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50 Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

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When it comes down to women hair colors, the Ash brown hair is always the top selection of our list. from the wavy ash brown to the dimensional ash brown. short ash brown hair. There’s an explanation for why these cool-toned dark hair shades have increased in popularity in the past few years. Ash brown hair shades have attracted the attention of women all across the world. It’s a sophisticated brown hair shade that has hints of silver-like shine. This winter hair shade looks stunningly smokey, with just the right amount of mystery. If you thought that ash brown was only one shade, prepare to be amazed by this incredibly versatile shade. From silver and dusty brown to a smokey brown, you can find an Ash Brown tone to suit all of us! The best part is that you don’t have to worry about bleaching your hair since you’re not going blonde. This is an excellent place to begin your journey of going from brunette with no damage to your hair. The hair color ash brown is a favorite for women nowadays. It is possible to choose the solid shade or add the color of your hair by adding subtle highlights or a complete Balayage. Ashy brown hair is able to adapt to various skin tones. The hair’s color can be altered to get the desired effect. You can think about a chilly, smoky color that has a dark brunette base. In contrast to warmer brunettes with red undertones, the ash hair color is cooland has an ethereal sheen that tone the entire look down. If you’re looking to start 2023 off with a cool , feminine shade like ash brown, we’re here to assist! Here are the 50 most trendy shades of ash brown hair to try in 2023.

1. Dimensional Ash Brown

Dimensional Ash Brown - a woman wearing a gold necklace and a black facemask

This is the first beautiful hairstyle in ash brown to wear with long hair. Here, she’s incorporated curtains bangs to her style and styled them curly to create a perfect finish.

2. Straight Hair Ash Brown

Straight Hair Ash Brown - a woman in a salon wearing a blue top

The next style is a straight one for women with extra length. The stylists gave her brown ash hair a sharp cut and cut it straight. Make sure you inquire with your hairdresser about what product they recommend to create a hairstyle that shines like this.

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3. Beach Wave Silver Ash Brown

Beach Wave Silver Ash Brown - a woman in a salon wearing a crochet top

Waves at the beach are in all season, it doesn’t matter at what time of year it is or if are actually near the beach. In the image above, she has a beautiful silver-colored and ash-brown shade to it , with gorgeous beach waves.

4. Dimensional Chocolate Ash

Dimensional Chocolate Ash - a woman wearing a pink facemask

Here’s an example of how you can wear ash-brown as highlights to your dark brunette hair. For this stunning appearance, you’ll be required be sure to maintain hair that is at a minimum the length of your shoulder, then split it into a middle and then add beautiful highlights.

5. Darker Ash Brown

Darker Ash Brown Hair - a woman wearing a white shirt and an apple watch

Here’s a hairstyle that adds a darker shade of ash brown to your hairstyle. For this look, keep your hair in a mid-length, with highlights of ash-brown on top of a base either black or brown. The next step is to finish the look with beautiful waves then you’re all set.

6. Dimensional Brunette Hair

Dimensional Brunette Hair - a woman wearing a black fitted long sleeve

Dimensional hair is always excellent idea, and here is one that has longer length, as well as an ombre of ash brown to it. The upper part of her hair dark and hair becomes lighter as it progresses. You should add waves to your hair or wear it straight for a flawless look.

7. Layered Cut Ash Brown

Layered Cut Ash Brown Hair - a woman in a salon wearing a printed shirt

Next up is a short, layered hairstyle for females. There are many long layers in the style, and they are hairstyled with big waves and they look stunning with the brown color of her hair.

8. Ash Brown with Silver Highlight

Ash Brown with Silver Highlight - a woman facing a mirror wearing a white shirt

This is a simple, elegant hairstyle with a sharp cut that is straight across. It’s an easy style to maintain because , once you straighten it and curl your hair, the style can endure for several days.

9. Ash Brown Balayage

50 Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

The next one is this stunning Balyage, and we all know that balayage is always an excellent idea. Here , she’s maintained her hair to the same length, and then added a balayage made of ash brown that’s darker at the top, and lighter on the bottom.

10. Wavy Short Ash Brown

Wavy Short Ash Brown Hair - a woman wearing a sleeveless top

Hair that is short is always a good choice in the summer months because it helps keep your cool. Here’s a summer hairstyle that’s sufficient in length to still manage to pull it into ponytail. For this look, add some long layers to your hair, then add an ashy-brown highlight , and a few waves and you’re completely set.

