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28 Edgy Pixie Cuts for Women of All Ages and Hair Textures

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Pixie cuts that are trendy and trendy are short , edgy and slender crops that display confident and boldness. They are achieved by having longer hair in the front and crown as well as those on the back and sides are shorter. Carrie Gough, a hairstylist in Chicago, IL, shares important information about this style. “Pixies work best with fine, medium and coarse hair that has natural curl or wave pattern. If your hair is straight, a bit of texture wave is beneficial,” says Gough. Addition of volume is a crucial element for short hair. She advises “Start with an energizing or root booster prior to blow-drying. Follow with a great texture spray to give it greater volume and movement. Add pomade or texture paste to create a more sculpted look.” A sexy hairstyle needs frequent visits to the salon. According to Gough the best interval between trims is between about 4-6 weeks between. If you’re planning to visit a salon take a look at these trendy cut pixies. Take these photos with your stylist to help them understand what style is best for you.

Tapered Pixie Cut for Women Over 30

#1: Tapered Pixie Cut for Women Over 30

A pixie that is tapered for women who are over 30 provides an attractive, youthful look with a more elegant, sophisticated style. Pixies for women who are 30 years old have smooth, shaved side hairs with a faux-hawk-like top and silver blonde color.

Edgy White Mohawk-Inspired Pixie

#2: White Mohawk-Inspired Pixie

Edgy Pixie Cut with Bangs

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3. Edgy Pixie Cut with Bangs

A slouchy pixie with bangs is a gorgeous hairstyle that is perfect for women with oval faces and hair that is medium-to-thick. The fringe is uneven and smooth to blend with the layered top. Its sides can be cut short, extending to the lower recession line and separated from the top which is laid over, giving the stylish, edgy hairstyle a stunning form. Use some Paul Mitchell wax to create the appearance of a soft texture without weighting hair layers.

Layered Pixie Haircut

#4: Layered Pixie Haircut

A layered pixie style gives you a range of styles. If you have hair that is fine and would like to add volume, consult your hairstylist to create smooth and evenly blended layers. A shaved cut is a wonderful method for your hair to appear look a bit more bold.

Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

#5: Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

A pixie with an undercut hairstyle offers plenty of movement and lots of hairstyle options. Remember, having a pixie cut with shaved sides requires frequent visits to the salon every 3-4 weeks, to trim the cut and maintain a slick hairstyle.

Shaggy Pixie Cut for Edgy Women

#6: Shaggy Pixie Cut for Edgy Women

The shaggy cut to fashion-forward women emphasizes facial features and provides plenty of motion. Sharp angles and chunky layers can be edgy in combination. Texturizing creams are the perfect product for styling to help you cut fringe and swell the hair in all directions the hair, creating a messy shaggy appearance.

Textured Pixie Cut for Older Women with Glasses

#7 Textured Pixie Cut Older women wearing glasses

A smooth pixie cut for women who wear glasses is a great option to ensure that glasses and hair don’t get stuck together. When wearing glasses, you must keep your eyes on where the hair is rubbing, particularly in the ear and fringe. The hair should be kept off the face, and then spiked is great examples of hair styling using glasses.

28 Edgy Pixie Cuts for Women of All Ages and Hair Textures

#8: Salt-and-Pepper Pixie Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Pick a salt and pepper pixie style for women older than 60 years old to focus the eyes. The cut is cut short on the sides and in the back, while leaving the hair with a longer length to frame the eyes and cheekbones. Cut with a gentle point to prevent any heavyness. Think about pixies for older women during your next appointment at the salon!

Feminine Short Pixie

#9: Feminine Short Pixie

Feminine short pixies are characterized by seamless hairstyles, layers and the perfect combination in volume as well as definition. Pixies that are edgy are unique, fun, and adaptable. Ask your hairstylist which style is best for you.

Chic Lixie for Women Over 40

#10: Chic Lixie for Women Over 40

A stylish woman’s lixie is shorter on one side, with a few, seamless layers. Pixies for women over 40 are extremely popular, however each is distinctive. For women with an oval or heart-shaped face and a face-framing slit that begin just below the cheekbone is the ideal style to wear.

Low-Maintenance Pixie for Edgy Women

#11: Low-Maintenance Pixie for Edgy Women

For a effortless pixie style for the edgy woman request your hairstylist to create extremely short, choppy sides and a long face-framing fringe. To avoid the blunt fringe appearance in your edgy pixie fashion You may require additional texture or thinned ends. For thin hair, texture is a must.

Edgy Pixie Cut for Women with Oval Faces

#12: Edgy Pixie Cut for women with Oval Faces

Pixie cuts that are trendy for women with oval-shaped faces have many options when it comes to styling. Females with oval-shaped faces are able to pull off the best hairstyles. If you’re feeling adventurous, or are looking for a straightforward but elegant cut, then short cut sides, shaved with chunky layers and wispy bangs is the ideal choice.

