Yes, your hair that is thick can be cut shorter! Hairstyles that are short for hair with thick hair look trendy modern, chic and timeless. Chop some of those beautiful locks and keeping it short and sweet is usually an excellent way to cut down on time to style for people with hair that is thick. From the classic bob haircut or layered crop to Pixie cuts, there’s an easy haircut that can manage your long locks. Get ready to be inspired. Elegant short hair with thick hair? Absolutely! These are some of the sought-after and trendy short hairstyles that work well for hair that is thick:

Short Thick Bob with a Deep Side Part

1: Short Thick Bob with an Deep Side Part

You can think about a shorter, thick bob that has a long side part if you want maintain your style basic and stylish. The addition of a side part that is deep can give you an more “oomph” in the root and make it appear as if there are bangs covering your forehead and face.

A flattering way to have thick hair with short haircuts

#2: Long Feathered Pixie Cut

One method of keeping the styling time for long hair to a minimum is to wear an oversized hair cut. Your shoulders will appreciate the speedier blow-dry and feathered texture will lessen the burden on the sides. Be sure that your stylist is a pro in short haircuts prior to booking your appointment. Short hairstyles with thick hair need the highest level of expertise.

Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

#3: Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

If you are thinking of short hairstyles, one alternative is a pixie bob when you have hair that is thicker. A pixie bob blends the traditional beautiful design of graduated bobs with the shorter neckline of pixies. You can rock a pixie bob if you’re looking for a shorter haircut that is still covering your ears and is a great match for hair with thicker layers.

A-Line Bob for Thick Hair Types

#4: A-Line Bob for Thick Hair Types

If you like strong hair designs, you should try an A-line Bob. The volume of your thick hair will form a strong border line that is movable and asymmetry, particularly if you opt for a bold a-line. Depending on the thickness your hair, you might contemplate cutting an undercut beneath the Occipital bone. The cut won’t be noticeable as your hair falls down, but it can help keep your back from getting too triangular.

chic textured pixie bob for short thick hair

#5: Chic Textured Pixie Bob for Short Thick Hair

A stylish textured pixie cut is ideal for women who have thick hair. There are many sizes and styles, even with a smaller length of a pixie. If you’ve got many strong cowlicks and thinning hair or a hefty area that is difficult to alter it might not be the right one for you. When it comes to stylish short-layered hairstyles that work well with thick hair, there’s an endless variety that you can play around with it. Think about styling using spray wax or straighteners. The options of separating this, tools for styling or even products are endless.

Versatile Textured Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

#6: Versatile Textured Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

A sassy short-textured Pixie cut to hair that is thick comes with sharp sharp edges that are short and plenty of internal texture. The short cut is with a shorter top, and then a shorter the back, and then increases in length towards the front. The sides that are shorter are clipped with a grade 1 around the hairline. Hairstyles that are super short for long hair are not for the faint-hearted. You must be prepared to take on this style. You must be someone who enjoys the ability the way they style their hair since the hairstyles and pixie cuts appear more stylish when with a style that is well-groomed. Texture sprays and matte waxes are great with these styles. This pixie cut is extremely versatile and can be cut in numerous ways!

Long Bob for Thicker Hair

#7: Long Bob for Thicker Hair

A long bob for more thick hair is a wash-and-wear type of haircut that is short to medium. The density that is thicker can go perfectly with this selection of bob cuts because the length extends beyond the shoulders, which reduces excess weight around the face. Salon visits may be between 6 and 12 weeks, and this haircut can be worn with straight or curly hair.

Very Short Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair

#8: Very Short Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair

A short bob cut to style frizzy hair with thick layers is a hairstyle that can be done or unfinished in a chic and classy kind of manner. Bob haircuts for hair with thick, jaw-length shape will require frequent visits to the salon to keep the shape of this cut. For short hairstyles that are designed for hair with frizzy, thick hair, using air dryers, dry mousse or blowout creams may assist in polishing the locations.

Short Bob for Thick Curly Hair

#9: Short Bob for Thick Curly Hair

A bob that is shorter for hair with curly, thick hair can show the body’s size and volume when it’s kept above the shoulder. The short bob cuts are great for thick black hair as it eliminates the weight and makes a pre-made look that is attractive. Maintaining short, fluffy hairstyles by a combination of salon visits and at-home maintenance should be routine for maintaining.

