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50 Stunning Mahogany Hair Color Ideas in 2023

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If you hear mahogany, it’s pure, luxurious luxury. A well-known wood shade known for its reddish-brown hue and it’s not a surprise that hair colorists came up with ways to replicate this hue on our hair. The hair color mahogany is well-known for its sophisticated and vibrant hue. It adds dimension and depth to your hair and makes it appear oh-so-glossy. Its deep and rich color allows you to experiment with color , but not too overpowering. It is also one of the hair colors that work for every occasion and season. Therefore, whether you’re traveling for a business event or just chilling with friends, skating with ice skates in the winter months, or relaxing at the ocean Your mahogany hair is perfect! The reddish brown shade appears beautiful. Do you want to play around but don’t want it to overdo it? This red hair shade is just the right one for you. Fresh and new, but without being too loud it’ll make your day. There are a myriad of variations of this color and we’d be happy to assist you in finding the one that is perfect for you. Are you looking to prepare for the fall and the new look? The mahogany hair shade is a hot trend for 2023. It’s a subtle way to add brown and red to your hair. The effects are timeless. Sometimes all you require is a new hair color. You will appear like a fresh woman in the fall. This the burgundy hue could be exactly what you’re looking for! There are many hair color options you can apply, such as highlights, full coverage, ombres and more. It is important choose a color that is suitable for the skin tone of yours, and your stylist should be able help you choose the process if you need assistance! Now, let’s take an look at 50 stunning mahogany hair colors for women for 2023.

1. Mahogany Hair on a Bob Cut

a woman wearing a printed facemask

This is a short and elegant hairstyle, with cute bob cut. She chose an intense red shade with hair that is swept back and it’s stunning.

2. Edgy Cut Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a blue sleeveless shirt

Next up is a nice option if you’re looking to add some an edge to your look. This is short, asymmetrical hairstyle with an attractive red hue that is incorporated equally throughout. Try it straight or wear it curly, you’ll love your new hairstyle.

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3. Expensive Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a yellow blazer

This lovely style is highlighted and layers as well as waves thrown in. Here she added a little of blonde that blends perfect with her fresh Burgundy hair colour. You can either part it in the middle on the side , because whatever you choose, you’ll look stunning.

4. Mahogany Curly Pixie Cut

a woman wearing a earrings

If you’re a curly person, you know how difficult it is to find the perfect cut. However, don’t look any further since we’ve the ideal hairstyle for you. In the image above, she’s wearing the curly cut of her pixie with a little red mahogany to.

5. Red Tones

a woman wearing a tie dye sleeveless shirt

The red tones are a hit anytime during the entire year however they are particularly popular in the fall. In the photo above the hairstyle is a curtain and a long, thin layer of hair in the back. The addition of layers to your hair can be great for creating a new shade.

6. Messy Mahogany Balayage

a woman wearing a printed cape

Women are known to love having the hair of their choice messy. Here, she’s sporting mid-length hair with loose curls and highlights of burgundy. The base was kept dark , and it’s stunning.

7. Mahogany Hair with Violet Tones

a woman wearing a black and white longsleeve

This is a much more gorgeous brunette hair color. In the picture above, she wears her hair long with curls and thick bangs on the sides to create a stunning look.

8. Rich Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Sweet and short is the perfect description of this style. The model has an upper part that has bangs that are a bit wavy and the hair at the length of her shoulder, and it is stunning.

9. Mocha Mahogany Blend Hair

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

If you’re a mocha loving girl, it is possible to make beautiful colors for your hair. The hair is flowing and long, and then included a middle section for an elegant and fresh look.

10. Warm Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a armygreen blouse

Do you remember seeing hair that shining? In this hairstyle she is wearing her hair around shoulder length and gorgeous beach waves all over. Ask your hairdresser about what you can add to your look so that your hair will shine as beautiful as hers.

11. Soft Mohagany Hair

a woman wearing a teal blouse

This soft hairstyle has gorgeous mahogany hair soft tones, as well as simple curls. For this style ensure that your hair is at least shoulder-length and curl it at about half way down, and you’re all set.

12. Mahogany Bob Hair

a woman wearing a brown shirt

Following your next bob cut try adding this gorgeous mahogany color. The model here chose cutting her hair with a sharp edge around the sides, and then added the middle. You can also put side bangs on the event that you want to add some character to your look.

13. Mahogany Dream Hair

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt

The next style is beautiful. This is a gorgeous mahogany hair color that runs throughout and loose curls at the bottom. This is a great hairstyle to experiment with in case you’ve noticed your hair growing slightly and want to try some new hairstyles.

