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48 Beautiful Long Hair with Bangs

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Bangs and long hair have been popular for years currently, and we’re confident that this style will not be out of style any time soon. In the near future, we’ll be in that “timeless” category due to the many advantages it offers. It is an extremely versatile choice for hair and comes with a myriad of hairstyle options once you’ve had your hair cut. Don’t delay! Take a look at the ideas below!

1. Long hair with Bangs and a ponytail

Long Hair with Bangs Ponytail

For those who already have long hair and long bangs, this styling technique can be useful. It’s your typical ponytail that is suitable for every occasion. You can wear it to the office, in the city or on an evening out with your partner.

2. Long Bangs on Long Hair

Long Bangs on Long Hair

The first example of bangs that we will concentrate on is the hairstyle that has long bangs. This is a great option to take into consideration if that you’ll keep your hair in a ponytail all the time. Additionally, it is a good option when you don’t want your bangs to be a source of irritation for your eyes.

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3. Wispy Bangs and Long Hair

Wispy Bangs with Long Hair

A way to categorize bangs is by their thickness. Although we’ll discuss bangs with full length later on the example above illuminates the wispy look of bangs. They aren’t completely covering your forehead and leave room to style the bangs in various ways.

4. Bangs and thick hair

Thick Hair with Bangs

Hair that is naturally thick will effortlessly wear bangs. Due to their large locks that fall gracefully and effortlessly without worry. We recommend, however, bangs that are longer, or even above your eyebrows.

5. LONG Hair With Side Bangs

Long Hair with Side Bangs

JLo has been killing it since she joined the world of entertainment, from her hourglass shape to her perpetual hair-goals status. The most popular thing she is known for is her long locks that have hair that is sometimes shaved. The side bangs look is absolutely flawless.

6. Long Layered Bangs and Hair

Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Like many other hairstyles, layers could make a huge difference to the final appearance. This cutting technique can provide the most natural volume, while also creating a hairstyle that is. If you have long hair that has bangs, it’s that detail that really makes the difference.

7. Middle Part Bangs

Middle Part Bangs

If you are a regular side part, side-burns are an natural outcome. But, women who parted their hair on the middle may enjoy bangs that are styled in similar fashion. One method to wear bangs that look great is to ensure the middle part that’s a little longer, around ear length.

8. Arched Bangs

Arched Bangs

While this style of bangs are usually associated with fashions of the past but the style is appealing to women of all age groups. The arched bangs are a striking style for your hair particularly if you have an elongated face.

9. Long Hair with Bangs , Round Face

Long Hair with Bangs Round Face

Here is another long hair that has bangs suggestion for a particular face shape. For a face that is round then you might want to consider wearing parted bangs with a middle portion. Layers are a major factor in creating a frame for the face.

10. Textured Bangs

Textured Bangs

Who said you need to blend in with the crowd? If you’re looking to be unique in a different approach, think about the idea of bangs with textured edges. That is you can cut your bangs in a random manner, with rough edges and a little bit of asymmetry.

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