Short Bob for Kinky Hair for Thick Hair

#10: Short Bob for Kinky Hair

A bob-style short cut for kinky hair can be a great method to showcase curls. The layers and face-framings can be tailored to a woman’s preferences and should be made by a curly-hair specialist. African-American women can highlight their hair’s natural thickness with various twists or coiling to style the length. Short haircuts for curly, thick hair may last between 6 and 12 weeks between visits to cut the length and back to its original form.

Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for Thick Hair

11. Short Bob and Side-Swept Bangs

A shorter hairstyle, such as an bob with side-swept hair can help reduce the appearance of the size of your forehead, while emphasising a sharp cheek and jawline. The thick hair cut is great for more rounder faces. A lot of layering and texturing can create a dance that creates the most appealing short hairstyles suitable for large, thick hair and round-face shapes.

Asymmetrical Bob for Older Women with Thick Hair

#12 Asymmetrical Bob for women who are older and have Thick Hair

A long side part and an asymmetrical bob cut specifically for women who have thick hair can add a touch of edge to the traditional haircut for bobs. Hairstyles that are short for women with thick hair older than 60 should be simple to maintain and wear.

A blushing angled bob haircut for thicker hair

#13: Blushing Rose Gold Angled Bob for Thicker Hair

Opt for an ethereal pink gold-colored angled for hair with the most volume to get a great hair color and cut that is easy to style. The stylist Michelle Zapanta of California is the person behind this hairstyle. “This is an balayage and baby light combination that includes a root smudge, for an even more striking and blended look. If you do it properly, can fade to a beautiful dirty blonde. The more dark the rose gold the longer it’ll stay in short hairstyles that are suitable for hair with thick layers,” Zapanta explains.

Trendy Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

#14: Trendy Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

An inverted bob style that is trendy and fashionable to thicker hairstyles is perfect for women who prefer shorter lengths. For those with coarse, thick hair, who want shorter hair, consider an inverted Bob. It is shorter in the nape but gradually and effortlessly gets larger at the top, as it slants downwards to the chin. If you’re styling a bob that’s short to thick hair smooth it out with the blow-dryer or boar bristle brush.

short thick chin-length bob haircut with an edgy flair

#15: Short Thick Chin-Length Bob With Edgy Flair

An iconic chin-length style for hair with thick layers can be given an interesting look with vibrant shades throughout. The color hides the cut that makes this asymmetrical hairstyle to take shape and offer plenty of movement. This is among the easy-care short haircuts for thick hair. It was designed by Pati Rodriguez stylist and salon owner from Milwaukee, WI. “If you’re seeking to cut it short, the cut cuts away the bulk that is unnecessary. Every face shape can be adorned with this long, slender cut as the facial area is extended and is able to be tailored to suit their needs,” states Rodriguez. This cut is ideal for women with hectic schedules. The shorter bob undercut can give you longer wear and a long-lasting look between haircuts for bobs. You could even incorporate designs into your undercut!

A muted edge short bob haircut for women with thick hair

#16: Muted Edge Short Bob for Thick Hair

A layered and short messy bob for hair that is thick that has muted shades really enhances the hairstyle! It’s softand fun and can be styled in a fashion-forward way for thick, wavy hair. As per hair stylist Amber Moyer of Tupelo, MS There are many aspects to take into consideration when selecting short hairstyles for thick hair that fit your needs. “If you have very heavy hair and your face has a round, chubby or oval shape you should consider having your bob haircut carefully layered all over and create invisible layers beneath. You can also consider putting the slight taper of your face to highlight your cheekbones! The soft edge is great for women with thick hair.” Moyer says. Moyer.

A shattered and unstructured bob for wavy hair for thick hair

#17: Shattered & Unstructured Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

A broken and unstructured long wavy bob that is suitable for thick hair is a stunning platinum blonde hairstyle for thin hair that requires a touch in natural textures and reduction. Making use of texture sheets and razors for a short bob style for thick wavy hair can make a difference. Utilize a hair styling tool for creating soft waves as well as roots lift to create volume. Add hairspray or some texture paste to separate the ends. You’ll get one of the most effective short hairstyles for thick wavy hair.

A thick short bob with bangs

18: Thick Short Bob with Bangs

A thick , short bob that has fringe is the most popular haircut for you if you are looking to maintain fullness in your hair. Short haircuts for hair with thick layers can be a great option to maintain density creating choppy layers and texturing throughout the hair takes away some of the bulk and provides effortless movement inside those honey blonde edges.