14. Mahogany Tones on Dark Hair

a woman wearing a gray shirt

Dark tones and red tones work well together. Here , she has kept the black as the base color, with touches of red with lots of gorgeous curly curls and loose ones. This style can be worn with long hair, as she does here, however it could be just as beautiful with shorter hair.

15. Mahogany Blend Hair

a woman wearing a green shirt

This look is the perfect red hue in the brown locks. It’s a pretty brown hair around shoulder length, and curly styled. It is possible to achieve this look using a curling tool or iron, it’s your choice.

16. Layered Mahogany Blend Hair

a woman wearing a blue KN95 facemask

Layering your hair can help make your hair appear larger. In the photo above, she’s sporting long layers that have the addition of a red color. Split it in the middle and you’re done.

17. Mahogany Hair with Bangs

a woman wearing a black cape

Blunt hairstyles are always ideal choice when considering doing your hair in a different method. She’s kept it straight at the shoulders and tucked the straight fringe and it looks amazing.

18. Mahogany Brunette Hair Mahogany Highlights

a woman wearing a yellow blouse

This hairstyle for women features red highlights set against an all black base, and it’s stunning. The hairstyle is loose and loose which help showcase her beautiful new hair colors.

19. Brown Plum Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a pink sleeveless shirt

Plum is among the most sought-after hair colors for women of 2022. Here , she’s maintained her hair long with a side parting with loose curly curls. Hairstyle it straight to create a more sleek look and you’re done.

20. Auburn Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

This shiny look would be perfect for you. This is how she maintained it in a mid-length, and has gave it a beautiful red hue throughout. The stylist added some beach waves to create some texture. It was a fantastic idea.

21. Dark Mahogany with Copper Highlights

a woman wearing a black printed shirt

The copper hues of brown hair always tend to look stunning. In the above photo the model has huge hair with a lot of highlights. She also the hair is styled with messy curls. It is stunning.

22. Mahogany Brunette Hair

a woman wearing a brown sexy top

This is a textured, hairstyle that is layered with the red tones of the brown locks. The hairdresser added a fringe to her front, which looks stunning with her textured , layered look.

23. Deep Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a gray longsleeve

Red hair with deep mahogany shades makes you shine. In the picture above she has added long loose layers which frame her face perfectly.

24. Mahogany Magic Hair

a woman wearing a black shirt

If you prefer to keep your hair sleek and straight with a little red in it, this hairstyle is perfect for you to test. Get your hairdresser to give you an angular cut that starts at the shoulders. You can also use straighteners to get maximum benefit from this cut.

25. The warm Mahogany Hair with Waves

a woman wearing a black see through longsleeve

Warm mahogany looks gorgeous on any skin tone. The hair was loose and long on her back with gorgeous waves that were styled. The majority of it is located either in the middle or on the side as regardless you choose to do, you’ll be happy with how you appear.

26. Dark Chocolate Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a green shirt

The dark brown hair that has red tones will always look great. Here , she wore big curls and side bangs complete her look and it was stunning.

27. Vibrant Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a black printed shirt

The vibrant mahogany shade can let your hairstyle shine. The hairstyle was the mid-length cut with some curls for some texture.

28. Messy Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a black facemask

Unruly styles are always in style after you’ve learned how to style them properly. Here, she’s got touches of black and red and a fringe at the front. Make it messy by putting on loose curls and you’re done.

29. Hair with a Deep Mahogany Hair with Curls

a woman wearing a stripe sleeveless shirt

Hairdressers with curly hair recognize how difficult it can be to get the perfect hairstyle. This is how she maintained her that is cut for shoulders and added a thin layer of hair in forward to fram her features. The model opted for all-over coverage and now you’re ready.

30. Soft Chocolate

a woman wearing a black blouse

This is a subtle style that has an asymmetrical appearance. To achieve a style like this, you can add a warm chocolate hue throughout and make sure it stays straight. In the image above, she’s cut it short, and has included bangs on the front.

31. Red Tones

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

This is a deep red shade that works in her natural skin. Part your hair in the middle, and then add layers to frame the face. You can then twist them to create the entire look of the image.

32. Mahogany Red Ombre Hair

a woman inside a salon

An Ombre is always a good option when you’re considering creating a color scheme for your look. This time her style was designed by keeping the highest portion dark, and then gave a red tint to the bottom.

