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Red Balayage Hair Colors: 25 Hottest Examples for 2024

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A red balayage hair color that uses the use of a freehand technique to dye hair using red to create highlights or the appearance of ombres. It’s every hot girl’s wish that comes real! If you’ve been looking for a hot new look to spice up your appearance but don’t wish to undertake the hassle that maintaining your hair in red usually requires, it’s time to rejoice since the solution to your desire is now available! California hair dyer Constance Robbins is known for creating sweet hair that is even more delicious by using this popular dye technique! With the many vibrant shades of red, including cherry wine, copper and auburn, you may be confused as to the beginning of which color to choose. Here are some tips to take into consideration! Warm red hues go well with lighter complexions that have yellow undertones cooler toned skin tones are more suited to more dark reds. It is an essential requirement to keep the radiance ablaze and the color vibrant. This gorgeous blend is guaranteed to ignite your style and add a dash of intensity and dimension to your hair! Your hair will sparkle with flashes of red hues when you experiment with one of these stunning red balayage colors!

Peachy-Red Gorgeous Balayage

#1: Peachy-Red Gorgeous Balayage

Full Tease and Foil Red Balayage

#2: Full Tease and Foil Balayage

Request your stylist to do a full tease as well as foil balayage, if you have dark hair and are looking for a balayage style. A full tease happens the time when your stylist backcombs hair for a soft highlighted look that is lived-in, and by putting the balayage pieces in foils, you’ll be able to make your hair appear lighter. Keep in mind that if you have dark hair, it is best to opt for a warmer tone.

Brick Red Balayage Wavy Bob

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#3: Brick Red Wavy Bob

Reddish Copper Balayage

#4: Reddish Copper Balayage

A reddish copper balayage can be ideal for women looking for a more natural red color with less maintenance. Roots can easily expand without any line of demarcation The copper balayage can be subtle, however it is also highly dimensional.

Dark Auburn Red Balayage

#5: Dark Auburn Red Balayage

You can consider a dark auburn shade using the method of balayage next time in the salon. A deep red shade is rich and offers lots of dimension and depth when painted in the Balyage. The secret to creating depth and depth is to use an additional shade or two of the same hue in the root and beneath, and some lighter, brighter shade on the face and over. This will provide the pop you want while also maintaining the depth and richness of the hair’s shade.

Black and Red Balayage

#6: Black and Red Balayage

Black and red screams passion and we’re excited about that hair color created by colorist Ashlee! She is a master of balayage red colour on this client.

Copper Highlights and Red Balayage Hair

#7: Copper Highlights

Copper highlights are an outstanding color that can be used over the darker base. If you’re looking for depth and contrast, this hair color is ideal for you. If you style it with a few waves, the hair will shine brightly!

black and red balayage hair color

#8: Black and Red Balayage Hair Color

A muted red on black hair creates a strong sensation. The plum tones can be observed when hair is swept across the hair with a light touch.

Cherry Red Balayage

#9: Cherry Red Balayage

A little sweetness on the rich red hair. This monochrome ombre style works by creating a contrast between both shades.

Red Balayage Highlights on Light Brown Base

#10: Red Balayage Highlights on Light Brown Base

It’s a good thing that the balayage took place because what better method to make brunettes than to have silky scarlet streaks?

Red Wine Balayage on Black Base

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