50 Fabulous Hairstyles for Round Faces to Upgrade Your Style in 2019


When thinking of hairstyles for round faces, the amount of options is both a blessing and a curse. It is so nice to be able to wear your hair in different styles and have it look good. But at the same time, it can be hard to find that one that perfectly fits you. That is why this list exists.

To help you sort through all of your options in one place, this list represents an astonishing variety of haircut options for round-faced women. You can’t change the shape of your face, but that doesn’t mean you should feel constrained to the same easy hairstyle your whole life long. From curvy bobs to long angular cuts, these exceptional looks will make you feel amazed at what a versatile canvas your beautiful face can be.

Some great haircuts for round faces take advantage of the face’s natural curve. A straight style doesn’t help frame your face, but with a round face, you have a great foundation for hair that curves to the contours of your face. For this same reason, gentle waves are a great option when considering hairstyles for round faces, since the slight curl plays well off of rounded features. Whatever look you choose, these styles are sure to inspire.

1) Short and Simple for Everyday Wear

This pretty hairstyle is greataroundund faces with larger features. The shortness and simplicity of the cut perfectly compliment plump lips and big eyes. Although sometimes people are nervous about feeling boyish with a shortcut, a round womanly face can actually make this hair idea quite delicate and feminine.

2) Medium Length Boho Chic Hairstyle

A great hairstyle for girls, the slightly shaggy relaxed look is low maintenance while still being interesting. If you happen to have fine straight hair, a style like this is one of your best options, since the added layers create much-needed texture. The length helps keep the hair from feeling too heavy, and the bangs add a perfect frame to your lovely round face.

3) Relaxed and Reliable Hairstyle for Women

With a soft wave that perfectly molds to the curves of your face, this cute easy hairstyle looks effortless. A simple wave is a great decision when you don’t have forever to do your hair but still want to give it some shape. The subtle ombré coloring adds to this look with a gradual color change down the gentle waves.

4) Wavy and Pretty Hairstyle that is Cute and Easy

When you are looking for a great hairstyle that easily translates from day to night, this fun and easy hairstyle is a great choice. With a sweeping side part and a gorgeous light blonde to platinum ombré, this look is flirty and fun while still working appropriately. Have fun dressing this look up or down.

5) Perfectly Framing Hairstyle for Round Faces

This sleek look highlights the beauty and shape of your face by keeping your forehead bare of bangs and by using an easy single-length frame. A few highlights and waves are all you need with this clean and polished hairstyle. This look truly lets your own lovely face take center stage.

6) Chic and Natural Hairstyle

Naturally colored and minimally styled, this haircut looks totally organic. The chunky layering provides depth and interest, and the length falling just above the shoulders is great for a low-maintenance style. This is one of the great hairstyles for round faces because it is long enough to play with but short enough not to be a bother.

7) Relaxed and Beautiful Natural Waves

These dark, rich, and luscious curls are a great choice for women with long hair and round faces who are looking for a sophisticated style. The large gorgeous curls play perfectly off the contours of a round face, creating lines and curves that complement soft features. Be sure to invest in a good curling iron to get the look you want.

8) Gray and Gorgeous Modern Hairstyle

Who says gray hair is for old ladies? One hot new trend is to go gray early and embrace this silvery, sagacious coloring. Gorgeous gray hair looks stunning at any age and creates an interesting depth of color and tone when styled. This easy breezy look is a fun way to show off your cool coloring and happens to be one of the best haircuts for round faces.

9) All-Natural and Practical Day to Day Look

With a classic center part and cascading super subtle waves, this is a great example of a simple and clean, no-frills hairstyle. All that said, this is by no means a boring or dull look. No, this cut works with your personality to come off however you present it. Fun and flirty or subtle and sophisticated, this look does it all.

10) Cute and Playful Multi-Toned Style

When going for a bold color choice, silvery-blonde is a fun option, especially when you are ready to let a naturally dark color peek through. Great for round faces, this segmented, mid-length cut can be styled to lie softly over your face so your round cheeks just peek through, or it can be pushed back with only delicate strands left apart to frame your face.

