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50 Gorgeous Mahogany Hair Color Ideas for a Luxe Look

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If you think of mahogany hair color, you think of pure luxury. This well-known wood shade is famous for its reddish-brown hue, and hair colorists have brilliantly replicated this look for hair. Mahogany hair color is known for its sophisticated and vibrant hue, adding dimension and depth while making hair look glossy. Its rich color allows you to experiment without being too overpowering. It’s a versatile shade that works for any occasion and season, whether you’re at a business event, chilling with friends, ice skating in winter, or relaxing by the ocean.

Want to try something new without going overboard? Mahogany hair is fresh and stylish without being too loud. With many variations available, we can help you find the perfect one for you. Mahogany hair is a hot trend for 2024, subtly combining brown and red for a timeless effect. Sometimes, all you need is a new hair color to feel refreshed, and this burgundy hue could be just what you’re looking for!

There are many ways to wear this color, including highlights, full coverage, ombre, and more. It’s important to choose a shade that suits your skin tone, and your stylist can help with the process. Now, let’s look at 50 stunning mahogany hair colors for women in 2024.

1. Mahogany Hair on a Bob Cut

a woman wearing a printed facemask

This is a short and elegant hairstyle, with cute bob cut. She chose an intense red shade with hair that is swept back and it’s stunning.

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2. Edgy Cut Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a blue sleeveless shirt

Next up is a nice option if you’re looking to add some an edge to your look. This is short, asymmetrical hairstyle with an attractive red hue that is incorporated equally throughout. Try it straight or wear it curly, you’ll love your new hairstyle.

3. Expensive Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a yellow blazer

This lovely style is highlighted and layers as well as waves thrown in. Here she added a little of blonde that blends perfect with her fresh Burgundy hair colour. You can either part it in the middle on the side , because whatever you choose, you’ll look stunning.

4. Mahogany Curly Pixie Cut

a woman wearing a earrings

If you’re a curly person, you know how difficult it is to find the perfect cut. However, don’t look any further since we’ve the ideal hairstyle for you. In the image above, she’s wearing the curly cut of her pixie with a little red mahogany to.

5. Red Tones

a woman wearing a tie dye sleeveless shirt

The red tones are a hit anytime during the entire year however they are particularly popular in the fall. In the photo above the hairstyle is a curtain and a long, thin layer of hair in the back. The addition of layers to your hair can be great for creating a new shade.

6. Messy Mahogany Balayage

a woman wearing a printed cape

Women are known to love having the hair of their choice messy. Here, she’s sporting mid-length hair with loose curls and highlights of burgundy. The base was kept dark , and it’s stunning.

7. Mahogany Hair with Violet Tones

a woman wearing a black and white longsleeve

This is a much more gorgeous brunette hair color. In the picture above, she wears her hair long with curls and thick bangs on the sides to create a stunning look.

8. Rich Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Sweet and short is the perfect description of this style. The model has an upper part that has bangs that are a bit wavy and the hair at the length of her shoulder, and it is stunning.

9. Mocha Mahogany Blend Hair

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

If you’re a mocha loving girl, it is possible to make beautiful colors for your hair. The hair is flowing and long, and then included a middle section for an elegant and fresh look.

10. Warm Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a armygreen blouse

Do you remember seeing hair that shining? In this hairstyle she is wearing her hair around shoulder length and gorgeous beach waves all over. Ask your hairdresser about what you can add to your look so that your hair will shine as beautiful as hers.

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