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The Top 35 Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair in 2024

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Everyone has their favorite blondehairstyles: a friend, the media, or you! We’ve compiled our top choices of long hairstyles that will make you think of your next glam look. Are you thinking about going you’re blonde, but don’t want to commit? Have your stylist pop in a few blondes to help lighten things up! When you are scheduled for your next hair appointment, look through these photos of hairstyles that work for long hair with blonde highlights.

long layered blonde balayage hairstyle for blondes

#1: Long Layered Blonde Balayage Hair

The long and hair with a layered blonde balayage is the embodiment of fashion and beauty. The layered cut and wavy look and the bright blonde color go to create a harmonious look. The hair is paired by a shadow root making it easier to manage. To keep it shining Wash the hair that has been colored using a purple shampoo. This blonde balayage hairstyle for long hair is a perfect natural sandy blonde. Simple, neat, sleek, and easy to wear textured, wavy, or straight! Long hair with a long bob is a love-in-the-air affair. It requires patience and time to get it. Make use of professional-grade products for home use, such as Goldwell’s Kerasilk. The products are designed to keep your hair sparkling and shining, and without the buildup that is often seen in salons.

Long blonde wavy hairstyle

#2: Long Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

A long blonde wavy style has a vivid color and soft roots to allow the hair to grow naturally. Balayage expert Elke Butler, from Australia is the creator behind this stunning hairstyle that is wavy. The root smudge helps promote a 10- to 12-week regrowth,” says Butler. “This shade is ideal for women who want to look blonde but not feel excessively pampered.” Butler suggests a deep cleansing shampoo to get rid of any elements and dirt that adhere to the hair.

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Long Blonde Balayage with Long Curtain Bangs

3: Blonde Balayage and Long Curtain Bangs

cool beach waves on long blonde locks

#4: Cool Beach Waves on Long Blonde Locks

Opt to go for cool waves that amp your long blonde locks by adding Bardot bangs. The longer hair you have will give you better results. To style a beautiful gem in this manner, misting sea salt spray imperative. This is how you achieve those stunning ocean salt waves that are sultry.

Loose Curls, Braids, and Messy Updos picture 1

#5: Formal Updos with Curls for long hair

This elegant updo that has loose curls and the long, fair-haired is stunning work of art, and is perfect for formal occasions such as bridal or prom. The secret of its beauty lies in the texture and slender it appears. The more smooth it appears the more soft and elegant it appears. This hairstyle is more beautiful when worn with a light blonde.

Blonde Half Up Bun Hairdo for Longer Hair

#6: Blonde Half Up Bun Hairdo for Longer Hair

The blonde half-up bun hairstyle is so chic it will be awe-inspiring! If you’re blessed by long, thick locks, don’t be afraid to replicate this look. It’s easy! Take your long, blonde strands from the top then twist them around and then tie them up into one bun. Make use of bobby pins for holding the hairstyle in the right place. To finish do not forget to add waves to enhance the dimension of the color.

beige blonde with long wavy hair

7: Beige Blonde with Long Wavy Hair

It is possible to achieve a warmed up look by putting an ombre of beige blonde on your long hair . It will create a glamorous and luxurious style that everybody wants this season. The darker blonde hair and the large beachy waves add an entirely new dimension to this long, wavy hairstyle which is suitable for every kind of hair.

Silvery Blonde Hair with a Long Braided Ponytail

#8: The silvery Blonde Hair with a long Braided Ponytail

This long, silver-blonde color for hair with long blonde locks was designed by the hairstylist Florentina Marciuc from Cluj-Napoca. A bright blonde is a draw for the attention of all. “The fade process is irreversible and is brutal with streaks of long blonde hair. Make sure that your hair appears perfect by following your hair stylist’s suggestions,” adds Marciuc.

Long White Blonde Hairstyle

#9: Long White Blonde Hairstyle

A long, blonde and white hairstyle is stunning and looks great on cool skin tones. This style requires a lot of maintenance and hair-care routines that are every six weeks. If you want to maintain this shade, a solution might be to emphasize blonde hair and keep this look with a touch more dimension of your natural hair color.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color (1)

#10: Caramel Blonde + Hair Long + Ombre Highlights

Combining caramel blonde ombre highlights creates a fun, elegant-looking style. The soft ombre creates an inviting, sun-kissed look which is great for waves. It’s the perfect hairstyle, with modern and chic style for women. It’s time to accentuate those brown locks with gorgeous golden blonde highlights!