Edgy Pixie for Thin Hair

#13: Edgy Pixie for Thin Hair

The pixies that are edgy for hair with thin layers comprise of multiple layers and added texture. Hair with fine texture requires more gritty to get a fuller appearance. Pixie cuts with a pizazz look stunning and are suitable for any face shape.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Older Women

#14: Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Older Women

Asymmetrical pixie cuts for older women features many choppy layers that gives the appearance of longer straight hair, but needing minimal maintenance. Old ladies who are edgy are always entertaining and search for ways to preserve their youthful look. A pixie with a sexy look is a ideal way to get the look you want.

Long Pixie for Curly Hair

#15: Long Pixie for Curly Hair

A long pixie cut for curly hair is shorter on both sides and one of them is longer, allowing your gorgeous curls to fall down. A pixie cut that is edgy can be modified in numerous ways. If you’re feeling more adventurous, request the design to be included in your cut.

Edgy Pixie for African-American Women

#16: Edgy Pixie for African-American Women

An edgy , pixie style to be worn by African American women a variation of a crop which is usually longer at the top, with shorter sides and back. The hairstyles that are edgy can be worn curly or straight. If you want to add some zing request your hairdresser to apply a splash of color in the form of purple to your dark hair . This color matches your skin tone.

Androgynous Pixie

#17: Androgynous Pixie

Pixies that are androgynous look gorgeous for rocker women since they can be used in a variety of ways. They feature shorter sides equally cut into gorgeous layers of choppy hair, and the hair gets longer toward your fringe. Pixie cuts require minimal maintenance and is great for hearts or oval-shaped facial features. If you’re a hair-loss sufferer request your hairstylist to add an extra layer of texture to the cut.

Edgy Blonde Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

#18: Blonde Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

An edgy blonde hairstyle to fine hair can be long or short, with layers of choppy hair. For a very cut, sleek pixie Ask your stylist for shorter sides and a more elongated top with a slight longer fringe.

Messy Long Pixie

#19: Messy Long Pixie

An unruly long pony an elegant cut that appears clean but messy in the same time. Lixie cuts are simple maintenance and allows you to show a little of style to your hair. Pixie cuts with a pixie cut are available in a variety of choices and are usually best on oval-shaped faces.

Short Edgy Pixie Haircut

#20: Short Edgy Pixie Haircut

A pixie-style haircut that is short and edgy is best paired with choppy layers. By adding choppy layers, you can achieve the appearance of a more full look when it’s hairstyled. For the most edgy look request your hair stylist to add some color, regardless of whether it’s at the hair’s roots or the areas on your hair.

edgy spiky pixie cut

#21: Spiky Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts that are fun and edgy are Pixies on another level. Pixies with a snarky edge are fun to wear and come with unlimited styling options. For a unique style you can ask your stylist to trim your hair on the neck’s nape at an angle that is slightly off the same side as the longer fringe on your front.

Choppy Pixie for Thick Hair

#22: Choppy Pixie for Thick Hair

A choppy pixie cut to suit thick hair needs to have several layers in order to create a thinning effect of the hair. For ladies, a contemporary cut includes the shorter shaved back which transforms into longer, more choppier layers, long fringe and gorgeously cut-off sideburns.

Edgy Pixie Bob

#23: Edgy Pixie Bob

A sexy pixie bob is amazing on women with an oval-shaped face. It is composed of smooth and evenly cut layers that taper off to form one side that is larger in comparison to the next. A pixie with a slender look can be styled in numerous ways. It’s perfect for all hair types and overall looks gorgeous.

Edgy Pixie for Women with Round Faces

24: Edgy Pixie for Women with Round Faces

Pixies with a racy look that are suited to women who have rounder faces must have more height rather than bulk, and this typically increases width. Request your stylist to cut shorter lengths with higher height on top, and a few layers. The amount of layers is contingent on the style you’d like to achieve. A stunning look is comprised of slightly longer hairstyles that are side-swept.

Short Pixie for Edgy Women Over 70

#25: Short Pixie for Edgy Women Over 70

A pixie cut short for fashionable women older than 70 consists of sides that have been shaved and gorgeous thick layers that add the appearance of fullness, body and length to the hair. For women with hair that is thin this is a look to choose since it creates the illusion of a fuller, more attractive hair. Pixies designed for 70-year-olds look stunning and need minimal maintenance and can make look 10 years younger.

Gray Pixie Cut for Women Over 50

#26: Gray Pixie Cut for Women Over 50

The gray hair cut to women over 50 ought to be youthful, bold and easy to maintain. Pixies designed for 50-year-olds who have gray hair are quite frequent, as it is possible to alter them to enhance and complement their facial features. Pixie cuts also make the possibility for ladies older than 50 to easily style their hair.

Edgy Pixie Cut with an Undercut

27: Edgy Pixie cut with an undercut

Cuts that are sharp and edgy with an undercut feature smooth, buzzed sides and thick layers that have one side that is longer than the other. To make a pixie cut more stylish, ask your stylist to cut a design into your cut. This will instantly make your haircut exciting and stylish!

edgy silver spiky pixie with bangs

#28: Edgy Silver Spiky Pixie with Bangs

A hairstyle with bangs that is spiky is an excellent way to make silver hair look more elegant look. A pixie that is short is a good choice to get cuts that are quick to style routine. Bangs are a great way to balance the long and heart-shaped faces. Remember, when you have a shorter hair, you’ll be going to the salon more frequently.

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