Medium layered haircuts are indeed timeless. They never go out of fashion. Moreover, any woman would look attractive with this cut. The number of variations is huge. Such haircuts can make thick hair seem light, and thin hair will get the volume it is craving for. Curly hair? A medium cut will help you to easily put your curls in order. Isn’t it universal? See our collection and figure out yourself.

Short Layered Haircuts

Short Layered Haircuts picture 1

Short Layered Haircuts picture 2

Short Layered Haircuts picture 3

Short layered haircuts can masterfully emphasize your best features and hide all the unnecessary ones. In this way a layered cut creates a perfect oval of your face. A great solution for those who want to change their face shape visually.

Curly Long Haircuts

Curly Long Haircuts picture1`

Curly Long Haircuts picture2

Curly Long Haircuts picture 3

Long layered haircuts are gorgeous on another level when simply blow dried. If you are looking for fancier styling options, pay attention to those that emphasize the ends of your hair. You can do it easily at home with the help of a curling iron.

Add Some Color

Add Some Color picture1

Add Some Color picture2

Add Some Color picture3

Another trend in styling a medium cut is making it voluminous at the roots. There are tons of ways to achieve it. A blow dryer, powder, or a spray. Choose whatever is better for you and go for a stunning ‘do. You may even add some lock at the bottom.

Soft Highlights for Medium Hair

Soft Highlights for Medium Hair picture 1

Soft Highlights for Medium Hair picture 2

Soft Highlights for Medium Hair picture 3

In addition to this, a medium layered cut would be ideal for those who want texture, depth and volume but are afraid to sacrifice the length. For more definition, try experimenting with soft highlights. Brunettes look nice with them.

V-Shaped Medium Cut

V-Shaped Medium Cut picture 1

V-Shaped Medium Cut picture 2

V-Shaped Medium Cut picture 3

A V-shaped medium cut is a great option to consider. Front short layers will frame your face, and back layers will make your hair longer visually. Do not forget that only texture is not enough for a killer look. Take into account styling and color.

Layered Haircut with Side Bang

Layered Haircut with Side Bang picture 1

Layered Haircut with Side Bang picture 2

Layered Haircut with Side Bang picture 3

Side bang can be fabulous as for thick hair and for thin hair. So do you want to try?

Bright Medium Hairstyles

Bright Medium Hairstyles picture 1

Bright Medium Hairstyles picture 2

Bright Medium Hairstyles picture 3

Navy highlights, rosy color or violet shades? What do you prefer?

Cute Bang You Should Try

Cute Bang You Should Try picture 1

Cute Bang You Should Try picture 2

Cute Bang You Should Try picture 3

Chic bangs can be a perfect idea to style your medium hair.



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