11. Neutral Ash Brown

Neutral Ash Brown - a woman wearing a black jacket

If you’re looking for the color that blends seamlessly into your hair, you should try this neutral brown shade. This gorgeous shade to the bottom of her hair, leaving the top with a natural brown. For a final touch she has added gorgeous curls that look stunning.

12. Ash Brown Subtle Foilyage

Ash Brown Subtle Foilyage - a chubby woman wearing a gray shirt

This is a brief to mid-length dress that features the trendy colors of ash brown and grey. A growing number of women are adding brown, ash and grey to their look prior to the time their natural greys show. They have straightened her hair for a flawless look.

13. Light Ash Brown Balayage Foilyage

Light Ash Brown Balayage Foilyage - a woman wearing a gray jacket

Wow, here’s an amazing style that keeps your hair shining throughout the day. The hairstyles have a gorgeous and light ash-brown shade with a balayage-style foilage. To achieve this look, ensure you choose an expert stylist who knows how to do it.

14. Cool Ash Brown Hair

Cool Ash Brown Hair - a woman wearing a black sleeveless

The next one is a stunning Ash-brown style with gorgeous big waves incorporated. This look is great to wear in the fall or summer because the cool shade will perfectly complement your summer outfit.

15. Natural Ash Brown Color

Natural Ash Brown - a woman wearing a black barber's cape

This is a different gorgeous style which uses the most beautiful shades of Ash-brown. Her hair is cut just below her shoulders and has added gorgeous waves. Make sure to finish this style with hairspray to ensure that you look fresh and healthy throughout the day.

16. Lovely Dimensional Ash Brown Color

Lovely Dimensional Ash Brown - a woman wearing an orange crochet top

The next one is this stunning hairstyle with a gorgeous deep ash brown hue. The model has added highlights on her dark hair, and then completed the look with waves at the bottom. This is a great look for women of all ages to test out.

17. Ombre Light Ash Brown

Ombre Light Ash Brown - a woman wearing a black cape

An an ombre is always a good option, and she’s wearing it with the perfect touch of brown ash. In the image above, she’s wearing her hair in waves that is long however, you could achieve this look with shorter hair.

18. Luxurious Light Ash Brown Blonde

Luxurious Light Ash Brown Blonde - a woman wearing a black shirt and a woman with red nails holding a hair strand

Next up is a bright blonde shade with Ash-brown highlights that look amazing. The hairstyle she has cut right up to her shoulders. it’s stunning with an up-and-down half-up hairstyle to showcase her texture and her new hair color.

19. Lovely Brown Ash Gray Hair

Lovely Brown Ash Gray Hair - a woman wearing a black barber's cape

This is an ideal style for women who have long hair. The blonde has a gorgeous hair color with dark roots , and an edgier tone through the rest of her hairstyle.

20. Dark Roots and Ash Light Brown Hair

Dark Roots and Ash Light Brown Hair - a woman wearing a black facemask and a black cape

Dark hairstyles are extremely fashionable when you are adding an edgier color to your look. This is what she has done in the picture above, and also has added gorgeous waves.

21. Modern Ash Brown Balayage

Modern Ash Brown Hair Balayage - a woman wearing a blue facemask and an eyeglasses

This is the best option If you’re a modern woman looking for a fresh hairstyle. Her long hair is perfectly colored with a modern-looking brown hair color. Make sure you add the waves to get a perfect look.

22. Phenomenal Ash Brown Color

Phenomenal Ash Brown Hair - a woman wearing a black cape and a black facemask

Phenomenal isn’t a word we use in a light way. She has extremely long hair that has dark roots and a gorgeous blonde hair color that is bright and vibrant throughout.

23. Root Shadow Ash Brown

Root Shadow Ash Brown - a woman wearing a gray shirt

Root shadows are the method by which your stylist will rub the hair color onto the top of your hair, and then gradually smooth the color across the rest of your hair. If you decide to give this method to try, you are likely to love the new style.

24. Golden Ash Brown

Golden Ash Brown - a woman wearing a black barber's cape

Another option for adding colour to your look could be to use this gorgeous golden ash-brown shade. It’s in the dark-side here with very dark roots, with a lighter tone towards the lower part. It is a stunning hairstyle that is suitable for all year round.

