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45 Cute Ways to Get Long Hair With Bangs

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Scroll down for photos of the top ways to get long hair with bangs. If you’re in need of more information on how to style bangs for long hair read on. Long hair with bangs will enhance almost every woman’s face shape and hair texture. If you’re very thin or fine hair, you may think about having a long bob that has bangs instead. The addition of bangs to long hair is an excellent option to hide large foreheads and balance the appearance of oblong facial forms. For those with a round face, you should talk with your stylist about layering. There are a variety of options to bring bangs to your long locks. Below, you’ll find tons of fantastic examples. Before you cut your next hair go through these images of beautiful long hairstyles with bangs.

Choppy Bangs on Long Thick Dark Hair

#1: Choppy Bangs on Long Thick Dark Hair

Dark Copper Long Hair with Curtain Fringe

# 2: Dark Copper Long Hair with Curtain Fringe

Make sure your hair is trendy with dark copper long hair that has curtains fringe. Curtain bangs can be a pleasant alternative to regular bangs, but with less care. Additionally, they frame the face beautifully to instantly add cheekbones. Copper tones that warm any skin tone.

Long Copper Hair with Full Bangs

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#3: Hair Long Copper Hair with Full Bangs

Hair with long bangs is highly flattering to the eyes and flatters women who have a bit of warmth in their faces. Copper hair looks stunning on all skin tones however, it is most effective against lighter warm skin tones. A full-on bang on your long hair will give a strong punch for your haircut.

Long Blonde Hair with Bangs and Short Layers

4. Long Blonde with Bangs and short layers

Long blonde hair, with bangs and shorter layers create a stunning hairstyle for women to enhance their appearance. Bangs on the curtains are a good choice. They are an elegant option. Pick blonde highlights for this hairstyle that has bangs to add the illusion of depth. They will allow the layers to stand out and also. Hairstyles can be done with a 1 1/4 ” curling iron to create messy beachy hairstyles.

Long hair with bangs for a round face shape

#5: Flattering for a Round Face Shape

Bangs are flattering for a round face Particularly when your hair is long. Keep your bangs slightly angled, instead of straight across can help reduce the appearance of your face.

Long hair with subtle highlights and arched bangs

#6: Long Hair with Subtle Highlights and arched Bangs

Long hair with arched bangs and subtle highlights adds a lot of depth and motion. Lighter highlights that are subtle help break the monotony of wearing all one shade of long hair. The arched bangs give form all over the face, not only over the top of your forehead. Highlights as well as an arching bang to your long hair is a great way to get a vibrant color and cut.

Long layers with front bangs

7: Layers of Long Hair and Bangs on the Front Bangs

The addition of full bangs to long layers is an excellent option to give a longer hairstyle, and a new style. If you’re looking to get an entirely new look without losing the length of your hair and length, try adding full bangs that extend past the eyebrows. Bangs provide a chic look with minimal effort!

Shaggy Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

8. Shaggy Lang Bob, with Curtain Bangs

A long shaggy lob with bangs on the curtain is ideal when you’re looking to add some movement and shape to the mid-length hair. The lob with the curtain bangs is great when your hair’s length is in a awkward place and requires reshaping. Request a fringe that falls beneath the eyebrows – it’s an ideal base to begin the flow of a curtain.

Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs for Women

#9: Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs for women

Long straight hair, with blunt bangs is a fun, fashionable hairstyle. The fringe adds a straight hair with a fresh appearance. All kinds of bangs require some kind of styling every day, like flat ironing and blow-drying. A sharp fringe can change the whole look So, take your face’s shape into consideration.

An Easy Long Hairstyle with a Heavy Fringe

#10: A Simple Long hairstyle with a large fringe

Here’s a hairstyle that is easy to style with an imposing fringe that women of all skin tones will appreciate! Create a beautiful effect through adding curls to the long hair. This kind of fringe is likely to fall on the face from time to time. Because these bangs won’t be long enough to reach a ponytail, clips or pins might be needed when tieing the locks. Longer bangs are often a way to emphasize the cheekbone or jawline, making them suitable for faces with a round shape.

