Bob Haircuts & Styles for Women in 2021


11. Blown-Out Bob

The blown-out bob is created with a round brush, blow dryer, and diffuser. Use the diffuser to focus heat on a particular part of the hair at a time. Smooth the texture with the round brush and add volume simultaneously. Consider using serum after applying heat to preserve the hair’s health.

12. Cropped Bob

The cropped bob is cut slightly shorter than the jawbone in a straight line from front of face to back of the head. Keeping a shorter length evokes a different look. The back can be stacked underneath to enhance the angled effect.

13. Curled Bob

Try using a curling wand to create large or small curls around the face for added volume and softness to a classic cut.

14. Slicked Bob

The gel can help to sweep hair away from the face and allow it to stay slicked back. Try this look for an evening out or a formal occasion.


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