Create a feminine and attractive hairstyle by cutting your hair into a bob. A favorite among women, this cut is straight all around the head just below the level of your jawline. For a shorter cut that is easy to keep, opt for this haircut that is suitable for any face shape, hair color and hair type. If you’re sick of having lengthy hair and blow-drying every day A straight cut around your jawline could be the perfect solution for you.

26 Types of Bob Hair Cuts for Women

1. Sleek Bob

Soft, smooth texture and uniform length along the lower part of this style help keep it neat and tidy. Try a smoothing product to balance the style. Be sure to work the pomade towards the ends of your hair rather than in the root.

2. Blunt Bob

Making the entire hairstyle one length creates a sharp look, as opposed to creating a multitude of layers. The angles are a great complement to every face form. This classic silhouette is available in different lengths, and is compatible with almost any thickness.

3. Bob with an Angled Bang

Instead of cutting fringes on the face, this angled part is long and sweeping across the face and is removed easily from the eyes. Consider long angles that blend into your other layers for a dramatic effect.

4. Bob with Side Parts that are Deep Side Part

A deep part of the side to one side of the head is a great way to alter the how your face is presented. The asymmetrical design adds some elegance. There is also the option to wear it over an ear in case it becomes a distraction in the course of school or at work.

5. Blunt Fringe

Blunt fringe is cut an angle above an eyebrow to define the facial features and emphasize the facial features. You can try this look using thin or fine hair to create various variations of the same look. Smoothing your pomade can help stop fly-away hair.

6. Shaggy Fringe

In contrast, a shaggy edge is cut into a smooth and consists of various lengths. Cutting the fringe with a razor the fringe will give it some volume and an exciting spin. The greatest thing is that you don’t do it wrong.

7. Wedge Bob

The wedge, or inverted bob is an iconic style that makes the front hair pieces larger than what is behind. A straight line is drawn around the jaw and the back is stacked in any length the wearer desires. The wedge bob is compatible with various colours of textures, thicknesses, and colors.

8. Pinned Bob

Try putting on the front part of your bob behind your ears to add class. Utilizing bobby pins, barttes or other clips can add the interest.

9. Beachy Bob

The beach bob’s appearance is marked by waves. Salt sprays can create texture and lessen amounts of oils around hair roots, allowing it to appear more fun.

10. Platinum Bob

Try a white-blonde or bob platinum to make an alternative to your appearance. Seek advice from a professional, especially in the event that your hair naturally is dark.

11. Blown-Out Bob

The blown-out hairstyle is made by using a round-shaped brush, diffuser and blow-dryer. Utilize the diffuser to focus the heat onto a specific area of hair at a particular time. Smooth the texture using the round brush, and then add volume at the same time. You can apply a serum following the application of heat to ensure hair’s health.

12. Cropped Bob

The bob cut is less than the jawbone, and is positioned in straight lines from front of the face to the back on the top of the head. A shorter length creates an entirely different appearance. The back can be placed beneath to create a more angle.

13. Curled Bob

Use a curling wand to create small or large curls on the face to give an extra volume and softness an old-fashioned cut.

14. Slicked Bob

The gel is able to take hair off the face, allowing it to be in a slicked-back style. This look is great to dress up for an evening out or formal occasion.

15. Middle Part Bob

A bob that is parted in the middle creates a more angular, classic style that is suitable for all hair types.

16. Long, Blunt Bob

Growing a bob up to shoulder length and cutting the back and front part of it to about the same size makes the traditional look with some extra style.

17. Long, Angled Bob

In the same way, the inverted bob’s growth out permits parts of the front piece to glide over shoulders while the back is over the neckline. Then, add some drama by using the sharp sideways angle that runs from the front to the back.

18. Bob with Roots

Consider letting the natural color of your roots spread out a little to add color rather than completely covering them. It is possible to blend both to make an experiment with ombre.

19. Textured Bob

Make use of mousse curl your hair while it is drying. This method creates the appearance of waves, and the natural textures that alter throughout the day or at night.

20. Wildly Colored Bob

It is possible to dye your hair a bright blue, pink or even purple, instead of an older-fashioned blonde or caramel shade to spice your look. There are many shades you can choose from according to your personal style and preferences.

21. Pinned Bob

Try pining one ringlet curl onto an eye on either the left or right aspect of your face. This will let your bob highlight your facial features further.

22. Ringlet Bob

You could also make use of rag curlers to form your whole bob into rings for an untamed, spunky appearance.

23. Pixie Bob

The front part of the pixie develop in a bob, while the sides and back remain super short.

24. Gradual Bob

Request your stylist to trim your front layers a little longer that the remainder. Wear it with a blunt fringe for an old-fashioned look.

25. Faux Bob

If you’ve got long locks but you want to experiment with the bob cut put both ends under to create a length that resembles the length of a bob cut. You might like the look enough that you’ll decide to cut it off.

26. Messy bob

After you’ve rinsed your hair down, apply a little pomade to your palms and gently rub them randomly in your hair. The result is messy, wild hairstyle.

Benefits of A Stylish Bob

In recent years, this haircut has been gaining popularity due to the fact that it’s simple to keep and is suitable for any hair type. No matter if your hair is straight and straight or large and curly, a properly cut shoulder length adds a dimension to your appearance. Additional benefits of this style include:

  • Accentuate the natural contour of cheekbones
  • Creates the illusion of a jawline sculpted
  • Make use of bangs to soften your eyes.
  • It makes you appear younger
  • Low maintenance for busy days
  • Make sure your face and neck stay cool, because your hair isn’t visible on your neck.
  • Create the illusion of volume to fine or thin hair


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