33. Messy and Wild Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Hair that is messy can give an unattractive look. In the image above, she’s got long hair, and she’s wearing it straight. It’s very popular as you can style it in a different way or draw your hair in a backwards direction to keep off your face.

34. Dimensional Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a black sexy sleeveless top

Hairstyles that are dimensional for women are always the best option. Here , she cut it shorter around her shoulders, and then added curtain bangs on the sides. Here , she’s kept it straight with only the ends, which have been slightly flipped.

35. Inverted Bob Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a black shirt with black jacket

This chic hairstyle is stunning with her curls that are spiral and layers. She opted for a gorgeous red hair shade all over and it looks beautiful. This is a fantastic hairstyle for fall.

36. Face Framing Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a black shirt

Next up is this hairstyle that has layers of face-frames in the front. It is possible to wear this gorgeous hairstyle straight, curly or with a little small amount of a wave, as she is doing here. The hair should be parted down the middle is the best option when you are deciding to opt for face-framing layers that keep the sides in line.

37. Gorgeous Mahogany Melted Hair

a woman wearing a gray shirt

If you’re seeking a subtle approach to color your hair, then the color melt is the ideal choice. This is how she added a mahogany colour melt in her hairstyle and finished it off with gorgeous waves.

38. Red Balayage

a woman wearing a white shirt

In the next look, she’s added an balayage style to her hair by using warm tones of red. For this style request your hairdresser to have your hair left at shoulder length. Add curly curls that are even throughout and you’re all set.

39. Angled Hair

a woman wearing a sleeveless top

This style of angled cut is and trendy in 2022. A cut that is angled to your look can be a great way to add a little style without much effort. She also chose an all-over burgundy hue and it looks stunning.

40. Vibrant Mahogany on a Straight Hair

a woman with tattoo wearing a black sleeveless shirt

This is a gorgeous hair color that will look amazing on straight hair. She chose to keep the top portion dark red, with hints of black , and gradually faded out the other part of her hair until it looked radiant and bright on the ends. It was stunning.

41. Two Toned Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a checkered longsleeve

Two-toned hairstyles are in the fashion this season. For women, in the hairstyle above, she is sporting her gorgeous two-toned hairstyle featuring a darker brown shade opposite; she has added the light mahogany shade. The bangs can be a great option for two-toned looks.

42. Long Mahogany Highlights

a woman wearing a black longsleeve

The next style is a fashion for women with long hair. This time, she’s added gorgeous red highlights all over and cut it with neat waves. You’ll be enthralled by how beautiful the hairstyle can make you feel.

43. Dark Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a printed army shirt

The dark, mahogany-colored hairstyle is sought-after because it looks stunning on all skin tones. The model kept her hair simple with her shorter straight hair, with a single layer of hair in front of her face to frame her features.

44. Smooth Balayage

a woman wearing a black shirt

The mahogany hairstyle that followed has left her hair looking soft and shiny. To achieve this look you need to apply balayage to your hairstyle and curl your ends to perfection.

45. Shoulder Length Hair

a woman wearing a black blouse

Shoulder-length hair in mahogany shade is a great look. This is how she styled it straight, with side bangs and an angled middle. You can keep it straight or add some waves, and you’ll be awestruck by the new look.

46. Balayage on a Wavy Hair

a woman wearing a armygreen blouse

Women who have wavy hair are aware of how difficult it can be to choose the perfect hairstyle however, look no further because this look will be stunning. This is a beautiful balanceyage that has big waves added throughout.

47. Blunt Cut

a woman inside a salon

This is a chic sharp cut style cut in front of the shoulders. The blunt cut is always a great option if you’re looking for a classic design. Here she’s retained the black base while adding red highlights and it’s stunning.

48. Hair that is Light Mahogany Hair and Layers

a woman wearing a black cape

Hair that is layered can be found in a variety of styles, making them great fun. The hairstyle she has chosen is a mix of her hair, and has layers to frame her face. To match the shade she’s chosen an intense red hue that is similar to her complexion.

49. Mahogany Hair with Center Part

a woman wearing a black blouse

This look is ideal for you if want the perfect red hairstyle to wear with length. This time she split it across the middle before adding gorgeous waves.

50. Mahogany Velvet Hair

a woman wearing a white shirt

Not to be left out is this sweet and short style. In the picture above she has added spiral curls as well as an intense red hue. The hair was kept dark to make the look more natural. You can always wear this style straight to give it a more polished look.


After making your way to this point, you may have discovered the mahogany hair color you like. Are you considering applying this stunning color to your hair, or are you rocking for years? Please let us know in the comments We would love to hear from you!

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