Give yourself feminine and beautiful hairstyle with the bob cut. Popular among women, this haircut is a style that is a straight length all around the head at about the level of the jaw.

For a short cut which is easy to  maintain, get this cut that suits every face, hair color, and more. If you’re tired of long hair and blow-drying for hours a week, a straight cut all around the jawline might be just what you need.

26 Types of Bob Hair Cuts for Women

1. Sleek Bob

Smooth, soft texture and even length across the bottom of this style helps keep it sleek and clean. Try a smoothing pomade to even out the look. Make sure to start working pomade in at the ends of hair rather than at the roots.

2. Blunt Bob

Cutting the entire style into one length gives a blunt effect, rather than adding lots of layers. The angles help to compliment just about any face shape. This classic silhouette works at a variety of different lengths and with just about any thickness.

3. Bob with Angled Bang

Rather than chopping fringe across the forehead, the angled bang falls long across the face and can be swept easily out of the eyes. Try a long angle that fades into the rest of your layers for some drama.

4. Bob with Deep Side Part

A deep side part on one side of the head helps to change up the way your face is framed. The asymmetrical style provides a bit of glamour. You also have the option to tuck it behind an ear if it gets in the way during school or work.

5. Blunt Fringe

Blunt fringe is cut at one length above the eyebrows to frame the face and accentuate facial features. Try this look with fine or thick hair for different variations on the same style. Smoothing pomade can help to prevent fly-aways.


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