Long Black Hair with Wispy Bangs

#11: The Long Black Hair with Wispy Bangs

Long black hair that has wispy bangs will prevent you from having a style that appears dull and uninteresting. Wispy bangs in long hair will instantly boost your appearance. They also give motion, which is helpful when you want to create various kinds of styles. If you want to style bangs, blow dry them at a low setting, and brush the hair from left to right. The perfect woman to wear bangs-styled hair is someone who would like to cover an unflattering forehead.

Layered Long Hair with Straight Bangs

#12: Layered Long Brunette Hair with straight Bangs

Long hair that is layered with straight bangs give an attractive, youthful look. What’s great about layers are that they can be adapted to the shape of your face. Long layered hair is fashionable and isn’t going to go trendy. The key to make the layers look attractive is in the hairstyle. Long-layered hairstyles that have bangs work best with the volume and soft waves.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Long Tapered Bangs

#13: Platinum Blonde Hair with Long Tapered Bangs

Long, platinum blonde hair with hair with tapered bangs is a wonderful combination that adds softness to an attractive shade. Hair that is longer can feel like it slacks your face. The addition of tapered bangs can bring the eye back to your face, with a soft feel. Hair with bangs that are long can completely alter your appearance without having to cut off a significant amount of length.

Swoop Bangs on Long Golden Brown Hair

#14: Swoop Bangs on Long Golden Brown Hair

The long golden brown hair to fill the face in a way that is sculpted and without the need for maintenance as shorter bangs. Long bangs are an easy style that gives soft movement and texture , without adding too much layers to the hair. It is a great style for women who wish to switch the look of their hair without making the need for a dramatic length change.

Short Bangs with Long Hair and Curls

#15: Modern Curls, Short Bangs with Long Hair

Do you like the short bangs paired that have long locks? When your hair is full and have natural texture to their hair, you should opt to this look. This kind of hairstyle works well with an oval faces and creates an overall look that is air of sexiness. Hairstyle your short bangs onto long hair by curling them to get more texture and movement as well.

Balayage Long Hair with Soft Bangs

#16: Balayage Long Light Brown Hair, Soft Bangs

Long hair is a great match for soft bangs, light and blonde highlights to create an edgy style. The addition of waves makes this one of the most beautiful hairstyles that work well with long hair and bangs. To add a touch of shine on the face hair, a blonde balayage will do an excellent job at doing this.

copper shag with heavy fringe for thick hair

#17: The Copper Shag heavy Bangs for thick hair

Hair with thick, heavy bangs looks fantastic in the shaggy long. The long shaggy cut is focused on keeping the length , but also making layers in the crown. These are sometimes referred to as layers with a halo. They are perfect for women who wish to keep their length, but need to add a bit more than traditional layers that have bangs. The main thing is big, full bangs that have been perfectly made to be texturized to create more the movement of the fringe. Make use of a flat brush to push the fringe in a circular motion to improve the motion, and dry spray for texture. Davines Dry Texture Spray to lift the layers and provide some ooopmf in the hair. Also, you can use Definition Mist from Davines as it improves the separation in hair and helps layers to stand out.

dark long hair with cute hair bangs

#18: Black Long Hair with Cute Hair Bangs

The girl-next-door style is just a take away! Be stylish with hair that is cute and wispy, as well as layered hairstyles that are long and black.

Long Wavy Hair with Thick Bangs

#19 The Long Wavy Hairstyle with thick Bangs

Long, wavy hair that has thick bangs is possible if the hair strands are full of density. Regular trimmings of the fringe in between haircuts is essential to stay clean and fresh. The long hair bangs look great on nearly every woman. They’re also flattering when you’re trying to cover up a large or square forehead.

Medium long hair with tousled bangs

#20: Medium-Long, Long Hair with tousled Bangs

If you are a fan of bangs, but aren’t happy with how flat they can make your locks look, try combing them to increase volume. This can add more character to your hair’s mid-length.