Rose Gold Hair with Long Beachy Waves

11. Rose Gold Hair with Long Beachy Waves

A textured, textured rose gold that highlights on long flowing hair that is wavy is sure to please everyone this season! The cotton candy color will be perfect for any person with cold undertones and those willing to invest in the care and maintenance that this beautiful hairstyle requires.

Buttery Golden Blonde on a Long Straight Cut

#12: Buttery Golden Blonde on a Long Straight Cut

“It’s an intense buttery golden blonde balayage light brown color that blends with baby light and balayage to give seamless look all the way from top to bottom” stylist Melissa Galich of Trumbull, CT. There’s a vibrant tone and dimension to the long , blonde hair. It allows you to wear it straight or curly in a way, and the hue will sparkle. “Straight hair with a texture that is between medium and fine will be ideal for this long , blond hair. A coarser texture will not produce the same result and would not look as attractive on a daily routine,” she adds. Balyage hair that is blonde is a great look for any time between 12 weeks to 6 months.

Champagne Blonde Waves for Long Hair

#13: Champagne Blonde Waves for Long Hair

Champagne blonde hairstyles for long hair add a touch of coolness. Combining creamy undertones and long hairstyles with a lot of volume champagne blonde appears super shiny and tends to appear best on lighter skin tones and pale eyes.

Long Platinum Blonde Hair

#14: Long Platinum Blonde Hair

Long, platinum blonde hair looks stunning on women who have cool tones for their skin. A blonde that is all-over for long hair looks stunning straight or curly.

classic blonde highlights on long hair

#15: Classic Blonde Highlights

The classic blonde highlight is the style to choose if you are looking for hair that has a stylish dimension. This is just one of the many ways to even up the look of a regular haircut. The highlights are balanced by the shadows. The result is that the hair gets to display movement and dimension. To maintain the brightness of the blonde shade Wash the hair with a purple shampoo at least once a week. “These timeless blonde highlights natural soft beach-waved, sun-kissed, California blonde,” says hair stylist and style designer Kari Hill from Los Angeles, CA. “Ask your stylist which color is most suitable for the tone of your face,” syas Hill. “To get this golden blonde, request gentle, natural babylights. The best option is to make it brighter around the face, to appear bright and radiant.”

modern day chamomile blonde long hair

#16: Modern-Day Chamomile Blonde Long Hair

A natural, modern-day, long, blonde hairstyle like this is simply stunning. You can get the illusion of a hair that is extremely blonde because the ends remain unaltered. The babylights were incorporated with the technique of fading out on the top of the hair to make it look natural. Hair health should be your primary priority, particularly in regards to hairstyles that work well for longer blonde locks. Hair with finer strands are the most benefitted by cutting their hair such as this. This is because this type of hair is the most suited to handling color. It also makes hair appear more longer.

Long Neutral Ashy Blonde Balayage + Babylights

#17: Long Neutral Ashy Blonde Balayage + Babylights

You can choose a neutral, blonde balayage that is ashy with babylights! A foilayage was employed to create the color which is essentially a mix of the full highlight and Balyage. It’s the most efficient method to brighten someone’s look up and make her hair long and blonde dimensions. This technique is perfect for color corrections since it helps make a color change from an old one. Since the long light blonde hair adds brightness all the way into the roots, this is a high maintenance color that needs regular touch-ups of six to eight weeks for the majority of women. Particularly, women who have a dark base/bright blonde contrast. Make sure to visit your stylist every four weeks to tone to refresh and renew their hair between sessions!

light blonde icing balayage on longer hair

#18: Light Blonde Icing Balayage on Longer Hair

Long blonde balayage that is light and natural natural and is a low-maintenance shade that is able to be altered and specially arranged for women who has blonde hair that is light and long. If you’re searching for long hairstyles that are simple and only requires a touch-up every couple of times per year, then blonde long hair is the perfect choice for you. Be aware that it may require a few sessions to reach the lightness you desire.

