The debate over long hairstyles and the short haircut has been a topic for quite some time. Recent trends suggest longer hairstyles are gaining popularity again. There’s something magical and romantic about hair that is long. In fact, many film and art works depict princesses sporting long hair, luxurious locks with the reason. Hairstyles that are suitable for longer hair has been popular for a long time and this is the main need to wear longer hair even more.

Long hair creates a sense of whimsy , while also encouraging young features. They reduce the appearance of facial features and frame your upper part of the body in a classic, stunning manner. It’s no surprise that many women admire these looks in the present. In the end, a lot of ways can be made of longer hair that can’t occur for shorter ones. Curls and waves are able to play in a plethora of ways. Different types of braids are possible. The intricate braids can be created equally well as simple braids.

Women often think that having long hair implies more maintenance and upkeep. In the end this assertion is not the case. A lot of the same simple hairstyles that are worn on shorter hair may be carried over onto longer hair. With the numerous possibilities regarding how long hair could be styled in a game there’s no reason to wonder why women gravitate towards longer hairstyles. In the interest of inspiration Here are 50 of these hairstyles that will keep the fun and romance alive.

1) The Beached Mermaid

Mermaids definitely rank as one of the most whimsical creatures featured in the stories of the globe. They are usually depicted with long hair, tasseled and slicked back that is washed by the ocean then dried with a refreshing breeze. This hairstyle is a perfect example of this concept. Hair curls fall down to hips, and are highlighted by curlier curls that are layered with shorter layers. The brown and blonde locks converge for an edgy look.

2) Waves and a Top Knot

Waves don’t need to straighten across the back, neither. They can be tied to form a top knot quite quickly. To keep the romance alive the knot at the top must not be tight. It should also be long and loose. While at the same time, hair should gently sweep to the side in order to reduce only the top layer. Some layers should be left in place to frame the face. The aim here isn’t to remove too much hair, but instead to only the top layer or two.

3) Long, Loose Curls

Instead of mixing curls and waves Long hairstyles may consist in the majority of curls. Curls tend to be tighter than waves, and they end with an distinct spring-like form. Curly hair with longer lengths can create an attractive appearance, especially when they’re not tight. They should blend towards the bottom, which is where they are more tight. Layers that are close to the crown must be loose for the majority of part, but they should not be straight.

4) Waves of the Ocean

In terms of mirroring the ocean in every way possible this style for long hair is the cake. What was once tightly curly curls has been spread out in endless waves. These waves form an unison pattern and do not cross-link. However they aren’t tightly pressed on the hair.

5) Straight and a Knot

One of the most well-known hairstyles is straight. Instead of being extremely straight, this hairstyle considers that hair can get messy when straight. Similar to a hairstyle from the past that swept the top layers of hair into a knot at the top. Layers remain in place to fram the facial features and the knot should not be too tight. Instead of being held with hair tie knot is best held using bobby pins. This is the most traditional approach to the knot.

6.) Curly from the Top Down

As we’ve mentioned the curls add a touch of romance to hairstyles. If you want a hairstyle that is long the closer the curls are at on top, the more long and tighter they’ll be. Letting the curls intertwine in a messy fashion instead of being straight and perfect creates a more natural look also. To keep the bulk of the curls from your face, consider side-dividing the curls, allowing a portion of the curls to float across the top of the head, and rest on the opposite side.

7) Curls at the End

A lot of people love straight hair. But hair can’t have the natural ability to lay straight. So having those ends fall in some curls gives the appearance of natural. These curls could be wide and loose and therefore, do not use a thicker curling iron. The loose tendrils will only curl the same direction a couple of times before forming straight hair.

8)Twin Braids

As we’ve mentioned before braids are a fantastic hairstyle for those with long hair. In this instance you will see two French braids split hair in the middle. The braid should be positioned up to the side, away from your scalp and pull the layers back towards the forehead. At the end of the day, the objective is to not be too tight with braids. Be loose with the hair, sweeping it around layer upon layer and don’t stop at the top of your skull. Continue to braid downwards, becoming more tight as you go. Allowing a few strands of hair to stand out of the braid is fine too. The idea is to make it light and fun. It’s not a hard and tense line.