Long Blonde Ombre with Long Side Bangs

21: Long Blonde Ombre with Long Side Bangs

Long blonde highlights that is paired with long side bangs can be a good option for hairstyles with low maintenance. The hair’s deep roots need to be styled less often than your usual highlight, which makes it much easier to manage your hair. The bangs-length hair creates dimensional colors and makes the overall appearance extremely trendy and contemporary.

wavy long hair with baby bangs

22: Wavy Long Hair with Baby Bangs

This long wavy hair that has baby bangs is both fresh and comfortable to wear. It’s got texture, which allows it to appear natural and also adds motion in the hair. If you’re trying to achieve this style, it’s important discuss it with your stylist to ensure they know your lifestyle, face form, and everyday hair care and styling routines. It is crucial to examine the thickness and density of your hair before creating the fringe. This will make the final appearance to appear more natural.

Long Layered Hairstyle With Side Bangs

#23 The Long Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

The long, layered hair with bangs is a stunning work of art! It is shattered and has a fringe that is a perfect match for hair layers as well as waves surrounding the face. A long hair length that is thick can be a stylish approach to pull off an edgy long-cut with bangs that look like this. A length like this allows hair to be flexible. If you style your hair with waves, spray it with the spray to texturize for better results.

feathered bangs for long, thin hair

#24: Feathered Bangs for Long, Thin Hair

The feathered bangs of long thin hair are beautiful! This is the kind of long hairstyles that enhance both cheekbones and eyes. A little longer means you don’t be concerned about the maintenance aspect, too.

70s Shag Haircut with Extra Long Bangs

#25 70s Long Shag Extra Long Bangs

This 1970s shag with long bangs is interesting. It was developed in the hands of Redken Certified hair colorist Tim Pascoe from Subiaco, WA. The result is when the classic haircut is combined with the beachy waves that are textured. This is a perfect style for hair with medium or thick texture. It needs some weight in order for create the flare and isn’t that “mom” fringe. While out, spray an ocean salt spray to give hair a more streamlined appearance and texture. “The 70s shag that has an extra long fringe is a contemporary style of shag cut” says Pascoe. “It’s an easy, relaxed cut that flows and increases the natural texture of hair. It’s generally best with the least amount of style.” It’s better suited for oval or oblong-shaped faces. However, it’s possible to alter it to accommodate all face types. The curvature of the hair and the layers on the forehead can look very pleasing. It’s a hairstyle that is low maintenance that best suits hair’s natural motion. For ladies with fine hair, Pascoe recommends you use argan oil and press it into the ends using your palms prior to blowing in a diffuser or distributing dry. “Curly-haired ladies should apply Redken curvaceous full-swirl. It’s perfect for creating a defined texture while also managing hair volume” He adds. “For more thick hair, apply fashion works 07 at the root. After that, apply pillowproof blowdry cream and apply it throughout. United through the middles and ends of hair before blow drying or diffusing. The diffusing process can help increase and encourage extra motion,” says Pascoe.

textured center bangs for long fine hair

#26: Textured Center Bangs for Long Fine Hair

The textured bangs on the center of long fine hair create an appealing look. It is the mix of a long, textured cut and bangs in the center. It’s the long bob that has the textured fringe, which gives a stunning look.

face framing bangs for long hair

#27: Eye Catching Face-Framing Bangs on Long Hair

Make use of face-framing bangs to soften your appearance and to give your hair a more contemporary appearance. Yes, they need to be maintained, but they’re an easy-to-maintain style. If you choose to opt for this cut, it is essential to regularly trim your bangs to keep your hair looking fresh. In the end, bangs bring newness to your haircut without the need to make the whole process of a new one.

parted bangs on long thick hair with waves

28: Parted Bangs On Long Thicker Hair with waves

Parted bangs layered on long, hair are a lovely accent piece that frames your face. Layers that are centered around the face create more body and motion. It’s the best style for when you’re looking to create a layering style without thinning your hair more. If you have a long, hairstyle like this the bright copper color is the ideal choice to create the mermaid effect. The parted bangs of long hair certainly give off the 70’s look. They were made in the hair styling of Marisa Mitchell from Los Angeles, CA. The curtain bangs as well as the layers of short and long all over give it a more sophisticated shag look. “It’s essential to learn how to style your curtain bangs similar to those shown in the image,” explains Mitchell. “It isn’t a matter of whether your bangs are shorter or long. Make sure you wet the roots of your bangs, then blow dry them in a circular motion to neutralize the root , so there’s no hard part. If your hair is trying to slide forward, you can split it in order to create that swoopy feeling. Make use of texture sprays to add the volume, and wash it less to show the natural texture of your hair,” she says.