11) Easy yet Edgy Modern Hairstyle

Super bold and super cool, this undercut pompadour style is light and airy while at the same time hard and edgy. It lays all the cards on the table with both a bold cut and bold coloring, and its sweeping bangs provide an asymmetrical frame for the lovely round edges of your face.

12) Perfect Pixie for Round Faces

This perfect pixie cut has everything. The edges that frame the face are divinely wispy, and the bangs sweep over the forehead just enough for a feminine touch. This look lets your beautiful round jawline shine through. Pixie cuts, for all their impact, are a great time saver and usually require little maintenance other than the regular trim.

13) Simple Style for a Natural Look

Reminiscent of a 1990s look, this updated classic takes all the best elements from that time and leaves behind the grime. An over-the-top side swept look is great for round faces since it accomplishes a full frame on one side of the face and leaves the other more open to show off your glowing skin and smile.

14) A Little Fun and a Lot of Color

Sometimes it is good to let loose and have fun. That is what this style is all about. The big and bold coloring is kept manageable with this cute cut and subtle curl that hits just under the jaw, the perfect spot for curls to land with a round face. When you go for this look, be sure to consult your stylist on the best coloring methods.

15) Professional Medium Hair to Frame your Face

A sleek and reliable look for any lovely round face, this super cute bob with slightly longer front tendrils gently frames the face while remaining a fairly low maintenance style. Opting for solid coloring also adds to the maturity of this look, providing a great frame for a beautiful smile.

16) Long and Lovely Even Length Hairstyle

A great look when you want to appear effortless, this slightly wavy, center-parted style softens the edges around a round face and draws attention to a long neck with its length falling past the collarbone. The subtle copper tones are great for highlighting freckles, and the waves are easily accomplished with your favorite iron.

17) Beautiful and Textured Short Hair

With its sharp, abrupt layers and bangs, this look can be styled both hard and soft. The gentle blonde color provides a featheriness while the ends are styles to stand apart. You can take this up a level by using your favorite product to create a jagged rocker look, or you can smooth it down for a more reserved style.

18) Sweeping Bangs and Soft Natural Curls

The diagonal line of a great side bang can create an effect that essentially lengthens a round face. These fantastic bangs sweep effortlessly across the forehead and blend smoothly into the rest of the do. Another good choice for a round face, the mid-length cut is very cute and often easy to manage.

19) Multi-Colored Asymmetrical Bob for Round Faces

When you want to try out something a bit more powerful and edgy, this dramatic side-swept bob is a super cool option. Using the long front bangs to frame the face is an amazing technique for round faces since it gently curves with the contours of your cheeks. Add a splash of color for drama and you are ready to go.

20) 1970s Punk Rock Hairstyle

This lovely shag is reminiscent of rock concerts and a laissez-faire attitude. Great for anyone with naturally thick hair, this multi-textured, multi-layered look is more complex than it may first appear. The amount of face that is covered or framed by hair gives strength to an otherwise soft face and is one of the best haircuts for round faces.

21) Long Bangs and Long Locks Style

Gorgeous bangs that fall just over the eye are a fabulous soft feature of a long cascading mane. Long hair, though sometimes harder to maintain, is a good choice for round faces since it naturally lengthens the look of the face. The bangs enhance the effect by creating another layer around the face.

22) Naturally Wavy Bohemian Look

A super cute easy hairstyle for girls and women, these slightly tousled beach waves are ideal for days when you want to take it easy or attend a relaxed event. The large side-swept bangs, along with the loose and free voluminous waves, create a full frame and add angles and interest to a round face.

23) Flirty Face-Framing Medium Length Hairstyle

Embrace your sweet round cheeks with a haircut like this, one that gently curls under the chin to follow the curve of your face. To create some contrast, use this slightly raised swept side part and push back pieces here or there. This is a practical cut that makes for a simply amazing look.

