Bob Haircuts & Styles for Women in 2021


15. Middle Part Bob

Parting the bob right down the middle adds a slightly more angular, traditional look that works with any hair type.

16. Long, Blunt Bob

Letting a bob grow to shoulder length and trimming the front and back of the cut to the same length allows for a traditional style with slightly more glamour.

17. Long, Angled Bob

Similarly, letting an inverted bob grow out allows the front pieces to skim shoulders while the back stays above the neckline. Add some drama with the emphasized angle from front to back.

18. Bob with Roots

Try letting your naturally colored roots grow out a bit to play with color, rather than hiding them entirely. You might even consider fading the two together for a play on ombre.

19. Textured Bob

Try using mousse to scrunch your bob while it dries. The method adds waves and natural texture that will change throughout the day or night.

20. Wildly Colored Bob

You might consider dyeing your bob a vibrant pink, blue, or purple rather than a more traditional caramel or blonde to change up the look. There are endless shades to pick from, depending on your particular preferences and lifestyle.


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