25. Medium Ash Brown Balayage

Medium Ash Brown Balayage - a woman wearing a black jacket

Every woman who have medium length hair ought to give this hairstyle an opportunity. The hairstyle is in a wavy style featuring dark hair and bright tips in the image above. Make sure you add a touch of curl to your hair for the perfect style that showcases your new hair color.

26. Beautiful Combination of Ash Brown

Beautiful Combination of Ash Brown - a woman wearing a white shirt

The beautiful mix of dark brown hues is featured throughout her hairstyle. It is possible to wear your new style with a curly look like the ones they’ve shown here or even finish it by using a hair straightener to create an elegant look.

27. Color Melt Light Ash Brown

Color Melt Light Ash Brown - a woman wearing a black shirt

Color melts can be stunning when done correctly. In the picture above, they’ve created a stunning effect by in incorporating a light brown shade to her hairstyle. Make sure the roots are dark. It can save you money and is fashionable.

28. Dimensional Ash Cream Blonde

Dimensional Ash Cream Blonde - a woman with a black nail color holding the another woman's hair

Next up is this gorgeous blend of dimensional shades of ash brown and creamy blonde shades. The hairdresser has straightened it to give it a gorgeous style that every woman would be thrilled to wear.

29. Cool Tone Mixed Balayage

Cool Tone Mixed Balayage - a woman wearing a maroon facemask

To get a darker appearance You could opt for this cool-toned mixed balayage style. The hairdresser cut it just above her shoulders and added some curls to the hairstyle.

30. Summer Light Ash Brown Balayage

Summer Light Ash Brown Balayage - a woman wearing a black jacket and is holding her hair

Here’s the perfect hairstyle for women who have long hair and are looking for an exciting new look for season of summer. This is an ash-colored summer light Balayage and it’s perfect. The hairdresser has added the bombshell curls that complete the look and it’s stunning.

31. Ash Brown Blended Balayage

Ash Brown Blended Balayage - a woman in a hair studio holding her hair

This is a different style for women who have long hair. Here is blended balayage and the hair color we have chosen for our feature. It is finished with beautiful loose waves.

32. Custom Color Micro Weave Brunette

a woman wearing a green top and a watch

Micro weaves are an option if you’re looking to experiment with an innovative style without having to worry about going to the hair salon. You can achieve this look by weaving but keep your hair in its natural.

33. Textured Dark Ash Brown Hair

a woman wearing a sleeveless top and an eyeglasses

Textured dark brown hair is an amazing and exciting hairstyle that is worth trying. She’s added some shades of light brown to her natural and darker hair, and it is stunning.

34. Matrix Ash Brown Hair

 a woman wearing a black shirt

This is a matrix style of hairstyle. The actress has a gorgeous blonde and light brown hair color. It’s completed with gorgeous beach waves to create stunning hairstyle.

35. Gray and Brown Balayage

a woman wearing a white shirt

Grey is among the most fashionable color to wear in 2023. In the above photo the model took her look to the next level , and she has added light brown hue to complement her silver hue, that looks stunning. In this photo, she is wearing a mid-length haircut however, this look will look stunning regardless of the length of your hair.

36. Air Touch Ash Brown Balayage

a woman wearing a gray jacket

Try an air-touch Balyage to get a natural method of adding the color of your hair. This model has gorgeous hair with just the right amount subtle brown added.

37. Mushroom Brown Hair

a woman in a salon wearing a brown shirt

If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing about the mushroom brown hair color check out the image above for an excellent picture. This beauty has an amazing color that begins at the top of her head and then ends with a beautiful color that is reminiscent of a mushroom.

38. Warm Ash Brown Balayage

a woman wearing a black facemask and a dark purple jacket

If you’re looking for hairstyles to wear during the colder months in the winter, consider this warm Ash brown balayage. The hair was parted in the middle, and added beautiful waves for this gorgeous style.

39. Caramel Ash Brown

a woman sitting in a purple salon chair

Caramel Ash Brown is as beautiful as practical. Here she is sporting an exquisite look, with perfectly curly curls on the length of her hair. This is a style that you can wear at anytime of the year.

40. Long Ash Brown Balayage

a woman wearing a black jacket

Do a v-cut hairstyle during your next visit to the salon. Here’s a stunning V-cut hairstyle that is stunning with beautiful balance and subtle hint of brown, blonde as well as pink.

41. Beautiful Tone Beige Ash Blonde

a woman wearing a black cape and is sitting on a salon chair

Hairstyles that are beautiful don’t need to be difficult. She’s wearing the beige and ash blonde tone that has bombshell curls through.