messy boho layers for long hair with bangs

#29: Messy Boho Layers For Long Hair With Bangs

Add some boho bangs for long hair and have fun with the versatility and fashionable results! While the fringe is growing out the cut remains adorable and boho. The hair can be pulled back to the bottom with messy waves or dress it in a ponytail with some of the framings pulled back. With the right product for styling the volume can be a breeze to create.

Long Hair With Straight Bangs

#30: Long Hair With Straight Bangs

This long hair style with straight bangs is designed for ladies who are seeking their next wash-and-go-style. Its length is versatile and makes it one of the most easy styles to style up. Combining fringe bangs and thinner layers that frame your face. If you have longer hairlines, choose more fringed bangs.

Layered long hairstyle with full fringe

#31 The Hairstyles for Long Hairstyle that has full Fringe as well as Long Layers

A full fringe is created using long layers for an elegant cut. It’s a classic cut that can be worn by all types of hair but with one exception. For women with a nagging cowlick on their hairline, removing long bangs isn’t easy. Based on stylists’ recommendations, a thick side fringe or long layers can still be effective, however.

long choppy hair with short side bangs

#32: Long Choppy Hair with Short Side Bangs

This long choppy , long hair with side bangs that are short looks very soft, which is perfect for women with an innocent look. The chop is layered to give hair a smooth edge. Side-part bangs that are deep give the look a chic and stylish. It’s the kind of fringe that’s great to hide a larger forehead.

Long brown hair with bangs

#33: Hair Long Brown Hair with Bangs

The long, brown hair, with bangs gives a chic retro-chic style! It’s styled using very delicate waves that concentrate on the edges, showing the layers of the length-length cut. Bangs add a touch of glam to enhance the facial shape. Keep in mind it is your shape that determines the size of the bangs that fit you. The more slender your face, the larger that the bangs (temple to temple) ought to be. If the face is larger then the tinier hairs (mid eye to middle) are required to.

Longer Layers and Bangs

#34: Longer Layers and Bangs Cut

Longer , more voluminous layers with bangs are ideal for women with medium or thick hair. Layers can define the facial features and give motion to the hair. Long hairstyles that have bangs and layers will assist in balancing facial features. Textured bangs are the kind that soften the style and also the growth is more comfortable than a straight fringe.

Long Sleek Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

#35: Long Sleek Haircut with side-swept Bangs

Long and sleek hair that has bangs that are side-swept always require an effective blow-dry. This is the key to getting an attractive, natural-looking and bouncy hairstyle. Opt for a cut and a layer since they give more motion to the hair.

Long Curly Hair with Bangs

#36 The Hair Long Curly Hair with Bangs

The long curly hair that has bangs is fun and lively. Curls and bangs work well each other, giving an attractive look. When you’re sporting this style make sure you know the length you would like for your bangs to be with your stylist. Long hairstyles tend to grow out and end up on the face and , sometimes, the eyes. Curly haired girls should also be prepared for shrinkage since curly and more kinky textures can be difficult.

fiery long hair with full bangs

#37 Fiery Long Hair with Full Bangs

The look of long hair with full bangs and a vibrant shade is a bold move, yet it’s so rewarding. The red hair color tends to fade more quickly than other colors, so ensure you’re in a deep discussion with your stylist about maintenance before you make the jump. Although bangs can be cute If you’ve never worn hair before, remember that it could take several weeks to adjust to hair that is above your eyes or on your forehead.