A playful short haircut with auburn hair color for thick hair

#19: Playful Auburn Wavy LOB for Thick Hair

A fun auburn wavy lob for thick hair usually hits at shoulders in front, and then over-directs to shorter lengths at the rear. A lob that is a good fit for thick hair will give an extra texture to the ends and give a sloppy movement, unless you wish your ends to appear dense and full. For more bounce and lighterness request additional texture, and loss from those ends in your.

#20: Disconnected Long Pixie for Short Thick Hair

A pixie cut that is disconnected with thick locks is an excellent method to rock a short style of pixie. Request your stylist to make an undercut on the nape and sides to create the feathered long pixie cut that has the length over the occipital bone to create more volume and a gorgeous shape. Eliminating that bulk is an excellent option when going for a shorter cut to thick hair.

short textured stacked bob with side bangs

#21 The track is a short Textured Stacked Bob, with side Bangs.

A textured, short Bob haircut for thick hair that has bangs on the sides will show off the amazing form of your hairstyle. This bang-free short cut will show the amount of volume and texture you could achieve using this style! If you’ve got the perfect oval-shaped face, stylist from the UK Craig Parkinson suggests experimenting with various cuts to achieve this length for necks! Thin, short hairstyles are pleasing for all face shapes. “The most effective method to achieve long, thick hairstyles is to dry your hair using a heat protection spray. Make use of a large or medium-sized round brush. Smooth it out using an iron flat and finish by applying a texturizing salt spray.” Parkinson states.

A remarkable short pixie for thicker hair

22: Short Pixie with Long Bangs for hair with thinner curls

A messy short pixie look with long bangs and thick hair must be able to move with a shave. This can help remove the weight by cutting a gentle line. This is a cute short hairstyle for straight hair with thick layers, stylist Joanne Gallagher of New York suggests applying broad strokes all over and weight reduction across the top. “The length on the top is a little longer and is separated, so based on the hair products you use the pixie to style thick hair will completely alter. The soft edges keep the hair looking attractive,” Gallagher adds. Letting more length over the the top of your head can be more accommodating and prolong the longevity of shorter cuts for women who have hair that is thick. Hairstyles that are short and choppy for thick hair such as this one can be worn for almost every face shape and texture because of the softness it feels.

A chic layered bob for short thick hair

#23: Playful Copper Layered Bob for Short Thick Hair

A fun and contemporary short-layered bob cut for thick hair features layers that are very small. The addition of short layers helps women with thin hair by taking excess weight and allowing for motion. This shape can be adapted to make it easy to create a style at home. Short hairstyles with thick hair can look elegant and professional when they are styled straight or blow-dried by using an oval brush. The creator of the look Leah Williams of Calgary, AB believes that a shorter layer bob can be applied to a variety of hair types, however this particular cut was specifically designed specifically for thick hair. “The layering is quite intense and makes hair easier to manage and lighter! It’s among the best short hairstyles that women can wear for those with large hair.” Williams explains.

A fantastically short ear-length pixie haircut for thick hair

#24: Short Ear-Length Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

A pixie that’s short, with a ear-length cut is an excellent choice for women who are looking for shorter, feathered hairstyles that will fit thick hair. This style, which is wavy, was created by hair stylist Lisa Smith from Port Moody, BC has a structure within the cut that allows it to keep its shape until you require to trim it. “Ear-length short hairstyles for thick hair is a great choice for women of a certain age and younger women. If you prefer your hair to be stylish and sophisticated the cut is laid effortlessly. If you’re a woman who likes frills and texture it is easy to add some curls and texture spray to give it volume and volume.” Smith explains.

Pixie undercut for short thick hair

#25: Pixie Undercut for Short Hair That’s Thick

A pixie cut that is suited for thick hair with a short length is a great way to cut off the bulk. The stylist from Utah Emma Favero has been doing very short hairstyles that work well with thick hair including this as one of her styles! “We made an ombre clipper along the sides, and point-cutting and texturing on top. The back is longer in comparison to the front. We also added a hard left side,” explains Favero. These pixie-short hairstyles for thick hair are flattering to the jawline and neck. These styles highlight your most attractive facial features!

Short Wolf Cut for Thicker Hair

#26: Short Wolf Cut for Thicker Hair

Consider a wolf cut cut short to create thicker hair when you’re looking to achieve a natural, lived-in style that requires only little effort to style. The maintenance for the wolf cut is minimal and, when cut correctly layers and texture give a natural appearance that is easy to maintain.


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