9) Half Up, Half Down

Instead of using knots to secure the other half of hair the long hairstyles could make hair pull back to form ponytail. From this half ponytail and the loose layers below it, curly curls will are created. The more curly the curls are located at the lower end the more attractive. The pony tail doesn’t need to be right in the center of the crown, however. It is able to be set towards one side to create an improved cascade effect.

10) Loosey Goosey

For lazy curls on the bottom of your long hair, use an iron for curls and set it to medium temperature. Create a thick curling iron. The more thick the more effective. Pick a few tendrils, wrap them in a loose manner around your curling iron. Then leave them for approximately half the amount of time they’d normally. Make sure you face the waves away and back from your face. To add more effect take the hair off to one side and then pull it back to rest over your head. The perfect curls aren’t the objective here.

11.) Straight and narrow with an End Curl

Straight hair is stunning on the majority of women. But, a lot of women are drawn to hair that is as straight as it can be. Instead of bending straight across the length of the hair, use the curling iron, and turn the hair upwards towards the end. In this way, hair falls into a straight line, which will remain in place as the curls encourage hair to lie more closely to body.

12) Hippy Curls

Instead of aiming for curls that drop downwards down the back look for curls that rise upwards over shoulders and rest along the abdomen. A tight curl is not what you want here. Make sure that your curls are loose and well-loved in the way they were in the heyday time. Most of the time curly hair should be in the same style and weave together.

13) Curve it up to make a Straight

To get the most beautiful curls begin with straight hair first. Like we said previously, for a different long hairstyle flat irons do not have to be used to make hair stick straight. After the hair is relaxed an iron for curling returns and makes the hair tighter curls. Ringlets should be loose and should be laid in a uniform pattern.

14) Cascading Waves

Women who wish to have a hairstyle to make their backs appear slim, they must consider this hairstyle. Extremely loose waves, that don’t turn to full curly curls flow along the length of the back. They begin at about the ear, and leave hair near that point straight. Waves on the top layer should be facing inwards, with waves on the bottom layer should be face outwards. In this means that the waves are focused each other to ensure that they remain intact and fall in the correct pattern.

15) Elongated Jennifer Aniston

In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston was known for her short haircut that was flipped out and away from her face. This hairstyle can be pulled off with long hair too. To accomplish this Straighten hair mostly along all the way down the entire length. Hair should split across the middle with the face framing in the majority. Instead of letting hair fall across the back, keep the portion across the middle, bringing the sides together over shoulders. It should then flip to the side and move out away from your body towards the end.

16) Beach Waves

Hairstyles that are beachy have been popular for quite a while. In this hairstyle, waves meld with each other, however they aren’t like curls but with a tighter fit. They need to be tasseled instead of being laid in a regular fashion. Also the waves don’t begin with the crown. In addition, they begin around the ear. Do not allow them to lay on their backs on the torso. Instead, they should lay on their backs. Side parts can be used However, the center part should be not used.

17) Straight and Wavy

For this style, start by putting a side piece. Moving from right to left is the most effective option. The portion should be located closer to the middle on the head. Choose straight hair that is originating from the crown, and then weave it into wavy curls. In general they should fall in a uniform fashion, but they could be a bit tangled towards the end. Waves must be distinct from each other. However it is possible to wear it across the shoulders or by laying the torso down.

18) Rocker Waves

If you’re looking for the rocker chick look, the ideal waves to use is to emphasize the top of each layer in these long-length hairstyles. The hair frames the face however waves can be angled towards an individual’s body. Or away from the. Longer layers are the best choice for this style frames the face. Also, it creates more slim shoulders. Highlights look best with rocker waves. They can play with those highlights, and highlight hair in an untasseled and rough style. Hair should be unkempt in a tidy way.

19) A Crown of Braids

Braids give a feeling of elegance and classic. Combining elements of the French braid. This style for long hair braids and ties them together to form crowns. If you want to add a touch of romance the crown doesn’t need necessarily be flawless. It is possible to look natural and loose rather than tight. The key thing is to create curls or waves that run alongside the layers beneath the crown. They should fall across the rear. There are some hairs that can fall on the shoulders, but the majority of it must be back away from the torso and face. Avoid dividing the hair on the top of the head.

