There are many possibilities when it comes down to bob hairstyles, but they all share one feature in common: their versatility. This cut that is not too short and not too long can be described as the Goldilocks of hairstyles, and it’s not surprising that the bob has been touted to be this year’s most coveted hairstyle. Don’t let your anxiety of having short hair stop your from starting a new bob hairstyle. You can overcome it by simply cutting it and you’ll be in the love with your gorgeous new style! We’ve got 27 gorgeous examples of hairstyles cut with bobs for 2022, covering various sizes, types of hair and styles. Find the hairstyle that will win your heart.

1. Short Shaggy Bob. Bob styles vary from shoulder-length cuts to super shaggy crop lengths and we enjoy them all. You can get that 90s’ style of grunge now!

2. Short Layered Bob. Are you a fan of cute beach waves during the winter seasons? You can get that beachy feel all year long, just apply a spray to your beach before applying your hairstyle.

Layered Bob with Beachy Waves

3. Tousled Wavy Bob. The length that is above the shoulder is attractive and adored by many due to the fact that you can style it in any way you like and it always looks perfect. Don’t be afraid of making it messy.

4. Natural Gray Curls. Enjoy the natural texture and color that your hair has. It is possible to enhance them through adding some lowlights or diffused curls. We love the way that the various shades of gray appear in the Bob cut.

5. Stacked Bob Haircut. A messy and artistic hair cut is sought-after by a lot of people! In the end, most people aren’t able to manage it! But, if your hair naturally has a wavy look then you’re among those lucky enough to be certain that this style will look amazing on you.

6. Modern Stacked Bob. Make sure to show off your layers stacked with side-parted bob cuts that add the body and volume for straight hair.

7. Textured Layered Shag. Major fringe alert! Style your shaggy hair as messy as you like with dry shampoo to add some bounce.

8. Bob for Thick Hair. Is that the texture! Choose longer hairstyles which saunter across your forehead for an edgy, mysterious look.

9. Choppy Micro Bob. A short bob with choppy layers is ideal for women who has a jolly look. The hairstyle doesn’t need much effort for the styling process, so if are having trouble finding hours, then this could be the best solution.

10. Feathered Bob. We love how wispy these unbalanced layers are! If you are looking for a thick style for your fine hair, this is it. It is possible to have volumizing layers across your bob to make it light and feathery.

11. Feathered Bob with Highlights. Bob hair that is cut with highlights that are full is a basic but gorgeous design that is quite universal. Choose the lighter shade that you like best and then layer it to create a more textured look.

12. Tousled Platinum Bob. You’ll need to purchase hair products, like mousse, which will create the wave in your hair. It’s worth it for lighter shades of hair, like silver or platinum.

13. Sleek Long Layers. You can achieve that post-salon style in long, layered hairstyles by blow-drying it across the entire length and then running a straightener over it to keep frizz at the bay.

14. Shaggy Bobs With Curtain Bangs. Shaggy bobs look stunning on brunettes as dark hair shows the rock-n-roll nature of these hairstyles at its finest. The bangs on the curtain also compliment the roundness of the face as well as the overall style.

15. Long Straight Bob. The inverted bob style can be combined with the length of a long. This lob is the most attractive combination of both – it stands out and is also long!

16. Patchy Balayage Bob. Not only vibrant colors , but they also look fierce! If you’re interested in an up-beat look, go for an angular bob with uneven highlights of balayage. Blending shades and adding light shades are certainly beneficial for this purpose!

17. Wavy Shaggy Lob. And the name “Bob Cut 2022” refers back to… that messy piece of lob with an extra side piece! It’s not just a good fit for the current lifestyle, and style, but also it’s stunning especially when paired with blonde beach hair.

18. Lob with uneven ends. If your hair is dark this style will be an absolute hit! It’s a new romantic, innovative, and imaginative hairstyle The shaggy ends are impossible not to love.

19. Sassy Waves With Shadow Roots. A mid-length is charming and a great option for all faces if you hold the length lower than the chin. The gentle waves create the motion you would like to see in a contemporary hairstyle.

20. Salt-and-Pepper Layered Bob. The way that the side bangs flow effortlessly into the thin layers of this Bob is stunningly elegant. Furthermore, what could be more beautiful than a striking salt-and-pepper balayage?

21. Inverted Bob Shag. Bob hairstyles are an eye-savor particularly when they don’t conform to traditional guidelines. This stacked bob with eye-catching streaks of blonde is an image to be remembered.

22. Platinum Messy Waves. A messy bob that is feathered with waves is exactly what you need to boost your confidence in a simple ‘do. You can style it with wavy waves or with a straight, sleek look for sleek look for a date night.

23. Stacked Layered Bob. We cannot believe the gorgeous shades of grey appear in this Bob. Pick short layers in the back , and longer feathered pieces across the cut.

24. Disconnected Rose Gold Bob. Shadow root makes bob hairstyles for women more manageable and is able to be paired even with unique shades. Take a look at how this stunning rose gold looks when paired with dark roots!

25. Two-Layer Inverted Bob. Bob hairstyles that are suitable for women with an elevated crown are sure to look full. If that’s your main goal is, then think about it no more – this hairstyle is perfect!

26. Edgy Reverse Bob. Consider a reverse bob that has long front pieces to give it an edge. You can also add an asymmetrical twist.

27. Sleek Asymmetrical Angled Bob. A bob that swings will give an edge to your appearance. Keep your hair looking sleek by applying a few anti-frizz oils after styling, to prevent flyaways.


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