Bobs are fast becoming the haircut for everyone. They are incredibly versatile regarding length, texture layers, and even details. Blunt bobs are no different! This stylish and elegant hairstyle is so versatile and the only thing that is important is the purpose you’d like your blunt bob do for you. Find out about some of our most beautiful hairstyles! There are a variety of hairstyles to pick from. Blunt bob hairstyles is one of them. They have been in fashion for quite a while. There are many reasons for this assertion. Here are a few of them There is a broad selection of choices to pick from. Blunt bob hairstyles are available in various specifications. Certain styles are suitable for short hair while others are suitable are for medium or long hair. They are fashionable. Are you looking to fashionable? If so, try these amazing hairstyles. Many of the hairstyles listed that are listed here are in fashion. Many hairstyles are flexible in terms of style. That’s another good reason why you ought to look at these hairstyles. Look through the following list and pick hairstyles that will meet your requirements.

Blunt Bobs For Women Who Love Short Hairstyles

Straight Full Bangs

A blunt-cut bob that has straight, full bangs is ideal for hair that is thin as it creates a more dense and more full-bodied appearance. Cut the fringe as blunt as the bob , which allows your hair to move more evenly. The auburn-brown hue of your hair gives naturally shiny look to hair.

Straight Bob With Mid Part

A sleek straight bob with an unique light brown balayage will make your hairstyle stand out. It’s a simple hairstyle. Simply create a mid-parting and then stroke your hair to the sides. The lighter brown hue on natural black hair creates the illusion of denseness. Face-framing locks remove the width of a face, and create a slimmer appearance.

Bob With Midshaft Bends

Midshaft bends on a short bob give your hair the look of texture and movement. The bends in your hair make it dynamic and create curves for the round face. Make a central part to frame your face perfectly. The shade of violet with a choppy edge gives hair an athletic look.

Beachy Waves

Soft waves of beach in a short bob provide an appealing and feminine appearance. Make use of a curling iron to create those soft waves. They will make your hair bounce and give them a feeling of fullness. The fiery, bright ginger hair color adds the perfect amount of warmth that flatters any skin tone , and makes your hair appear radiant.

Messy Long Bob

An unruly long-bob is great on wavy and smooth hair. Blowing your hair out to create volume. You can also use dry shampoo to keep your hair in place and give it a the texture. A twirled face to form a an extended fringe is the best option to get the shag look.

Variegated Bob

The eye-catching and striking pastel hair shades are now popular thanks to the increasing impact from POP culture. Combine different pastel shades and give your classic haircut a punk edge. The dark, deep magenta-pink roots fade to a dusty light green hue, creating a beautiful ombre look.

Dimensional Dark Teal Hair

Let your imagination run wild and showcase your bravery by sporting your blue shade. The anime-inspired hair shade can make your hair stand out. Make your hair appear larger by creating hairstyles in sections of light and dark shades for the perfect Mermaid hairstyle.

Sharp Grey Bob

A indication of age is nowadays a popular hair color. A blunt bob looks great with gray hair. The dark black edges add a stunning contrast. They also make those edges look more sharp and give a dramatic final look the hairstyle.

Wispy Red Highlights

Bright red highlights from a money-piece add an explosion colour to your black hair. A pop of face-framing red ribbons adds modern flair for the traditional bob haircut.

Lilac Bob

Straight bobs give you the most natural texture that allows you to play with different shades. Mix your bob hairstyle with the lilac hair color, and get onto the bandwagon of the trend of cotton candy. A bright bob will turn heads.

Short Blunt Bob

It’s easy to achieve an attractive look by using the blunt cut bob. Most often, they work well with fine hair Short blunt bobs feature an elongated, straight fringe that ends at the corners at the back on the jawline.

Long Blunt Bob

You can achieve sleek elegance through your blunt-cut hair. Even lengths look fantastic with smooth long bobs sometimes referred to as lobs. Consider a slight or center off-center area to ensure cohesion.

Medium Blunt Bob

Make a difference to your round face with an average length sharp cut bob. The slenderness that is derived by even lengths creates sharp lines to the round jawlines.

Blunt Bob With Bangs

The slender cut of the bangs looks amazing with the bobs. There are many rough lines to be seen with this cut, which is why an oval face shape is the best choice here. Cut your fringe as high or low that you’d prefer.

Middle Part Blunt Cut Bob

We like the way the middle part of a bob looks when it’s the look of a blunt cut hairstyle like a bob. Try a single element like the ends of hair to create smoothness. Blow them in with a circular brush and give them a gentle motion upwards.