20) Intricate but Loose French

The tight French braids provide the sense of order and discipline. However loose French braids are stylish and elegant. The act of slicing hair back in loose layers to create braids that are placed in the middle of the head is the most appealing. Instead of braiding entirely down the nape of your neck, grab a portion pieces of hair, and lay it straight. A shorter braid could be placed between the two loose hair and is recommended to be more tight in comparison to braids that are French braid. Multi-colored hair looks stunning when braided in this fashion with a low-lighted and highlighted hair.

21) Soft Waves

If you are looking for soft waves, this style is perfect for it. Instead of curls that are tight the waves are loose and gently fall over shoulders. They must be tied and intertwined, rather than laid apart or in a regular design. This type of hairstyle is best when it’s the center part. However, hair can be separated from either side.

22) Beachy Jennifer Aniston

This long hairstyle is a variation of the Jennifer Aniston style previously mentioned. Instead of flipping back away from face only one time, this hairstyle does it several times with waves. This beachy style can be refreshing, and it looks amazing with lowlights or highlights. Hair should fall off shoulders and then down back. The hair should only remain to drop down back. It should be parted in the center instead of being split between two sides.

23) Shorter Longer Waves

For women who don’t like their hair flowing through their backs, they can nevertheless wear hair that is that is longer than shoulder length but still be considered to be long. Hairstyles that are tasseled and interlock between each other look great when styled this way, particularly when layered. The crown must be kept straight. Hair can be cut in a center or divided in a direction from one part to the next.

24) Waves to the Hip

However there are women who want hair that falls to their hips, and even some. This kind of length of hair appears great in loose waves. The hair does not need to be uniform and should not be positioned at the level of your ear. Instead of forming waves across the entire length, focus on a couple of strands that emphasize the look. To achieve this hairstyle, the ends of hair should be curled and tied together in a consistent fashion.

25) Flip It Out

Jennifer Aniston made flipped out hair popular again in the 1990s, which we previously mentioned. Instead of flipping out just a few layers, the edges of several layers could be turned out to play with their crispness. This hairstyle is suitable for long hair. is best for hairstyles with lots of sharp layers. In addition the flipping out should begin at the shoulder, which would be the thinnest layer.

26) Messy Waves

For messy and loose waves, get the curling iron and learn how to heat it and then apply it to your hair. There should be less hair towards the crown, and more towards the ends. The waves should not be uniform and should be asymmetrical and tangle. Allowing a few strands of hair to be flipped out in one direction or the other is good too.

27) French to One Side

One of the most popular styles lately is to create the offset French braid. Most often the braid begins on the side and is then woven across the head and to the opposite side. Instead of appearing like braids it is an intricate twist. This hairstyle is designed to keep hair from being visible to the naked eye. The half ponytail as well as the rest of the long hair fall straight across the back after the braids have been put in the correct position.



30) Good Morning, Jennifer Aniston

Hair that is neat and tidy looks good on a lot of women. Sometimes, a hint of bedhead is enough that is suitable for hair with long lengths. Take an Jennifer Aniston flipped style and then add a few waves. Then, you can make the waves look like they’ve been slept on to create the perfect style.

31) All about the Flips

Flipping a coin that faces one direction is fine and great. But, hairstyles that are suitable for long hair are beautiful when flips are in several directions. This is particularly relevant for hair that has lots of hair highlights and layers. The flips play off the highlights and layers in a flirty and fun sort of way.

32) Straight with an End Curve

The process of tackling mostly straight hairstyles with long lengths can take some time. But, using the flat iron and flipping the ends slightly gives a subtle look. This hairstyle is simple to keep all day long. But the purpose here is to make sure that hair is not dangling into the eyes.

33) Twist and turn with an elastic

The straight line across the back using braids like a French braid is boring. Therefore, you should take an French braid and twist and twist across the back. This allows longer layers to be utilized effectively. The braid is curled across the entire head from one direction to the opposite side and the braid layers should be large and strong.

34) Twists and Knots

One of the most romantic hairstyles that are suitable for longer hair of the older era is to twist it and transform it into crown. The crown looks stunning when the twists revert to make two knotted buns on the neck’s nape. Hair strands may be left untied at the knot, based on the length of the layers.

