21. Brightened Copper Hair Color

While this color is unmistakably a reddish copper, the overall appearance is luxe and entrancing. The color application is smoothly done but the soft lighter copper hair shades brushed through are a stunning addition for a completely light reddish copper look.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


22. Copper With a Touch of Blonde

Rich copper hair colors with blonde accenting that length in strategic places create a beautiful overall look. The overall effect is bright and stunning.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


23. Curly Copper Red Bob

A good haircut and color are a magnificent boost to an overall aesthetic. Here the copper hair highlights offer the appearance of health and movement even while still, enhancing the curls, thickness and length of her bob.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


24. Long Copper Hair

Long hair can drag features down, especially if the lengths are one note. Here the bright copper is a fun and healthy color that illuminates the lengths of her hair making it anything but boring or dull.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


25. Hand Painted Copper Ombre

Ombre is a stunning treatment on a bob, especially a bob with bangs. The haircut lends an interesting dimension to ombre colored hair and vice versa. The wine red tone of her hair and the brightness of her copper balayage highlights show well how the colors can marry together.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


26. Balayaged Copper Hair

Copper hair colors vary enough to do an ombre using solely the copper spectrum. Here the difference in color is a bit more drastic, but will definitely be noticed.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


27. Cherry and Ginger Buns

Copper enhances red in nearly all shades. Here the copper hair boosts both the deep red roots and the bright cherry red buns in her hair, the minute streaks of copper highlights giving the hairstyle dimension and fullness.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


28. A Gingered Copper Hair Color

Smooth waves show off the different lights, both high and low in the copper hair color. While this color could be seen as red, there are certainly a number of benefits and boosts thanks to the included copper hair color.


29. Burnished Copper

Burnished copper is deeper shade of brown toned copper color that looks great on hair and is good for multiple skin tones. The color boosts some skin colors, warms others, but very rarely clashes.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


30. Fire and Copper Hair

Fire red hair is supposed to be as intricate and color fluctuating as fire itself and this is one treatment that certainly holds up to the expectation. The use of copper and different hues of red give this look an amazing overall appeal.

Copper Hair Color Ideas



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