dark log hair with blunt bangs

#38 Dark Long Hair with Blunt Bangs

Use a blunt fringe for brunette hair to make an impact on the way you look. If you’re looking for a new look but you want to keep your hair long and a long, slender bang can be a good option to achieve it. Bangs draw attention to ones eyes. They can also be with a swept-back look to make them more versatile. The downside is that they require cutting frequently approximately every four weeks.

golden blonde long hair with fringe

#39 Golden Blonde Long Hair with Fringe

This long, golden blonde hair with fringe is adorable! The cut and style works better with long hair that has a smooth, straight textures. The soft swept bangs or the full-across bangs can help make the hair seem less feminine and more attractive than it actually is. If this is the look you’re after, you must be aware of one important thing. Hairy women need to be prepared to keep them styled regularly. A fringe can alter the overall look.

Gorgeous Long Straight Hair with Light Bangs

#40: Beautiful Long Straight Hair with light Bangs

This long straight hair style with short bangs is among those elegant hairstyles. The cut is great for beachy waves that are messy and straight hair in equal measure. It’s worn with bangs that are simple to maintain and style. Long, loose layers and soft bangs look gorgeous and can be a chic easy-to-wear style.

Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

#41: Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

The best choppy bangs for long hair are ones that complement the curly motion of the locks. Consider these chunky, textured bangs to get an idea. A fringe of this type to cut hairstyles changes and improves the overall look of the hairstyle. To create textured hair cut off a few pieces using the use of a fiber paste for styling. The choppy bangs that are perfect for dark hair were cut using shears and razors. You could call it the long haired shag. The choppy bangs are perfect for women who have a decent quantity of hair with natural texture. There are many options when it’s in its natural form. You can blow it out clean as well as straight or make use of texture sprays or similar products. It’s also very sexy if you pull it out by putting on the fringe that frames your face.

light brown to golden blonde ombre with fringe

42: Light Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre with Fringe

This ombre that has fringe is unstoppable boho that’s also modern chic. It’s a great summer hair shade blend from natural root to honey-like light shades. The most appealing aspect of this hairstyle is the way it transforms delicate but thick natural hair in a style that’s flexible and easy to maintain. You can try Thermafuse Dry Oil as a heat protectant, detangler or blowdry preparation as well as Thermafuse Uphold Hairspray as a finishing spray. Make use of a heat protector or detailer to the ends of hair when using flat irons. And lastly, Design.Me Puff Me texture powder to finish the look gives hair additional dimension and texture. Long hairstyles with fringe is suitable great with any type of hair insofar as the interest to cut is present. This hairstyle is perfect for face shapes with long sides. The fringe will reduce your face’s length as well as soften cheekbones that are strong.

Side Bangs with Long Hair(

#43: Side Bangs with Long Hair

Side bangs that are long make a hairstyle that offers the most flexibility. The appeal of this long hairstyle is that it creates an extra volume when worn down. The hair’s fringe frame the face. The majority of women can sport this look. You can alter the hair’s length according to what fits the facial shape and will work with the hairstyle.

Blunt Bangs on Long Wavy Hair

#44 The Layered Haircut featuring Wavy Bangs in Long Hair

Try wavy bangs with long hair and it’ll make a difference! The fringe adds a fashionable accent to the whole look and frames your face beautifully. To create long-length hair which offers more movement, trim several layers. Apply a texture spray while styling the bangs , to give the wavy bangs a smoother and more natural look. The layered, wavier bangs that are long contain internal layers that help to reduce the weight and allow for movement. They were designed by hairdresser Billie from Downtown Redlands, CA. “Longer hair and frames for the face make a Brigitte Bardot-like effect. It’s effortless and hand-styled,” she explains. If you’re looking for waves, Billie recommends that you purchase a quality leave-in conditioner. “Texturizing sprays and sea salt spray are great for the wash-and-go method as well,” she adds. “The fringe will grow smoothly making it a low-maintenance look.”

Long Sleek Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

#45 Long Hair with Side Bangs and Layers

Gorgeous long hair that has sides bangs, layers and side parts! You’ll be amazed by the variety that this long-length cut that has the side bangs can provide. There’s plenty of movements and flexibility cut as well as the side-bangs. It is possible to create free waves for your locks a modern new twist.

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