35) Ultimately Straight Hippy

Instead of putting on curls and waves to create an edgy look, just use straight hair and take two pieces that frame the face. You can then make an elongated pony tail. Most of the time it looks more like an ordinary grown. Other pieces of hair can frame the face however they don’t need to. This style is perfect for straight hair or layers.

36) Half Pony Tail Revisited

Make sure you curl your hair to the ends. Simply put the other the other half of hair to form a half ponytail. Hair does not have to frame your face, but it could be desired. Hair may fall down the back or even over shoulders.

37) Messy Curls

Hair curls into tightly curled curls. After that, with your fingers, comb the curls until they’re loose and messy. In essence it will look as if the hairstyle that is suitabl for long hair was put to bed after curls were put in it in the evening prior to.

38) Voluminous Waves and Curls

Instead of choosing soft and soft hair and curls another option is to opt for the volume. The waves are more pleasing to see since they offer a variety of curls and waves at same time. They compliment each other instead of competing against each other.

39) Sunglasses and Waves

The trend of wearing headbands has been around for quite a while. Many women however, use sunglasses to wear as headbands for when they’re not being worn over their eyes. Utilizing these glasses to pull away the waves on their face makes a chic appearance.

40) Stick Straight

Long hairstyles look stunning when they drape on the shoulders in a straight way. This style is best suited when hair doesn’t have too many layers to fight with. A couple of layers on the ends of hair are great but.

41) Straight with a Few Flips

Straight hair has become a sought-after and timeless style in the last few years. It’s even more appealing when the hair is flipped out towards the ends a slightly. For this look using a flat iron at a medium temperature will be sufficient.

42) Longer, Inverted Jennifer Aniston

Instead of having hair fall outwards and off the face hair can be curled slightly inward instead. To achieve this effect the flat iron must be used at a medium-high temperature. But, prior to applying heat, make sure to apply conditioning treatments. If not, hair could break to ruin your sleek look. This style is best suited to hair with thicker layers.

43) A Crown Full of Flowers

If you are a bride looking for hairstyles that work well with lengthier hair ought to think about the twisted crown which leads to braid. The crown, as we mentioned earlier, is a nod to an era of romance and elegance. To make these two elements more, flavors may be added to the twist. But, they shouldn’t be incorporated to the braid. Hair should be allowed to fall straight beneath braids, which means that only half the hair should be positioned in the braid and on top of the crown.

44) Half Crown Twist

Instead of putting on the full crown on both sides the head, another alternative is to just make one side sweep into a pony tail at the bottom at the base of the neck. Although this half-crown keeps hair from your face, on the other hand it also allows certain hair strands to be able to be positioned over the facial area on the opposite side.

45) Two More Braids

Instead of settling for just one French braid that begins in the middle on the top of the head, you can try making two. Instead of beginning on each side, and joining in the neck’s nape neck These two braids function against each other. The braids don’t have to be perfect in any way. In other words, they can be uneven and imperfect in the way that the layers are joined. They will still be able to have two braids running along the back, however.

46) Braids and a Top Knot

Instead of opting for an ordinary, basic top knot that is made of hair that is half-cut Another option is using this long hairstyle and braiding it under it. Like the knot, braids don’t have to be perfect. In the same way hair that is that is left loose does not need to be straight also. Braids should fall from the sides of the head, instead of being placed right underneath the knot on top.

47) One Sided French

Instead of using two braids, one is often more effective. This French braid begins at the top of your head. It and then loops across, and then is positioned over the ear, across the face, and then across the shoulder. It’s simple and keeps all the hair without fraying.

48) Imperfectly Straight

A touch of bedhead is a must in this hairstyle suitable to wear long hair. The straighter look is the preferred choice of many women, however you don’t have to be perfect. In the majority of cases this type of hairstyle is most effective with a center section instead of a side piece.

49) Perfectly Straight

There’s no reason to be ashamed of choosing straight hair that is free of frizz or bedhead-related measures, however. The end of layers in this case the ends may be curled slightly inward but they don’t all have to go in the same direction.

50) Knotted Knots

Another way to experiment with knots is by placing several of them next with each other. They can be placed on the nape of the neck, and they will join to hold the majority all hair. However this hairstyle that is ideal for longer hair pulls hair away from the face.


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