin Length Bangs with Long Hair

What makes this post memorable is its double-purpose. It can be a source of inspiration to women looking to gain bangs, as well as women who are growing their bangs and wish to shape them in a certain method.

48. With Short Side-Sweepted Bangs Long Hair

Short Side Swept Bangs with Long Hair

Although we typically notice short bangs that are combed directly on to the temples of women, there’s many stylish styles to dress them. A different option is to sweep them back carefully like in the picture above.


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