42. Curly Light Ash Brown

a woman wearing a black barber's cape

Here’s a hairstyle that is perfect for ladies who like to wear their hair with curls that spiral. This gorgeous style is made by incorporating a light ash-brown hair color to your hair and then finishing it off using a curling wand or iron. Apply lots of hair spray to ensure that your curls last all day.

43. Ash Brown Blend

a woman wearing a black long sleeve top

Ash brown shades are stunning when you’ve got an ash brown color that is dark and natural. This model has gorgeous waves with dark roots, creating the perfect hairstyle.

44. Lived In Ash Brown Balayage

a woman wearing a surgical face mask

The messy hairstyles are on fashion in 2023. Here , she is sporting an bob haircut that has some blonde and light brown incorporated across. Complete your look with loose curls and you’re done.

45. Milk Tea Ash Brown Hair

a woman wearing a pink loose top

Wow, this stunning hair colour is such an wonderful method to style that long hair. This is a milk tea brown hue which is such an original and enjoyable method to style your hair.

46. Spring Cool Tone Ash Brown Hair

a woman holding her hair and is wearing an almost black jacket

Next up is this cool spring-tone that has the ash blonde color on her brunette hair. They’ve completed the look with long wavy locks and an v-cut style.

47. Bob Cut With Bangs Ash Brown Hair

a woman wearing a black facemask

The short and sweet style is perfect for women of all age groups. This is her bob haircut that is sleek and thin bangs, with sharp cuts around the rest of her hair.

48. Beautiful Ash Brown Hair

a woman wearing a white shirt

This is the ideal hairstyle for women who want to keep things simple. Here’s a stunning dark brown hair color that is across with some curls added to the bottom of the hair.

49. Front Streaks Ash Brown

a woman wearing a sexy top and a white facemask

The gorgeous lady is sporting front streaks, or a cash piece to her look. In this photo, she not only added blonde streaks on the front of her hair, but she has also added beautiful peek-a-boos across her entire body. Check out this look in case you’re searching for a different and fashionable hairstyle.

50. Silky Ash Brown Balayage

a woman wearing a lace strap top

The next one is a smooth Ash brown balayage close to shoulder width. You can incorporate waves, as they have here, or wear straight if you’re searching for a clean look.

What You Need To Know About Ash Brown Hair Color

What Is an Ash Brown Hair Color?

Consider the hair color ash brown as blonde’s darker and moodier sibling. When you compare it to honey brown or dark chocolate it is a gray-colored shade that can bring out cool tones you want to see in your hair. It will also be a great choice for women who have cool or neutral skin tones.

How can you tell the distinction between brown and brown?

Ash brown can be described as a variant of the brown hair color. If you examine a chart of brown hair colors you’ll see the ash brown color as a variety of brunette hues which are cool and lean, as well as smokey.

Does ash brown contain red tones?

In essence the hair of ash brown is cool and cool with gray and ash undertones. generally, there aren’t red tones.

What type of pores and skin tone is suitable for the hair color of ash brown?

Short answer that Everyone can wear the color ash brown! It’s possible to customize the color of your hair to match your preferences, provided you find the correct colorist. We’re adamant about every hair color that is suitable for each individual. But, the ash colors look amazing on people that have cool, cool-toned skin. Therefore, ask your colorist for advice on choosing an ash brunette hair colors chart which matches your skin tone.

What are the best ways to care for the hair that is ash brown?

If you’ve got an brown shade that you love, then you’ll want to ensure you are doing everything to make sure it looks at its best. The first step is to get coloring shampoo and conditioner systems such as Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner. This blue-toning and color depositing process for brunettes are ideal to stop and neutralize brass on blonde hair, which is highlighted and natural. Hair is gently cleaned by the shampoo ingredients, without stripping color and aids in maintaining and toning the cool toned brunette hair color. The conditioner and shampoo you select are essential. Another method to extend the longevity of your brown hair color is to avoid washing your hair on a daily basis. Regularly cleaning your hair can be essential for the overall health and well-being of your hair. Doing too often could cause your hair to become dull and fade. If you’re a regular wash, cut off the occasional day or two to ensure your hair is free of grease by using a dry hair product such as Redken’s Invisible Dry shampoo. The lightweight dry shampoo will revive your hair without any residue. Your wash day secret is safe with us.

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