Shag hairstyles are a real catch for women who want to keep up with modern trends! They come in many different ways, and they can flatter any hair length with their twisted, edgy, and volumizing layers. Short shaggy cuts look extra eye-catching and youthful. Their medium variations create a contrastive, disheveled style. As for longer styles, their great, voluminous, and twisty layers are to die for.

Guess what? There’s more than their versatility: shag styles know how to impress you. How about adding body to your thin hair or calming down your fine locks? All these ideas can change your styling routine for the better. See how easily you can get a trendy look!

Modern And Classy Shag Hairstyle

Modern And Classy Shag Hairstyle #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #goldenhighlights

Throughout the centuries of fashion, shag styles have had many faces. And this is how the modern shag looks like. Everything is restrained and rich at the same time: though the silhouette is quite full, it doesn’t look too drastic. The pleasant movement of medium layers creates a very fresh and sophisticated style, which we, modern women, want to achieve in our casual looks.

Auburn A-line Layered Haircut

Source: saripaints via Instagram

Auburn A line Layered Haircut #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #auburnhair

A medium shag haircut like this is the first step towards fashionable future. All we want is to always be on point, and one of the best ways is to make our hair stand out in a crowd. Look at this pic: you will never get bored with this A-line medium shag. Its asymmetric silhouette gives your hair a fascinating fuller effect, while the unbelievable coppery auburn hair color makes heads turn.

Medium Shag Haircut With Bangs

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Medium Shag Haircut With Bangs #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #beigehighlights

Shags don’t have any restrictions for women. Actually, they can get along with your hair type and appearance. For example, if you feel insecure about your face shape, shags won’t leave you without help. This idea is a perfect shaggy hairstyle for round faces that will frame your face and make it appear slimmer. Look how lovely these shaggy layers melt with cute bangs, making this pretty round face look more attractive.

Shag Hairstyle With Side-Swept Bangs

Shag Hairstyle With Side Swept Bangs #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #brownhighlights

Side-swept bangs, as well as shag hairstyles, will never go out of style. Yes, there are some things that we call classics, and these two cuties stand among them. So why don’t you create a stunning look with absolute trends? Women who have no idea how to tame their thin locks will love the beautiful effect of this idea: the side-swept fringe creates a cute asymmetry, while each layer twists to make hair look more alive and full.

Fun And Messy Medium Shag

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Fun And Messy Medium Shag #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #brownhair

Messy styles are the styles of now! If we traveled back in time with such a messy hairstyle, people would stare at our “untidily” styled hair. Now, this look will also catch people’s eyes. But this time, those eyes will envy! Sporting messy shag is possible at any length, though when it’s medium hair length, it looks even more lush, more full, more lively.

Stunning Curly Shag

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Stunning Curly Shag #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #curlyhair

Curly shag hairstyles are the proof that your natural curls can look well-groomed. Some women with naturally curly hair don’t do anything to their locks, as, after countless attempts, nothing really works without loads of styling products. Congratulations! This idea will neaten up your curls and save your time in the mornings. Curly layered cuts make styling easier because they have a clean and definite form. Don’t miss it!

Tasteful Medium Blonde Shag Haircut

Tasteful Medium Blonde Shag Haircut #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #blondehair

Are you a blonde who needs some hair changes? You’re in the right place, then. Whether you have blonde hair since birth or you dyed your hair light, changes are always tempting. But changing hair color every time we want something new can cause damage, so some refreshing haircut is a good alternative! Once you ask your hairstylist for this awesome, face-framing shag, it will be your greatest and the most beautiful change.

Classy Medium Length Shaggy Bob

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Classy Medium Length Shaggy Bob #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #darkblondehair

Let’s see the popular bob haircut in a new light! You don’t need to be a hairstylist to know how diverse it is. Medium bob is another nowadays’ classic women of any age sport proudly. Do you want to make it even more exceptional? It’s time to add some shaggy layers! Long layers will play the role of the body of your cut, and shorter ones will add more texture.

Layered Wheat Blonde Hairstyle

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Layered Wheat Blonde Hairstyle #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #blondehair

Combine trendy hair color with trendy shag hairstyles to always be on the top. Wheat blonde is something that has been on everyone’s lips for years. And this stylish duo is the mixture of practicality and sexuality. Twisty layers will put your locks up, creating a fuller effect and making it look lovelier, regardless of your hair texture. As for wheat blonde hair color, it will show off your exquisite taste.

Cool Platinum Wavy Shag Hairstyle

Cool Platinum Wavy Shag Hairstyle #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #platinumblondehair

This pic is another proof that medium length cut is always a good choice. Not too short and not too long; this length has lots of styling options. Updos, half-ups, wavy hairstyles, anything you want is possible with mid-length. Have you ever seen that trendy wavy shag? The popular cool platinum tint reveals its beauty on the layered moving waves.

Simple, Yet Chic Shoulder Length Haircut

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Simple Yet Chic Shoulder Length Haircut #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #sandybalayage

Shoulder length haircuts are the happy medium that ladies are looking for. You already know that any type of cut, coloring technique or style is easy to get with such a length. Since you’ve got many options to choose from, what cut is up to you? Some ladies prefer layered shags to feather cuts, where layering creates different lengths throughout your locks. Feathering, on the other hand, shapes the ends of your hair by texturizing, so it also looks quite beautiful. Your task is to weigh up your hair needs, and your mid-length will allow you to make them real.

A-line Wavy Medium Shag Hairstyle

Source: jmalonehair via Instagram

A line Wavy Medium Shag Hairstyle #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #blondehighlights

How do you like the graduation from short to long shag? Yes, the shape that medium A-line cuts give to your hair is just gorgeous. Wait, look at this waves! It seems like this idea is the embodiment of stylishness: layers, waves, and fantastic highlights. Shag hairstyles are simply impressing. Are you ready to impress everyone around with such a fabulous look?

Volumetric Layered Bob With Bangs

Volumetric Layered Bob With Bangs #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #brownhair

When we ask girls with straight hair about its pitfalls, the thing they say as one is that it tends to fall uncontrollably flat after hours of styling. Plus, it’s very sensitive to humidity, which is so annoying sometimes. Forget about that! Even your fine hair won’t resist the power of this volumetric layered bob with cute bangs. If the words are not enough, look at this pic to get convinced.

Attractive Brown Shag Hairstyle

Source: timm.morrison via Instagram

Attractive Brown Shag Hairstyle #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #brownhair

This shoulder length haircut is the nicest example of how layers of shag hairstyles work. The strands of your hair are of different lengths, and each one plays its own role. Short layers are here to give a lively texture and movement, and long layers form the whole silhouette. Together, they create a look to steal. Of course, it looks cool on any hair color: this pic shows it best.

Curly Hair With Bangs

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Curly Hair With Bangs #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #curlyhair

Bangs will never hurt, especially if you’re looking for some youthful hairstyles. Naturally wavy or curly hair is a gift sent from above, and we all know that they need a special approach to appreciate its beauty. Nothing looks sweeter than layered curly locks, beautified with bangs. If you have this hair type, you know how to make it look absolutely enviable.


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