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46 Adorable Long Hair Styles Featuring Bangs

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Scroll down for photos of the top ways to get long hair with bangs. If you’re in need of more information on how to style bangs for long hair read on. Long hair with bangs will enhance almost every woman’s face shape and hair texture. If you’re very thin or fine hair, you may think about having a long bob that has bangs instead. The addition of bangs to long hair is an excellent option to hide large foreheads and balance the appearance of oblong facial forms. For those with a round face, you should talk with your stylist about layering. There are a variety of options to bring bangs to your long locks. Below, you’ll find tons of fantastic examples. Before you cut your next hair go through these images of beautiful long hairstyles with bangs.

Choppy Bangs on Long Thick Dark Hair

#1: Choppy Bangs on Long Thick Dark Hair

Dark Copper Long Hair with Curtain Fringe

# 2: Dark Copper Long Hair with Curtain Fringe

Make sure your hair is trendy with dark copper long hair that has curtains fringe. Curtain bangs can be a pleasant alternative to regular bangs, but with less care. Additionally, they frame the face beautifully to instantly add cheekbones. Copper tones that warm any skin tone.

Long Copper Hair with Full Bangs

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#3: Hair Long Copper Hair with Full Bangs

Hair with long bangs is highly flattering to the eyes and flatters women who have a bit of warmth in their faces. Copper hair looks stunning on all skin tones however, it is most effective against lighter warm skin tones. A full-on bang on your long hair will give a strong punch for your haircut.

Long Blonde Hair with Bangs and Short Layers

#4: Long Blonde with Bangs and short layers

Long blonde hair, with bangs and shorter layers create a stunning hairstyle for women to enhance their appearance. Bangs on the curtains are a good choice. They are an elegant option. Pick blonde highlights for this hairstyle that has bangs to add the illusion of depth. They will allow the layers to stand out and also. Hairstyles can be done with a 1 1/4 ” curling iron to create messy beachy hairstyles.

Long hair with bangs for a round face shape

#5: Flattering for a Round Face Shape

Bangs are flattering for a round face Particularly when your hair is long. Keep your bangs slightly angled, instead of straight across can help reduce the appearance of your face.

Long hair with subtle highlights and arched bangs

#6: Long Hair with Subtle Highlights and arched Bangs

Long hair with arched bangs and subtle highlights adds a lot of depth and motion. Lighter highlights that are subtle help break the monotony of wearing all one shade of long hair. The arched bangs give form all over the face, not only over the top of your forehead. Highlights as well as an arching bang to your long hair is a great way to get a vibrant color and cut.

Long layers with front bangs

#7: Layers of Long Hair and Bangs on the Front Bangs

The addition of full bangs to long layers is an excellent option to give a longer hairstyle, and a new style. If you’re looking to get an entirely new look without losing the length of your hair and length, try adding full bangs that extend past the eyebrows. Bangs provide a chic look with minimal effort!

Shaggy Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

#8: Shaggy Lang Bob, with Curtain Bangs

A long shaggy lob with bangs on the curtain is ideal when you’re looking to add some movement and shape to the mid-length hair. The lob with the curtain bangs is great when your hair’s length is in a awkward place and requires reshaping. Request a fringe that falls beneath the eyebrows – it’s an ideal base to begin the flow of a curtain.

Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs for Women

#9: Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs for women

Long straight hair, with blunt bangs is a fun, fashionable hairstyle. The fringe adds a straight hair with a fresh appearance. All kinds of bangs require some kind of styling every day, like flat ironing and blow-drying. A sharp fringe can change the whole look So, take your face’s shape into consideration.

An Easy Long Hairstyle with a Heavy Fringe

#10: A Simple Long hairstyle with a large fringe

Here’s a hairstyle that is easy to style with an imposing fringe that women of all skin tones will appreciate! Create a beautiful effect through adding curls to the long hair. This kind of fringe is likely to fall on the face from time to time. Because these bangs won’t be long enough to reach a ponytail, clips or pins might be needed when tieing the locks. Longer bangs are often a way to emphasize the cheekbone or jawline, making them suitable for faces with a round shape.

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