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11. Brown Hair with Highlights of Burgundy

The brown hair that has burgundy accents can be an alternative to this reddish shade. Dark hair colors work perfectly with this shade since it produces a look which is less sombre and less dramatic. This makes it simpler to wear. If you’re blessed with gorgeous curls, your hair color will emphasize them more, adding vibrancy , while creating interesting contrasts with straight hair.

Brown Hair With Burgundy Highlights

12. Subtle Burgundy Brown Balayage

Balayage is an amazing method to create the appearance of sun-kissed hair color, and you can mix brown and burgundy hair to achieve a subtle but elegant appearance. The two shades are similar, making them blend nicely and creating an appearance that is more natural. The method typically features the placement of highlights vertically and creates an sweeping effect. It can be a boon on hair that is thin, adding the volume.

Subtle Burgundy Brown Balayage

13. Burgundy Hair with Caramel Highlights

The hair that is dark that has caramel highlights creates a style that is warm, rich and stunning. The highlights are a great match extremely well with brown hair for the base color. However, they can be used with burgundy too as it gives a more softer appearance that is versatile, simple to wear and extremely feminine. It’s a style that most top models and stars love, and something to explore if you’re looking for hairstyles that highlight and frame your face.

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Burgundy Hair With Caramel Highlights

14. Lavender and Burgundy Highlights

Lavender hair looks so romantic. Its softness is what makes it such a beautiful and desired color for women who are looking for something different. However, if you’re looking to refresh your appearance with a new look, burgundy and lavender highlights are the best way to go. The combination works for all hair types and shades, however darker shades are more subtle and simple to style, whereas lighter shades are bold and require some courage to achieve.

Lavender And Burgundy Highlights

15. Burgundy Natural Hair

Burgundy is a hue that works well with a range of hair textures ranging from curly to straight , and in a variety of lengths. The versatility of the color makes it a preferred option for women looking to change their hairstyles and achieve an elegant and fun look. Natural hair, in essence is hair that has not been dyed or no chemicals used for altering the appearance.

Burgundy Natural Hair

16. Burgundy Maroon Hair

Maroon is darker than burgundy, however both colors are alike. However, burgundy is thought of as a cool tone while maroon is considered to be warmer. This color is perfect for someone who would like for a highlight or lowlight effects on their hair. While at first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference, once the light strikes your hair and creates an elegant, luxurious look you’ll be pleased you paired these two shades.

Burgundy Maroon Hair

17. Plum Dark Burgundy Hair

Dark burgundy, plum hair is a mix that’s fashionable and fierce. It’s a great choice for women with darker complexions and olive tones However, don’t let this put you off. There’s a myriad of ways you can experiment with this look and achieve the desired effect including lowlights to ombre. The striking color might necessitate a change in your makeup routine it is also an opportunity to draw attention to your eyes. There are a few drawbacks with the shade, for instance, it is easily faded. You might need to touch your hair frequently and pay attention to how you maintain your hair.

Plum Dark Burgundy Hair

18. Mahogany Burgundy Red Hair

Mahogany and burgundy are extremely like in hues, though the former is more reddish-brown in color, whereas the latter has a purple tint. The combination of the two shades makes a subtle but beautiful contrast. It is the perfect choice for women who want to make a statement with her hair. It is a great choice for various natural hair colors and will give a lively look.

Mahogany Burgundy Red Hair

19. Two-Tone Burgundy and Blonde Hair

Certain women prefer hair shades which are soft and subdued while others prefer to be noticed and make a statement. If you’re in the latter category, there’s nothing better to choose than the two-tone burgundy blonde hairstyle. This style features two different colors which gives your hair a vibrant look and instantly make it appear more vibrant. The norm is that people have chosen to keep their hair dark at the top, and lighter on the bottom. However, there are a variety of ways to look at this in the present, and you can create something truly unique. Pick a hairstyle that matches your personal style and style.

Two Tone Burgundy And Blonde Hair1 (1)

20. Blonde Hair with Burgundy Peekaboo

There are many variations of the burgundy hair style that are subtle, and some very noticeable, like the blonde hair that has a the peekaboo hair color in burgundy. The color is generally hidden beneath the hair or for those who prefer an elegant look you can style it in a way that the burgundy color doesn’t be seen unless the hair is in the up position. It appears as if it’s peeking through. Or, you could look like Christina Aguilera. Choose an intense contrast that will give your hair blonde a pop of color. Your style is the deciding factor in the style of your hair and the haircut you choose!

Blonde Hair With Burgundy Peekaboos

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