Side Part

Side pieces have the amazing power to soften any look. Sometimes, the harshness of a shaved bang requires this component. They also look better with side-swept bangs.

Blunt Bob With Weave

Are you having trouble getting a sharp cut bob using your hair? Weaves are great for creating the look you are looking for while also safeguarding your natural hair while you work on it.


Sometimes, the force of a cut that is blunt requires some softening. A lot of layers that are mid-length will not only soften your style but can also cut down weight on hair that is thick to create beautiful movement.

Hot Red

Each shade of red is stunning when paired with a blunt cut. If you decide to sport straight hair with a long fringe or add some texture, you won’t be able to get it wrong with this style.

Sew In

Sewn-in weaves are a power source right in your reach. Women can choose the style they want for their blunt cut hair as well as giving natural hair an opportunity to relax.

Blunt Blonde Bob

Blunt bobs look chic for blonde hair. This style works particularly well for blonde locks since most of the time the texture is fine or delicate. Hair that is short looks great.

Blunt Cut Bob For Black Girl

There are many different options for black women to get an ideal blunt Bob. If your hair’s natural style doesn’t suffice Then sewn into braids, weaves, or crochet hairstyles could provide you with the hairstyle you’ve always desired.

Wavy Bob

It’s not necessary to straight pins to wear the blunt cut bob elegance. Wavy texture can add a lot of interest to bobs that have precisely cut ends.


Make the most of the chic of a bob that has been cut bluntly with hair that is ultra-straight. Cut hair near the jawline for sharp shape, long faces or on the lips to break up the rounder cheeks.

Curly Blunt Bob

Do you want to improve that curly look? Beautiful curls with volume are gorgeous however a blunt cut hairstyle is a great way to keep your style in check while adding a dash of class. Consider a fringe to add some flair to the appearance.

Blunt Bob For Fine Hair

Fine hair prefers shorter lengths. Cuts that are blunt and textured is a great method to enhance your hair’s texture, making it appear thicker and fuller than it really is.

Blunt Bob For Thick Hair

Hair that is thick and dense thrives in the rigors of a cut that is blunt. It’s crucial to texture the ends before getting cut, but. Make sure to tie the look with the central part.

Side Bangs

Bangs, specifically those that have a side can soften the look of hair. This makes them ideal for the sleek lines of an angular cut bang. Cut them as wide or as thin as you like.

Blunt Choppy Bob

It’s an excellent idea to incorporate a different aspect to your blunt hair. If you have a coarse texture or prefer using an emulsifying spray, you can add for contrast to make your blunt hair.


It’s a lot of exciting to play with bright shades for your hair. How better to try something new then to experiment with burgundy on your bob’s blunt side? Include a fringe that is the addition of some choppy layers to make it more exciting.

Blue Bob

Navy and deep blues make the perfect outfit for that more edgy girl. A slender fringe and sharp cuts can make your hair really stand out.

Blunt Bob With Pony

Contrary to what people think there is no reason to not look stylish with shorter hair! A half-up style is ideal for sleek, sharp cut hairstyles. Create each part perfectly to finish the look.


Don’t stress about perfectionism in regards to your bob with a blunt cut. In fact, adding a bit of texture is a great option to take the look from formal to relaxed and cool.

Perfect Blunt Bob For Round Face

Face shapes with angular and long lengths should be taken care of with blunt bobs however on round faces they appear stylish. The round cheeks instantly soften by the sharp lines of straight ends and blunt bangs.


Blunt-cut bobs are elegant and stylish, however you may be looking to add a bit of excitement with your haircut. The dimension of highlights can transform a dull cut from dull to gorgeous and exciting.

Messy Blunt Bob

Do you like your blunt cut bob to appear younger? Do your hair a sexy bedhead tangle for an appealing and sexy style.

Very Short

Short bobs are fun and fun, but short blunt cut bobs are fun and distinctive. It’s not ideal for everyone, but it’s ideal for showing off gorgeous eyebrows and a long, elegant neck.


Although brunette hair is typical but blunt cut bobs are distinctive. Be bold and flaunt your brunette hair with an elegant blunt cut bob style.

Asian Blunt Bob

Asian hair tends to be straight, which is why blunt bob hairstyles make perfect sense for women who prefer a hairstyle that is short. Are you looking to add some bangs? Make them more long to draw your attention.

Sleek Blunt Bob

Why not emphasize the seriousness of a cut bob by adding a pin straight texture? This look can be very chic, especially if your cut is not longer than your chin. If you’re looking to add a bit of softness, consider the side section.