24) Long Hair and Full Beautiful Bangs

When you have thick locks, embrace them by going for a wide full bang. Bangs like these can sometimes appear severe, but when paired with gorgeous flowing waves, they are magically lightened and the overall look is soft and feminine. Growing out bangs can sometimes take a while, so be sure you’re ready to commit before taking the plunge.

25) Edgy yet Playful Multi-Toned Short Cut

A fun and somewhat punky hairstyle for round faces, this short and jagged cut does a good job of blending hard lines with the soft curves of the face to keep this potentially harsh cut well balanced. Even with such a short look, you can create a lot of depth with creative coloring.

26) Gorgeous Flame-Colored Short Wavy Hairstyle

Going red can be scary and exciting at once. Take your bright fiery locks and pair them with a retro styling for a glamorous yet untamed look. With a round face, you are able to pull off a look that is slightly higher in the back since the angular lines to the front of the do play well with your curved cheeks.

27) Whimsical and Powerful Pixie Cut

One of the best haircut for round face, this super short spunky pixie says delicate but independent. This cut perfectly embraces round cheeks and jawlines but creates a much more dramatic line with the choppy straight bangs. Style this either messy or sleek and consider a pop of color for fun.

28) Slightly Messy Hair Done Right

A great way to create volume and texture is to go for a slightly messy yet tamed do. This styling goes for layers of texture to create a full, high-contrast frame for a soft round face. With this look, you can go hard and spike the whole thing out, or keep it more relaxed with a few messy hairs splayed here and there.

29) Sleek and Shining Asymmetrical Bob

There are few haircuts more chic than a simple shoulder-length bob. Great for women with fine hair, this is one of the best haircuts for round face women because it has clean dramatic lines while still embracing the gorgeous shape of your face. A light blonde coloring completes this Hollywood glam look.

30) Pretty in Pink Medium Length Hairstyle

Bold yet soft, this look is an awesome hairstyle for women. The super gentle and well-blended bubblegum pink looks almost natural and is highlighted by a dramatic wide side part. A side part is great for showing off colored hair since it allows for longer unbroken chunks to be seen.

31) Long and Easy Everyday Hair

A simple, no-frills medium length cut is one of the best haircuts for round face. Not only is medium length hair great for all types of stylings, but it also gives length to a round face without weighing your look down. Soft, barely there curls provide volume and texture to this pretty look.

32) Bleach Blonde Hairstyle for Round Faces

Super bright, nearly white hair is a fun styling choice. This cut is perfect for a round face and bold coloring because it uses the interesting elements of the hair to frame and support your face instead of overwhelming it, which, with such dramatic coloring, could easily happen. Use this cut to bring out your gorgeous facial features.

33) Soft, Sweet and Innocent Waves

Very pretty and relaxed, this cool look runs wavy in the middle and straight at the top and bottom to create a soft, delicate frame for the round cheeks. A side part gives you the option to either slightly cover and soften your face even more or push everything back to show off your round features.

34) Daring Stark White Bob and Bangs

When you want to create contrast in your style, a bold white angular bob is a great choice for a round-faced woman. The pop that comes from the bangs, the coloring, and the cut plays well with rounded cheeks and chin to create an overall well-balanced appearance. Darker roots also help to soften the look.

35) Sweeping Side-Parted Asymmetrical Cut

If you are really trying to break out of your round-faced mold, this dramatic cut is an excellent choice. No one will notice your rounded cheeks with these clean, straight lines falling over and around your face, perfectly framing and creating new angles. A side part adds even more length and drama to this bold look.

36) Perfect Medium Length Waves

An easy hairstyle for round faces and everyday wear, this simple and chic cut is beautiful for a round-faced woman. Taking the front piece of hair and curling it back as seen here is a pro framing technique to help keep your hair out of your face and create interesting yet soft lines.