Long Ashy Blonde Waves

#19: Long Ashy Blonde Waves

These long , ashy blonde waves required effort and creativity. If you’re not looking for the traditional blonde highlighted however to this shade, inquire for it. It’s not necessary to visit the salon for touch-ups once every three to four months. Apply a blue or purple shampoo to your hair at least once per week to keep your hair’s color on the dark side. Apply a heat protector before making use of any tools to protect the strength of your blonde hair. This is because it could be more sensitive to the process of lightening. Long hairstyles with blondes look fantastic with waves that are beachy and are low-maintenance.

Long golden blonde hair color

#20: Lived-In Golden Blonde Layered Hair

If you want to get this shade you’ll need to find an expert colorist who specializes in blondes. There are no more massive foil highlights that give an unnatural, stripe-like look. Today, women are looking for lighter and more soft, yet natural blonde hairstyle, just like the natural highlights provided to little girls during the summer sun. If you don’t want smooth and soft blonde hair, but also a grey-colored coverage go for the long hairstyle. The soft highlights and darker roots give ample space and time to grow. It is crucial to understand how light you wish to go, based on your hair’s natural color the longer it will be to reach this shade of blonde. If you’re prone to the warmth or yellowing of your blonde with time, you can try an orange Shampoo and Conditioner. Davines The Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner works great for hair with long, curly locks.

lived-in rooted long blonde hair

#21: Lived-In Rooted Long Blonde Hair

This is a rooted lived-in blonde, with vanilla, marshmallow along with platinum blonde tones. The subtle shadow root transitions into those bright ends. If you’re thinking of hairstyles suitable for long blonde hair be sure to prepare for the time needed to create the final result. If you’re able to achieve it you’ll need to maintain that platinum-colored hair using professional hair products. The right shampoo treatments, conditioners such as thermal protectors products for styling, as well as tools will help preserve the beauty of your platinum blonde. It’s not cheap, but it is worth the cost.

bright and dimensional sandy blonde with long hair

22: Bright & Dimensional Sandy Blonde with Long hair

The long, sandy blonde hair is natural and soft. It retains its brightness but still has plenty of volume. It’s difficult to determine whether you’re naturally blonde or if it’s been changed. This blonde shade is perfect for the woman who is averse to her roots, would like to appear light and beautiful but who isn’t too busy and doesn’t like being at Salon every 6 weeks. The maintenance for this color is around 3 months every. You can request a mixture of balayage and babylights to get the high-quality brightness. This will still provide the dimension and depth which will allow you to have an easy and smooth grow out.

modern dirty blonde with long hair

23: Modern Dirty Blonde with Long Hair

It’s often referred to as a live-in blonde. It’s no longer the case that you put 1000 back-to-back foils inside the head of someone. It’s now all about where you place foils, the location they are placed, and the reason for it. The more pronounced hairline on this shade is a sign of how natural the roots appear. It will be growing gorgeously for in the coming three months! If you’re an existing brunette with lots of hair and you want to transition your hair to this kind of blonde, you might be a little darker but you will appear lighter and less prone to maintenance and less damage.

Healthy Ash Blonde Long Hair

#24: Healthy Ash Blonde Long Hair

“This is healthy, healthy hair with an ash blonde color. It’s not platinum , however it’s it’s stunning and vibrant,” says style creator Kyle James Engman of Pasadena, CA. “This beautiful blonde hair can be made without causing any damage. It may take a few steps however your hair will appear healthier and more blonde than ever before,” He adds. Make use of a moisturizing product like Atlantis made by R+Co. This cream can be utilized as a leave-in cream or blow-out cream. Additionally, you can do your routine at-home Olaplex treatments with no. 3. The last one comes in the form of No Yellow purple shampoo from Fanola. When you wash your hair and the toner fades out, so be sure to lather your hair with the purple shampoo at minimum every week in order to keep those gorgeous ashy tones beautiful and bright. Being such a gorgeous hair color, ashy blonde requires some time to maintain according to Engman. “It needs to be well taken care of to keep it looking fresh and healthy after you’ve left at the hair salon.”

