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A deep powder like no other – it is long-lasting, looks natural, and comes in a wide range of colors. As with any style of manicure, there are pros and cons, but overall this is a great alternative to acrylic, gel and traditional polishes. If you’re looking to change up your nail game a bit, check out everything you need to know about social media.

What are SNS Nails?

SNS or dipped nails are completely different from regular manicures. Instead of using polish, these designs are made with powder. As the name suggests, you dip your nails into a jar of colored powder, set the color with a binder, repeat the process a few times, and voila, you have beautiful and stylish nails!

What Are Sns Nails


SNS Nails Pros and Cons

As with everything, this process has its pros and cons. SNS nails are incredibly easy to apply and come in a wide variety of colors. Deep powder also lasts much longer than a regular manicure – up to three weeks. They are also full of nutrients that strengthen the nail bed. However, when replacing them, the entire layer often has to be removed, and their maintenance can be quite expensive.

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Sns Nails Pros And Cons


Is SNS Bad for the Nails?

Contrary to what some might think, social media is not bad for your nails. They have nutrients inside the powder that help to strengthen the natural bed. There’s also no harsh UV light to lock the color in place, so your skin will thank you too. Of course, applied bonding liquid can cause some harm, so be sure to consult with a certified nail technician to get a perfect application every time.

Is Sns Bad For The Nails


SNS Nails vs Shellac, Acrylic, or Gel Nails

SNS nails look more natural than acrylic and gel nails and are also a healthier option. When using deep powder, you do not need to file your nails too much, so the nail bed will be in better condition than when using acrylic. The powder version also contains fewer fumes than other options and does not require UV light, unlike shellac.

Sns Nails Vs Shellac Acrylic Or Gel Nails


How Long Do SNS Nails Last?

SNS nails can last two to three weeks. This period usually indicates regrowth in your beds. You can restore a powder manicure, but in most cases, you will have to remove the color and start from scratch.

How Long Do Sns Nails Last

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