37) Carefree Mid-Length Natural Soft Curls

A fun hairstyle for any occasion, this look uses straight tips to add a definitive line to wavy hair. Often, waves and curls end here and there without closure. This look takes those waves and gives them a solid and straight end, which lends balance and a sense of completeness to the look.

38) Natural Carefree Bob with Bangs

When you want to embrace your naturally thick and textured locks, this hair idea is the one for you. Thanks to the chunky yet intentionally sparse bangs, you can see how thick and lovely the hair is, but the cut does not make the hair weigh down or overwhelming the face.

39) Rock Star Short and Wavy Glam Hairstyle

When considering great haircuts for round faces, don’t forget how big of an impact coloring can have. With a round face, these dark and bold roots provide a more distinct fame before the lighter color and curl begins. A juxtaposition between hard and soft, this fun and cool style is always a great choice.

40) Chic and Stylish Bob with a Touch of Color

This 1920s-style classic bob is brought into the 21st century with cool warm color tones. Perfectly hugging the edges of a round face, this cut is for someone who wants to embrace and show off the round edges of their face. Pair this look with simple makeup for a lovely complete look.

41) Thick and Gorgeous Silver Mane

A slightly frosty look, this styling is fantastic for round faces because it creates a dichotomy between the edges of your face and your cool do, creating almost two looks in one. You can soften this style with delicate and light makeup, or just as easily make it dramatic by doing a smoky eye and hard lip.

42) Chin Length Low Maintenance Hairstyle

A great hairstyle for round faces, this super cute mini bob creates the illusion of straighter lines on your face and helps softens a round jawline. With ends that poke just onto your chin, you can create a squarer frame for your face and elongate a lovely neck.

43) Pretty Short Do with Cool Side Bang

Soft and hard are perfectly balanced in this hairstyle with a delicate and sweeping face framing lock on one side, and a jagged pushed back piece on the other. To complete and emphasize this look, pair with a mix of hard and soft jewelry, makeup, and clothes to keep everything balanced.

44) Perfectly Tussled Brown Wavy Style

Center parts work great when you are showing off the pretty round qualities of your face. They allow the circle to be completed and often work well to create a beautiful frame. The movement of the hair in this style perfectly complements the emphasis on round features and flows delicately and naturally.

45) Fun and Playful Face Framing Tapered Haircut

The best haircut for round face depends on the look you are going for. This haircut is perfect if you are hoping to emphasize your smooth round cheeks and jaw but to cut the circle with a curtain like bang. This tapered look starts heavy on top, then becomes lighter and easier near the ends.

46) Wild and Crazy Angular Rainbow Hairstyle

This bold and cute hairstyle for girls brings together an interesting cut with an exciting color to create a unique look. Reminiscent of everyone’s favorite magical creature, this unicorn inspired rainbow look changes each time you flip your hair. The sharp points in this particular styling, play well with the sweet round curves of the face, and the overall look is striking.

47) Pinned up Curls and Lovely Bangs

When thinking up cute hairstyle for girls this intentionally slightly messy look is a super fun option. Easy to wear as it is supposed to have loose flowing tendrils, you can start off with a tighter version of this do and not have to worry as it slowly relaxes throughout your day.

48) Very Classy All-Natural Shoulder Length Do

Keeping it simple, classy, and pretty is what this look is all about. The relaxed and natural style is great for embracing your natural face shape and the length is perfect for styling or leaving simple. Pair this hair with little to no makeup for a clean and pure look.

49) Full and Fabulous Light Blonde Waves

Full cuts make for a great pretty hairstyle for round faces. This full and perfectly colored do gives a lot of volumes while still maintaining a peaceful and natural look. The slight waves ease the edges, and the collarbone length elongates the face and neck. Try out this style if you have thick hair and a contemporary flair.

50) Dark and Romantic Angular Bob

This naturally colored yet modernly cut style is one of the best haircuts for round face. It can be styled so that it sweeps over your round cheeks or can be kept away from the face to emphasize your shape. With a look like this, you have a lot of control and many styling options.


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