Lived-In Center Parted Long Haired Blonde

#25: Lived-In Center Parted Long Haired Blonde

A long-haired, lived-in, center-parted, blonde will give your color that lasts longer. The contemporary shadow root doesn’t detract the amazing brilliance that the hair has. Actually the contrast only amplifies up the gorgeous long blonde locks. Long hairstyles that have an underlying part completely have this worn-in look.

messy french vanilla long blonde with layers

#26: Messy French Vanilla Long Blonde With Layers

Opt to go for messy hairstyle which has layers of long lengths and a long , sweeping fringe. Regarding the color it was a simple beachy blonde. This blonde shade is an French vanilla-colored blonde which looks great with fair skin.

Follow these simple methods to cleanse and style your, blonde hairstyle.

1. Apply the product on damp hair. Apply Big Sexy hair Core Flex Reconstructor from the mid-lengths and ends. It’s a fantastic hydrating leave-in for colored hair, especially blondes. Also Try the Wella Sugar Lift Spray by EMI to add Volume and hold.

2. Dry your hair rough until it’s 50 percent dry. After that, using an nozzle to smooth the cuticle and blow dry sections of your hair and ensure you are able to smooth hair’s roots up to the ends. Blowing the hair away from your face to increase an appearance at the roots. You can also employ a curling iron make a bend at the ends.

3. When the hair of your blonde is dry, turn your head over and shake it by using your fingers for effortless styling. Make use of a hairspray with a flexible, light-hold to create a perfect finish.

long sleek straight blonde hair

#27: Long + Sleek + Straight + Blonde

Are you a fan of a love affair about straight, long blonde hair? If so, give it some a whirl! Then let your beautiful locks grow until it is at your chest. Try a blonde shade for a style that stands out.

long layers on blonde hair

#28: Long Layers on Blonde Hair

A style that compliments your glowing golden blonde! Balyage and babylights do the trick so that you can freshen up your layers. The loose waves create a look that appears effortless all day.

blonde long hair with bangs hairstyle

#29 Blonde Plus Long, Bangsy Hair

You can be the most beautiful of all, and show off your gorgeous blonde locks with fringe! Get your hairstyles in tip-top shape by keeping your long blonde hair adorned with waves and soft, delicate waves.

Beautiful Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

#30: Beautiful Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

This stunning side-swept fishtail ponytail is perfect for those with long hair. If the hair is an intense blonde color, this updo can be perfect to highlight the hues. Relax this gorgeous fishtail braid by pulling a few hair stringers to let it fall loose.

face-framing long blonde layered hairstyle

#31: Face-Framing Long Blonde Layered Hair

What your gorgeous face needs is a haircut and cut that gives it the important focus. Try this face-framing style and you will draw a lot of attention. The full blonde highlights of this hairstyle will compliment you fair-skinned skin.

long half updo hairstyle with bangs

32: Half Updo Hairstyle with Bangs

Make a half-updo hairstyle with bangs if seeking something that only takes just a few minutes to make. This hairstyle is easy to copy and gives an attractive look that complements delicate blonde curls best. It looks fun to wear–no doubt!

long blonde hair with side-swept bangs

#33: Long Side-Swept Bangs Style for Blondes

The side-swept hairstyles, combined with layers, offer women who have long hair volume and movement. Make delicate waves that highlight the layers. The end result looks more soft and elegant on a smooth blonde shade. It’s stunning and you’ll adore it from the beginning to the very end!

long curly dark blonde hair

#34: Curly Dark Blonde Hair

Wear your dark, curly hairstyle and look stunning as ever! The beachy waves effect is easily achieved using an iron flat or hair wand. Golden locks plus beachy, voluminous curls? The combination of curls and dark blonde is a dreamy and perfect style for the stylish women who want to stand out!

Long Hair with Honey Blonde Ombre Balayage

#35: Waist Length Honey Blonde Hair

This stunning, honey blonde hair with a waist length is versatile. It can be worn in straight, sleek styles or a thick, wavy look. Because of its stunning honey color hair, waves can be used to highlight the blonde aspect. The bright honey blonde hue make it ideal for olive and light skin tones.

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