Bobs aren’t always long however, you can include gorgeous highlights in your style. Balayage techniques can make highlight appear more natural a blunt cut hair.


Ombre highlights are always fashionable and your blunt cut bob isn’t any exception. Ombre exposes, rather than hides your roots for an easy grow-out.

Blunt Bob + Braid

The idea that having short hair restricts the styling options you have is not true. Braids can be beautiful and can be a beautiful addition to any blunt hairstyle. Particularly, we are in love with a romantic braid crown.

Blunt Bob For Over 50

We like blunt bobs since they are stylish for girls of all different ages! In reality, cut hair just below the chin line to frame the face, and make the cheeks appear youthful and round.

Half Up Blunt Bob

Half-up hairstyles are at the top of the latest trends. We love how modern and fresh they look on blunt-cut hairstyles! Try a loose or wispy topknot for keeping it contemporary.

Black Buzz Hairstyle

This bob cut is identified by a dark appearance throughout the hair. In addition, the hair must be in the neck area. You should give your hair an layered appearance prior to beginning the design process. Begin by placing your fringe hair in your middle of the head. It should join with hair that is on the opposite side of your head. Keep the remainder of your hair in front to the left or right side of your head. This is not all. Give your hair that is angled towards the side an wavy appearance on both sides. It’s a wave-like look. Additionally, your hair on your side along with the hair that is on your back your hair should be the same in length.

Long Bohamian Haircut

The name suggests that you must have long hair for this stunning blunt bob haircut. Draw a line around a location on your mid-head. This line is the one that determines which direction that your hair in front should lie in. It can be either the left or right side or the back of your head. Hair on the side of the head in a straight line. Do this and give your hair an layering look. Hair should be positioned upon your shoulders. Additionally, you should give a small section of hair with black locks the look of brown.

Causal Bob Hairstyle

Comb your hair on the right side as well as left sideways hair. the hair on the back of your hair straight in its natural growth direction. Then, you can rest your fringe and mid-head hair by placing hair on both sides of your head. Improve the appearance and texture of your hair by blow drying. But that’s not all. Your hair must have an layered and curly-wavy appearance throughout your head. Blue-colored streaks are required to be visible across both sides of the head. Make sure you trim your hair properly before placing the hair on shoulders. Take a look at this amazing hairstyle.

Inverted Wavy Haircut

Inverted wavy haircuts focus on making your hair appear wavy. appearance throughout your head. Hair should be cut so it sits over the neck before you adopt this haircut. Separate your hair on the right side from the hair on your front by forming an arc. Hair on your left sideways as well as hair at the back of your head in the direction of the direction of growth that it naturally takes. Connect your remainder of the hair in front view and straighten it towards your left-hand side your head. Make sure to create an layered and wavy appearance across the head.

Flapper Pixie Bob Hairstyle

This stunning hairstyle is caused by a blonde swath all over the hair. Give your hair a multi-layered appearance. Straighten your fringe hair toward your forehead. Your fringe hair should be joined with the hair to both the sides your head. The same principle applies to mid-head hair. The pixie style that is trendy states that your hair must be tucked in your stylish. But that’s not all. Give the hair that is positioned on the side to both ends of your head a curly style. Most importantly, your whole hair should be layered to create a appearance.

Finger Waves Haircut

The hairstyle that you have been sporting for a while is definitely worthy to be listed on this list. It will make you make an impression on anyone who is around you. This hairstyle is caused by a dark look across the hair. So, the entire hair should be layered to create a appearance. Continue to join your mid hair to the hair from both sides your head. The hair that is on your fringe should be placed on your forehead. It will join with hair that is on the opposite side of your head. But that’s not all. Form outward curvatures on both sides of your head. In the end, cut your hair so that you have an even look around your edges.

Two Layered Bangs Hairstyle

The focus is at both ends of your head. Start by dividing your hair in front into two sections using the middle of your head. Join your fringe hair with the middle hair to both sides of the head. Then, rest the hair behind your ears. Make sure to sleek the remaining hair across both the sides your head upwards towards your shoulders. You are free to create the wavy style across both sides of the head. Make the most of the appearance and texture the hairstyle with blow-drying your hair in a sweeping fashion.

Simple Curvy Haircut

The name says it all this is a straightforward hairstyle to create. It is all you need to do is have long hair to be able to wear this gorgeous hairstyle. Additionally giving your hair a beautiful blonde look. Start by blow drying your whole hair. After that make a mark on your head’s mid-point. This line will determine where the hair on your front side rests. It could be straight to the left or right side of your hair. Continue to give your hair an layered appearance. Create a curly-wavy style across both sides of your hair.

