There are many varieties of haircut styles. Below you will find a list of these cut styles but keep in mind that each of these main styles has variations. The world of haircut styles for short hair as well as that of medium to long length hair is vast. We hope that with the help of this article you can navigate your way to finding the perfect haircut for yourself. Whether you want to freshen up your short hair or drastically change your length, we are sure you will love our ideas.

  1. Layered haircut styles
  2. Undercut
  3. Bob haircut
  4. Pixie haircut
  5. Pompadour haircut
  6. Mohawk haircut
  7. A-line haircut
  8. Fohawk haircut
  9. Bowl haircut
  10. Side shaved hair
  11. Bob haircut

Some of these hairstyles may sound as if they are men’s cuts. However, that is not the case. All of the cuts mentioned above are haircut styles for women. Today, men and women alike are wearing similar hairstyles no matter their gender. Women are no longer put off by a hairstyle that traditionally men have worn. Even a mohawk or a pompadour is becoming widely more popular in the women’s hairstyle category. The pixie and the bob have been long-time favorites but are being quickly replaced with the more daring styles.

Short Haircut Styles

Short Haircut Styles picture1

Short Haircut Styles picture2

Short Haircut Styles picture3

A bob and a pixie are among the most popular short haircuts. If you opt for a pixie haircut, do not forget about layers. Moreover, bright blonde highlights would be a great upgrade. We also love this bob haircut with blunt ends and a bright red hair color. A slight variation of the bob is the A-line haircut that unlike its counterpart does not have layers.

The Undercut: Do you like to keep your neck cool and have a badass persona? Are you looking to turn heads with your haircut? The undercut should definitely be on your shortlist.

The side shaved hair is very versatile with various styles of a haircut. Women are now even wearing versions of fades. Some leave length up top and others go for a more shaved pixie haircuts or a textured bowl haircut. Still with others who are fond of leaving their length on top the pompadour haircut or the shaved bob haircut are on the popular list.

The hawk movement has two versions that are at very opposite ends of the glamour spectrum. The faux or fohawk haircut is the more glamorous of the two whereas the mohawk haircut is more on the edgy end of the spectrum. However, you should take care when selecting this haircut to assure that you have the correct facial features to pull it off.

Undercut With Short Haircuts

The undercut has become ever increasing in popularity. Undercut styles are in fashion. Even though they look boyish, they will add a touch of edginess to your look. There are various types of undercuts, from completely shaved sides to ombre and inverted ombre. A few of the undercuts examples are the ever popular pixie undercut all the way to the short undercut. Undercuts are extensively more popular during the summer months due to their ability to maintain style and comfort with the same cut.

Undercut with Short Haircuts picture1

Undercut with Short Haircuts picture2

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The undercut fade has various degrees which can lead all the way to a sister to a buzz cut. The desired final length on top is at the discretion of the client. The slicked back undercut is a classy looking cut that somehow exudes the attitude of wealth, possibly due to its daring and glamorous air of the cut. The disconnected undercut and the side swept undercut are very similar cuts. The main difference being they on the side swept cut only one side of the hair is cropped short and the hair is swept to the side opposite of the cropped area. Below you will see some example of these cuts.

Bob Haircut

A bob haircut is always in trend. Somehow it remains in the world of fashion for at least a decade. So, pay attention to these classic bob cuts when you go to hairdresser’s next time. Both blunt and feathery ends look great paired with a bob. There are varying lengths of potential bob cuts. Whether your hair is ear length, chin length, down to your neck or shoulder length, these are all ideal lengths for the bob hair style.

Bob Haircut picture1

Bob Haircut picture2

Bob Haircut picture3

Choosing the right bob cut is based partially on what kind of cut you currently have. For instance, if you one length hair a short bob haircut is ideal, but if you have or are wanting to obtain long chunky layers an A-line bob is more suited to your look. If you are still apprehensive about going this short then you are more suited to the layered bob haircuts. If you’re not scared of the scissors and ready for a drastic change the pixie bob haircut will be great to frame your face and accentuate your facial features.

There are still more short bob haircuts to choose from some of which are:

  1. Bob with shaved sides
  2. An undercut bob
  3. Bob haircuts with bangs
  4. Wedge bob
  5. Asymmetrical bob

Pixie Haircut

Who said a pixie undercut is only for mature women? Nowadays we see the tendency that more and more young women are sporting this hair look. If you want to make your hair stand out from the crowd, even more, a platinum shade of blonde is your best bet as it will be all over the beauty world next spring. There are numerous reasons to have a pixie cut, some are:

  1. Easy to maintain
  2. Freedom from long hair hassles
  3. Feel young again
  4. No brush or comb necessary, finger comb friendly
  5. Looks sharp
  6. Save on shampoo expenses
  7. Stylish and gives originality

Pixie Haircut picture1

Pixie Haircut picture2

Pixie Haircut picture3

There are many variations of the pixie haircut. A pixie cut is layered and trimmed and has the option of added thinning at the ends. Its versatility and compatibility with various hair color and style have helped its popularity to sky-rocket. Some of the options we will mention below also have additional variations.

  1. Long pixie cut
  2. Pixie bob haircut
  3. Pixie haircut with bangs
  4. Very short pixie undercut
  5. Short pixie haircuts
  6. Pixie cut with shaved sides
  7. Short choppy pixie cuts
  8. Messy pixie cut

Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk Haircut picture1

Mohawk Haircut picture2

Mohawk Haircut picture3

A mohawk haircut is a type of cut with a longer top and shaved sides and back. Ladies with varying lengths of hair can wear a mohawk. In times past the mohawk was considered a punk haircut but that is not the case in modern society. There are various mohawk hairstyles with shaved sides. Whether the sides are cropped short or left with some length the contradiction in top length and side length determines the true Mohawk hairstyle. Although the mohawk was originally a men’s cut it has since transitioned to a mohawk haircut female version with many varieties of styles and options from bright colors to designs. The options seem nearly endless

Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour Haircut picture1

Pompadour Haircut picture2

Pompadour Haircut picture3

A pompadour haircut is extremely popular today. Women pair it both with regular colors such as blonde and with bold options of peachy pink and purple. If you want to make a bold statement, there is nothing better than a pompadour haircut.

Bowl Haircut

Bowl Haircut picture1

Bowl Haircut picture2

Bowl Haircut picture3

The bowl haircut became popular years ago due to people’s inability to afford a haircut from a barber or a salon. It has returned to popularity today due to its ease of styling and unique attributes. Today haircut styles have reached a whole new level of cutting edge and the bowl cut is not left out of this trend. Women have found ways to make even the bowl cut interesting and super stylish.


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