Beret Curly Haircut

You’ll certainly make an impression on your colleagues if you choose to wear a the beret curly style. The black-colored streaks must be apparent in your hair’s blonde. Separate your fringe and mid-head hair into two parts. Join each section of hair with both of your left and right sideways. But that’s not all. Give all your hair with a curly-wavy and layered look. The hair on your left your head should be positioned straight in front of the left right ear. A curly beret is a great choice for casual occasions. It is also easy to maintain and is recommended to be kept within the neck area.

Faux Bob Hairstyle

Begin by dividing the hair in front into two parts. One section needs to be shaved towards the right side and the other towards the left on the face. Make sure to create layers throughout the head. The hair to both the sides your hair a curly style. The faux bob hairstyle offers you the chance to show off your gorgeous face and hair that is blonde. Hair is combed at the back of the hair straight in its natural direction of growth. Additionally, this amazing hairstyle can be worn for any occasion you encounter.

Sleek Bob Haircut

It’s another easy and simple haircut that is on this list. Improve the appearance and texture of your hair with a blow-drying. Keep going and split the hair in front into two parts. The first section should be at the top of your head while the other is in a straight line towards on the left of your head. In the end, you should make your hair appear a mix of blonde and black across the head. The hair either side of your head a curly appearance. Then, you can rest your hair straight to your shoulders.

Messy Bob Haircut

Apply highlights and blondes on your head. Comb your left sideways hair along with left sideways hair, and hair at the back of your hair straight in its natural growth direction. After that, join your mid hair and fringe the hair from both sides your head. It is easy to create messy hairstyles by using layers throughout your head. You can create an elongated curly look across your head. A messy bob haircut does not limit your choices in the amount of curls that can be arranged around both sides your head. It’s all about your preferences and taste.

School Girl Blunt Bob Haircut

Everyone has tried this hairstyle at some point or another in their lives Isn’t it? A blunt bob haircut for school girls makes sure that your hair is at the chin’s length. Join a significant portion from your hair’s fringe as well as the mid-head hair with your hair that is right sideways. Then, straighten it toward the right side of your head. Then, sleek the remainder of your hair in front to the left side of your head. This hairstyle is appropriate for any occasion that you are invited to whether it’s casual or formal. You are free to choose an layered style.

Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Anyone with a minimum length hair can wear this hairstyle. The wavy lob hairstyle is caused to the fact that your hair is able to achieve an layered appearance throughout your head. Continue to conjoin the bulk of your hair in front to the right side the head. On the other side, hair that is left of your head should be positioned behind the left ear. As you move on to the right, you can give hair on both sides of your head a curly-wavy appearance. Cut your hair on the sideways and hair at the back of your head so that it sits inside the neck area.

Blonde Loose Bangs Hairstyle

The name suggests that you give your hair a light blonde look across the head. Comb the hair of your right sideways to its natural growing direction. Rest the rest of your front view hair on your left hand side your head. It’s your fringe left sideways and mid-head hair. Blonde loose hair is defined by a multi-layered appearance across the hair. So, your sideways hair should have an attractive curly style across both sides of your head. Furthermore features, you’ll be able to maintain this style.

Straight Sideways Haircut

This gorgeous hairstyle highlights that most of your hair will have the black appearance. The blonde hue are required to be evident on your hair. Improve the appearance and texture of your hair by blow-drying. Draw a thin line at an area on your mid hairline. This line is the one that determines which direction your hair’s front view should lie in. It could be straight to the left or right side of your head. So hair at the rear of the head must be straight in its natural growth direction.

Curls And Bangs Haircut

You’ll appear stylish with this hairstyle. Like the name suggests the hairstyle is defined by bangs and curls that run throughout the hair. Begin by giving your hair a multi-layered look. Continue to place your fringe hair over your head. A portion from your hair’s fringe must join with hair from both sides your head. Similar to your mid-head hair should join together with the hair of both sides of your head. Make sure that hair across both sides your head are curly-wavy. Colors of black are a great match to this hairstyle.

Simple Blunt Lob Hairstyle

A simple blunt lob haircut is highlighted by a blonde-colored look across the hair. Also, the entire hair should have a layered appearance. Connect your mid-head hair with your left and right hair in a sideways direction before slicing it in its particular direction. Place your fringe hair upon your forehead. You should ensure that a part that is your hair’s fringe connects by a hairline on each side of your head. Hair that is cut in the sides and the hair on the back of your head to create an even look. A simple blunt lob hairstyle is an elegant casual hairstyle.


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